How to Cut Concrete Without Dust

How to saw concrete without dust. How to saw an angle grinder without dust? Description of 2 reliable ways.

Dust-free concrete cutting

Concrete itself is a very hard material, which is almost impossible to process without special tools. For such purposes, use products that are equipped with diamond coated parts.

How to Cut Concrete Without Dust

There are a large number of tools that carry out such a procedure. Diamond cutting itself can also be different, which allows it to be adapted to solve certain types of problems.

Basic information

Diamond cutting technology is the processing of hard surfaces with a special rotary tool, which includes diamond chips.

The simplest device that allows you to perform this procedure is a conventional angle grinder in combination with a specific type of disc.

All cutting products can be divided into several main types:

  1. Segmented discs are products that can only be used for dry cutting, but it is forbidden to cut metal.
  2. Solid discs are used for wet cutting on special tools.
  3. Universal products have the qualities of the above products and can replace them.
  4. Grinding discs have a peculiar shape that allows you to remove the top coating.

Wet cutting method

To reduce the amount of dust when working with such tools, several basic methods are used:

  1. If a dry cutting disc is used for cutting, it is not possible to completely remove the dust, but its amount can be significantly reduced. To do this, in combination with them, special vacuum cleaners are used that allow you to remove its huge amount. Often for such purposes only industrial types of devices are used that are designed to work with such abrasive particles.
  2. A more universal way of cutting without dust is to work with special devices that supply water to a rotating disk. The liquid simultaneously performs two functions. cooling and wetting. This allows dust to instantly settle and not form fog in the air. Often, only a special tool is used, which is equipped with an automatic water supply.

As you can see, getting rid of dust during diamond cutting is quite possible, but for this you need to use special technologies.

There are many different companies that provide such services, which allows you to choose the right technology and method of processing concrete for specific conditions.

In this video, you can clearly see how dustless concrete is cut with a diamond cutter:

How to Saw Concrete Angle Grinder Without Dust

Dust-free concrete cutting tips

At the time of repair or construction, from time to time it is required to carry out work on concrete: cut an opening under a window, a niche, ditch walls for wiring. Masters understand how many small particles appear with all this. Cleaning up after similar events is a very laborious task. We suggest figuring out whether cutting dust-free concrete is likely and how to organize this common rumor process.

How to choose a disk for "angle grinder"

Concrete. the material is strong, therefore working with it is rather difficult. To perform cutting, in most cases they use angle grinders (angle grinder). Such a tool is not just known in everyday life as “Angle Grinder".

Like nozzles used diamond wheel. Based on design features, they are divided into several varieties:

  • segmented
  • solid;
  • combined (turbocharged).

The first option is a solid base with a segmented edge. Such a circle has a low price, but is not very suitable for work with strong materials. It must also be taken into account that it is used only for dry cutting. The solid disk has a continuous diamond edge; therefore, chips do not form during operation. Such a nozzle quickly heats up, therefore it needs to be cooled with a continuous water stream.

Combined or turbo-diamond disc is universal. It withstands critical loads and is suitable even for cutting reinforced concrete.

Before buying a nozzle of the appropriate type, you need to figure out what material you have to work with. Reinforced concrete is reinforced with metal rods, which the cutter may come across during the course. If a recess of more than 10 cm is implied, oversized discs should be used, in other words turbo. Freshest concrete more abrasive, gradually the material hardens, its strength increases. This common rumor factor should also be considered when choosing for yourself a circle for cutting.

The disk segments are attached to the canvas with silver solder or by laser welding. The first option is not just suitable for moist, the second is used only for dry cutting. When choosing a suitable diamond wheel, pay attention to its diameter, which should be suitable for the characteristics of angle grinders. The fundamental aspect is also the frequency disk rotation. It is better if it is higher than a very probable indicator stated in the technical properties of "angle grinder". This will provide a better mode of operation.

Cutting a large angle grinder without dust and without a vacuum cleaner

Sawing without dust! Shayter Andrey!

Friends, for reasons that are not yet clear to me, 5,000 dizlays were wound on several videos for this video.

Development of wet concrete cutting

The introduction of water allows you to cut concrete "Angle grinder" without dust and overheating of the tool. Development allows you to immediately solve several problems:

  • to increase the resource of the diamond nozzle,
  • Avoid dust
  • increase the speed of work.

One of the methods to provide a continuous water supply is to fasten the hose in such a way that the liquid enters the disc. If there is no water supply in the working area, there is an option to involve an assistant in the process. He will use a simple device from a plastic bottle to wet the circle. Immediately wet the incision site with liquid. This must be done carefully so that water is not poured into the tool.

The method is not applicable in high-rise buildings, as there is a risk of flooding the neighbors from below.

How to make a casing for a vacuum cleaner in artisanal conditions

The angle grinder with an integrated vacuum cleaner allows you to get rid of the “angle grinder” small particles of material formed during cutting. However, what to do if there is a need saw concrete everyday equipment without additional options? The most common solution is to purchase a casing for a vacuum cleaner separately or make a device yourself. There is an option to attract an assistant who will collect the particles that are formed when cutting with a vacuum cleaner.

Video: How to Cut Concrete Without Dust

You can make a comfortable nozzle out of a regular plastic canister, in which an “ice-free” car is often sold. At work, you will need a construction cutter and a container of a suitable size, the neck of which is required to fit across the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

The production sequence is as follows:

  • The landing dimensions are cut from 2 sides, for the possibility it was possible just to change the direction disk rotation.
  • A suitable slot is made under the circle.
  • To attach the torch, an “angle grinder” cuts another hole.
  • Connect the hose to the neck of the canister and strengthen the adapter ring with a collar.
  • The "angle grinder" is put into the casing and the elements remain connected to our client.
  • The unused hole is covered with a lid.

A good dust collector will turn out from a regular five-liter polyethylene bottle. It is attached using a standard protective casing, and the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to the neck. This design is suitable for all types of work, not counting the chipping.

Last tip: if you set a goal to make the cut straight, markup is first applied. Then, along the strip, small blocks of wood are fixed. Then they make a shallow cut up to 1 cm, remove the limiters and continue to work. Throughout the process, coolant is supplied to the blade of the disc. To do our client remains manipulation is necessary in goggles, a respirator and gloves.

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how to saw concrete angle grinder without dust video

It happens that you need to cut a small shtrob for electrical wiring but there is no shtroborez! To help with…

How to cut a tile angle grinder (angle grinder) with virtually no dust.

MVolt Channel. Link to the mVolt video. Link to representatives.

How to strob walls without dust worries many when repairing an apartment. Who at least once came across. subscribe to YOURSELF BUILDER (construction, repair, design,).

How to cut an angle grinder without dust. You can quickly and easily make a casing for angle grinders and dust extraction for.

Many of us had to saw concrete and brick in the room and we all know that without improvement.

Sawing without dust, the method of Andrei Scheiter. I check in work how the vacuum cleaner copes with concrete.

Friends, for reasons that are not yet clear to me, this video and several others were cool.

The system itself is very simple and straightforward. It is possible to cut with the help of such sophisticated equipment.

Home-made casing made of aluminum, to do the usual angle grinder shtroby in concrete, ki.

Wet cutting of brick, concrete. How to cut brick, concrete without dust. Please relate to the info.

Homemade plexiglass casing in order to make shtrobs in concrete, brick, plaster.

Sawed concrete angle grinder wet cut.

How to dust-free angle grinder sawing concrete watch Video

Friends, for reasons that are not clear to me, for this video and several others, 5,000 dislays were wound up.

Sawing without dust, the method of Andrei Scheiter. I check in work how the vacuum cleaner copes with concrete and plaster.

Many of us had to saw concrete and bricks in the room and we all know that there is a lot of angle grinder without modification.

A home-made casing made of aluminum, to do the usual angle grinder strobe in concrete, brick, plaster.

Homemade plexiglass casing, in order to make the gates in concrete, brick, plaster and others.

How to strob walls without dust worries many when repairing an apartment. Who at least once faced with gating.

Sometimes it’s necessary to cut a small shtrob for electrical wiring but there is no shtroborez! An angle grinder will come to the rescue.


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My phone number: 7 (982) 481-10-23 E-mail: [email protected] In this video, my partner and I are doing the grooving of the tongue-and-groove.

Cutting concrete with water.

How to make a strobe in concrete with an electric tool.

an inexpensive adaptation to an angle grinder will allow you to cut concrete without dust without expensive and powerful wall saws.

It is easy and quick to cut an opening in 5 minutes with a gas cutter without dust. This is called: Diamond cutting of openings without.

Sawed concrete angle grinder wet cut.

This refinement was very, very helpful with a large amount of concrete cutting. In this case, a diamond was used.

Wet cutting of brick, concrete. How to cut brick, concrete without dust. Please relate to the information outlined.