How to Cut Ceiling Skirting

How to Cut Ceiling Skirting

Want to learn how to cut ceiling skirting in the corners? The first thing you need to know when cutting ceiling skirtings in the corners is the properties of the material used in the decoration of the ceiling. If the skirting board is in the corner made of polystyrene, technically cutting will not become too difficult, but you will also need to take into account its fragility. Extruded polystyrene foam will require a miter box and other carpentry tools, since the material is really difficult to process, but the result is visually pleasing. Wooden elements are also better to be trimmed purely professionally, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the previous repair work.

How to cut

Before cutting ceiling skirting boards in corners, it is advised:

  1. Carefully measure the degree intended for surface treatment. In the standard room, it is the same, but in spacious rooms with high ceilings, it deviates slightly.
  2. If necessary, it is advisable to use a pre-marked template on the ceiling with a simple pencil marking. Thus, you will see how to properly cut ceiling skirting boards, is there any chance of a gap. Applying details and carefully measuring the angle, in the end, you can achieve the optimal layout of the required slice.

Miter box

If you have carpentry tools at hand, the miter box will be the most popular tool, because it is intended for cutting decorative panels. How to properly cut ceiling skirting for installers is associated with this straightforward assistant. Only handling it requires skill, since if used improperly, you can spoil the material and blunt the knife.

The miter box is a standard template of the ceiling corner, with its help it is quite simple to correctly trim the panels in accordance with the tested rules of decoration.

Joiner’s craft

If all of the above methods, how to cut a ceiling plinth, are not suitable for you due to lack of miter box and geometric skills, it is quite feasible to make your own tray for trimming. The only thing you need to remember and know is the standard degree of the angle of the rooms, which is usually 45. To cut the skirting boards correctly from three planks, a tray half a meter long and 15 cm wide is knocked together. Then, using a protractor ruler, cuts in the side walls opposite each other with a transverse angle of about 45 degrees.

Video: How to Cut Ceiling Skirting

To properly independently cut skirting boards to the ceiling, you do not need any special skills. In the presence of some ingenuity, you can not bother with a miter box at all. As an auxiliary element, for example, a square table is quite suitable. If you move it into a corner, cutting the upper panels will become a matter of technology.

The main thing is the eye, how to cut the plinth more precisely, so if you do not trust him, carpentry tools and working patience have been created to help you. You will have to measure it several times, but the result of hard work will be a beautiful and even corner element. With some flaws in the form of small gaps, if it is polystyrene, it is quite possible to use putty. With decorative materials it will be more difficult, but it is unlikely that you will take up such work yourself. How to cut corners of ceiling plinths from rare woods, we will describe below, but still it is advisable to entrust the cutting to professionals.

Action algorithm

There are some points that you need to pay attention to if you want to know how to glue ceiling skirtings correctly:

  • The quality of the glue that will be used when installing the panels is important. It should have good fixation and the property of building sealing to exclude ventilation and skirting tear-offs;
  • when mounting baseboards on the wallpaper, it is better to use colorless adhesives in order to avoid visible streaks;
  • Skirting is best done on both sides, front and back. Thus, the full texture of the processed material is achieved;
  • the main thing is not to confuse from which edge to cut the parts, that baseboard that will be glued to the right should have a left cut and vice versa;
  • according to the properties of the material used, additional sealing is required with putty;
  • the most optimal tool for cutting skirting boards in the corners will be a hacksaw for metal.

In any type of finishing work, the main criteria for truly high-quality performance are well-crafted, high-quality tools and iron patience. Savvy and mindfulness also play an important role. How to install skirting in the corner of the ceiling in the presence of these factors will not be a problem for you. Thus, you will save a lot of money on repairs, and pride in your own work done will be constantly with you with just one look at the ceiling.

Many inhabitants do not know how to cut wooden skirting boards for installation in the corner of the ceiling. Nevertheless, the process is not as terrible as it is painted. Just a hacksaw should be especially sharp, and a preliminary fitting multiple. Still, cutting is better with a miter box, but even if gaps have formed, which is unpleasant, you can not putty them. It will be too noticeable. That is why it is recommended not to transfer valuable material to experiments, but to learn to start with a lighter foam.

If not everything is clear in this article for some points, watch an additional video with step-by-step instructions. Visual aid will certainly help you in such a delicate matter as cutting skirting boards for mounting in the corner of the ceiling. Our video is characterized by the image quality of small details and the accuracy of technical nuances up to the final result.

Do not forget about modern devices for decorating the ceiling, if you do not want to bother with the question of how to cut the plinth, namely, special inserts in the corners in the transverse connection of the parts. They help hide crevices if the docking is incorrectly performed.