How to cut a tile grinder

Tips on how to perfectly cut tiles with an angle grinder

It is possible to make a straight cut of a material rather quickly by the glass cutter. To do this, the following operations are carried out:

  • Mark a pencil (felt-tip pen) line for the trimmer, which is going to cut a tile;
  • Press a square of material to the table with one hand, and the other, directing the glass cutter towards yourself and holding it at an angle of 90 °, spend the tool with pressure on the planned line;
  • The cut plate put on a wooden bar (or on the edge of the table) and a blow of the palm breaks a tile on the line of cut.

To use the glass cutter requires a certain skill, so this tool can be used at a small amount of work.

It is also difficult to use when making a shaped cut line. Now consider how to cut tiles with an angle grinder.

For its application in tiling works it is necessary to purchase a diamond disc, which allows you to use this versatile tool for cutting tiles both in straight and shaped lines. Compared to an electric tile cutter, the angle grinder is more mobile, but it loses on the quality of the cut. After cutting tiles with this tool it is necessary to clean up the cuts with a file or sandpaper. The angle grinder is used as follows:

  • On the plate spend a fishing line to trim the cut;
  • The tile is fixed in wooden clamps, or it is pressed by the foot and make the cut with the angle grinder;
  • the edges of the cut are deburred with a file.

Peculiarities of work with the angle grinder

In the process of finishing, many people wonder if it is possible to cut tiles with a corner grinder, as they will face the problem of correcting the size and shape of the tile, one way or another. There is an option to purchase a quality professional tool, and then the problem of how to cut the tile with an angle grinder, in general, will not stand on the agenda, but such costs are not always justified, because if you are not going to work with them, then he will gather dust on the shelf for years, slowly becoming obsolete and yielding to corrosion.

In order to qualitatively and safely perform all the work, the drive for the angle grinder on the tiles, fixed to the tool, you should always close a special protective cover. It will complicate the work a little, and the maneuverability of the device will be worse, but splinters and dust will not fly in your face, and this is already a weighty argument.

It is possible to use improvised tools in the form of glass cutters, but if for wall glazed tiles, which have a small thickness, this option will work, then the rough floor tiles, and even more so for creative granite, it will hardly cut with them. The most accessible and simple way to cope with the problem is to cut tiles with an angle grinder, if it is available in the economy.

This unique device is a real godsend for any home craftsman because it can be used for cutting metal, stone, tile, etc., in addition to its direct function of grinding. In order to qualitatively, without chips and dust cut ceramic tiles with an angle grinder, you will need to purchase a special nozzle, as well as organize a good fixation of each tile, so it does not wobble and does not pop out.

Cutting Tile With an Angle Grinder

tile, grinder

Special attachments: cutting the tile with an angle grinder

Before you get to work and find out how to cut tiles with an angle grinder without chipping, it is necessary to understand all the nuances and subtleties, to prepare everything you need. First of all, it is worth grasping a few simple recommendations, without which you will not be able to organize your work properly.

  • Cutting tiles with an angle grinder is carried out with a diamond grinding wheel, because any other materials can not provide such an effective and clean cut, as this attachment. Disc for angle grinder on ceramic tile is better to change often enough, not allowing the cutting residue or a damaged wheel.
  • If you choose fine diamond dusting for dry trimming you should understand that the tool will dust a lot, but the cut will be clean and even.
  • If it is assumed that the angle grinder for cutting tiles will be used for quite a long time, it is better to organize the wetting of the disc, in order to avoid strong overheating of the tool, which can lead to its damage. Water flow can be automated through a small pipe. It is easy to simply spray the disk from a spray gun, and you can even periodically dip it into a container of water.

Especially the angle grinder for tile is not designed in any way, so when working with such a device, you should observe all the necessary precautions. It does not hurt to regularly check the quality of fixing the nozzles and discs, as well as to get working gloves and goggles, not superfluous would be a mask and a suit with buttoned cuffs.

How to cut tile with an angle grinder

High-quality and simple cutting of tiles with a tile grinder should be done as professionally as possible, that is, you should end up with a smooth smooth cut and a minimum amount of dust in the process. There are three main directions of the cut, which does not prevent to understand in detail.

Straight cut

Of all the options on how to cut tiles with an angle grinder, this is the easiest. It implies a straight cut on the material at an angle of ninety degrees. First you need to securely fix the tile itself on a flat surface, so that its edge protrudes over the edge just as much as you need to cut it. It does not matter whether the cut should be perpendicular or diagonal, relative to the plane and shape of the tile.

Hold the angle grinder should be so that the entire line for the cut trimmer to you was clearly visible. That is, the disk should move towards you, not away from you, blocking you all the view. Before you understand how to saw tiles with an angle grinder, and furthermore, to begin the work itself, be sure to wear gloves and goggles, and other safety rules do not hurt.

Angle of 45 degrees.

The usual right angle of cut on the tile is not always suitable, for example, when you need to dock it beautifully, and when performing shaped elements, decorated with ceramics, you may need to cut it at an angle of forty-five degrees, which in practice will be much harder to do. But everything is possible with some effort, so let’s see how to act.

First, carefully cut the tile at a regular right angle, taking into account the size of the tile you need. Turn the angle grinder so that the disk of it was located at the right angle and gently remove excess from the edge of the cut, trying not to touch the front surface. If you still can’t make a perfect oblique cut, you can bring it to perfection with regular sandpaper or a grinding wheel.

Hole in tile

The most difficult vypolnennym process, this cutting in the tile round holes, which may be required under the sockets, switches, lighting fixtures, and a variety of decorative elements at facing. You can’t make tiny holes, so here’s how to make the big round holes. Carefully measure and mark what must be cut out on the face of the tile. This can be done with a normal marker or marker pen. Not only the circle will have to be marked, but also its center, so for maximum simplicity does not hurt to use a construction or any compass and ruler, if they are at hand.

It is advisable to take a new disc for cutting tiles with an angle grinder, so it would saw well, and not “chew” the edges of the tile. Start cutting along the inner contour of the circumference, turning the tool carefully and gradually deepening. After you cut some distance, it makes sense to make perpendicular cuts inside the built circle, and then take out the four sectors, trimming them in the right places.

If you really want to understand how to cut tiles with an angle grinder without chipping, then the video below will help you do it. It is worth remembering that you should always work exclusively on the front side of the tile, regardless of whether it has a glaze or not. So the risk of damaging the surface is much lower. It wouldn’t hurt to have sandpaper on hand, piled on a wooden bar, to bring the cuts to perfection. That’s why it is always necessary to cut a little more than necessary.

The best way to tell about how to saw tiles with the angle grinder at right angles or obliquely, posted in our article video, watch which will be useful even to experienced craftsmen, not only for beginners in the construction and tiling.

Safety precautions

To avoid injury during the work process involving an angle grinder need to adhere to the list of rules.

Basic safety requirements:

tile, grinder
  • It is advisable to check the spinning capability of the disc before beginning work.
  • Control the sharpness of the tip. If the wheel is blunt, it must be replaced immediately, otherwise the tool may be destroyed.
  • Even for short-term use of the angle grinder, you should not neglect to equip your face and body with special protection. This is particularly important in the case of eye safety, so always wear safety glasses.
  • Avoid simultaneous contact with other people during the sawing process if possible, because a distracted person could injure his or her hands.
  • Do not immediately start cutting into the tile surface. Wait until the wheel has reached full spinning speed.
  • The disc should be facing away from the person making the cut.
  • Do not allow the wire to be stretched, so the distance must be checked. It should not be more than half a meter.
  • It should be remembered that if the tool is properly installed, it is able to make the cut itself. Therefore, strong pressure on the cutter is excluded.

All about cutting tile with an angle grinder

To begin with, the tile cutter is designed to cut tiles. For each of its varieties: thick or thin, more or less durable, you can find the right model of tool. The main advantage of a tile cutter is that it gives a straight cut without chipping. In the process of work there is not a lot of dust, the risk of ruining the plate is minimal. It is not so with the angle grinder.

angle grinder Makita GA5030

It is possible to cut ceramics with it, the result can be very good. But to do this, you will have to try hard. It is desirable that there was a skill to work with the grinder, otherwise there is a great risk of spoiling the material. The tool will cut any tile if you choose the right cutting disc. You must be prepared for the fact that in the process of cutting will be very noisy, a lot of dust will rise into the air. The trimmer trimmer line of the cut may be chipped.

tile, grinder

Nevertheless, home masters choose exactly an angle grinder. The reason is simple: a tile cutter, especially if it is a quality and good handling model, is expensive. Buy it for the sake of finishing one room is not profitable. It is cheaper to perform trimming with an angle grinder. You just need to learn how to handle it properly.

Cutting holes

Cutting round and oval openings is done as follows:

  • Draw the borders of the opening with a marker and two mowing lines intersecting at right angles in the center of the cutout.
  • Make notches along the outlined circle or oval with an angle grinder, leaving an allowance for leveling.
  • Bypassing the borders of the opening, make cuts along intersecting lines.
  • Knock out the resulting sectors.
  • Drill with a sanding nozzle or sandpaper wrapped around a bar, trim the edge.


If an angle grinder is used for cutting, it is recommended to check the tool for damage and functionality before the procedure. You need to insert the disc for working on cement or metal. There is certainly a difference between them, but it is insignificant.

It is necessary to inspect the tool itself, otherwise some flaws may provide a poor quality work.

Do not forget about personal protective equipment. This means that you should also wear a hat on your head, protective gloves on your hands, clothes on your body, and goggles to protect your eyes. The latter is probably the most important. After all, dust, small splinters at a very rapid rotation of the disc angle grinder can get into the eyes. And it can turn out to be a dangerous injury. That is why you should think about your own safety in the first place.

How to cut tiles with an angle grinder without chips and dust?

As for the porcelain stoneware material, it is quite fragile. Before you cut porcelain tile with an angle grinder, you should familiarize yourself with the nuances. To get a perfect result, it is necessary to follow certain rules, also a lot depends on the skill. During the operation of the angle grinder can not do without the appearance of chips and dust. In order to have as few of them as possible, experts recommend reducing the intensity of rotation at the beginning and end of the cut. Reducing speed will also reduce the likelihood of tiles cracking.

Chips most often appear when the disc comes out of the material.

Ceramic tile is not cut completely. Leave a deep groove in it and break it off by hand along the cutting line. If you start sawing to the right of the intended line, you can avoid chipping. Even if they do appear, they are removed with a grinding wheel.

If you work incompetently with the angle grinder next to the finish finish of the rooms on the front side of the tile will certainly get abrasive dross. Sparks leave dark marks. If they are removed incorrectly, the appearance of the finishing material will suffer significantly. To clean the stains, take fine-grained sandpaper, scraping is done gently. It is faster to get rid of dross with chemicals.

Wet cutting

With this method, the cutting edge of the material comes into contact with the liquid during cutting. Dunk it in water or blast it.

Cutting Bathroom Tiles with an Angle Grinder (Quick Tips).- by Home Repair Tutor

Wet cutting is difficult to perform, but this method has advantages:

Do not allow water to get on the body of the angle grinder, an electric shock is possible.

How to turn an angle grinder into a tile cutter

It is not always convenient to keep the angle grinder on weight and do all the work entirely by hand. In order to improve the cutting quality you need a helper. However, it will be much more rational to turn an ordinary grinder into an analog of an electric tile cutter.

We found out how to properly cut ceramic tiles with an angle grinder. The same principles of work remain for the tile cutter, but you have both hands free. Consider what you need to do to improve this tool.

First choose a suitable location for the machine. The base of the future tile cutter can be made of sheet metal, in which a groove will be cut for deepening the disk. On this line and will be made all work, in addition, at such a mark will be much easier to navigate.

The most important step. fixing the angle grinder. In order to fix the tool in the right position it is necessary to use special clamps. Their counterpart can be made by yourself, but there is a risk that the fixing bolts will tear during the work.

For frequent use and convenience, the angle grinder can be fixed by making it into a tile cutter

This version of a homemade electric tile cutter can be improved by adding a reservoir of water and an attachment for wet cutting. This will help to avoid dust and cool the tool.

After securing the angle grinder, a test cut can be made. The principle of operation is as follows: the tile is placed on the marks, turn on the angle grinder and slowly lower the disk. The tile will be sawed on the front side, and you have to feed it from yourself.

If the work is done correctly, you will get a ceramic tile cut in two with neat edges, without chips, cracks and nicks. The final look of the tile can be given with fine sandpaper.