How to clean the electric saw after work. Cleaning the chainsaw after work

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Care for a chainsaw

Everyone who is not an enemy of his chainsaw must understand once and for all that oil oil happens only in Russian sayings, and there are suitable oil and not suitable in chainsaws. Everyone wants to save money, but, having saved several hundred in engine oil (having bought not the synthetics of a normal company for 500, but some Chinese rubbish for 200), you can kill a piston, worth 80% of the cost of a chainsaw in a couple of hours of work.

The same applies to the oil and tire oil.- real savings when using bad oils below lost benefit after failure of the chain and tire.

In addition, for domestic use, even the most expensive oil is not an article for substantial savings.

Suppose a person saws only a few hours a year. Then the overpayment for several years of work will be only 300, or even less, and if you pour poor oil, you can dilute the entire piston during this time, which is much more expensive.

Playing the chainsaw

Real at idle speeds is needed only for miserable chainsaws, for normal chainsaws, for example, for the stihl chainsaws, during the first few fuel gas stations it is recommended to be darkened only at load, and in the instructions for the Husqvarna chainsaw there is a stupid advice “to avoid work at too high speed during the first 10 hours ”(where the revolution regulator remains a mystery) and there is no question of any production of several tanks at idle.

It is also better to avoid the purchase of chainsaws, where the need for long (more than an hour) at idle is indicated in open text, as this is apparently a condition for the clue to refuse warranty service, they say: You did the Not? Well then this is a violation of operating conditions.

Washing the air filter of the chainsaw

In the instructions for any saw, the purification of the air filter element refers to the procedures carried out after each application.

Cleaning and installing the filter in place

How to rinse the chainsaw filter:

  • Unscrew the top cover. The desired compartment is located in the upper part of the case near the handle, regardless of the brand. be it Husqvarna, Sturm or Partner.
  • Remove the filter. it can be invested or screwed onto the screws.
  • Wash the foam filter with warm water and soap and dry in the air. When cleaning with gasoline, the filter service life is reduced.
  • Paper, mesh, felt. you can shake off slightly tapping the edge on a dense surface. They are also well cleaned/blown by a compressor or vacuum cleaner.
  • All the dirt in the space around the engine must be wiped.
  • Install the gas station air filter in place, make sure that all the grooves and parts are tightly in place. Close the lid and tighten the screws.

The EASIEST Way To Clean A Chainsaw

If the filter began to deform, became denser and thinner, holes and cuts appeared. it must be replaced.

Playing the chainsaw

Real at idle speeds is needed only for miserable chainsaws, for normal chainsaws, for example, for the stihl chainsaws, during the first few fuel gas stations it is recommended to be darkened only at load, and in the instructions for the Husqvarna chainsaw there is a stupid advice “to avoid work at too high speed during the first 10 hours ”(where the revolution regulator remains a mystery) and there is no question of any production of several tanks at idle.

It is also better to avoid the purchase of chainsaws, where the need for long (more than an hour) at idle is indicated in open text, as this is apparently a condition for the clue to refuse warranty service, they say: You did the Not? Well then this is a violation of operating conditions.

Dust brush: instructions for use

To use this cleaning tool, it is worth finding out as efficiently as possible how to work with it correctly.

The new dust brush is usually crushed from storage in dense film packaging. Shake it well and upset it in the air. this will spread the hairs and give them the desired volume.

After that, the dust cleaning brush is already ready for use. But in order for the dust and flew towards her, she needs to be additionally “charged”. To do this, take any plastic bag, wrap your hand and rub the brush vigorously, while rotating it. This will quickly lead to the accumulation of a charge of static electricity on villi. As soon as they stand on end, the dust brush will be “charged”.

Now just wipe the surfaces with it and observe how the pollutions themselves attract to the villi.

Difficult tasks

Around small objects or things with many details. for example, figurines, a brush can work with neat rotational movements. And on large even surfaces, it can simply be pressed against them and moved in a straight line.

The dust brush can clean small slots and gratings on appliances or furniture. for this, stick the villi at its upper end in the holes and vigorously move them.

Do not forget that indoor plants also require regular cleaning. Use light rotational movements to clean the bottom and top of the leaves in one fell swoop, as well as the stem.

To put in order hoods and ceiling fans use a telescopic pen, which will reach them without shaky stools.

Please note that the dust brush in a charged state is unsuitable for cleaning delicate technology. For example, it is undesirable to expose static electricity inside the computer inside the body. Therefore, wait until the villi comes to normal or specially charge them before use.

Use and care

Painting with a spray gun

Well, our device is configured and ready to work.

Now it’s time to master the method of painting itself:

  • To get started, we perform a test passage. Of course, part of the paint has already got into the system when checking, but if we want the pigment to lie on the base perfectly high quality, then it is worth finally blowing the nozzle.
  • Then we apply the first layer of paint. In this case, we have the nozzle of the device so that the torch falls on the surface at right angles.

note! Coloring under sharp angles leads to the fact that small drops are not delayed on the basis, as a result of which ugly flow forms.

  • When performing finishing work, the first passage is usually performed from top to bottom. The nozzle must be shifted slowly and smoothly, so that the torch moves evenly, and on the base there is no passes left or a “puddle” from paint.
  • Large areas have to be painted with stripes. At the same time, the edges of the stripes should partially overlap each other, so this fact must be taken into account and control the intensity of painting.
  • In most cases, one pass is not enough. The second layer of paint is applied only after the first drying out (time depends on the type of composition and conditions in the room). At the same time, experts recommend applying the upper layer perpendicular to the lower, t.e. shifting the nozzle to the left or right.
clean, electric, work, cleaning, chainsaw

In the process, do not forget about safety precautions:

  • We work exclusively in a respirator, gloves and goggles.
  • In the process of painting, ventilate the room.
  • When the paint hits the skin or mucous membranes, wash off the composition with a large amount of water.

If the precautions did not help, and you felt unwell. interrupt the work, go out into the fresh air. If it does not get better. faster to the doctor!

Device maintenance

As we noted above, modern atomitors, especially professional ones. are quite complex devices, because not any master will take them to break off during breakdown. However, to know how to clean the spray gun, everyone should.

Timely and effective care for the tool will provide us with the maximum quality of the painted surface, because most often the “spitting” of the spray gun is caused not by breakdowns and defects, but by the accumulation of dried paint in the nozzles.

All parts must be washed with a solvent

  • Disconnect the tank with paint, pour it into the jar. If the solvent was used, then it is better to drain the remains in a separate container, otherwise with further use it will be necessary to determine the viscosity again experimentally.
  • Before disassemble the spray gun, we turn it on again and blow it out qualitatively. We stop purging only after even the slightest particles of paint cease to fly out of the nozzles.
  • Next, fill out part of the tank with a solvent and pass it through the device under high pressure. We repeat the operation until the solvent comes out perfectly clean.
  • Then we disassemble the device, guided by the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, it is enough to remove the nozzle and the needle, but some models provide for more fundamental disassembly.
  • We put all the removed parts into the container with the solvent, and then clean with the brushes with a soft pile.
  • Many masters, talking about how to rinse the spray gun as well as possible, miss one important point. It consists in the fact that the pipes located inside the case also require cleaning. It is convenient to use special brushes on flexible handles to remove the remnants of paint.
  • We wipe the body itself with a rag moistened in acetone or other solvent.

You can store a spray gun in both disassembled and in a collected state. In any case, after the end of the needle care measures, the thread of the nozzle and the carvings of the tank must be lubricated based on the technical petroleum jelly in order to avoid corrosion.

Information on how to prepare paint and spray for work on how to configure it, how to wash the spray gun after the end of the finish, etc.D. It will be useful primarily to those who use such devices relatively rarely. Compliance with these simple rules can not only extend the life of the device. it will also provide the necessary quality of coloring even for the most complex details.

You can familiarize yourself with the technique of work in more detail by learning the video in this article.

To keep your working tool always clean, you need to know how to rinse the spray gun after painting. This is very important for creating a good torch, thanks to which a high.quality coating is carried out, creating an even layer without subtexts and unlucky sections. If the tool is poorly cleaned, then it will act much worse, up to the point that particles of the paint that remained from the last time will fly out of it.

Some try to save time on cleaning, and someone would like to save on the solvent. Both that, and another leads to an uneven layer of coating, uninvited areas of the surface and leakage. It is best to keep 2 spray gun for work, one of which will be used for soil draft work, and the other is perfectly clean, only for finish finishing painting.

Andrey on the model of EPC 2200/16:

“I bought a house and immediately bought a saw for myself. Used it all winter, sawed firewood for heating. Even checked: the lowest temperature reached.30 degrees, but this did not cause any problems. I am very pleased with the saw in general, I recommend “

Belyakov Mikhail:

clean, electric, work, cleaning, chainsaw

“I bought on reviews for sawing firewood and was very pleased. The saw coped with the call perfectly, pretty decent protection: brake and lock. Without strong pressure, I drank under my weight with everything. You can change the chain to another, which will only improve the tool “

Any rubbing surfaces should be lubricated: an axiom that is not subject to doubt. Numerous questions begin to appear when choosing the type and brand of lubrication. What oil is poured into a chain lubrication is one of the topics that raises such questions for users.

Theory: The role of lubrication in the saw chain

The oil lubrication oil performs its main purpose. lubricates the guide links of the chain guides in the tire and the driven star. The lubricant should slowly, in the ideal case, is adjustable, supplied through the channel intended for this in the tire groove. Further, the oil for the chain is captured by guide links and distributed over the entire surface of the grooves, delivered to the teeth of the driven sprocket, reducing the effect of friction forces between moving elements and guiding surfaces.

No Nonsense Guide to Chainsaw Sharpening. How To Sharpen A Chainsaw Properly. FarmCraft101

The oil lubrication oils are no different from those that are used in mechanisms with a gasoline power plant. The only difference is that not all models with an electric drive are equipped with a lubrication system of a saw tool. The lubricant in such modifications is delivered to the tire with a syringe, brush or dipping the saw element in the oil bath.

Some of the models of branded saw units of Stihl or Makita, having electric drive, are equipped with oil pumps with the ability to adjust the supply of lubricants. An increase or decrease in the amount of lubricant can be carried out in two ways: changing diameter to pass it or changing the course of the oil pump plunger, for example, in professional saws of Stihl. The screw for changing the supply is usually located in the lower or side of the case, close to the tire attachment site. The adjustment of the Plunger stroke is more reliable in a specialized workshop.

In most electric chain saws, such an adjustment is not provided for by the design and the oil is supplied in the amount provided by the manufacturer. The oil pump, if available, has a direct connection with the engine: the engine works. the oil comes to the circuit. Stopping the engine rotation automatically stops the supply of lubricants. The oil supply in such saws can be changed in one way. using lubricants with invariant viscosity.

Not enough oil

The lack of lubrication naturally leads to local overheating of the rubbing surfaces. The consequences of overheating and dry friction can lead to very sad consequences:

  • tire deformation;
  • premature wear of the guide tire groove;
  • jamming and wear of the led star;
  • jamming or cliff of chain.

All this can not only disable the electric saw, but also fraught with injuries.

Excess oil

Excessive supply of lubrication does not lead to critical disorders in the pair of the chain-nine. If you do not pay attention to the increased consumption of lubricant and pollution of the saw case with oil soaked with oil, then you can follow the rule “Porridge” oil “. Meter emissions of oil spray from the chain at large and medium engine speeds is another inevitable consequence of excessive supply of lubrication to the chain saw.

In modern chainsaws, a reliable supply of lubrication for the chain is organized, with violations in the operation of which, it is not worth exploiting a chainsaw in order to avoid further breakdowns. It is better to eliminate the lubrication system malfunctions by contacting a service center or to an experience that has experience in the repair of a specialist, this guarantees the quality of the final result.

If during the work there is no oil on the chain of the chainsaw, it is necessary to look for the cause of the problem. In fact, there can be many factors affecting this process. You should disassemble the chainsaw and identify the main problem. Possible causes of this process will be described below.

The reason for the lack of oil supply to the chain during the operation of the chainsaw may be several factors and to detect them, it is necessary to disassemble the chainsaw.

Possible reasons for the non.allowance of fuel

Oil on the chain may not enter only in the presence of two breakdowns. They include:

The main reason for the breakdown is the air leak. This can happen due to the depressurization of the oil hose during the use of the chainsaw. In this case, it is necessary to remove the hose from the hole. You need to do this in the place where it is connected to the card. Then the hose sits on the sealant and is installed in the usual position. If this did not help, most likely elasticity was lost. For further operation of the chainsaws, it is advisable to replace the hose.

The second reason is the breakdown of the oil pump drive. In the common people, this part is called the worm. When the drive is out of order, the oil will cease to be supplied to the chain. The oil pump drive is a round plastic ring, inside which grooves are located. The constant use of the chainsaw leads to the wear of the internal parts, as a result of which the metallic hook located inside the drive occurs. After this breakdown, the oil ceases to enter the chain.

You can eliminate problems yourself or under the guidance of specialists.

Some tips on working with electric saw

This video is an addition to the annotation for a chain electric saw. This video shows: installation.

Discounts on manual and power tools. tools from China. house discounts and.

It should be noted that the weight of the saw is very important, it directly affects the ease of work and fatigue from it. Therefore, if you do not plan to professionally engage in carpentry or perform wood thread using a chain saw, then the choice of an electric chain saw is best done in favor of a saw with a transverse location. In addition, these models are usually cheaper.

Battery chain saw

Battering chain saw. a type of saw that combines the mobility of gasoline and the simplicity of the operation of electric models. From the entire family, the batteries of the smallest and lightest. Thanks to which she can work with one hand.

Battery saws do not have high power and the duration of their operation is limited by the battery charge. However, given the modest dimensions and weight, it is very convenient for it to work in constrained conditions or on top, for example, when pruning garden shrubs or trees.

Battery saws have also proven themselves in construction for the manufacture of various grooves in wooden structures. Where much power is not required, but maneuverability and ease of work are needed.

How to operate drills and peorators

The main reason for the breakdown of the drill or the peorator is the intensive use and violation of the operating rules, for example, the peorator used as a mixer. Professional e.instrument.tool is designed for 40 minutes of work and 10 minutes of rest, no more than 8 hours a day. Amateur should relax every 10 minutes of work, and it can be used for no more than 5 hours per week.

The main breakdown of drifts and peorators

I highlight the following breakdowns for all the pedorators:

Anchor breakdown or stator. How to diagnose breakdowns, see

District of bearings. To check them with one hand, take the shaft, with the other, turn the outer part of the bearing. If there is too much backlash and vibration, it is necessary to change the bearing for a new. Video about replacing bearings:

Damage of the reverse. Everything comes down to replacing the button. Plastic parts usually break. After replacing the buttons, there are problems with the correct connection. It will be useful

Malfunction of the speed control button. In such cases, we immediately change to a new one, the collective farm is old. a hype. The procedure is simple, you can cope yourself. In the service center it will cost from 500 to 700. Video about the repair of the button:

Wear of the power cable. Remove, put a new. Winding snot from island is not the best way out. Take the cable in a time, with veins of 2-2.5 mm². Video about the replacement of the cable:

Damage of the clamping cartridge. In such cases, I advise you to change the cartridge to a new one, and not to suffer with the old. time will take more time. The cartridge changes easily, look at the video. Video on how to replace the cartridge:

It is sometimes enough to disassemble the old cartridge, wipe with dense oil/lubricant, wipe it dry and collect. If you decide for repairs, watch the next video. The author disassembles the cartridge, talks about the reasons for the breakdown:

Collective brushes wear. The brushes “end” over time and this is normal. As they wear, they are pulled up to avoid sparking. If new brushes are quickly erased, then you need to check the production of the collector. There should not be bullying, the form of the collector is correct, cylindrical. details on

The terminal operation of the penetrator depends on the intensity of use, load, manufacturer. Applying a drill for home needs, she can serve you for decades. But with regular use, even professional models can fail in a year.

Rules for the operation of drifts and peorators

The life of the drill can be increased by adhering to simple rules:

  • Work under favorable weather conditions (lack of precipitation, high humidity).
  • Do not exceed the permissible time of work without a break.
  • Avoid shavings and dust from the instrument.
  • After work, carry out cleaning, lubricate moving parts.

For lubrication of the gearbox and tips of drills and drills, various types of oils can be used, Litol/Salidol is suitable. For gearboxes, I recommend lubrication from Makita and Bosh.

I recommend updating the lubricant after 30-35 hours of operating. This is the average time, it all depends on working conditions. Amateur models may not see lubricants for decades, and for the profiletrument from the construction site this is necessarily.

How to work with a saber’s saw?

Sable saw did not find widespread among domestic consumers. By structure and principle of operation, it is most similar to a hacksaw. Only instead of human strength, the electric motor works. It is easy to use such a tool, because the ergonomic handle lies well in the hand.

Ideal for working in a garden, where you need to cut down a few branches. Thanks to the thin working surface, the saw will not cut off the excess. The advantage of the saber saw is that it can be sawed not only by wood, but also with a stone, ceramic materials, a gas block, glass, plastic, etc.D.

Sabel Saber Stavr PS-850

How the electric saw circuit is lubricated?

The lubrication of the chain electric saw, both the circuit itself and the tires are an important aspect for the correct operation of the equipment. The unit provides a pump that supplies lubricants from the tank to the cutting mechanism, through the openings provided. The lubrication of the electric saw circuit is carried out as follows:

In that case, if the circuit on the electric saw is not lubricated, problems with the cut arise immediately, so it is necessary to control the oil level and its quality.

How the electric saw chain is lubricated. the procedure for beginners

As a rule, the lubrication of the electric saw chain is performed using high.quality car oil. The only important point is that spent trains should not be used, since they will only harm the garden tool.

Before adding oil, you need to turn off the power saw from the power. If the electric saw is equipped with an automatic oil supply system, then the lubricant must be poured into a separate tool capacity, and then start the operation.

If you notice that the chain on the electric saw is not lubricated even with a large amount of oil in the tank, then first of all you will need to check the plunger pump of the tool. In most models, it is made of soft plastic, and the teeth on it very quickly become worthless. In such cases, the replacement of the part will cost quite expensive, which is why many owners prefer to buy new electric cars.

If such an automatic lubricant in the electric saw is absent, then the lubrication of the chain is performed in a completely different way. To do this, you need to dip the chain into the oil, and then install it back on the electric saw. The lubrication of the chain should be abundant, otherwise, due to the lack of oil, the saw engine will be subjected to strong loads.

With prolonged simple electric saws, many chain manufacturers advise making oil baths for sawing elements. This will prevent their corrosion and quick wear. To do this, put the chain in the container and pour oil so that the liquid completely covers the part. After that, the container is tightly closed with the lid and is left until the next operation of the electric saw.

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