Why Can't Cut Metal Roof Angle Grinder

Why Can't Cut Metal Roof Angle Grinder

Sometimes, it seems that the installation of metal is a simple simple task. Is this really so? In order to understand this issue, you can touch on only one aspect of the correct installation of a metal roof, namely: “With which tool can I cut metal?”.

What tool is needed for cutting a metal roof?

The whole complexity of this issue lies in the particular production of metal tiles. The fact is that after hire, the roof sheets are treated with a special varnish that serves as a special protective layer and prevents the appearance of rust. During cutting, it is necessary to take into account this feature of the material. Any damage to this protection may shorten the life of the device. For this reason, only the following tool type can be used for cutting:

  • Carved scissors. Designed to work on the inside of the metal. Used to cut holes and other shapes according to the pattern.
  • Electric scissors. Used for quick cutting of sheet metal, including metal tiles. Their advantage is a thin and clean cut, which saves material consumption
  • Nozzle on a drill. It is used for quick cutting of wave metal. Convenient enough to cut round holes

The same tools should be cut and other elements that are necessary when laying metal tiles. For example, they are useful for mounting endovoy metal tiles. If you need to choose the most suitable tool, you should carefully study its technical characteristics and methods of its use.

Carved scissors. almost jewelry work

Mostly carved scissors are used to cut round holes for chimneys. Since the normal cutting process is difficult due to the bending of the metal tile, it is necessary to ensure a uniform cut and the absence of torn edges. Carved scissors easily cope with this function and have the following advantages:

  • The thickness of the cut metal. A professional tool is able to cut a sheet of steel 1-1.6 mm thick. This is quite enough to work with any type of metal tile
  • Convenient handle allows you to accurately direct the movement and makes the cutting process as high quality
  • Existence of a level for equal cuts. Carved scissors are not used, if it is necessary to cut along a large number of sheets, their purpose is to cut holes inside the sheet, if necessary, you can install an additional clamp that allows for direct cuts

Carved scissors do not replace the use of other analogues for longitudinal sections, but their use is quite effective if it is necessary to make cuts for vents, chimney pipes, etc. The cost of such an instrument is 20-25 thousand rubles.

Electric scissors. fast and accurate

Another indispensable tool in the installation of metal. Electric scissors are indispensable if there is a need to perfectly cut a steel sheet in half. The advantage of such a tool is:

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  • Clean and perfectly flat cut. Distortion of the material does not affect the quality of the work. There are no torn edges, during the cut the integrity of the protective layer is not violated
  • Powerful engine. This tool is more suitable for work with large volumes than, for example, carved scissors, which allows it to be used in professional construction
  • Convenience during work. Cutting the material as accurately as possible, while due to the removal of chips to the side, the protective layer remains intact

If it is necessary to precisely cut the sheet of metal, it is necessary to use electric scissors. The approximate cost, depending on the type and purpose of 12.30 thousand rubles.

Drill head. compact and comfortable

It is possible to avoid acquiring an expensive professional tool. This is especially necessary if the work with metal is carried out independently. A nozzle on a drill for cutting steel costs from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles, which is significantly cheaper than analogues. With its help, you can achieve almost the same end results as when using electric or carved scissors. It has the following advantages:

  • Light weight. The approximate mass of the structure is 300 g
  • Ability to work in hard to reach places

The drill head is an additional tool that is not designed for a large number of jobs.

Both cutting tools and metal tile itself can be purchased in any major city in Russia. For example, there are about 40 companies whose assortment includes metal tile in Samara. One Samara company even won a federal competition and received the sign "100 best companies in Russia."

There are even more active suppliers in Perm. about 70. Read more about metal tiles in Perm here. In the article you will find a description of 4 major Perm companies for the supply of metal tiles.

Is it possible to cut a metal tile angle grinder?

Angle grinder (angle grinder), is popular among individual builders and teams. Not surprisingly, in some forums you can find recommendations for using it to work with metal tiles. It is even claimed that its use is permissible for such work. This is actually fiction! The truth is that what is said in the instructions of almost every metal tile manufacturer. "It is forbidden to use an abrasive wheel for cutting!" Neither the manufacturer of metal Rucca, nor any other manufacturer will advise you to cut this material with an angle grinder. Why it is impossible to cut a metal tile an angular grinder?

The problem of cutting with a metal circle is that under the action of friction, the steel sheet practically heats and burns the varnish along the entire length of the cut. So literally a few seasons after installation, the metal tile begins to rust and loses its properties.

Seeing a roofer who is about to cut off a sheet of metal with such a tool, one can question his competence, and even better, if possible, turn to another construction team.

Which tool to choose?

Professional roofing requires the use of a quality installation tool. Real professionals will never cut a metal tile with an angle grinder. The use of electric and carved scissors, as well as a special nozzle for a drill, will help to carry out all the work accurately, efficiently and accurately, but more importantly, in compliance with all technologies for laying a metal roof!

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