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Than cutting corrugated board

Profiled sheet, this material without which not a single construction is complete. Only before adjusting it in size, it is necessary to scrupulously figure out how and how to cut the corrugated board. Although the process itself is simple, and in the presence of certain tools there are fast, but in this operation there are nuances that are not visible to the eye. And the error can prove itself in a couple of months, after the start of operation.

Steel rental covered with zinc, with a thickness of 0.3 to 1.5 mm, with trapezoid or rounded stiffness ribs squeezed out in it, is called corrugated board.

The overall dimensions of the sheet and the color of the corrugated board, they do not matter to reveal the topic.

Manual electric tool

Corner grinder

The most common power tool with which you can cut a professionalist. corner grinder, or corner grinder.

There are a number of prejudices that inspire a person with the idea that if a professionalist is cut off with a corner grinder, then he will be very quickly rusted. This is explained by the fact that a significant heating of the material occurs at the site of the cut, which in turn leads to the burnout of the protective zinc layer.

Zinc, has a boil temperature ≈ 906 ° C, and melting more than 400 eed. In other words, even in order for zinc to melt, it is necessary to heat the profile to an extremely high temperature, at which the cutting disk will crumble, and the paint will be charged.

There is another argument. sparks seriously damage the layer of paint. It is a fact! But this aspect can be warned if you use a protective sticker.

How to cut corner grinding corbes

For a safe and high.quality cut of a profiled sheet, follow the following rules:

  • Before cutting corrugated board, put the masking tape on the fishing line for the trimmer, and apply markup on it;
  • Adhesive tape is necessarily watered with water, 3-5 cm to the place of contact with the cutting tool;
  • Install minimum turns on a corner grinder;
  • Cut in short touches, for one contact, cutting off no more than 10-15 cm of material.

Additionally, specialized cutting discs can be recommended for working with aluminum.

Be careful, such discs are recommended only in the stationarily fixed corner grinder.

Important: observing the above rules, the cutting of corrugated board without damage to the protective layers can be carried out by any detachment disc.

Fishing line for a trimmer cut after working with a corner grinder, it turns out perfectly even, without burrs and waves.


There are two standards of electrolobian. household and professional. In addition to the fact that a professional electrician is much more powerful, it is more difficult for an amateur tool to choose the right canvas.

But for cutting corrugated board in a small volume, any electrician will fit, the main thing is to choose the right canvas.

How to cut an electrician

To work with a profiled sheet, it is necessary to use the canvas for metal, with a small tooth and wavy wiring. In this case, the cut will pass with the minimum heating of the canvas and the material.

The length of the canvas is an important parameter, which affects not only the depth of the cut, but also on the width of the cut. The fact is that a long canvas begins to play when working with thick metal. And the closer to the end of the canvas, the more tangible the vibration.

Such a beating somewhat expands the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut, and this is especially noticeable on corrugated board with a deep/high relief.

The edge of the cut is obtained with Zazubins and with a small wave. For the leveling of this flaw, you can walk along the edge with a file.


Although they are intended for one goal, they work according to different schemes, since there are three varieties of electronics:

The most optimal result when cutting corrugated board is given by slotted electric wizards. In fact, they are the smallest of all varieties, and even expensive models cannot how to cut the corrugated board thicker 1.5 mm.

IMPORTANT: it is the slotted electric wizards who do not twist and do not bend the professional at the cutting.

professional, angle, possible, grinding

But the cut can start with any place, it is enough to make a hole in the metal sheet with the same tool. The edge is flat, without burrs. But to protect against cuts, it is better to process sharp edges with a file.

Only electronics have a great drawback. price. Since the tool is extremely highly specialized, in everyday life it has very limited use. And the cost of the cheapest model, Makita BJS100Z, which allows you to cut metal up to 1 mm thick, is more than 7 thousand. And if this device is required only 1-2 times, then it is better to look for another option.

Manual circular saw

The ontological principle of exposure to the material, in manual circular saw and in corner grinders. the same. But studying the advice of experts on how to cut corrugated board, amazing inconsistency looms. It turns out that the corner grinder leads to the destruction of the protective coating, but there is no circular! Absurd! But upon closer examination, it turns out that such tips are more due to concern for security. The fact is that when cutting a profiled sheet, the disk can “eat”.

And if such an episode cannot lead to a tragedy for a manual circular, because this is prevented by the architecture and design of the case, then for angular grinding, the “bite” of the disk can lead to sad consequences. Especially if a toothed disk was used.

Important: When working with a detachment of an electrician, meticulously observe safety regulations! Do not exceed the maximum allowable thickness of the processed material and the speed of the disk.

In fact, the cutting of the corrugated circular saw is the fastest way. the fastest way. The only drawback is the unsafe edge remaining after using the circular.


In another way, this device is called a “multifunctional tool”. The device is quite new, and little is familiar to the wide mass of consumers. Nevertheless, he has a number of significant advantages that can be successfully used when cutting a profiled sheet.

Охота за головами TarkovHelp League

Using the cutting canvas for metal, you can easily cut the sheets of corrugated board with a thickness of up to 1 mm. Cut can start from any place.

The colossal advantage of the renovator is its safety.

But the renovator copes with the task quickly, and the edge turns out to be ideal quality.

Nuances when cutting corrugated board

Difficulties in cutting metal profiles exist. Depend on the shape of the sheet. The surface is wavy and the use of traditional metal scissors is not suitable:

  • The sheet will rectify in the cut area. That is, the product is deformed, which will create difficulties in adjustment.
  • Cutting of corrugated board in a traditional way is not a productive process. With the covered of a large roof area, many additional employees will be required, which is economically unjustified.
  • Cutting metal with ordinary metal scissors will create difficulties when creating round, semicircular geometric configurations.

The traditional use of trimming of corrugated board is ineffective. High probability during scissors slipping and damage to the painted layer. The consequence will be corrosion, premature yielding out of the roof from operational turnover.

Using various tools. Their pros and cons of

The industry for the production of cutting tools for metal is developing. Offers as cutting products:

  • jigsaws;
  • effective hacksaws;
  • Small defense metal saws;
  • electrified scissors;
  • Corner grinder and other products.

The tools given in the text are actively used in practice, although it has obvious disadvantages. Let’s talk about the positive aspects first.

It is that the tools can be used to fit the profiled sheet. The cut is professional, satisfying the technological requirements. The process of cutting corrugated board is active, productive, convenient, although in some moments it requires additional processing.

They are created by the geography of the surface of the sheet. He is permanently convex. It has a corrugated look. System bods are simultaneously stiffeners. Not to deform them. the main task of the cutter. It is strictly forbidden to cut a sheet with gas cutters, since it is covered with an anti.corrosion composition that is easy to damage. In a word, cutting corrugated board preferably with a cold method.

How to protect the slice?

The use of the aforementioned tools will minimize the area with a disturbed polymer. However, the integrity of the protective coating of the corrugated board will be damaged in the event of a saw or cut in any of the listed methods.

Under the influence of humidity, an unprotected cut can be oxidized and begin to rust. To prevent destruction from the negative impact of the environment and extend the service life of the material will allow the processing of the edges with a special anti.corrosion composition.

After applying a moisture.resistant drug and exposure, according to the instructions of the cut place, it is necessary to cover with high.quality factory paint the corresponding tone and texture, which can be included with the packaging of profiled sheets.

If there is no dye, you can purchase a spray can with a coating of the desired color. We’ll have to tinker a little, but the damaged material will again acquire an aesthetic appearance.

When arranging a roof, you can mask the tinted cuts of the cut, using additional elements in the form of skates, end planks.

Security Rules when performing corrugation cutting

When cutting a profiled sheet or if it is necessary to bend the corrugated board, there is a risk of injuring with sharp factory edges or sections of the material, so be sure to use working gloves.

Using the power tool for cutting, do not forget about the closed-type protective glasses or mask, which will help protect the organs of vision from injury with small particles of metal that fly out from under the disk or cutting canvas. Special construction headphones will protect the ears from too loud noise from power tools.

It is strictly forbidden to use a corner grinder with a removed protective casing. The cutting elements of power tools rotate with a high frequency, so observe special caution.

To protect the body, it is recommended to use special work clothes. Closed shoes will save from injury if a whole sheet of corrugated board or its acute fragment by negligence will be dropped.

Cutting corrugated board with an electric jigsaw

Electrician is used for corrugated board, the height of the corrugation of which starts from 25 mm and is combined with a small length. Cutting with an electric jigsaw is carried out across or along the sheet, however, it is necessary to tightly press the profiled sheet so that it does not rattle.

Cutting should be carried out at high speeds using fine saws designed specifically for metal. In the case of high speed, the reciprocal mode of operation with the longitudinal inclination of the file is recommended.

Advantages of cutting corrugated board by an electrician. low cost of work.

Disadvantages of cutting corrugated board. the inconvenience of the transverse cut of a profiled sheet with a corrugation of 25 mm, the practical impossibility of cutting thin stripes, a strong burning of the edges of the metal sheet and protective polymer coating, heavy noise during operation.

Cutting corrugated board with scissors (ordinary and electric)

Simple scissors for corrugated board are used if necessary for small work related to the installation of flooring, the construction of garages, gates and fences. Electronics are used for wider Spectra tasks, however, when the smooth edge of the cut does not matter.

How to cut corrugated board with scissors for metal, see the following

The advantages of both simple and electric scissors for cutting corrugated board are fast, light and high.quality cutting of thin and even stripes, as well as cutting across the wave without damage.

Disadvantages of scissors for cutting a profiled sheet are uneven and rough edges of the cut. In addition, low flexibility in the longitudinal direction greatly complicates the cutting of corrugated board along.

How to bend corrugated board?

In addition to cutting, corrugated board can be flexible, which can significantly expand the possibilities of creating bent products for decorating walls of walls, cornices and roof skates.

To obtain a transverse-bent profile, corrugated board must be bent at right angles to the profile direction, and if a bending industrial unit is used when organizing mass production for this, then a simple manual leaf gigs will be enough for a small-scale production process.

The most common design of this tool is a rotary with a beam, and if desired, you can equip this device with any additional functions that allow not only to bend corrugated board, but, for example, cut it.

Kryazuvka for metal

Most professional craftsmen use a special hacksaw for metal for cutting corrugated board. She is in the arsenal of any builder, and cutting blades are very inexpensive. In addition, when performing work using a hacksaw on metal, it is created much less noise. This method is popular, as it has the following advantages:

  • The edges of the cut are flat, without chips and burrs, so they do not need additional processing and applying a protective coating.
  • Cutting is performed quickly, accurately without the use of great physical strength. With the help of a knife.haired woman, you can independently cut the sheets in size for the manufacture of a small fence or roof.
  • For this cutting method, a complex tool is not required, it can be used even in the absence of electricity.

Important! With the help of a hacksaw on metal, it is convenient to cut a cut in a straight line. It is almost impossible to make curved cuts using this unknown tool, scissors are better for them.

For cutting corrugated board for metal, you will have to put together a cut table, to which the sheets will be fixed with special clamps. Otherwise, you will have to work together.

Kryazuvka for metal

Than cutting corrugated board

In order to correctly cut corrugated board, it is necessary to select a tool that will preserve the protective properties of the coating as much as possible and will not spoil the overall appearance of the building material.

There are several suitable tools that need to be learned in detail, and when working with them, some nuances will have to be taken into account.

Cutting corporate grinding disk for corner grinding

As already mentioned, an angular grinder with an ordinary abrasive and extremely rude circle cannot be used to cut corrugated board, since it greatly spoils the coating that have formed in the process of sparks, which will certainly lead to rusty.

Therefore, this tool can be used if you buy a specially adapted disk for cutting corrugated board. This is a very thin working circle (its thickness is less than 1.6 mm). Teeth should be made of carbide materials.

professional, angle, possible, grinding

Important! After cutting the material, it is necessary to cover corrosive corrosion with special protective paint in order to avoid corrosion formation.

Some home craftsmen, in order to save time, prefer to cut a whole pack of corporate grinding corner grinder, putting a diamond disk on the tool. But experts do not recommend doing such things, since there is a risk of ruining the metal with the slightest displacement of sheets.

  • The formation of torn edges cannot be avoided (additional alignment or closing of the “inaccurate side” of corrugated board will be required by another sheet).
  • Light noise from corner grinder.
  • Even in the presence of a correct detachment circle, the protective surface will be damaged under the influence of sparks.

Nozzle for cutting corrugated board

Professional roofers often use special nozzles for cutting corrugated board to the drill to quickly and carefully process the surface.

But for such work, it is necessary to have certain skills and use only the battery drill. The nozzle will be convenient to use if you need to cut off the corrugated board in places.

Scissors for cutting corrugated board

Hand scissors are used if it is required to cut off parts from corrugated board, but the number of sheets is small. The tool can be used in the construction of the gate or tightening with the material of the barn, garage.

But if the work is more global, then experts recommend using electric scissors for cutting corrugated board.

The advantages of the tool are quite light and neat cutting strips. The advantages also include the possibility of cutting metal across the waves.

Despite the presence of advantages, there are some shortcomings when cutting a profiled sheet with scissors for metal:

  • It remains a rough, as well as an uneven and bent edge (you will have to straighten to give an aesthetic appearance).
  • When choosing scissors, it must be borne in mind that when cutting in the longitudinal direction, the work is very complicated.

Battery scissors are the most preferred option for processing corrugated board. When cutting off parts of the metal, sparks are not formed, and therefore damage to the protective coating is minimal.

Lobzik for cutting corrugated board

Lobzik. a tool for cutting corrugated board, which are often used by builders and home craftsmen. But this statement remains in force if you choose the right professional tool with a quality canvas.

Ordinary household jigsaws have small power for such operations. It is also difficult for them to find suitable canvases with which you can cut sheets with a thickness of 0.75 mm.

Therefore, for neat cutting, you need to buy only professional electrolobsics.

But even in the presence of a special tool, some features must be taken into account:

  • The corrugated board will have to be installed in an upright position for the convenience of cutting, and this is extremely inconvenient, since you need to ask someone to support the cut stripes.
  • It is difficult to cut the flooring in the transverse direction with a high corrugation.
  • The edges of the metal are quite burned from the rapid movements of the canvas.

Electric circular saw

An electric saw is a tool that is suitable for quick cutting of corrugated board, but it is necessary to select models with wide cutting circles. It is also advisable to use special cutting parts for metal work.

Attention! Observing these conditions, work can be carried out for one inclusion of the tool.

The main advantage of using a saw is the ability to cut in an arc and round the material.

Having studied all the possible tools suitable for working with the material under consideration, you can understand that the most speedy options are angular grinder or circular saw. But it is forbidden to use them without special discs, otherwise there will be a risk of ruining the surface.

Sparing tool, but for more slow work. electric scissors.

It is these devices that are most suitable for cutting corrugated board.

How to cut corrugated board to avoid corrosion of edges

With any choice of a construction tool, the material will be slightly deformed, and the protective layer will be broken. this cannot be avoided. Therefore, we must not forget about the processing of edges so that corrosion does not appear. Thus, it will be possible to significantly increase the life of the material. The protection of the edges is especially relevant if the saw or corner grinder is used.

This is due to the fact that part of the coating, protected by special paint, will burn out (due to sparks formed when working with a power tool). As a result, the edge of the metal will remain bare, which means that it will be subject to the effects of external factors. As a result, rust is formed.

To avoid such problems, you must additionally buy special paints and varnishes. After cutting the ends, you need to immediately cover them. Such a procedure is easy to manually perform independently, since special paint is available in spray cans, which simplifies the processing process.

Tips and recommendations

When working with corrugated board, there is a risk of serious injuries, cutting off the sharp edges. Therefore, experts recommend starting to process the metal only with appropriate clothing:

  • Protective gloves will protect hands from cuts.
  • When working with an electric tool, it is always necessary to put on protective glasses in order to secure your eyes from the hit of small metal chips.
  • Building headphones will protect the ears from loud noise created by an electric tool.
  • To protect the body from damage, it is necessary to put on specialists.
  • Closed shoes will also help to avoid injuries.

Another useful security advice in working with tools: it is forbidden to use a corner grinder without a protective casing. The fact is that the cutting parts rotate at a very high speed, therefore it is necessary to observe special caution when working. These are the main tips and recommendations that experts do not recommend to forget about.

Cutting the profile sheet with scissors for metal

Professionalist is thin, well cut by special scissors along. Applying them for end trimming is somewhat problematic, since the corrugated surface of the corrugated board will be crushed by the strength of the cutting parts of the tool. Such a sheet will not fit into the technological logic of the roof and will be disposed of. Cut the sheets vertically. is a pleasure. Scissors work high quality, like a well.adjusted sewing machine.

It is better to finalize the cut for metal scissors. Sometimes when pruning with other tools, you need to smooth out errors. In this case, the scissors for metal are an excellent corrective tool.

Curtain manual scissors are a universal tool capable of drawing in two levels, which allows you to carve the profile with the height of the waves up to 2cm.

Other tool cutting tools

Other instruments for cutting a profiled sheet are also used today.

On the list of such products it is worth placing nozzles for corner grinders.

Included with it, an angular grinder is a productive cutting machine capable of working in different positions. She doesn’t care whether to cut a flat metal or with a complex embossed pattern that is inherent in a profile sheet. The qualification of the employee is important.

The spatial position of the corner grinder must be constantly changed. The cutting body of the nozzle should be in a perpendicular position to the carved material.

professional, angle, possible, grinding

A longitudinal electric saw with a special disk quickly cuts a metal profile, leaving behind a smooth cut.

Cricket nozzle for a drill is a know-how in the processing of scrap metal.

The tool is safe to work. Productive nozzle.

Corner grinder

Corner grinder is the folk name of the angular grinding machine, which during the USSR was imported mainly from friendly Bulgaria. This universal tool has many applications, including it is used to cut corrugated board. With the help of corner grinder, you can quickly cut a large amount of material, professional masters perform cuts in packs. However, this method has 3 significant drawbacks:

  • The angular grinding machine is an abrasive tool, so when cutting corrugated board, small damage, chips and other defects that worsen the corrosion resistance of the material will inevitably occur.
  • When performing sharply, even if you use a special disk, large.temperature metal particles fly out, which burn the polymer coating of corrugated board.
  • Diamond and special disk for metal during cutting leave uneven, torn edges at the place of work, which must be processed additionally.

note! To cut corporate grinding corner grinding, you need to buy a special disk for cutting profiled flooring. It has a small thickness of up to 1.6 mm and teeth made of carbide materials.

CS 23-355 Metal Chop Saw Demonstration. Metabo

To protect the edges of the incision from corrosion after processing with a corner grinder, they are treated with a special primer or paint.

Kryazuvka for metal

Most professional craftsmen use a special hacksaw for metal for cutting corrugated board. She is in the arsenal of any builder, and cutting blades are very inexpensive. In addition, when performing work using a hacksaw on metal, it is created much less noise. This method is popular, as it has the following advantages:

  • The edges of the cut are flat, without chips and burrs, so they do not need additional processing and applying a protective coating.
  • Cutting is performed quickly, accurately without the use of great physical strength. With the help of a knife.haired woman, you can independently cut the sheets in size for the manufacture of a small fence or roof.
  • For this cutting method, a complex tool is not required, it can be used even in the absence of electricity.

Important! With the help of a hacksaw on metal, it is convenient to cut a cut in a straight line. It is almost impossible to make curved cuts using this unknown tool, scissors are better for them.

For cutting corrugated board for metal, you will have to put together a cut table, to which the sheets will be fixed with special clamps. Otherwise, you will have to work together.

How to cut corrugated board with an electrician?

If you cannot decide how to cut the corrugated board, we advise you to choose an electrician if you, of course, do not have already acquired other tools. As a rule, this is the best choice for those who decided to independently start the installation of the roofing in the country or the construction of a fence from the profiled sheet. It is desirable that he has a laser guide.

This tool is the most universal of what to cut the profile can without spending serious efforts and the availability of special skills. In addition, it can be used both for carpentry, and in order to cut down a few dry branches in the garden.

In addition, an electrician is very easy to maintain and use. The speed of work is high, the probability of getting an injury is minimal, if a saw breaks down. it can be easily replaced, and even a beginner can cope with a sharp. All these qualities make an electrician with an almost perfect tool for this task.

Now let us dwell directly on the technology of its use:

  • Before cutting corrugated board with an electrician, draw a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. To do this, you can use a regular marker.
  • Fix the sheet so that it is at least 10 centimeters from the surface and does not move when cutting. To do this, you can use ordinary goats.
  • Now you can start cutting directly. Do not rely “by eye”. use a laser pointer so that the cutting line for the trimmer of the cut is even and exactly corresponds to your tasks.
  • Try to tightly press the electrician to the sheet where it is possible. This will reduce the risk of canopy breakdown.
  • Despite the fact that this tool for cutting corrugated board is safe enough and has many mechanisms that protect a person from injuries, be extremely careful. Hold the leaf by the edge, and do not rely on it with your hand. And even more so do not hold your hand on the cut line, even if the tool is still at a decent distance.

If you follow all these rules, then easily cope with a sharp corrugated board yourself. And you will do it quickly and without serious harm to cover the sheet.

Corrosion’s edges from corrosion

Even the use of special tools for cutting corrugated board does not guarantee complete protection against damage to the coating of corrugated board. Only in profiled sheets of galvanized steel of the 1st class of zinc coating thickness, the presence of molecules at the site of the section creates a barrier that prevents the oxidation of the metal.

Therefore, in order to avoid reducing the service life of corrugated board, it should be appropriate to the edges of the cut special anti.corrosion mastic. In addition, you can also paint these places with paint in the color of the protective coating of a profiled sheet. The fulfillment of these simple requirements will reliably protect the edges of the sheets of corrugated board in the fitting places, ensuring the reliability of the profiled sheet during the entire period of its service.

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