How To Clean The Breather With Your Own Hands?

The breather is a valve whose task is to remove crankcase gases that have accumulated inside the power unit. It has an oil trap with a dust filter, which is why you should periodically clean it. How to clean the breather with our own hands, we now explain.

How to clean the breather with your own hands?

First, you need to find the locations of the breather. To this end, it is necessary to raise the hood to see under it a box that has a square shape, which brings two pipes.

One pipe comes from the mono-injector, the second from the filter that cleans the air. On different cars, it may have a different location, but the essence of his work does not change.
How to clean the breather with your own hands. dismantle the head of the filter that cleans the air, which is called the air in the people. To do this, you must pre-de-energize the vehicle, turn off the ignition and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery.
Next, carry out the removal of the intake manifold, located on the air, then you can see the required breather, for fixing which, most likely, use two bolts.
Disconnect then remove the cover. Next, you will find an oil pump that is tightened with a stud. You have to unscrew the nut on the stud using the long head, but without removing it, since a unique ring is used to fix it on the crankcase, which cannot be put back on blindly without dismantling the pan.
Use a ramrod that can be made from ordinary wire to clean the tubes. You should check the breather lid and clean the brush located at the inlet of the nozzle. It is needed to extinguish the flame, formed with an insufficient degree of compression.
After you clean it, check the breather, which does not present any particular difficulties. You need to start the engine, then unscrew the oil filler cap, the neck itself should be plugged with the palm of your hand. You must feel the lack of pressure.

How to clean the breather with your own hands. then ask the assistant to squeeze the gas pedal and bring the engine speed to 3000-4000 and again with your palm, check if there is any pressure. There should be a slight pressure. If the breather is clogged, cleaning it does not give results, check the rings, maybe they are laid down.
Next, start the compression test, which shows the condition in which the cylinders and rings are worn. Before you start checking it, you should warm up the power unit and connect the pressuremeter. If the measured value is insufficient, measures should be taken to eliminate these causes.
How to clean the breather with our own hands, we told, quite simply!