How to Change the Einhell Lawn Mower Attachment

It is worth noting that the lawn mower is a universal and one of the most convenient machines that is used for gardening purposes. Through the use of lawn mowers on the site, you can create an unusual landscape design. A lawn mower can be called a highly specialized aggregate, since it can only be used to mow a lawn. Nevertheless, it is the lawn mower that becomes the best assistant to summer residents, owners of suburban areas. Municipal city services must use lawn mowers. With their help, parks and squares are always maintained in the proper form.

When buying a lawn mower, special interest and attention is always shown to it. Remember that the mower must not be overloaded. The machine needs care, do-it-yourself cleaning. However, over time, the lawn mower still becomes a common tool for work, which receives little attention.

How to Change the Einhell Lawn Mower Attachment

Gas or electric lawn mowers, the choice is yours

Today on sale you can find two types of lawn mowers. These are electric lawn mowers and gasoline. If you need to mow grass far from home, it is best to use gasoline technology. The advantage is that the gas mower is independent of electricity. The engine is completely unaffected by prolonged use of the mower.

The grass mowing speed of a gas mower is much higher than that of an electric mower.
Before starting a gas mower, you need to make sure that there is fuel in the tank, and most importantly, engine oil. If there is no oil, the engine will jam. In this case, you will have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

economical and quieter are electric mowers. However, electric lawnmowers have a clear flaw. the lack of mobility. And it is limited by the length of the power cord. You must constantly be close to the outlet. over, when working, the wire is often confused, it has to be corrected.

Before turning on the electric lawnmower, you need to check whether the power cable and the socket itself into which it is connected are intact. In no case should you use an electric lawnmower in the rain or during dew. Use this technique only on dry grass.

Operating Rules for Gasoline and Electric Lawnmowers

The operating rules for gasoline and electric lawnmowers are approximately the same. You should always follow the rules that are clearly spelled out in the instructions from the manufacturer. It is important to pay attention to the moment when you need to take a break from the device. For example, if the engine overheats on a gas mower, this will lead to its failure.

After each work process, you need to remove the rest of the grass from the knife and other parts of the equipment. The mower should be stored in a dry place where it will not be exposed to atmospheric precipitation. As soon as work with garden equipment ends, it must be turned off so that there is no threat to the health and life of your loved ones. When the device is running, it is impossible to inspect the equipment. If you find any problems, you must contact the service center, where you will be provided with qualified assistance. A problem that is identified in time will allow in the future to avoid expensive repairs.

If on your site a very large and dense grass has grown, then you cannot mow it at a time. You need to walk a lawn mower several times. Grass should be removed gradually so that the mower does not overload.

In order to prevent the knife from dulling when it hits the ground, bumps in the area should be avoided. To cut the lawn beautifully and correctly, you need to carry the device only forward. To prevent the mower from harming you, you must use protective clothing and shoes. The mower is not used where there are stones, curbs, trash. All of this can lead to damage to a working lawn mower.

Now is the time to talk about how to use the lawn mower correctly, as well as how to properly repair and service it.

How to sharpen a knife in a lawn mower

First of all, we will tell you how to sharpen knives on lawn mowers. We will say right away that on gasoline and electric devices the principle is the same. First you need to turn off the power. Then we put the device on the brake. The protective cover is removed. After the mower is turned on its side, rubber gloves or other gloves must be worn to prevent injury. Use a brush to clean visible parts from dirt and grass. Then we remove the knife and fix it in a vice. Now with the help of the file you can start sharpening the knife. If the knife is bent during operation, it is necessary to align it. To do this, put the product on a flat surface and level it with a hammer.

Watch a useful video on mowing knives

Once all work has been completed, you can put it in place. Most often, knives begin to sharpen in the spring, when there will be the first mowing. During the season, the knife can not be sharpened.

According to the words, everything is so simple, but when a person who does not understand anything in this matter is taken for work, many difficulties immediately appear. It’s best not to do the work yourself. Entrust it to specialists. Improper sharpening will cause the knife to be thrown out. To remove a knife from a lawn-mower, it is necessary to use a face or cap key. Re-tightening the bolt too much is not necessary, as you will have to unscrew it again later. Not only that, the force will cause the thread to be torn off.

How to care for a lawn mower

After each mowing, the inside of the mower cover must be cleaned. The grass that is collected on the device can not only interfere with further work, but also cause a fire. Do not use chemicals to clean the mower. This may damage some parts. If you wash some parts with water, then you need to very well then wipe everything dry. As soon as at least a little paint is left behind the metal, corrosion will immediately begin.

There are such modern models that have a fitting. A hose is connected through it. Water turns on, the mower starts. While the knife rotates, it rinses.

All lawn mowers have air-cooled engines. To prevent the engine from overheating, you need to constantly clean its fins on the radiator. To clean the motor, sometimes you have to dismantle some parts. A great way to clean the engine is to use a compressor that supplies compressed air.

Engine performance and performance are affected by fuel quality. After the last use, you need to drain gasoline from the gas tank. Best of all, when it will all be worked out. So, you need to crank the starter so that all valves are closed. So leave the technique until next season.

Sometimes engine mowers and engine oil change candles. Oil changes when the manufacturer requires it. Only special viscosity and grade oils are used. There are engines where the lower compartment opens to drain the oil, and it also happens that you need to turn the mower on its side.

Video: How to Change the Einhell Lawn Mower Attachment

It is better to drain the oil immediately after work. Then precipitation will not have time to form in the crankcase, and the viscosity of hot oil is much less.

If the candles are rusted or burned out, then you need to replace them. You can simply clean the candles, but it is better if a new one is installed. The air and fuel filters also need to be cleaned and, in some cases, replaced.

Mower storage

Keep the mowers indoors and in a dry place. Moisture, snow. all this is unacceptable for technology. Care must be taken to prevent children or animals from approaching the mower. Only a dry and clean lawn mower is sent for storage.

Before mowing grass, you need to check that there are no bricks, metal or glass on it. Otherwise, the knife may break, and the engine will jam. Replacing a knife is not a problem, but replacing a motor is not cheap.

It is best to work with the lawn mower when the grass is dry and it should not rain outside. If the mower is electric, you can get an electric shock. If a gasoline mower, the device will fail if water gets on the filter.

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Gasoline tools have become popular due to the development of industry and the simplification of the creation of internal combustion engines. Their design helped make the technique autonomous, increase its efficiency (compared with analogues that do not have a power unit). Similar devices are used in repair, construction, manufacturing, home life.

The main types of gas tools

A gasoline tool is a general term for a diverse technique that can work on the basis of a combustible composition. The following types are distinguished:

  • lawn mowing (lawn mowing). helps to keep the garden and the garden clean, quickly and efficiently get rid of tall grass;
  • chainsaw. with its help you can cut trees without any problems (for example, Forest’s chainsaw or Husqvarna chainsaw are perfect for home use);
  • gasoline generator. an indispensable assistant in construction and repair work (you can also choose a diesel generator that will help to fully provide power to the country house);
  • motobur. to create holes in the soil of different hardness;
  • gasoline heat gun. helps to quickly and efficiently warm any room.

You need to choose one or another option taking into account the tasks that you plan to perform.

Rules for choosing gasoline tools

When buying various gasoline tools, the following parameters should be considered:

  • comfortable and easily accessible controls (even when working in tight spaces);
  • the presence of convenient auxiliary protective components. a casing, a handle for holding, a random start switch, an emergency shutdown function;
  • power adjustment. for a wide variety of work;
  • the manufacturer’s popularity. for example, the legendary Stihl MS 180 chainsaw. one of the most ideal options (Stihl 180 is light and convenient to use, indispensable when creating wood items or harvesting firewood);
  • the presence of additional nozzles. for example, nozzles on a lawn-mow allow you to carry out much more garden work (cut high branches, shoot down autumn leaves, create a hedge).

Gasoline tools are indispensable and multi-functional assistants. Thanks to the modern design, such a technique is capable of performing large volumes of work. For example, diesel generators, if necessary, effectively warm the room or provide an uninterrupted transmission of electricity, and saws allow you to cut even quite large trees.

You can choose the tools that are suitable in terms of functionality and price on the OLX website.