How to Charge a Screwdriver If There Is No Charger

The screwdriver can rightly be called the most popular electric hand tool among masters and amateurs. He can drill various holes according to the principle of a drill, and also copes with self-tapping screws. The models equipped with batteries are characterized by ease of use and mobility. they can be used where a small repair is required and there is no electric network. A frequent master came across a question when it is not entirely clear how long the screwdriver’s battery is charging for one reason or another: suddenly charging is “not native”, or maybe the battery itself is assembled “on the knee”.

What are batteries

When buying a screwdriver, an excellent understanding of the differences between the models offered on the market of a special tool is required. The entire assortment can be conditionally divided into household, semi-professional and semi-professional devices.

The batteries for them, respectively, differ not only in cost, but also in quality, capacity indicators. Capacity is directly related to the estimated degree of tool loading. Many craftsmen prefer to use two batteries while one is on charge, the second. powers the screwdriver. Some manufacturers complete their products with a second, spare battery.

The screwdriver is charged from various types of batteries, which are:

  • nickel metal hydride
  • lithium ion
  • nickel cadmium

The latter species is considered the most popular. This is due to a combination of several characteristics at once: compactness, high capacity and reasonable price.

Nickel cadmium batteries have a memory effect. If the user, without waiting for the battery to fully discharge, connects it to the network, the capacity of such a battery will significantly decrease over time.

The EU member states have refused such types of batteries due to their high toxicity.

Modern batteries and the second most common are nickel. metal. hydride varieties. Pros: environmental safety of use and subsequent disposal, weak memory effect. One minus, but significant. such batteries with significant interruptions in use are completely discharged.

Strong lithium-ion batteries, which have come into use relatively recently, have found their consumers. Batteries are “afraid” of low temperatures. They practically have no memory of charges, they have excellent capacity and quickly charge. Widespread not due to the high cost.

How to charge a screwdriver battery

So, we came to the main questions: are there any rules by which it is necessary to charge the battery of this instrument? How long does it charge to last for as long as possible?

Charging should take place under certain temperature conditions, which fall within the range of 10ºC. 40ºC. If the battery heats up, it needs to be cooled. Storage of batteries should take place in a state disconnected from the screwdriver. If for some time they have not been used, with a frequency of 1 time per month, the devices need recharging.

To purchase batteries, you need to select trusted sellers, trustworthy outlets. The life of the battery depends on how much and how the owner will charge the battery.

How long does it take to charge the battery with a screwdriver

The exact answer to the question: how much the battery of a screwdriver is charged can be found in the instructions for each specific tool. Deviate from the manufacturer’s recommendations is not worth it. The charging device is often equipped with an indicator that allows you to control the process. This is very convenient and allows the master to independently evaluate how much to charge the battery in time.

To prevent overheating of the battery, it must be disconnected from the mains on time. It is not recommended to leave the device on the network uncontrollably for a long time.

In order to somehow orient yourself, the complete power procedure for a screwdriver’s battery takes from 30 minutes to 7 hours.

Chargers are different:

The latter variety most often refers to a professional tool, where you can charge the battery of a hand screwdriver in 60 minutes.

What to do with a storage battery

Specialists are very sensitive to the storage of all tools, and this is directly related to batteries. Screwdriver batteries, which include nickel-cadmium cells, must be discharged to a degree of extinction, but not completely to zero. If the storage is to be long, after its completion a 3 or 5-fold battery charge / full discharge procedure is recommended.

IMPORTANT: The operation process of a nickel-cadmium screwdriver battery must not allow any remaining power in the device, the presence of a memory effect causes the absolute discharge of such batteries before connecting to the power supply.

If nickel-metal hydride battery models for a screwdriver are sent for storage, they require periodic “refueling”, and before use after a power outage, you need to spend about 24 hours. These batteries prefer a partial rather than a full discharge. After 200-300 charge-discharge cycles, the capacity of batteries with nickel-metal hydride components decreases significantly.

The least picky ones are batteries with lithium-ion cells, the optimum charge ratio of which is 50% of the battery capacity.

A full discharge of a lithium-ion screwdriver battery can disable their protection circuit. Manufacturers guarantee the life of such batteries for 24 months.

Situations when the battery does not charge

The main reasons for the lack of charge on the batteries of screwdrivers:

  1. worn power supplies
  2. malfunction of the device itself for charging
  3. extension of the terminals in the battery, which leads to a lack of contact

It is difficult to do something on your own with the first two options, and the last situation has a solution. It is necessary to disassemble the device for charging and properly bend all the terminals.

In the video below, you can find some useful information on how to properly charge and repair the battery of a screwdriver of any model:

All contacts of both the battery and the charger over time have the ability to oxidize and become contaminated. This can lead to inadequate battery power, increase the time for a full charge. Periodic wiping of all contacts is an excellent preventive measure aimed at increasing the life of the tool and its battery.

How to charge a screwdriver if there is no charger

Using a screwdriver can significantly accelerate the installation process of fasteners, where self-tapping screws and screws are used. This is especially true for large volumes of work, when the manual method looks very outdated. However, there are situations when the charger to the screwdriver is either broken or forgotten: in such cases, you have to resort to one of the popular methods.

Ways to charge a screwdriver without a charger:

1. Car charger. The main thing in this case is to avoid recharging the battery of the power tool, which in its parameters differs markedly from automotive analogs of the lead type. An excellent option is the presence of electronic regulation of amperage and voltage. For the charging current, in this case, a parameter is selected within 0.5-0.1 Ah, of the total capacity indicator. For example, if the battery capacity is 1.3 Ah, the current should be set between 650-130 mA. If there are too high current indicators on the lead battery charger, then ballast resistance is applied to limit them, which is connected in series with the battery. In this role, a car lamp often acts.

2. Universal charger.
It is economically profitable to buy such a device if, in addition to a screwdriver, there are other household appliances on batteries in the household. For such purposes, the use of laboratory power supplies and model charges is quite suitable. In addition to universalism, such a device is famous for the presence of many settings that allow you to organize the most optimal charging mode for the battery.

3. External sources. This technique is used mainly in cases where, due to wear and tear of the power tool, the acquisition of a new charger for it is not economically feasible.

How to charge a screwdriver battery

Modernization is carried out using a battery having the appropriate voltage: when using a powerful battery, special protection equipment for it will be required. For this role, it is easiest to apply a 10 A fuse, included in the electrical circuit. Wires for its arrangement are better to take with a large cross section than for conventional wiring.

How to charge a screwdriver battery if there is no charger?

Himself screwdriver in excellent condition, but the charger is lost, it turns out to be impossible to find the same.

How much should the screwdriver battery charge?

How to charge a screwdriver battery without a charger?

If you understand the basics of electromechanics, you will find the voltage and battery capacity on the battery or screwdriver, you will find the polarity on the battery or screwdriver body. this is the main thing!

Video: How to Charge a Screwdriver If There Is No Charger

We need its charging characteristics, we determine from the data, for example, an 18V battery and a capacity of 2 A / hour. it means you need a charger capable of delivering a charging current of 18V and a capacity of about 200 Ma / hour, since it charges with a longer time, but with a lower charge it is enough take 8-10 times less, adjust on the charger, or purchase it with just such characteristics.

To apply charging current to the battery, use small crocodiles just hanging them on the current-carrying plates of the battery connector.

How to Charge a Screwdriver If There Is No Charger

It all depends on the type of battery of the screwdriver. precisely, is there a charging slot in the screwdriver itself? In my old screwdriver there was a charger that was built into the battery and charged using a voltage reducing adapter, if you were so lucky, you can purchase a universal charger. I’m afraid that if this is not the case, then you should look for ads on the Internet, or similar devices. I want to warn you that using a non-original charger can lead to the release of any equipment from the three.

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How to charge a screwdriver without a charger

Screwdriver Battery Charger

Charger for the Interskol screwdriver

The power part of the screwdriver’s charger is a GS-1415 type power transformer rated at 25 watts.

A reduced alternating voltage of 18V is removed from the secondary winding of the transformer; it follows at diode bridge of 4 diodes VD1-VD4 type 1N5408, through a fuse. Diode bridge. Each 1N5408 semiconductor element is rated for forward current up to three amperes. The electrolytic capacitance C1 smoothes out the pulsations that appear in the circuit after the diode bridge.

Management is implemented on microassembly HCF4060BE. which combines a 14-bit counter with the components of the master oscillator. It drives a S9012 type bipolar transistor. It is loaded on a relay type S3-12A. Thus, a timer is implemented in circuitry that includes a relay for about an hour. When the charger is turned on and the battery is connected, the relay contacts are in the normally open position. The HCF4060BE receives power through a 12 volt 1N4742A zener diode, because about 24 volts go from the output of the rectifier.

When the Start button closes, the voltage from the rectifier begins to follow to the zener diode through the resistance R6, then the stabilized voltage goes to the 16th output of U1. The S9012 transistor, which is controlled by the HCF4060BE, opens. The voltage through the open junctions of the transistor S9012 follows the relay winding. The contacts of the latter are closed, and the battery begins to charge. The protective diode VD8 (1N4007) shunts the relay and protects the VT from a reverse voltage surge that occurs when the relay coil is de-energized. VD5 prevents the battery from discharging when the mains voltage is disconnected.

With the opening of the contacts of the Start button nothing happens because the power goes through the VD7 diode (1N4007), the Zener diode VD6 and the quenching resistor R6. Therefore, the microcircuit will receive power even after releasing the button.

Interchangeable typical battery from a power tool assembled from separate serially connected nickel-cadmium Ni-cd batteries, each of 1.2 volts, so there are 12 pieces. The total voltage of such a battery will be about 14.4 volts. In addition, a temperature sensor has been added to the battery pack. SA1 is glued to one of the Ni-Cd batteries and fits snugly against it. One of the terminals of the thermostat is connected to the negative of the battery. The second pin is connected to a separate, third connector.

When the Start button is pressed, the relay closes its contacts and the battery charging process begins. The red LED lights up. After an hour, the relay breaks the screwdriver battery charge circuit with its contacts. The green LED lights up, and the red goes out.

The thermal contact monitors the battery temperature and breaks the charge circuit if the temperature is above 45. If this happens before the timer circuit works, this indicates the presence of a memory effect.

Typical screwdriver charger malfunctions

How to properly charge the battery of a screwdriver?

  • Decide on a suitable tool
  • About the features of proper battery charging
  • A little bit about battery types
  • Caution. Charger
  • If the battery does not charge

Perhaps the most popular power tool among the others # 8211 screwdriver.

We charge the first and last time. We loop the screwdriver battery.

Its functions are not limited to screwing and unscrewing screws, it is easy to drill holes with it.

The cordless screwdriver is very convenient for absolutely any kind of work, as it allows you to easily move around without limiting cords.

Network tools do not differ in mobility, it is not possible to use them if a socket is not provided in the room. Cordless screwdrivers provide free movement and do not imply interference with the cord. Here questions may arise: which device to choose and how to properly charge the battery of a screwdriver?

Decide on a suitable tool

Screwdrivers are domestic or amateur, professional and semi-professional. Professional are expensive, reliable, have a large motor resource. A household screwdriver outwardly almost does not differ from a professional model. In the middle price range are semi-professional devices, have a capacious battery, powerful and durable.

If the screwdriver operates at minimum power, then it is time to charge the battery with a special charger.

One or two battery cells are included with this tool. A double set will ensure uninterrupted operation, but will add trouble to the owner, as it will require periodic charging for a long service life. Extremely occasional use of a # 8211 screwdriver is an occasion to choose a kit with one battery.

Your needs will help you figure out if additional features of the tool are needed, you just need to clearly determine for what specific needs the tool will be needed, because if you already have, for example, a drill or a puncher, rare or frequent use will allow you to highlight the necessary functions and filter out the extra ones.

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About the features of proper battery charging

How to charge it for a long and high-quality service? A full battery is required before first use. The capacity of the new batteries is small, it needs to be fully charged, so if a nickel-cadmium battery is used in the screwdriver, three times charging is recommended in order to increase the capacity.

The minimum power indicates the need for mandatory charging.

Of no small importance is the temperature from 10 ° to 40 °. During charging, the batteries may heat up, which is undesirable, otherwise overheating will adversely affect the quality of the battery, requiring cooling. The devices themselves are undesirable to leave after charging in the charger. With long periods of non-use, the battery is charged once a month.

Remember that only with proper use and maintenance will the service life of the screwdriver be extended. When working with a tool, do not discharge it completely while waiting for the engine to stop. The reduced performance of the device will tell you that it’s time to charge the tool’s battery.

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A little bit about battery types

Before purchasing a new battery, read the attached instructions. These devices are distinguished by their capacity and quality, according to the class of the instrument, its purpose and loads.

Screwdrivers use different types of batteries. The main ones are as follows:

Nickel-cadmium batteries can be charged over 1000 times, and they also have a large capacity with a small size.

  • nickel cadmium
  • nickel metal hydride
  • lithium ion.

The first # 8211 are the most common, characterized by large capacity and small size. Batteries are effectively charged more than a thousand times, given their design features, operating mode and proper charging. The specificity of these batteries is in the presence of a memory effect, because you will have to charge the battery without waiting for it to fully discharge, otherwise the battery capacity will gradually decrease.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries are safe to dispose of, a smaller manifestation of the memory effect, but imperfect due to the high self-discharge current. Such batteries are stored only charged, in case of interruption of operation for more than a month they need to be fully recharged.

Lithium-ion devices are more powerful. They lack such a drawback as the memory effect, which requires periodic discharges, charges quickly and has a high capacity. However, a screwdriver with this type of battery is undesirable to use in the cold.

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Attention # 8211 to the charger

The pulse charger allows you to charge the battery for a screwdriver in just one hour.

It is impossible to charge the screwdriver battery without a charger, which can be standard or pulse. The first is able to charge the battery for 3-6 hours, mainly it is used for household screwdrivers. But a professional tool is more advisable to charge with a pulse device. Its increased performance will allow you to charge the battery in just an hour.

The light indication of the charger helps to control how the process is carried out and at what stage. Charging speed also depends on the type of battery. So, the nickel-cadmium cell is charged for about 7 hours. When the battery is fully charged, it must be removed from the device and stored separately without being inserted into a screwdriver.

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If the battery does not charge

This can happen for several reasons. It is possible that the battery is worn out or the charger is malfunctioning. Quite often, the contact between the terminals on the battery and the charging device itself is broken, since they can become unbent over time. In this case, bend the terminals by disassembling the charger.

If you timely and correctly charge the battery of a screwdriver, then the tool will last much longer.

In addition, during prolonged use, the contacts on the battery and charger may become oxidized and dirty. These changes can interfere with normal charging. To avoid such problems, periodically carefully clean the contacts of the batteries and the device to it.

Incorrect operation of the batteries leads to a decrease in their capacity, performance deteriorates. The situation can be corrected by overclocking such batteries when the battery pack is disassembled and elements that are faulty in it are detected, and then they need to be charged. But how to charge the screwdriver’s battery in this case? It is recommended that you first charge the batteries with a higher current than specified, and then charge with a lower current.

And if the electrolyte has not yet evaporated in the battery, then this method will probably bring it back to life.

Proper charging of the battery of any tool # 8211 is the key to its long operation and high-quality service.

How to charge a screwdriver?

  • Varieties of batteries for a screwdriver
  • How long does it take to charge a battery?
  • The choice can be fatal
  • The battery does not charge!
  • A few useful tips for last.

Perhaps no man can do without a screwdriver. This is a tool that allows you to screw and unscrew the screws, as well as drill holes. There are devices powered by the network, and devices that have batteries, which makes them very convenient to use.

The scheme of the screwdriver.

For such devices, the battery is a very important part, therefore, for the possibility of long-term operation of the tool, you need to know the answer to the question about charging a screwdriver.