Chainsaw Huter Bs 45m Stalls

Huter BS 45, the popular low price chainsaw. Many users prefer not to overpay, so they stop on this model.

Chainsaw Huter Bs 45m Stalls


The Huter BS 45 chainsaw is a household tool, it is not recommended to use it for industrial logging, because it has a limited resource, due to the fact that manufacturers tried to save as much as possible during its development. But, despite this, the chainsaw has established itself as a reliable housekeeper, with which you can prepare firewood for the winter, maintain the site, saw off anything at a construction site. Subject to timely maintenance, the saw is able to last for more than one year.

The Huter BS 45 chainsaw is not suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, because it has a weight and dimensions that are above average.

The manufacturer of the chainsaw, the German company Huter, has been represented on the Russian market since 2000.

According to the manufacturer, the Huter BS-45 saw is German, but if you look closely, it becomes clear that this is another creation of Chinese industry imported into our country under the German brand.

Although this is a Chinese version of the chainsaw, but the fact that it is sold under the Huter brand provides some advantages. The saw is covered by the warranty, and the company’s specialists are engaged in post-warranty repair, there are no problems with the maintenance of the Huter 45.

Video review of Huter BS 45 can be seen below. After viewing, you will find out what a chainsaw looks like, how it is equipped. Check out the key nodes. The video also shows how to properly start a chainsaw on cold and hot and how it saws.


The delivery package of this chainsaw is practically no different from the competitors’ equipment and includes the following:

  • chainsaw;
  • saw bar;
  • chain;
  • adjustment screwdriver;
  • combination candle key;
  • protective cover on the tire;
  • tank for preparing the fuel mixture;
  • instruction in Russian.

Of course, the equipment is not rich, but to start working with a chainsaw immediately after purchase, this is enough.

Specifications BS 45

A chainsaw chain drives a single-cylinder two-stroke engine. Its volume is 45 cubic meters. see, therefore, in the name of the saw there is a marking 45. This volume allows you to give out 1.7 kW of power at maximum speeds, which slightly exceeds the power of competitors’ chainsaws, for example, Stihl 180.

As standard, the saw is equipped with a long tire (45 cm) and a chain with a Huskvarn step of 0.325.

This tire length, combined with good power, makes it possible to comfortably saw tree trunks with a diameter of more than 30 cm.

The fuel consumption of the Huter 45 is slightly higher than that of the Stihl 180, due to the difference in piston volume. The fuel tank is 0.55 liters, it is enough to work for 30 minutes.

The Huter BS-45 implements an anti-vibration system and an emergency chain brake system, which significantly increases the level of safety during operation. The 45th shock absorbers can be metal spring, modifications with rubber-metal ones are also found. It’s just that metal is a little more reliable, because rubber-metal ones are torn quite often, they are not able to withstand the load.

The weight of the equipped chainsaw is more than 7 kg. To work with such a tool for a long time is quite difficult. The heavy weight makes it difficult to use on construction sites. By weight, the Huter BS 45 loses much to its competitors, also the saw is very noisy, it gives out more than a hundred decibels during operation, so you need to use headphones during operation.

Modification Huter BS-45M

Huter BS 45 has one advanced modification, which is sold under the label Huter BS 45M.

Video: Chainsaw Huter Bs 45m Stalls

It differs from the older sister by a slightly higher power (1.8 kW) and a shorter tire. The length of the tire supplied with Huter BS 45 m 40 cm. On this model, a chain is installed in increments of 3/8, so the headset from the modified model is not suitable for BS 45.

The rest of the chainsaws are almost the same, except for the cost. As a rule, a modified model is a bit more expensive.

Pros and cons

The main plus of the BS 45 and BS 45M chainsaws is their cost, which is almost half the cost of competitors’ chainsaws. You can verify this by looking at Yandex offers which show approximate prices.

Another positive point is the availability of warranty and post warranty service. Huter craftsmen undergo special training, so giving your saw in for repair can be safe for its quality.

From a technical point of view, the advantages of these chainsaws are high power and long tires, which allow you to cut thick tree trunks without much difficulty.

Interesting! The Huter BS-45 chainsaw has the ability to adjust the oil supply for chain lubrication, which allows you to increase the lubricant supply during sawing dirty wood. Due to this, you can significantly extend the life of the saw headset.

The disadvantages of these chainsaws are not many, but they are quite significant.

  1. Build quality (after purchase, you need to stretch the screws on them).
  2. Low quality plastic parts.
  3. The covers of the fuel and oil tanks wear out quickly and begin to pass (replacement is not difficult, but it causes inconvenience and hassle).
  4. Low engine life due to the low quality of the parts from which it is assembled.
  5. Weight. Working with a Huter BS 45M (BS 45) chainsaw for a long time is quite difficult. Especially if you need to cut small shoots.

All the disadvantages of a chainsaw are directly related to its cost. If they are eliminated, then it will cost much more.

User’s manual

The instruction that comes with the Huter BS 45 saw is quite detailed.

  • saw description;
  • description of the configuration;
  • safety recommendations;
  • guidance on the launch and operation of the tool;
  • Description of maintenance
  • chain sharpening algorithm;
  • instructions for preparing the fuel mixture and refueling the chainsaw.

Important! After buying a new chainsaw, do not ignore reading the instructions. The information that is available in it will help to avoid typical errors that lead to breakage of the chainsaw. Remember that malfunctions caused by improper operation are grounds for refusal of warranty repairs.

Carb adjustment

A membrane carburetor is installed on the Huter BS 45 and Huter BS 52 chainsaws with the ability to adjust the quality and quantity of the mixture. After purchasing the tool, it is recommended to slightly enrich the fuel mixture, in order to compensate for the stresses that arise during the grinding of the piston.

Important! After the saw has worked on the enriched mixture and the details of the piston group are pressed together, the quality of the mixture should be brought back to normal.

The quality of the fuel mixture is the screw (L). To enrich the fuel mixture (increase the fuel supply to the cylinder), the screw must be turned a quarter of a turn counterclockwise. After break-in, return to its original position.

If the saw carburetor is completely misregistered, its adjustment is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • on the muffled saw, the screws L and H are installed 2.5 turns from a fully twisted state;
  • the saw starts and warms up within 5-10 minutes;
  • after warming up, slowly tightening screw L, it is necessary to find the maximum idle speed, and then release the screw by one quarter;
  • screw H regulates the engine at maximum speed;
  • After adjusting screws L and H, idle speed is adjusted with screw T. It must be set so that the engine runs stably and the saw chain does not rotate.

Important! The maximum speed must be adjusted using a tachometer. If there is no such device, then the screw is twisted until the moment when the engine starts to run smoothly and monotonously, easily gaining speed.

It is worth remembering that the carburetor adjustment should be carried out only after a complete diagnosis of the saw has been carried out and such malfunctions as depressurization of the crankcase, air intake under the candle, and carburetor gasket have been eliminated.

Vladislav. 33 years. Smolensk.

Last year I bought a Huter BS 45M and I can say that I have only good impressions from it. The saw is powerful and torquey. Even thick trees are easily sawed. I did not run-in after the purchase, or rather did not adjust the carburetor to increase the amount of fuel, I just added a little more oil to gasoline.

For almost a year of operation, I only replaced the tire and chain, and that is because I sawed different trash and spoiled them myself.

In order to extend the life of the saw, I try to use high-quality lubricants and be sure to drain gasoline and oil from the tanks, if I do not plan to work with the saw for more than one month.

I am satisfied with the saw, it seems to me that its quality is fully consistent with the price.

Sergei. Barnaul. 56 years old.

I am the owner of the Huter BS. 45 chainsaw. I have been using it on my farm for more than three years. During this time, I changed the starter and shock absorbers several times and adjusted the carburetor. Once I had to contact the service center, because I could not start the saw myself. The service carried out a diagnosis and found that the nozzle valve stuck in the carburetor. The reason is that I left the saw with gasoline. It evaporates and only oil remains, which stuck the valve. The masters said that I still got off easily, because the oil could seal the channels of the carburetor and it would have to be changed.

I am satisfied with the saw, I recommend it to all my friends.


Huter BS 45. a Chinese saw under the German brand. Its quality is fully consistent with the price, and minor malfunctions can be easily and inexpensively fixed at the service center or independently. It is impossible to use this saw as a professional one, because it has a limited resource, but it is ideal for home use.