How to cut a corner grinder with a disk. How to sharpen the circle of circular

Choosing and replacing disks for corner grinders

Corner grinding machine (corner grinder), in the common people called “corner grinder”, is widely used at a construction site and in everyday life during repair. With its help, you can perform many different technological processes. To choose the right tool for performing a certain type of work, you need to get acquainted with what disks and nozzles for angular grinder are there. The tool for this device is selected in size and as intended.

When choosing a disk for a corner grinder, it is necessary to ensure that the outer diameter of the nozzle does not exceed the maximum permissible values ​​allowed for your corner grinding machine. For example, if the corner grinder is designed to use a circle with a maximum diameter of 125 mm, then it cannot be installed on it by a circle of 230 mm. And there are several explanations for this:

  • The linear speed of the cutting edge will be exceeded, which is fraught with the destruction of the abrasive circle and injuries to the user;
  • A small corner grinder does not have enough power to work with a large tool;
  • The installation of a nozzle exceeding the permissible dimensions requires the removal of a protective casing, and this is a violation of safety rules.

Disks for corner grinding mash have standard dimensions: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm. In modern grinders, the planting diameter (the diameter of the shaft on which the tool is installed) is almost the same and is 22.2 mm. If you have “lying around” the corner grinder of an outdated model, then you will need to use adapters. rings of different diameters.

All abrasive circles of any size have a special marking, from which you can find out the following information: the diameter of the disk and its thickness, the diameter of the seat, the maximum rotation speed, and also for the processing of which materials it is intended.

Purpose of disks and nozzles

Circles for corner grinders differ in their intended purpose at:

Cutting discs

The most common task performed using an angular grinder is to cut various materials. The choice of tool material depends on which material will need to be cut.

  • Cutting metal. The cutting disk for metal is made of crystalline clay Corundum, as well as from a synthetic corundum called an electro.rousse. The main color of the circles for cutting metals is blue.
  • Cutting stone and concrete. For cutting stone, select a disk of other abrasive material. silicon carbide. This abrasive easily cuts white brick (silicate) and slate. But to cut red brick, some types of concrete or ceramic tiles, this circle material does not work. Greens are produced for stone.
  • Cutting ceramic tiles, red brick, porcelain tile and concrete. For these purposes, a diamond disk is already used. This metal nozzle is made, an abrasive mass with diamond crumbs is applied to the cutting edge. The figure above shows a segmented saw circle designed for dry cutting of the material. All.metal discs during operation require water cooling.

Therefore, if you are still going to use a saw disk for wood, then you should adhere to safety measures. A protective casing and a handle must be installed on the corner grinder, the user is obliged to wear a protective mask or glasses. In addition, you cannot cut materials that are not intended for it.

Wooden wheels are considered the safest, on the end of which a chain from a chainsaw is installed. In the case of the instrument jamming, the chain remains in place, and the disk rotates idle, which reduces the likelihood of user injury.


If you need to remove the layer of paint or other application, as well as rust from any surface, the roots are used. They are disk or in the form of a bowl with metal wire.

The wire in these nozzles can be twisted or loose. Its thickness can also be different. The thicker the wire, the more rough peeling the peeling disk or a cup.shaped nozzle is used, and vice versa.


For grinding and polishing of various surfaces (metal, wood, plastic and others), grinding wheels and nozzles are used. Often for grinding, a grinding circle of petal type is used. It consists of many “petals” made of sandpaper. The granularity of sandpaper can be selected based on the required type of processing (finishing or black).,

Also, sandpaper can be attached to the nozzle using Velcro. Such a tool is screwed onto the corner grinder spindle.

For polishing surfaces, special circles and nozzles are produced, looking like felt pillows or as discs from fabric.


To sharpen the tool, tochline machines (sharpeners) are usually used). But if you do not have the last one, but there is an angular grinder, then for it you can purchase a sharpening (grinding) circle that can easily be sharpened with almost any cutting tool.

The main difference between sharpening circles and cutting circles is their thickness (at least 5 mm).

Operations that can be performed using an angular grinder

Corner grinder is a multifunctional tool. The drive mechanism in it is an electric motor, which through the gearbox transfers the movement of the shaft with a replaceable nozzle fixed on it. The general view of the device is presented in the photo below.

On the market are models that differ in power and design:

Professional large corner grinder 230mm STERN AG230B

Powerful devices are powered by a three.phase voltage of 380 V, and domestic voltage. from a single.phase network 220 V. There are also low.power battery models.

Corner grinding machine (angular grinding) can be made with different materials The following main types of work:

If you fix the corner grinder is motionless, then you can sharpen different tools on a circle: incisors, drills, knives, etc.

The corner grinder is designed to work with the following materials:

Corner grinder has become widespread both in everyday life and in industrial conditions. This is caused by their wide functionality, due to the following factors:

  • a large selection of various nozzles from different materials to perform various operations;
  • the possibility of fixed fixation using special fasteners;
  • the presence in some models of additional handles and several speed modes of operation.

In this case, you need to constantly remember that only special discs are used to process each material.

What is the danger of an angular grinding machine

Corner grinder is a traumatic tool. This is caused by the following reasons:

  • high speed of rotation of the working nozzle. it exceeds 10,000 rpm;
  • openness (insecurity of the casing) most of the disk;
  • the possibility of breaking the abrasive disk into fragments of different sizes, which at the same time fly apart at a significant speed;
  • the frequent lack of the ability to correctly organize the workplace;
  • formation during metal cutting (or other material) or grinding of small particles.

When jaming a disk that occurs even due to a slight distort of it, an angular grinder is almost impossible to hold in your hands, especially a powerful tool. This is caused by a high speed of rotation of the nozzle. Therefore, beginners are recommended to work with low-power models, component of discs with a diameter of 115-125 mm. The latter should be without the slightest defects capable of leading to their sudden destruction and tearing an angular grinder from the hands with vague consequences.

Sawdrops for corner grinder

Drinks for wood for corner grinder were developed by various manufacturers and, accordingly, have several varieties. The easiest and most unambiguously most budget option is to install a disk for the circular sizes on the corner grinder. both external diameter and the diameter of the internal mounting hole. For corner grinders, which, according to dimensional characteristics, is attributed to the category of small ones, a circle of 125×22 mm is suitable.

Technically, a disk with a diameter of 230 mm can be installed on a small corner grinder, but for this you will have to remove the protective casing, which is absolutely unacceptable. The user’s hands are angular grinding mash in the immediate vicinity of rotating working surfaces and any abnormal situation can cause a serious injury. The use of such a circle on a corner grinder can cause serious safety violations and it is strictly not recommended for beginners.

Any bias, including the uneven structure of the wood, can cause the disk jamming and, as a result, a sharp jump in the entire unit up to the point that it can break out of the hands and make a dangerous unpredictable flight. The sawing disc for the circular is not intended for such fast revolutions that the corner grinding spindle produces, from this its excessive heating occurs, which affects the strength of the steel. As a result, during a distortion, a sawing circle can occur with the flight of fragments at high speed in unpredictable directions.

Special nozzles for sawing wood developed for the Skash have significant differences from the sawing disk of the circular. Consider the most common nozzle options for sawing wood. On sale, you can find saw wheels similar to saws for circular, having an increased divorce of teeth, which significantly reduces the likelihood of jamming them. In addition, the differences for the manufacture of such a disk are that other alloys are used, this reduces the risk of disk destruction when it is heated.

Further attempts to protect the disk from jamming led to the unification of disk and chain saws in one product. The chain of a similar chain of the chainsaw is freely moves along the working surface of the disk, which absolutely eliminates jamming. There are quite a lot of modifications of such a hybrid. Craftsmen, with the help of such a combined saw, successfully saw branches and can even cut off not very thick trees.

Another area of ​​adaptation of disk saws for use on a corner grinder was a decrease in the number of teeth. Disks with a diameter of 115 mm or 125 mm are equipped with only three teeth, a disk for a large angular grinder of 230 mm can have 4 teeth. In this way, manufacturers tried to compensate for the high speed of rotation of the saw disk.

A completely new direction of the evolution of circular discs was marked by the invention of a special nozzle, which is suitable for work on various material. Such a universal disk is made from a special composition. tungsten carbide. There are no teeth on such a saw disk at all. This type of disk allows you to cut a variety of materials well, it can be considered the safest disk for sawing wood from all that are used on the corner grinder.

Sawing with corner grinder

If there is no other way out, that is, there is no special wood saw (broke) or urgent small work was required, of course, the corner grinder may help out. However, we must remember that the main purpose of this machine is still not in sawing wood. To use the corner grinder as a manual circular saw, you will need to stock up on one or more specialized nozzles.

To avoid distortions and jamming, you need to cut in a convenient position, and fix the tool with two hands. The best results can be obtained if you do not remove a special guide handle, it is much easier to control the corner grinder with it. Correctly sawing off the corner grinding of the workpiece is completely difficult, from the heterogeneity of wood, the mode of operation will constantly change. Therefore, during work it is better not to be distracted and monitor how the cut.

Rules for the use of corner grinder in the processing of various materials

Thanks to the universality of use, the angular grinder was very widespread both at the construction site and in everyday life. She firmly entered the sphere of activity of professionals and just artisans. With its help, you can process almost all known materials, as well as successfully carry out installation and locksmiths. Consider the main spheres of use angular grinder.

Work with wood

When working with wood, an angular grinder equipped with a petal or a plaque of an emery disk will become an excellent assistant for grinding and polishing even planes. Changing the size of the granularity of the emery, you can perform a wide range of operations to align the wooden surface. It is very convenient to remove the old paint with an angular grinder. When grinding a tree, a corner grinder, it is vital to use a respirator that protects the breathing organs from dust.

The main rule of security. It is strictly forbidden to cut, drill or milling wood using corner grinders. High revolutions of the working tool, multiplied by the tendency of wood to cracking, create very dangerous factors. Numerous tragic cases of visual confirmation.

Log grinding is performed by corner grinder quickly and efficiently

Work with ceramic tiles

Often corner grinding is used when working with ceramic tiles. Of course, the main tool for professional tile is manual tile cutter. But the corner grinder is also necessary, with its help small cuts on the tile are made, the edge is aligned, unwanted sharp corners are smoothed out.

Using modern nozzles with diamond spraying, you can cut ceramic products with high accuracy, while avoiding chips or cracks.

Sometimes professionals prefer cutting a corner grinder, since manual tile cutter gives chips along the cut line. This is especially relevant when the front surface of the tile is not glossy, but a tuberous (for example, in a bathroom where it is customary to lay a tile that has an anti.slip property to the floor).

Helps out a corner grinder and if you need to make a small amount of work. For example, put a tile apron above the table in the kitchen. Such a task can be possible for any person. Corner grinder with a diamond disk will help save on buying expensive tiles.

Tile fitting with a corner grinder is done in one movement

Sharpening of the chain saw

Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw. an operation requiring certain skills. A person without experience can rather spoil the chain than to sharpen it correctly. Evasion from the angle of sharpening leads to the fact that the chain turns the chainsaw of the chainsaw during operation, produces arcuate cuts and jams in the thickness of the wood.

When sharpening a chain saw, the angular grinder must be fixed

Starting to sharpen the chain using a corner grinder, it must be clearly understood that the main thing is to withstand the same angle of sharpening at all links. To do this, either the angular grinder itself, or the chain is stiffly fixed using special clamps or clamps. The thickness of the sharpening disk should be equal to the inner diameter of the circumference of the tooth of the chainsaw (3-5 mm).

If the corner grinder has a drive speed regulator, then it should be set to a minimum position corresponding to 2.5-3 thousand. rpm. Metal overheating (turning) during sharpening cannot be allowed. this will lead to a vacation and a decrease in strength.

Cutting and cutting metal

The angular grinder in the field of cutting and cutting metal products is widely used. Using discs made specifically for working with metal, with the help of even low.power corner grinding, you can cut steel, aluminum or cast.iron products, as well as leaf iron.

Cutting steel structures with corner grinders is performed by a metal disk

Of all types of metal disks, two most commonly applied in practice can be distinguished:

The first is designed for cutting all types of metal. The second. for processing a metal surface (grinding and polishing). The cut.out circle can also be cut by leaf metal according to certain patterns, cut the specified figures, circles, and so on. The peeling disk perfectly removes rust, cleanses of the old paint, levels any metal surface.

Cutting metal pipes

An indispensable tool was an angular grinder in works related to the installation of heating, drainage and water supply. Wherever there is a need to cut pipes, the use of corner grinding, together with metal disks, gives a practical result, significant saving of time and increases labor efficiency. To cut off the pipe exactly, the cut must be made strictly at right angles.

When cutting the pipe with a corner grinder, it is necessary to protect your hands with gloves

How to cut a gas cylinder

Sometimes in the farm there is a need to cut the old gas cylinder. Since gas cylinders have thick.walled (3 mm) design, they can be used for various household needs.

The cylinder can become a tank for storing water, and a water.bearing tank for a summer shower, and a barbecue, and a hearth for a home forge.

For disassembling the score, you will need:

  • Release the balance of gas from the cylinder, completely unscrewing the adjusting valve.
  • Cut the brass valve with a hacksaw. In the process of sawing, the cut place should be abundantly watered with water to prevent the possibility of sparking in the cut.
  • After the crane is cut and a wide hole opened in the upper part of the cylinder, several water buckets should be poured inside the funnel, and it is best to fill it with the entire volume of the cylinder. This procedure will clear the bottom and walls of the cylinder from gas condensate, which is a thick liquid similar to liquid soap. When the spark enters the condensate, a fire occurs. You can cut the walls of the cylinder with a corner grinder only after the procedure for its “wash” with water.
  • Cut the walls of the cylinder.

Is it possible to use a corner grinder as a grinder?

On the one hand, the official name of the corner grinder. an angular grinding machine. contains an indication of such an opportunity. On the other hand, the grinding process involves fine processing and alignment of large surfaces. Disk of manual corner grinder rotating at a huge speed, not very well adapted for finishing.

The workpiece can be scratched if the disk crashes into a material, the painted surface can burn with a strong press press. Manual corner grinder is difficult to equally high.quality process large surfaces.

Polishing nozzles for an angular grinder should be used carefully

For grinding and polishing, nozzles suitable for corner grinder are produced. When performing such work, you should use a tool to adjust the revolutions. When polishing, it is necessary to set a low speed of rotation, to conduct the tool smoothly, without effort, avoiding cutting into the material.

A huge variety of materials surrounds every person today, almost all of them can process the corner grinder. When grinding, cutting or sawing, you should strictly observe safety rules in order to protect yourself from injuries and injuries. The tool must be used for its intended purpose, not exceeding the range of technological modes for which it is designed.

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Rust removal

If you are faced with work such as processing steel pipes or metal products covered with corrosion, use wire brushes.

Processing in this case is carried out at relatively low speed, approximately 3,000 rpm. The principle of operation is quite simple-the brush in the same way as in other cases is kept under a small inclination, moving the reciprocating movements, without pressing the tool.


To carry out polishing work, you will need a circle with a soft cover stretched on it, which can be made of wool, felt or other similar materials.

Recommendations when polishing with a corner grinder:

  • Polishing is performed at low speeds.
  • Paste is applied to the processed surface manually.
  • The tool must be moved on the surface in circular motions.

Work with artificial and natural stones

A number of categories of stones, including marble, concrete, granite and others have high strength. Not even in all cases can cope with even the highest corner grinder. To cut stones, you should use special cutting devices. We are talking about cutting options with spraying from diamonds, which have already been mentioned earlier. It is based on a plate of high.strength steel, on the outer part of which certain segments are located. The gear tips of the segments are covered with a crumb of high strength made of diamonds. During work, such circles face strong heating, due to which there are special slots for cooling, which are called pen. During twisting through the slots, cold air passes into the time area, which cools the material with which work is conducted and the disk. It is easy to cut the most strong finishing stones from diamonds with a natural base:

corner, grinder, disk, sharpen, circle

But artificial solutions are also cut well with this method. As with the same concrete, its age will be very important, since the older it is, the usually stronger. It also matters which filler was used when creating the material. In general, only a powerful, truly professional angle grinding machine can manage concrete, which has abrasive discs on a diamond basis and the possibility of switching speeds. Let’s say that today there are only two methods of cutting stones of natural and artificial origin:

In the first case, the formation of a large amount of dust is being formed. In the second case there will be a lot of dirt. The preference of this or that method should be given depending on the volume of work. If we are talking about some one-time work, then you can easily do with a dry option. If the works are significantly more, then you should resort to the second option. In addition, the use of water allows you to negate the formation of dust, improve cutting conditions and reduce the wear of the diamond disk.

How to cut a cylinder?

Many of us are faced with an empty gas cylinder or oxygen or propane. Most people will throw it away, although you can create a lot of useful things from it. But in this case, without cutting the metal, it will not work to do. This instruction is generally suitable for any cylinder, whether it is gas, propane, oxygen or some other. First you should prepare a number of materials and devices, namely:

  • corner grinder with a cutting disk;
  • compressor;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • pump;
  • Watering hose;
  • Stroybornka;
  • Directly used cylinder.

So, if there is everything you need at hand, then you can start performing the work in question. First you need to release gas remnants from the cylinder. It is necessary to put the valve to an open position and make sure that there is no gas residues inside the container. If there are no sounds, then you can soap the output hole of the valve and in the absence of bubbles it will be clear that inside.

Put the cylinder to one side so that it is more convenient to cut it. First we saw off the valve. We take a hacksaw and saw the part of the brass as close as possible to the place where the docking is carried out with the main capacity. There will be no superfluous help so that while you carry out the cut, the other person poured water to the cut place so that sparks do not begin to fly. Now the container should be filled with water using a funnel. As it is filled, the container should be shaken so that the remains of condensate disappear from the walls. Water should be poured to the very top, after which everything needs to be poured. It is better to do this in where there are no residential premises, since the remnants of some gases have a very sharp unpleasant odor.

Now proceed to the capacity of the capacity actually. We will already need an angular grinder. The thickness of the metal in the cylinder usually does not exceed four millimeters, because of it with the help of an angle grinding machine, you can cope with it in 15-20 minutes. In order for the cut to go safely, you should not wait for the inner surface of the cylinder to dry, and you should immediately start sawing the balloon while it is wet. Water on the walls will serve as a lubricant for the disk.

Cutting a profiled sheet and metal tiles

Quite often, in practice, one has to face the need to cut a profile sheet or metal tile. These materials are made of steel, which is covered with zinc and polymer protective layers, stained.

Regarding the possibility of using a corner grinder, different opinions are expressed for their cutting. The installation instructions say that the profile cannot be sawn with the help of an angle grinding machine. To do this, use other tools. But they need to be acquired, which is not always justified by the volume of upcoming work, and also requires additional financial investments. Когда никакого инструмента, кроме угловая шлифмашина, нет, прежде чем пилить угловой шлифмашинкой, следует знать возможные негативные последствия.

  • If you cut a metal tile or corporate grinding machine, then the protective coating in the sawing area and a little near it will be destroyed, and the cut edge will begin to rust.
  • The material is removed from the warranty.
  • Spreading sparks can ruin not only the appearance of the rest of the sheet (spread the paint), but also damage the polymer coating.
  • The edge of the cut can turn out to be torn.

All considered negative consequences can be minimized if you cut the corrugated board or metal tank with a corner grinder, observing the following recommendations:

  • do all the work immediately before installation;
  • treat sections with anti.corrosion compounds;
  • cover the cut edges with a primer and stain;
  • use the disks for the metal of the minimum thickness (up to 1 mm);
  • In order for the edges to remain neat, you need to cut quite quickly;
  • gently polish the torn edges.

Before sawing, as usual, the sheets are marking.

If you need to cut a square, then do this:

  • draw it on the surface of the sheet;
  • cut the material along the marked contour of the corner grinder;
  • At the end, every corner is carefully cut out.

Circles or other figures cut out, working in the same scheme.

The use of corner grinder for cutting metallic tiles and profiled sheet facilitates the work. It becomes more convenient to perform it, because you can adjust the sheets in size directly on the roof.

In order for metal maker or a professionalist to be warranty, you should measure the object and order factory cutting of sheets. You can also try to choose the material with such dimensions so that cutting is not required.

Cutting metal grinder is a cheap, almost affordable and quite effective way to saw it. In this case, the corresponding discs without defects should be used for each material. Not only the quality of the result obtained will depend on this, but also its own health. Be sure, cutting the metal, it is required to comply with the safety rules and use personal protective equipment. It should be constantly remembered that when working with an angular grinding machine, any shortcomings and inattention can turn into an injury. Therefore, you need to work with concentration and carefully.

What disk to cut metal with a corner grinder

It is equally important to buy disks for corner grinder for metal, suitable for characteristics. When choosing, take into account the diameter and thickness of the products. these parameters determine the maximum depth of the section.

For working with metal blanks, cutting circles of small thickness (1–1.2 mm) are suitable. They allow you to make even sections without applying significant efforts. For figurative processing of thin rental, circles are used for angular grinder for metal of the smallest diameter.

Photo: circles for angular grinding grounds (125 mm)

Next, choosing a device for corner grinding for cutting sheet metal, focus on the material that needs to be processed. For cast iron, steel, aluminum and brass, you need different discs. You will learn information about the purpose of a particular product from the marking on the label.

  • For stainless steel. Unlike other consumables, the discs intended for stainless steel do not damage the protective film on the metal that protects the material from corrosion.

Photo: cutting circle for corner grinders for stainless steel

  • For non.ferrous metals. There are separate varieties for cutting cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass. The composition of circles that work with soft materials add additives against suction. Cast iron processing products, on the contrary, have solid inclusions of diamonds.

Photo: cutting circle for angular grinding in aluminum

  • For thin profile and pipes. Cut the sheet metal with a corner grinder should be used using circles suitable in diameter. Profiled sheets and tin are treated with products with small teeth. Corners and reinforcement. discs of greater thickness.
  • Rittle. Used to clean up burrs and welds. The thickness of the circles is 5-10 mm. Processing is carried out with a tilt of the machine at an angle of 30–40 degrees to the surface.

Saw Blades & Router Bits Sharpening Jig

Photo: Rittle circle for corner grind

Photo: Brush circle for metal

  • Label and abrasive. The former is used for final grinding of smooth surfaces. The second. to remove quite large protrusions and growths. High.quality grinding involves alternating two types of circles.

Photo 0: Label circle for corner grinders

Safety Rules for cutting metal with corner grinder

Cutting metal blanks requires compliance with safety rules. Even despite the protective devices and the designed design, the tool can lead to accidents, including injuries from broken pieces of metal, fires from sparks, etc. P.

Harbor Freight Circular saw blade sharpener review ( Chicago Electric)

Photo 1: Personal protective equipment: glasses, headphones, gloves, helmet

  • Carry out all the work in personal protective equipment (PPE): gloves from tarpaulin, respirator, glasses.
  • Do not grind using the side of the circle.
  • Do not use bent and highly deformed consumables.
  • Make sure that the cutting disk for metal does not intersect with the electric wire, fuel-lubricants and other extraneous items.
  • Do not make too deep dives. this can lead to damage to the circle and tool.
  • Before starting the equipment with the newly fixed disk, check it at idle.
  • Fix the processed part with a vice. If you hold it in your hands, it is possible to injure the brush with a cutting tool.
  • Before removing and replacing the disk, wait until the machine stops moving.

Bulgarians’ selection tips for working with concrete

Corner grinder on concrete or angular grinding machine (angular grinder) is an excellent tool option to cut the strokes in the walls or to grind and polish the surface of the concrete floor. However, not every model is suitable for solving such problems, so you should figure out how to choose the right unit for processing.


To begin with, it should be said that the corner grinder is a very universal tool. With its help, you can process many different materials, and individual models usually do not have a clear specialization. to “change the profile” you just need to buy a special disk for a particular material and use only it. Accordingly, units exclusively for cutting reinforced concrete, perhaps, does not exist, but it should still be understood that some models may not pull out the processing of such a durable material.

First you should decide on the type of nutrition. Network corner grinders are most common, they are considered the most universal and convenient for home use, but you are unlikely to become grinding concrete at home. If you do not even do this in the workshop, but work at a construction site, where there may be problems with the supply of power supply, it is better to pay attention to battery or even gasoline solutions.

corner, grinder, disk, sharpen, circle

The latter are characterized by increased capacity, the duration of their work even depends only on the available supplies of gasoline, however, modern professionals more often prefer to battery models, since in recent years they have become more powerful and hardy, and there are fewer arders with them.

Although you will choose a disk later and separately, you should be determined in advance to its maximum permissible size, since you cannot put a large disk in a small grinder. For accurate inspection and grinding work, a small option with a 125 mm disk can also be needed, but to cut large concrete blocks, you may need a gun and more serious. up to 230 mm. Unfortunately, units of different classes are far from always interchangeable, because professionals often have to buy two devices with a sight to different sizes of disks at once.

The power of the corner grinder should be considered exclusively in conjunction with the diameter of the disk used, because it is clear that the greater the latter, the less engine power affects the torque. It should be noted that units with a power of below 1 kW, regardless of the size of the disk, are considered domestic, they, in principle, are not particularly adapted for processing concrete, and even prolonged.

An angular grinder with a power range of 1.3-2.7 kW are considered a construction tool, and they should pay attention to them.

As for the speed of rotation, it usually is of fundamental importance for increasing the speed of the task. the faster the circle rotates, the better. In this case, replacing a circle by a lighter can increase the speed of rotation, and by a more severe one, respectively, reduce. In a professional tool, an option to adjust the speed of rotation is often found, and if you plan to process different materials purchased tool, then this opportunity is better not to ignore, because some fragile structures are easily crumbled from an excessive onslaught.

Weight, by the way, should be chosen according to a rather confusing scheme. It is clear that an increase in the severity of the tool does not contribute to the duration of the work, therefore it is generally accepted that the unit weighing 1-2 kg can be used daily up to four hours, and a design weighing 3-4 kg already involves work only 2-3 hours a day. However, if the work is completely difficult, then they are not easy to choose, but, on the contrary, heavy models weighing up to 9 kg, which weigh a lot, but have the highest power, therefore they are able to cope with the task of extreme quickly. In the case of concrete processing, the last option seems most appropriate to the most appropriate.

Even the number of handles matters, but here the question is not in the processed material, but in the method of processing it. So, for cutting various materials, even one handle is usually enough, since the corner grinder in such operations has a fairly stable position, but the grinding is desirable only with a two.handed tool. Finally, by choosing a portable battery or gasoline corner grinder, pay attention to the degree of its autonomy.

The battery capacity is usually from 2 to 4 a/h, the higher it is, the longer the unit will work out, giving out maximum power, which is usually required to process concrete and is required.

A similar relationship is observed when choosing a tank volume, which is usually 0.7-1.5 liters, but if you have the opportunity to carry a canister with gasoline, this problem is usually solved entirely.

Corner grinder can be equipped with a number of “bonuses”, which are simply not in cheap trim levels. This is, for example, a case convenient for transportation, a smooth start system to reduce the load on the engine when turning on or blocking the start button so as not to tire your finger with a constant press. We have already mentioned the adjustment of the frequency of rotation above, and there is also an option to stabilize the number of revolutions, which works automatically and is very useful when working with heterogeneous materials like the same reinforced concrete. Working with concrete is always very dusty, and special protection against dust for the gearbox and shaft in combination with a pipe for a construction vacuum cleaner will make the tasks more comfortable for both equipment and for humans.

Finally, the choice of corner grinder is almost always an attempt to “guess the quality”, unless you know clearly what model you came. For an inexperienced consumer, a good solution will be orientation on the famous brands that showed themselves well. these are Sturm and Makita, Metabo and Dewalt. Some experts also trust certain domestic brands, although they are not known to anyone outside.