How to Connect a Drill Directly Without Reverse

You can repair such a power tool as a drill on your own at home, without resorting to outside help and without spending money on it. Often during operation, the drill starts to work worse, stops starting. The main reason for the breakdown of the electric drill is the wear of the brushes, the failure of the engine and the start button. In this case, as a rule, the breaker often breaks? making further use of the power tool impossible. To solve this problem, the old, failed button is changed or the electric drill is connected directly to the power supply network.

How to Connect a Drill Directly Without Reverse

Can I connect a drill without a button

Drill is one of the most used power tools in everyday life. Often, during its operation, such an element as a power button fails. This is due to the fact that the switch responsible for turning on and off the device is subjected to mechanical stress, as a result of which it wears out quickly. It is for this reason that most people who use an electric drill have a completely logical question: can I connect a drill directly without a power button and how to do it?

As a rule, in most cases, a similar question arises in people in the case when the on / off switch of an electric drill fails, and it is not possible to purchase a new one. It should immediately be noted that it is quite possible to connect power to the electric drill and start it without a button. However, during such a connection, you must follow all the rules and instructions for connecting the contacts of the electric motor of the device to the wires through which power is supplied from the electrical network.

How to connect?

Connecting a drill directly to the mains without a switch is not such a difficult task, which it might seem at first glance. Before you start connecting the electric drill and dismantling the power button, you need to stock up with the appropriate tool:

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  • screwdriver;
  • soldering iron;
  • insulating tape;
  • sharp knife or blade (for stripping the wire).

Before connecting the drill motor directly, the device’s power button is dismantled. To do this, use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws located on the side of the electric drill. Then, after the screws have been removed, you need to dismantle (remove) one part of the body of the power tool. Then, when access to the switch is open, it is also necessary to dismantle it.

The wires that were connected to the switch are connected directly to each other. The whole procedure usually takes no more than 15 minutes. It is strongly recommended that the wires be soldered together using a soldering iron, and then the soldering spots must be properly insulated using an electrical tape. As an alternative to soldering, you can use the terminal block (pads), thanks to which the wires are interconnected. To isolate the connection point, you can also use cambric.

The field winding consists of four wires. Two wires located diagonally from the coils must be connected to the wires that are connected to the brushes. Connection points must be insulated. Then the other two wires must be connected to the power cable, from which the power tool works. If the cartridge is an electric drill, after turning on the device in the mains it starts to rotate in the wrong direction (reverse mode), then the connection wires just need to be swapped. That is, the wires that go directly to the brushes must be connected to the mains, and those contacts that were previously connected to the network must be connected to the brushes.

Pros and cons of working without a button

When using an electric drill without a power button, there are much more minuses than pluses. The only plus from such a power tool connection diagram is that there is no need to change or repair the circuit breaker. However, in the case of a direct connection of the drill to the network, many problems arise. For example, device functionality suffers.

Without a switch, it is impossible to adjust the speed or turn on the reverse mode. In addition, with such a connection, the soft start function, which is equipped with most modern high-power electric drill models, will not be available. Also, before each use of the drill, you must always plug the power cord into the power outlet, and turn it off after completion of work, which is not very convenient.

With a direct connection, without the possibility of independent adjustment of the speed, the device’s engine will immediately start operating at full power. In addition, the contact groups of the switch, when turning on the power tool, took on part of the load. If it is absent, both the winding of the electric motor and the brush will be subjected to increased load. As a result, the engine of the power tool will wear out very much and will quickly fail.