Tiller Mini Tractor: 4 DIY Versions.

Many owners of tillers do not just think about the modernization of their agricultural equipment. To improve the available unit, and make a full-fledged mini-tractor out of it will not be difficult. However, you will be required to study the recommendations and follow the procedure. this will allow you to get an effective homemade mini tractor that will be able to solve all the tasks assigned to it.

Do-it-yourself tiller mini tractor. manufacturing procedure.

Before you start making a tiller-based mini-tractor, you need to prepare the necessary materials for the job.

Kit for rework includes:

  • welding machine;
  • screwdrivers and wrenches;
  • electric drill and a set of various drills;
  • Bulgarian and a set of discs for working with metal;
  • set of nuts and bolts.

Correctly assemble the tractor from tiller will help the appropriate drawings. In them you will find information on the order in which to join the parts and which method of fastening is suitable for their reliable installation.

The tiller is converted into a mini-tractor in the following order:

  1. The tiller-based mini-tractor must be equipped with a sturdy, reliable frame. It must withstand an additional pair of wheels, plus the load carried in the tractor will put pressure on the supporting structure. For the manufacture of the durable frame is best-suited pipes or corners of metal. Be sure to note that the heavier the frame, the better the traction of the mini-tractor with the road, and the better the plowing of the soil. The thickness of the walls of the frame also does not matter much. the main thing is that they do not bend under the pressure of the cargo being transported. You can cut the blanks for the manufacture of the frame using a grinder. Then all the parts are interconnected first using bolts, and then finally welded to each other. To make the frame stronger and more reliable, equip it with a transverse beam;
  2. Immediately after the frame is manufactured, it can be equipped with a hinged mechanism, through which a small tractor will be equipped with additional devices. It is possible to establish a hinge plate, both in front and in the back part of the bearing design. If in the future the mini-tractor is planned to be used together with a trailer, then the hitch should be welded to the rear of its frame;
  3. At the next stage, the homemade is equipped with front wheels. To do this, it is best to equip the manufactured mini-tractor with two ready-made hubs with brakes provided for them. Next, you need to fix the wheels themselves. To do this, take a piece of steel pipe, the diameter of which fits the front axle. Next, attach to the wheel hub tube. Drill a hole in the center of the pipe, which is necessary for mounting the product to the front of the frame. Then install the tie rods and adjust them to the frame through the worm gear. After mounting the gearbox, install the steering column. The axis in the rear part of the tractor being manufactured is mounted through pressed-in bearing bushings. Used wheels should be no more than 15 inches in diameter. Details of a smaller size will lead to the “burying” of the unit in the front, and the wheels, larger in size, will significantly worsen the maneuverability of the mini-tractor;
  4. At the next stage, it is necessary to equip a mini-tractor with a tiller engine. It is best to install the motor in the front of the unit, as this will improve the balance of the agricultural machine when operating with a loaded trailer. Install a secure mounting system to install the motor. When installing the motor, do not forget that the power take-off shaft must be fixed coaxially with the pulley located on the rear axle of the mini-tractor. The force on the wheels should take place with the help of a belt drive. In more detail, about tiller alteration in a mini-tractor will tell video.

A tractor made by hand will be equipped with a reliable braking system and high-quality hydraulic distributor, which is necessary for proper operation of the unit with attachments.

Tiller mini tractor Neva.

Converting a tiller into a small tractor may be slightly different. It all depends on the design features tiller and his abilities. Consider the principle of manufacturing a mini-tractor from tiller brand Neva.
As in the first case, before making a mini-tractor, you need to study the scheme. They detail the size of the elements and the order of their installation during assembly.

The procedure for alteration will be as follows:

  1. The frame is made in the same way as in the first case. To create it, use pipes of various sections. The fastening of the frame elements is carried out employing bolts and welding;
  2. Next, proceed to the manufacture and installation of the chassis. To install the rear wheels, use a new axle, which can be made of steel pipe. In both ends of the last press in bearings and bushings, which will be equipped with rear wheels;
  3. Further the tractor from tiller Neva needs to be equipped with the motor. At what, it is possible to install the engine, both in front and in the back part of a frame. In the second case, the front and the rear wheelbase of the mini-tractor will need to be expanded;

In the end, the hand-made unit will remain equipped with a driver’s seat, lighting devices and side lights. Due to its small size, the finished tractor will have high maneuverability, which will allow it to be used effectively in hard-to-reach places.

How to make a mini tractor from tiller MTZ?

To redo tiller and this brand should also consider their design and capabilities. MTZ units have a sufficiently high power, which makes it possible to make a full-fledged mini tracked tractor. It will be distinguished by high maneuverability and excellent adhesion to the soil, due to which the quality of plowing the soil of such a machine will be several times higher than that of wheeled mini-tractors.
Before you begin to work, be sure to read the drawings in which you will find all the information required for the conversion.

The procedure for assembling a mini tractor is as follows:

  1. First, put the tiller into operation with a mower;
  2. After that, completely dismantle the front platform of the unit;
  3. In front of the mini-tractor being manufactured, install a tracked drive;
  4. In the niche for mounting the tie rod, install the adjusting rod. This element will increase the rigidity of the whole structure;
  5. Weld the driver’s seat to the upper part of the frame;
  6. Next to the motor, arrange a site for mounting the accumulator and the hydraulic distributor.

This method of manufacture is suitable for conversion to small tractors tillers MTZ 05, MTZ 09 and MTZ 12. Each of them has enough power to work with the trailer and attachments at the same time.

Minitractor from tiller Bison.

Tiller and this brand have a reliable and powerful enough engine, the presence of which allows you to convert the unit into a four-wheel drive mini-tractor. Before work, be sure to read the detailed drawings, as well as buy steel sheets, pipes and corners.

The procedure for the manufacture of a minitractor is as follows:

  1. When arranging the frame, you will need to expand the existing tiller frame. It is necessary to install new wheels. Cut corners and pipes into suitable pieces, then weld them to each other;
  2. The front beam on the mini-tractor is mounted using a ready-made hub, equipped with brakes. The wheels in the front of the unit must match the size of the rear wheels, or be slightly larger than the latter — this will prevent the mini tractor from “digging” when driving over rough terrain;
  3. Then install the motor tiller. It is best to install it in the front to achieve the best balance of the whole structure;
  4. To the rear of the mini-tractor ready weld hitch. it will be required for mounting the trailer.

A self-made mini tractor made based on the Bison tiller will be able to cope with a number of the most difficult economic tasks: plowing the ground, mowing grass, collecting and transporting the crop.

Tiller agro mini tractor.

Before rework tillers of this brand should be stocked with material and necessary tools.

For work you will need:

  • stainless steel sheets and profiles;
  • seat and steering wheel. can be removed from the old car;
  • a pair of wheels. their diameter should not exceed 15 ’;
  • a set of fasteners;
  • Bulgarian and electric drill;
  • hammer and welding machine.

After preparing all the necessary things, we advise you to study the schemes that will prompt you the correct procedure for installing the tractor elements.
We also recommend to look at the photos, which will undoubtedly help you in the manufacture of agricultural equipment.
Unlike the tillers listed above, Agro equipment has one major drawback, which must be taken into account when the tiller is converted into a mini-tractor. It lies in the fact that the tiller axis has fragile fracture strength indicators. This kind of breaking will undoubtedly affect if you exceed the maximum permissible load on the frame of the mini-tractor. To avoid further malfunction, the mini-tractor will need to be equipped with wheel reduction gears.

The procedure for assembly of the unit is as follows:

  1. At the first stage, you need to weld a solid frame for the tractor. To do this, use steel profiles and pipes. Be sure to note that the harder the frame is made, the better the traction of the mini-tractor with the ground will be. At the rear of the supporting structure, weld the tow bar, which will be required for coupling the trailer to the unit;
  2. Then proceed to the manufacture and arrangement of the chassis of a mini-tractor. To do this, you can buy a pair of ready-made front wheels, as well as hubs equipped with brakes. After purchasing the parts, attach the hubs to the steel pipe, and drill holes in the front of the frame that will be required to mount the hubs on the mini-tractor. Next, install the steering rods, using a worm gear. Following the tie rods secure the steering column and rear axle. When installing the latter in the sleeves used for mounting, press in the bearings. Install a pulley on the rear axle and securely fasten the wheels;
  3. After that, install the engine on the front of the frame. We advise you to do this through an additional frame placed on special shock absorbers. this will avoid strong vibrations at high loads on the motor;
  4. Next, install the driver’s seat on the mini-tractor, connecting it to the frame through the springs. thanks to them, it will be much more convenient to work with the mini-tractor.

If desired, a compact tractor made by hand can be equipped with a canopy that protects you from rain and sun. For its manufacture, four steel pipes should be welded to the frame next to the seat and the steering column, to which steel sheet should be fixed by spot welding. As a result, you get a reliable unit for giving, which quickly cope with all the tasks assigned to it.