How to Change a Trimmer Bit

How to install the nozzle on the grass trimmer

Weeding is a process that involves removing weeds from the beds of vegetable crops. The quality and timeliness of its implementation depends on the yield of crops. Weeding can be manual, mechanized and chemical.

The first time the weeds are removed in late May or early June, depending on when the potatoes are planted. For different regions, it is from May to June. Here you can use harrows, hoes and other tools to make work easier. It will be easy to do, since the potatoes are still deep in the soil.

At first, the grass is removed as it appears, about once every two weeks. The second and subsequent weeding should be equated with the emergence of a new layer of weeds, prior to mowing.

Changing a router bit

During hilling, which is at the beginning of July, they try as much as possible to defeat harmful vegetation, because after this procedure it will be unwise to use trowels and various mechanisms, only in the inter-row, if they are wide enough.

Cultivator types and working principle

The working principle of the cultivator is simple: the element that loosens the soil begins to work after the mechanical part of the device is started. Depending on the external size, engine power and performance, cultivators are divided into three types: light, medium and heavy equipment.

  • Light equipment is used in small areas with soft soil (flowerbeds, greenhouses).
  • Medium heavy use on clay soils.
  • Heavy equipment refers to universal equipment. It can be used for any soil.

Cultivators come in different types: disc, rotary, tine and milling. By functionality they can be: manual, electrically powered and petrol-powered, as well as trailed, mounted, to work one or more rows.

When working on a piece of land, everyone chooses the model that suits him or her best. Manual cultivators are good because they can be made on their own with minimal monetary costs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each cultivator, regardless of whether it is manual or electric, has its pros and cons.

  • Manual cultivator. Easy to use and much more convenient than a shovel, compact. Does not strain the lower back. It loosens the soil well, does not spread the roots all over the plot. But this technique will not cope with unploughed soil, as it has a low productivity. It is best used in small areas, such as flowerbeds or greenhouses.
  • Electric cultivator. Light and compact equipment that runs on the mains. Easy to maintain. The disadvantage of the equipment is the electric cord. It can get in the way when working, and its length limits the area that can be worked on. Has low power and shallow tillage depth. Not suitable for attachments.
  • Gasoline mower. Thanks to its attachments it has many functions. Is not connected to electricity, so it can be moved around the whole area. Suitable for small areas. Weighs considerably more than electric machines. Hard to maintain and requires fuel for refueling.

Grass trimmer attachments make sure that the grass trimmer can be a multifunctional unit

Lawn mower has always been an indispensable tool in lawn care, both for ordinary people and utilities. over, it can even be used to make hay for pets, cut the grass on farms or be used to weed potatoes.

Due to the presence of a variety of attachments, the user has the opportunity to reveal the functional potential of the unit and turn it into a “universal soldier”, which will save money, effort and time.

Getting to know the types of brushcutter attachments

It should be noted that many specialized stores offer a variety of nozzles. But they are only suitable for models with a collapsible boom, because to install the addition, it is necessary to remove the main head and put another in its place.

With each of the tools listed above, you should get to know a little better and understand the features of the design and the specifics of the tasks performed.

Pole pruner: features

With its help, a person can get rid of twigs and branches that grow at a height of three meters. To perform such operations, the object allows the design features, because the attachment pole pruner on brushcutter consists of a 1.5-meter boom, supplemented by a chain or tire.

In most cases, the width of the chain does not exceed 1-3 mm, and a comfortable weight of 2.5 kg for prolonged work allows a person to actively use the unit and not to feel pain in the back or shoulders.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the lopper attachment for lawnmowers, you can reach small branches, located at a height of up to 4.5 m. The only difference between the pruner and the lopper is that the first variant works on the principle of a chainsaw, and the second on the principle of a hacksaw.

As for self-made versions of the indicated device, there is no need to create them, because in stores such nozzles cost very affordable and almost everyone can afford to buy them.

Lawn edger

In principle, this device is very similar to the standard brushcutter attachment, but the main difference lurks in a more curved boom. With its help, the operator can get to the most remote and inaccessible places to cut the grass.

In most cases, the mentioned tool is equipped with a special filament feeding system. It is thanks to this system that the width of the area to be treated can be determined as accurately as possible. The weight of this type of addition is 2.7 kg.

Cultivator attachments

With the help of the specified attachment on the brushcutter for cultivation, a person can easily process small areas of land. Additions of toothed or drum plan are used for loosening the soil near trees, the process of digging over beds and vegetable garden, dipping potatoes, carrots, etc. п.

Often the objects are equipped with several reliable cutting parts. With them, a bar with a diameter of about 25 mm is used, which contributes to a high level of endurance.The attachments also have a cutter width adjustment (130-250mm).

Cultivator attachments for grass trimmer

Today, there are 2 types of cultivator attachments for petrol heads on the market:

  • Disc. Variants are equipped with several discs with fixed blades. And the ends of these very blades are curved in a certain direction. On top of them is installed a special tread flap, which allows the earth not to fly out during the work process;
  • Toothed. This type of cultivator on a grass trimmer consists of a straight row of slightly curved pointed blades that turn out the ground and open it up. The object is quite heavy, because in some cases it can weigh up to 5 kg.

It is worth noting that the attachment cutter on the brushcutter will not allow you to press the blades close to the soil, because the boom a lot of spring, and excessive pressure can cause bending and breakage of the boom. And experts do not recommend using a cultivator for brushcutter on clay soil, because it will not be able to penetrate deep, and will only scratch the surface.

A nozzle for weeding with their own hands

Not a little pleased and the fact that in modern conditions to create a nozzle for weeding on the brushcutter with their own hands is not so difficult. The main thing is to carefully watch the videos below and follow the advice of people who have actually managed to construct a homemade helper on the basis of an electric or gasoline unit.

Disc selection criteria

Choose a plastic or metal blade should be chosen, taking into account the area of the plot, which is planned to be processed, as well as the type of trimmer for grass. electric or gasoline. The number of blades will depend on what kind of overgrowth you need to remove with the tool. To find the right disc shape, number of blades and material see the instruction manual. It usually prescribes which cutters are recommended for certain tasks.


It is not recommended to put metal knives on electric grass trimmers, as the design features make their use dangerous for the user. This is due to the curved shape of the boom, the lack of stops on the handles, and the high speed of rotation.

Important! The straight bar ensures safe use of the grass trimmer at times when the disc, rotating, encounters an obstacle. In this situation, it bounces back. toward the person, so the curved design can cause injury.

change, trimmer

Plastic blades should be used on trimmers with a flexible boom from a safety standpoint. Their purpose. to mow soft grass, dead wood. Whereas metal discs are great for tall, dense, hard undergrowth, shrubs, and tree sprouts.


Number of blades is important for many applications. For example, two or three blades of grass are enough for shredding. For haymaking, you need four to eight blades on the disc. For shredding small shoots on trees and bushes, the discs need many small teeth instead of blades.

Sharpening the blade

Regardless of the quality of the disc, over time it blunts and starts to cut the grass poorly. If the knives are still relatively new and replacement is not feasible, you can sharpen them with your own hands.

Important! For sharpening, only discs that do not have hardfacing are suitable. Such parts should be discarded and new ones should be bought instead.

  • disassemble the grass trimmer, remove the blades;
  • carefully inspect the disc. if any cracks are found, it is better to replace the part with a new one, as its further use is not safe;
  • bent blades can be carefully bent with a hammer;
  • Given the size of the disc, you need to choose the right file for metal, this will ensure a more convenient work;
  • at an angle of 30 ° equally sharpen all the upper cutting edges of the discs;
  • Assemble the grass trimmer in reverse order.

To sharpen the blade, you can use an emery machine at low speed with a medium-sized grinding wheel. With such a tool, the process will move much faster. For safety, you should wear gloves on your hands, and a face mask or goggles.

Plastic and metal blades of different shape and number of blades are used for grass mowing on gasoline and electric mowers. They are chosen according to the type of work performed and the size of the area to be treated. If blunt blades get blunt, they can be easily resharpened or reshaped by yourself. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, you need to be careful and remember about safety, so as not to be injured through negligence or not to damage the technique. detailed description of blade replacement as applied to a particular model of grass trimmer can be viewed in the instruction manual or on the official site of the manufacturer. For clarity, the general scheme of the process is shown in the video.

How to replace the trimmer in any trimmer So, first, unscrew the nozzle. Do this by turning the drum to the right. Here we have the reel with the remains of the old line in our hands. We open it. Often the lid is closed with latches, which can be opened with a screwdriver by inserting it into the holes and gently pressing. Or you need to press the lock and turn the lid in the direction of the arrow. In this case, you need to keep the lid itself, because the drums have an auto-feed spring that can push out all the inner parts of the drum when it is straightened out. Gently pulling out the spool to remove the hair fragments from it.

Now you need to take 5 meters of new line and fold in half (to find the middle). In the middle part of the reel there is a recess (in some designs a hole), for which we need to hook our line for the hair growth trimmer. There is also an arrow on the spool that shows the winding direction. An important detail is that if the spool has two compartments, one half of the spool should be wound in one direction and the other half. in the other one. After winding it is necessary to leave 15-20 cm of the line free. There are also two notches on the top ring of the coil that these loose ends have to go through. We have coped directly with the winding itself.

The last step in the line replacement process. reel assembly. First you need to put the springs and washers in their place. Then, holding the spool with one hand, you need to screw the ends of the line into the corresponding holes on the sides of the nozzle with the other. Then put the reel in place by pulling the hair growth trimmer line and being careful not to move the spring. When all the inner elements of the nozzle are in place, you can close the drum with the lid. You just have to work hard to install the snaps. Voila! The tapered grass trimmer is ready to go! When choosing a trimmer belt for your grass mower (gasoline or electric), there are a few things to consider, which we’ll discuss in detail.


Your Philips Beard Stylers, Hair Clippers and Grass Trimmers can come with many different attachments. Learn how to use and replace these attachments.

The cutting unit is the main part of the Philips Styler. It has short and sharp edges and is used for quick and precise length trimming of your hair.

To remove the cutting block from the styler body, check if the release button on the styler body is missing. If it is present, press the button to remove the cutting unit.

change, trimmer

If your styler does not have a release button, place your finger under the teeth of the cutter block and pull it out of the appliance. To install it again, slide the lower part of the cutting block into the styler body and then slide the part with the teeth until it snaps into place. Do not use excessive force; this could damage the appliance.

If you are unable to install the cutting unit, check for foreign bodies in the body of the styler and try cleaning it with a small brush or cotton swab.

No matter how well the electric grass trimmer we purchased worked on the dacha plot or country house. Sooner or later the time will come when we need to remove the grass trimmer head for replacement or maintenance. I should say right away that you do not need to remove the trimmer head completely to replace the fishing line. Within this article I will tell you how to remove or replace the entire cutting head on the example of an electric grass trimmer BlackDecker GL716.

Grass trimmer mowing head removal procedure.

The design and attachment of the working part of the electric grass trimmer vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. But given that there are many copies of lesser-known brands in our markets, the described order may be suitable for owners of other portable garden equipment for lawn and grass care.

Tool to replace the trimmer head.

To replace, remove the mowing head from the tool, we need a star-shaped nozzle, usually supplied, or a flat wide screwdriver. It is impossible to use a hexagon instead of a sprocket, the bit slips and tears the facets of the sprocket on the screw.

How to remove the head on a BlackDecker GL716 trimmer.

The grass trimmer has a top-mounted motor and a curved boom. For ease of operation turn it upside down with the motor or lay it flat. Disassemble the mowing head. To do this, we simultaneously press the side latches and remove the top cover. Disconnect the filament spool.

You can see a slightly sunken dark colored screw in the middle of the trimmer head. Secure the head housing with one hand and use the star-shaped bit to unscrew the screw counterclockwise. If you don’t have a sprocket handy, you can do it with a wide flathead screwdriver.

To remove the grass trimmer head, simply pull it towards you. If it is stuck and sits firmly in place, then add light rocking motions to the effort, periodically changing the places where they are applied. Don’t use any sudden or percussive force. The housing is plastic and can be damaged easily.

Installing the mowing head on the Black & Decker grass trimmer.

Installing the mowing head on the grass trimmer is done in reverse order. When you put the screw in place, it is tightened with moderate force.

I wish you a successful dacha season and that the garden equipment does not let you down. I hope my advice how to remove the head mowing on the trimmer BlackDecker GL716 saved you time and nerves.

change, trimmer
  • KAAZ Kat-MC250P for VSP255S;
  • Echo PAS-Tiller Cultivator for PAS-265ES;
  • KR400MP Makita 195710-3;
  • Oleo-Mac CULT;
  • for TAC chain saws.

KAAZ Kat-MC250P for VSP255S (244G03) gasoline grass trimmer

KAAZ Kat-MC250P grass trimmer attachment for VSP255S

Cultivator attachment for grass trimmer VSP255S has a soil conditioner, thanks to which you can change the depth of plowing. Suitable for small gardens. Thanks to its compact size, it is ideal for tilling soil around flowers in flowerbeds, loosening soil around trees and in hard-to-reach places. It effectively fights weeds. Read more:

  • price: 9990 р.;
  • Characteristics: suitable for Caiman VSP255S, high-strength steel blade material, working width. 240 mm, depth. 360 mm, manufacturer. Kaaz (Japan);
  • pluses: wide range of action, possibility of adjusting the ploughing depth, robustness
  • disadvantages: only fits one model of grass trimmer.

Router Bit Not Fitting Into Your Router?. Common Beginner Mistake

Echo PAS-Tiller Cultivator for brushcutter PAS-265ES

Echo PAS-Tiller Cultivator for PAS-265ES brushcutters

This brushcutter head was specially designed for the PAS-265ES brushcutter to work on small areas, flowerbeds and lawns. It is compact, but not efficient for weeding large areas. The construction is of good strength and durability. It can replace a number of working tools for the garden. Weeding will be fast and efficient. Parameters:

  • price: 17800 p.
  • Specifications: manufacturer. Echo (Japan), compatibility. with PAS-265ES, gross weight. 3,36 kg;
  • Pluses: compact, maneuverable, high quality workmanship, easy installation;
  • disadvantages: expensive, suitable for a single brushcutter.

KR400MP Makita 195710-3

Japanese manufacturer’s grass trimmer attachment will greatly simplify the care of your holiday home, small vegetable garden or orchard. Good for the landscaping of the lawn, flower beds as well. Weighs a little less than other weeding counterparts. Solid construction in general, made of metal. Cutters are cutters. Parameters:

  • Price: 17160 p.
  • Specifications: tool model. EX2650LH, DUX60Z, width. 16 cm, cutter diameter. 23.2 cm, manufacturer. Makita (Japan);
  • pluses: good efficiency, high reliability, ideal for weeding small areas;
  • disadvantages: high cost.

Oleo-Mac CULT

Cultivator attachment to the grass trimmer, designed for small vegetable gardens, beds, flower beds and even greenhouses. The tool has the ability to adjust the depth of plowing, t.к. it is equipped with a soil tiller. blades are made of high-strength steel, which says about their reliability and durability. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 12990 р.
  • Specifications: brand. Oleo-Mac (Italy), knife material. steel, cutter width. 200 mm, weight. 6 kg, suitable for models Oleo-Mac 740T, 746T, 753T, 755 Master;
  • pluses: adjustable plowing depth, robust knives, good efficiency on small plots, wide cutters;
  • disadvantages: heavy, a little more bulky than analogues.

Nozzle for TAC brushcutters (shaft. 7 slits, rod 26 mm)

This is a grass trimmer attachment for weeding, which thoroughly digs the soil, facilitating the penetration of moisture and nutrients and saturating it with oxygen. The attachment is securely attached to the trimmer. In order to quickly and easily loosen the soil in a small area, the cultivator has a rotating cutter. Protective shield, like other models, helps prevent debris from getting to the operator. Detailed parameters:

  • price: 7900 rubles.;
  • Specifications: Manufacturer. Taiwan, power. gasoline engine, the cutting element. knife, cutter diameter. 200 mm, width of passage. 120-240 mm, speed. up to 180 rpm./min., Internal shaft. 7 slots, rod outside diameter. 28 mm, weight. 5 kg;
  • Advantages: reasonable price, sturdy construction, effective, wide pass, quickly and easily loosens the soil;
  • disadvantages: heavier than analogues.

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Is it possible to make a coil on the grass trimmer with their own hands

There are a large number of trimmer heads on sale (not automatic), which have a low price and good quality. But sometimes situations arise, for example, in the country, when the trimmer reel is broken, and its repair is impossible, the store is far away, and it is necessary to mow. In this case you can quickly, literally a few minutes to make a simple trimmer head to fix the line from ordinary plywood 10-12 mm thick.

  • Take a piece of plywood or textolite and draw a circle with a diameter of around 14 cm on it.
  • Cut out the disk with a jigsaw or metal saw.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the disc to match the diameter of the gearbox shaft. Do not forget to put a washer on the disc before you install it on the shaft.
  • Around the edge of the disk you can screw in small angles or make 1-2 holes on opposite sides. They will serve to fill them with fishing line.
  • To fix the line for the trimmer, you can screw a few screws into the plywood.

This homemade mowing attachment is attached to the shaft with a nut. Do not tighten or unscrew the nut without locking the shaft. To replace the cord, all you have to do is let go of the screws, insert a section of fishing line of the desired length, and press it down again.

It is also possible to make a mowing head from a sheet of metal to fasten the line to it. You can see how to do this in the following video.