How to Convert Trimmer into Cordless

There are times when a person took a scythe in his hands in order to prepare livestock feed or to harvest a grown crop. And the braid itself has changed a lot since then. A modern mower uses a lawn mower or trimmer.

According to the type of drive, manual trimmers are usually distinguished:
For lawn mowers or lawn mowers using a two- and four-stroke internal combustion engine;
On electric braids using an electric drive. There are models with a battery compartment. Such electrocoms are available with a lower engine location (under the control knobs) or with an upper engine arrangement (above the control knobs).

If the site is small and well-groomed, and you just need to occasionally mow the grass along the paths, around the house or under the trees, and, most importantly, if there are no problems with electricity, it is better to choose an electric trimmer with a lower engine position.

This makes the electric braid compact, lightweight and extremely portable. over, if necessary, it can be taken to the country even by public transport almost every week. Perhaps this is the best option for retirees who do not need to "raise the virgin lands."

If the areas are large, and the vegetation is diverse (up to small woody shoots), then you can use an electric scythe with an overhead engine or lawn mowing. The choice is again up to the user. The quality of work is the same, the difference is in the provision (availability of electricity, and in the case of using lawn mowers. Gasoline and oil) and in convenience (extension cords and quieter motor operation, while lawn mowers. Absolute freedom of movement, but noise and smell of exhaust gases).

How to Convert Trimmer into Cordless

An electric or lawn mowing with a split bar is more universal in application, but it should be borne in mind that the connection of the knees of the bar is an additional weak point in the design, and the universal is always worse than the special one. So, if the trimmer is needed only for mowing grass, then you should not pay for the opportunity to remake it into a delimbers and so on.

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Rods are also bent and straight. It is advisable to use an electric or lawn mowing machine with a direct barbell at high capacities or when working with a mill for mowing weeds or raspberries.

A bent rod is used in trimmers, but they are never equipped with serious mowing tools (for example, milling cutters), because the inner cable must also be bent, repeating the profile of the rod, which is undesirable with high power and torque

An electric or lawn mowing with a bar must be held for something, and if you have to mow for a long time, then choosing a convenient handle becomes very important. Lighter models are equipped with D-shaped or J-shaped handles. The former are installed on lighter trimmer models. They are convenient where you often have to change the mowing angle, for example, to mow the slope of the ravine. In this case, with one hand you have to hold the scythe by the bar, and with the other. by the handle.

Sometimes the trimmer is equipped with a handle with an additional protrusion, which will not allow you to take a wide step forward with your left foot, excluding its contact with the cutting mechanism. Also, the handles of the electric or lawn mow are covered with anti-vibration insulating material.

Now about security. Whatever you have. a light trimmer or a powerful lawn mower, you must remember and follow the rules of safe operation. And you need to remember not only about your own safety, but also the safety of others, pets, trees and shrubs in your garden, and the tool itself.

Obviously, the first step is to carefully read the instructions. When the trimmer is working, clothing and shoes should be tightly closed. Be sure to buy special safety glasses. Despite the fact that most of the mowed grass does not get into you, one inflorescence that has flown out unsuccessfully is enough to cause significant injury to the eyes.

When the electric braid works, you need to think ahead of time how and where the extension cord will lie, and do not forget where it lies. The cable should be bright and clearly visible, easily distinguishable in the grass, so as not to accidentally damage it.

If the trimmer has a long cord, it itself can damage or hush the plants in your garden. To avoid this, drive columns in the corners of the flower beds.

Watch out for children and animals, they may be interested in a wire twitching in the grass.

When the electric trimmer is working, use only rubber shoes, even in dry weather.

Trimmer fishing line can damage the trunks of fruit trees and shrubs. To avoid this, you can put protection on the tree trunks before starting work. rings cut from a regular plastic bottle. This trick is guaranteed to protect trees from damage, and the worker. from a headache for their safety.

Remember that the trimmer is a high-risk tool.