How to cut pants under breeches. Ways to shortening jeans with and without a machine, step -by -step instructions

How to make breeches from old jeans, stylish decor methods

Every woman in the closet has a couple of jeans that has already gone out of fashion or lost the form. But to part with them and throw out comfortable trousers anyway sorry.

The only option to return to life your favorite thing is to turn them into another model, or rather remaking jeans into breeches.

Now shortened trousers are in fashion, they are well suited for the seasons of spring and summer, so we will tell you how to make new breeches on your own.

They are always in fashion, diversify any wardrobe, perfectly combine with both ballet shoes and heeled shoes.

The updated product will become a universal thing for any time of the year. And if you add a little imagination, you will turn out a truly stylish and beautiful thing.

First, recommendations

First you need to find the victim, what jeans to cut. The fabric should not be stretching, it is better to choose a classic dense denim. In the future, this will help to make a beautiful fringe or even edge, and shorts will sit tight in shape without losing shape.

Do not rush to cut off the leg. Measure seven times. cut off once, so the saying says. Pull the jeans in front of the mirror, look a little in them, mix the length of the future product with a small margin (2-3 cm.).

Important! Before cutting off the leg, turn out your s so as not to damage them.

It is better to cut jeans on a hard surface, sit on the table, prepare everything you need:

  • Shooting scissors (can be stationary);
  • Small manicure scissors (for decor and fringe);
  • Ruler;
  • Pencil or piece of dry soap;
  • Decor elements;
  • Threads and needles.

To make the shorts symmetric, we cut one leg first, then fold the jeans in half and cut off the second part. “Voi la”. ready!

Trimming of women’s jeans for shorts

If there were no suitable jeans in the wardrobe, a new couple can be bought in second hand.

Important! Pay attention to the male department. There you can find jeans from dense denim, and small sizes are often not popular.

After the purchase, be sure to wash your pants, since the fabric can sit down and the shorts will not turn out to be the desired length.

Before cutting off, try on jeans in front of the mirror and mark the desired length with the line. Not the first summer season of Bermuda and ultra.shorts are relevant. Do not fully rely on fashion trends, evaluate the features of your figure and choose the model that emphasizes the advantages.

Important! Try on various styles in the store, decide on the length, you can note on yourself, and cut off jeans at home on it.

Downsize jeans waist �� #shorts

After the length is selected, it’s time to cut. We perform all actions on a hard surface. We turn the s of the jeans, fasten the button and lightning and cut off one leg along the intended line. Then we fold the jeans with its hind s up, align through the gulfs, inner and outer seams. We outline a symmetrical fishing line for a trimmer on the second leg and cut it down along it.

How beautifully cut jeans on men’s shorts

In summer, jeans shorts basic thing in a man’s wardrobe. They are combined with t.shirts and shirts, and they are easy to make from old boring jeans. Optimal length up to, middle or just below the knees. The capri model (to the middle of the caviar) has long been not in fashion, Highlights height and adds weight. Try on jeans and outline the desired length, lay a couple of centimeters for lapels or ending the edge. Remove jeans and set on a flat stiff surface. If you want to leave the edge with the crushed, it is better to make a small incision and tearing the fabric to remove the excess. So the edge will turn out immediately with the fringe. You plan to make shorts with lapels, then it is better to cut off jeans with scissors. Then try on them and turn them out to the desired length in front of the mirror, stab with a pin, remove and iron. And so that the edge does not turn around, use the double.sided adhesive tissue “Web”. Place it between the extended part and the leg, reward with an iron, under the influence of heat, it will melt and stick a lapel.

Tools and materials

It is desirable that the house has a large mirror in front of which it is convenient to try on clothes. Well, if there is a sewing machine, but in the absence of its hem, you can pick it up manually. But it is impossible to do without an iron, only the stitched low ones will look neatly.

For measures you need a centimeter ribbon and a regular school line. There are enough scissors from cutting tools. For applying tags to the fabric. Call or a special marker. Sewing or stationery pins, needle for hand sewing, thimbleing will not be superfluous. It is also necessary to choose the threads of the desired thickness and color for the finishing line.

In addition to tools, immediately prepare finishing materials. It can be lace, decorative braid, pieces of contrasting fabric for cuffs. Denim shorts are often decorated with rhinestones, fringe, rivets.

Step-by-step instruction

Shorts are conditionally divided into three categories. The shortest of them are mini, such a model is best made from jeans. The length of classic shorts reaches the middle of the thigh. The most conservative shorts are Bermuda, they end only 2-4 cm above the knee.

  • Choose a suitable option. To do this, put the pants, stand in front of the mirror and chalk mark the desired leg length.
  • Remove and put the pants on the table. Measure the distance from the label to low trousers. From the result obtained, it is necessary to subtract the value of the planned hem. For example, the distance to the label is 60 cm, and 4 cm, 60-4 = 56 is required for the hem.
  • Put the resulting distance on the side seams from the bottom of the trousers. Connect the tags in a straight line. Do this on both legs. This is a fishing line for a trimmer by which you can safely cut off the unnecessary part of the leg.
  • If the fabric is dense, it is better to cut it into one layer. Subtle material is cut in two layers. Previously, the legs are folded, combining the side seams, and fix the section of the cut with pins.
  • It remains only to bend the lower edge and stitch it by car. Do not be too lazy to draw the heightless level on the inside, amplit and give a finishing line.

Bearing on shorts can be decorated in several ways. It depends on the type of fabric and model features. If the jeans have a fashionable edge with fringe, then bermuds made of dense fabric are better to be bent according to classical rules.

Necessary tools for trimming jeans

The margin of imagination, the moment of the experiment and a number of improvised tools will help to cut jeans below in a like:

When transforming your favorite jeans, the features of the figure and trends of the season are taken into account. The most important stage when cutting jeans is the exact determination of the desired length of the product.

Preliminary actions that are performed before starting work:

  • The style in which pruning is supposed is determined. View photos on the Internet, studying the features of their own figure will help make the right choice.
  • Selected jeans are pre.erased. Natural denim gives a small shrinkage after washing. If you cut off the unexpected varied jeans, and then wash, you can get a result that differs from the alleged originally. For example, the length of the product and the length of the fringe will become shorter.
  • The necessary tool is prepared.
  • The desired leg length is determined in front of the mirror, and a mark is made with a pencil or chalk.

How to cut denim on the fashion below? Options and description of the trends of the season prompting relevant solutions for creating fashionable jeans, shorts and a bridge.

Beautifully with the conservation of the factory line

Sometimes the style of clothing does not allow negligence. In this case, a good solution to create an original image will be to shorten the length of the jeans while maintaining a stylish factory line.

You can trim the jeans below in a fashionable one, observing the following procedure:

  • The length of the leg is determined, and a mark is made with chalk or pencil.
  • The fishing line for the trimmer of the new length is combined closely with the factory mortgage so that the fold forms on the wrong side, and on the front side the jeans look like a factory way processed by a factory. The fold is fixed with tailor pins and a wandering is made with threads.
  • A machine or manual line is laid from the wrong side on the scheduled line.
  • Excess fabric are cut at a distance of 1.5 cm from the new seam.
  • Slices are processed by overlock or fixed seam.
  • With the help of an iron, the seams are steamed, the factory hem spreads down, and the seam slices are upstairs.

How to cut exactly

When the problem with the length is solved, it is necessary to proceed to the pruning of shorts. To trim the jeans beautifully and evenly, it is important to observe several simple, but effective rules. To begin with, you should arm yourself with sharp tailor scissors. ordinary stationery will not work, they simply will not take a fat denim. It will also require a piece of soap, it can be replaced with a white chalk.

The most optimal method to cut off jeans for shorts is a preliminary mark of lines on yourself. To do this, put on jeans, fasten them on the belt, check that the product is perfectly sitting on the figure. After that, they approach the mirror, arm themselves with small and draw two even identical lines at the level of the future cut. Jeans are removed and cut off the lines with scissors.

So that the legs do not turn out to be different in length, before cutting jeans, take a centimeter tape and measure the distance from the motors to the drawn line. the segments on both legs must match.

Next, you can use the following tips:

  • If future shorts are decorated with fringe, it is necessary to take into account the fact that over time they will become shorter: therefore, it is necessary to measure the length with a margin;
  • Do not forget about allowances for seams if the shorts have a classic style;
  • If the model is with a gate, you need to leave an additional 7 cm on the bed and processing of the edge.

Before you make a substitute or decorate the product in another way, it is recommended to process the edges with a sewing machine: subsequently, the threads from jeans will not crawl.

How to paint jeans shorts?

In addition, how to cut jeans and process the edge, you can show your individuality by painting them in a different color. Thanks to bleach and special paints, you can create a model that will be in a single copy only.

White is always in fashion

In order to turn blue shorts into pale blue or white, you should use the bleach. Just dilute it in water (proportion 1: 1) and soak them in this solution for several hours. The procedure must be repeated until the necessary result is obtained. At the end, you erase the product as usual.

Важно! Для создания различных декоративных клякс, вам нужно расплескать отбеливатель по изделию в хаотичном порядке и оставить на некоторое время. В результате — у вас получатся оригинальные двухцветные шортики.

This option is suitable for lovers of bright colors. You can buy dyes for fabric in any store with sewing fittings. These paints dissolve in water, due to which they are easy to apply to the fabric.

Важно! Перед окраской шорты следует обязательно отбелить.

The process of painting and the future type of product entirely depends on your desires and imagination. You can paint them completely or apply drawings with a brush. After 20 minutes, the finished shorts can be rinsed and dried.

Важно! Оригинальным решением является использование трафарета. Таким образом вы сможете ровно и аккуратно нанести рисунок.

Ways to shortening a pair of jeans

Most denim trousers are distinguished by beautiful scuffs of seams, including down. Preservation of this part, when shortened, will make the bend of an inconspicuous.

How to bent jeans and save the factory seam

You can shorten jeans, as in an atelier while maintaining a factory seam and at home. All work fits a few steps:

  • Mark the new position of the bottom line with pins. Put up up the distance for the delay, usually 1.5 cm and draw a fishing line for a trimmer from the side of the inside. Divide the distance from the new bottom line to the finishing line and draw a fishing line for a trimmer from the side of the inside. Also do it on the second trouser.
  • Iron trousers along the last marked lines. Find a fishing line for a trimmer bottom with pins. This will allow you to lay a line without displacement of one layer relative to another. Particular attention should be paid to the side seams. they must match after stirring. If there is no certainty in working with pins, you can sweep the bottom.
  • Lay a line 3-4 mm above the finishing line 3-4 mm.
  • Cut an extra allowance (all that is more than 1 cm) and sweep. As processing the edge, you can use the machine line zigzag.
  • Impire the allowance upstairs.
  • Put the line on the front side, picking up the thread tone to tone with jeans color.

As a result, a neat bend is obtained, the shabby edge was preserved, the factory line is also on the spot.

Shooting jeans manually

You can shorten the pants without cutting the bottom without the use of a sewing machine. Girls often wear one pair with heels of different heights. If you need to wear long trousers adapted to a high heel, you can bend them manually:

  • Mark the fishing line for the hem of the hem of the tailor’s chalk.
  • Iron the allowance inside out.
  • Turn trousers, neatly small stitches sew the bottom of the trousers to the side seams.

The bend is temporary, without a finishing line, but in some situations it helps out great.

The fastest way

The method can be used in rare cases when there is no way to use a sewing machine. From the materials should be prepared the glue “moment” and iron.

  • After trying on, draw the bottom lines, bending the bottom and cut off an extra allowance.
  • The minimum necessary amount of glue glue the allowance on the first line of the bend and iron.
  • And also glue the bent edge along the marked bottom line and fix the pressure and temperature of the iron.

Processing does not carry much beauty, but in conditions of lack of time and conditions will help out.

Get the bottom with the use of “lightning”

Strongly battered bottom can be reanimated by braid lightning. The tape of the used lightning is suitable. It is only necessary that the teeth are metal.

  • Put the bending line. Read the allowance.
  • Set up a zipper for the allowance, the teeth should protrude for a fishing line for a trimmer of the bottom.
  • Stitch the finishing line, capturing the braid.

The processing looks stylish and strengthens the hem of the bottom of the trousers.

Fast and beautiful. double bend plus home “factory” line

On black jeans or just plain indigo, you can make a hem without preserving the old “factory” line. To work, you need to choose threads 0 tones of trouser decoration.

Important! Most home cars do not sew threads of large thickness when they are tucked into the needle. In this case, the thread is wound on the bobbin.

  • After trying on, draw a new fishing line for the trimmer of the bottom from the front side.
  • You need to lay down 1.5 cm and 3.5 cm down. Draw two lines. a bending for the allowance and a fishing line for a trimmer, according to which an extra allowance will be cut.
  • Double bend can be ironed or picked by hand.
  • In places of thickening in front of the side seams, you can cut off an internal allowance and beat off the seam with a hammer.
  • The finishing line is laid from the side. The finishing thread is tucked into the bobbin, the maximum stitch.

Finishing line, performed in this way quickly, simply, beautifully and is not very different from the factory.

Get the bottom using trouser braid

A method that is suitable for both woolen trousers and jeans. You need to choose a trouser braid of a suitable color and thread for a finishing line in advance.

Important! The cotton trouser braid when washing is strongly seated, it must be wetted and dried to work.

  • Try on jeans and stab the correct length.
  • Mark the new fishing line for the trimmer of the bottom, lay off 2 cm and 1.5 cm from it, also draw lines.
  • Cut all the excess, leaving 3.5 cm of allowance.
  • Pyoproe braid to mark the allowance of the bottom. The thickened edge of the braid coincides with the bottom line.
  • Tie with two parallel lines.
  • Iron the allowance up and iron the bend.
  • From the inside out to seal the finishing line. At the same time, a blue thread is tucked into the needle, and the finishing of the larger thickness is wound in a bastard.

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Trouser braid gives fabric density, jeans are rushed for a long time and do not wipe.

Creative bend

Youth and children’s jeans are bent using finishing elements:

  • As a finish and just to lengthen jeans, various materials are used: genuine leather, different jeans fabric.
  • The seam of the hinging extension of the extensions from other material can be decorated with your own hands with embroidery.
  • You can form cuffs from checkered fabric and apply color fabric to trim s.

A neatly executed bend with the preservation of the hungry edge allows you to perfectly plant expensive jeans, and creative gives a second life to your favorite pair, I like home and others. Simple work on the repair and fitting of jeans trousers can result in the future sewing hobby.

How to repair the wiped between the legs

If your favorite jeans are very worn out and lost a bit, take your time to get rid of them. Trousers can be restored so that not a single gap is visible. If you need to sew a hole between the legs, then follow the following steps:

  • Choose suitable threads. Make stitches from one part of the gust to another to capture the thin layer of matter;
  • Make a seam in a vertical direction, and then go back. So you will avoid tightening the fabric when plugging the hole between the legs;
  • Make a row horizontally, and then go to the stitches vertically, stretching the needle between the threads;
  • Between the stitches, make a repeated darn. It should be made perpendicular. As a result, a thread network is created.

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If the jeans began to wipe, then the appearance of the hole between the legs can be avoided. Strengthen the site in the damage area:

  • Choose the corresponding flap of the material, glue or tape, which is fixed with an iron;
  • Place the self.adhesive from the inside, place a patch between the legs on it, fix it with an iron. Or attach the fabric from the outside. Everything will depend on the size of the scuffs;
  • Stitch the flap on the typewriter so that it holds better;
  • In stores where they sell everything for needlework today you can find ready.made patches with an adhesive base if you wiped a hole between the legs;
  • If the stitches diverge, then go through the site with a secret seam.
pants, breeches, ways, shortening, jeans

In order to avoid the situation in the future when the jeans are wiped between the legs, follow the following rules:

How to sew trousers in a belt

There are several ways to reduce pants in the waist area.

Cutting on the backs

The thing is trying on and it is evaluated how much the product will lose. Most often, excess matter will decrease due to the fasteners. Either old ones open up, or add new.

Pants are ironed, then try on. Excess fabric are marked on trousers. The edges of the backs can rest against the side seams, but avoid this. Otherwise, ugly folds and skewing of the product are possible.

The harness and belt open up. The necessary seams are sketched. Excesses are cut off. Tucks are stitched with a sewing machine.

The belt itself is cut on the sides. Excess fabric is cut off. The edges of the product and belt are grinding. The belt is sewn carefully to the product along the lines. The harness is attached.

Reduction due to the rear seam

Reducing the thing in the waist in several sizes occurs due to the rear seam. After trying on, sheeps (belt fasteners), belt are disappeared. The belt is cut in half.

The line on the middle seam. The seam is sutured at the marked distance. The belt is reduced, processed. Stitched on a sewing machine. It is sewn to the main product. Flood restores.

Complete altitude

The most time.consuming variation and the whole product will be affected. Flotter is disappeared in the necessary places. Most often in the back of the product. The belt is separated by several cm (10) in both directions.

The step seam is opened on cm 9. The middle seam is also opening. All with pins are fixed to avoid displacement.

In the waist area, it is necessary to deviate from the middle line by 2 cm. A fishing line for a trimmer for a future seam is carried out. The triangle should turn out.

Stuck on a sewing machine and the edges are processed. The step seam is sewn. Excess is cut off at the belt. Process the edges and sew back. Fixing is attached.

How to shorten your pants

It is necessary to try on a thing. Bend excess matter and fix the length with needles. It is advisable to conduct this to the 3rd person. So there will be no curvature on the product, errors with length. If this is a female model, then it is necessary to take into account the heel. The length also depends on the model of the pants. If they narrow to the bottom, then the edges should be slightly above the heel.

Put on the table and lay out the product. Draw straight lines with small. The first is the desired length, the second with the bend. It will be 1-2 cm for female, 4-5 for male.

You need to go through a needle with a thread to consolidate the desired result. Try it again. Twist at the mirror. Then remove. If you need to make adjustments.

Place the product on the table. Cut excess material. Process the edges. Sake on a typewriter.

It is not always necessary to cut off excess matter if the excess fabric is small. You can just hide them in the slope. Or use a bilateral sewing adhesive tape in the slope. But after each washing, it will have to be reinforced with it.

It is often recommended to sew braid. It will prevent abrasion of the edges. The shade of the braid is selected tone in tone for the product.

It is better to sew it on the product never wear. But the edges have already been processed from the crowning. The middle of the braid should take place along the final length of the product. It is also necessary to put there.

On the inner side seam, we bend the free end so that the beginning closes. We bend the braid in half. She should stay inside and bulge from below a couple of mm. We sew on a typewriter. We process the hem of the product.

How fashionable to decorate

If you want to add more personality to home.made shorts, decorate them with embroidery, patch s or painting with acrylic paints on fabric. Do not overdo it with decor. minimalism in fashion, so let the details of the decor be concise.

You can make fashionable jeans shorts in the style of grunge, adding scuffs or changing the color, whitening the fabric in places. To create holes, make small cuts in the desired places and gently pull out a few threads.

You can create a slightly washed look with whiteness. Distude the composition in accordance with the instructions and immerse the shorts into the solution for a while. The duration of exposure depends on the concentration of the solution. After receiving the desired shade, the clothes are thoroughly rinked.

How to make shorts from trousers

To create fashionable shorts, you can use not only jeans. Suitable trousers made of flax, poplin, dense cotton. The main requirement is a free fit in the region of the Bolester so that the bottom of the leg does not pull the legs.

From trousers you can make shorts-borms or models up to the middle of the thigh. The procedure is similar to shortening jeans:

pants, breeches, ways, shortening, jeans
  • Output the required length, leaving a supply of 2-4 centimeters for processing the edge;
  • Fold the pants in half, fix the fabric with pins and cut along the marking line;
  • The lower edge with the help of an overlock.

In the case of trousers, the ability to leave the lower edge unprocessed is excluded. only jeans shorts will turn out with fringe. A preferred option would be a neat machine line or, less often, gateway.

How to determine the desired jeans length?

To shorten the jeans without cutting the bottom, without much effort you can on the fabric of medium density and thin material. If the model of jeans is made of dense material (winter collections), then for the binding you will need professional equipment. Before starting work, you need to decide on the length of the trousers. For women’s jeans, it is more difficult to choose the length than for men’s models. Before marking, you need to put on shoes with which it is planned to wear pants. Depending on the height of the sole and heel, the length of the product will be different.

Therefore, it is easier for men to choose the desired length for shoes or sneakers, but the length of female models will differ depending on shoes: ballet shoes or studs. Caughty jeans are in fashion today, so the selection of their length is somewhat simplified. When marking, it is necessary to stab the desired length of the leg with a pin with a pin. It was better to carry out separately for each leg, since there may be manifestations of physiological asymmetry of the figure. After the hint of length, you need to walk and sit down to see if the length of the trousers will be sufficient when moving.

Theoretical canons of modeling say the ratio of the length and width of the trousers. Therefore, the wider the trousers, the greater the length they need to select.

There are several standard length options for jeans trousers:

  • The classic trouser length in use to jeans involves a slight hanging fabric over shoes;
  • universal, which is determined without shoes and in its parameters. trousers touch the ground from behind, on the heel;
  • Excessive length is suitable for women’s heels, when the front of the leg forms a noticeable foot on the foot, and the rear part covers the shoes to the middle of the high heel.

How to choose threads?

You can shorten the jeans without cutting the bottom, with high.quality threads that are selected in tone or in contrast with denim. As a rule, they are selected to the color of the stitch, which is processed by a lateral or internal factory seam.

When buying threads for work, you need to adhere to the basic rules:

In addition to the number of threads, the material and the method of their manufacture are of importance.

It is recommended to use:

  • Reinforced threads (65LH, 65LX-1 and 65 LL)-they have high strength of fibers and minimal villus, they have a high ability to abrasion;
  • polyester threads are highly resistant to abrasion, most often used to repair denim;
  • Polyesh. the most elastic threads, with their help treat cuts of denim.

In the marking of reinforced threads using letters indicate the material of the fibers from which the thread is woven.

Pants with elastic bands on trousers

Special attention deserves the question of how to choose the right length for trousers with elastic bands in the lower part of the trousers. Joggers, Kargo, Baggov.

For them, the optimal length is 7/8, 3/4 or a few centimeters above the leg of the leg. The full length reaching the ankles or even closing the rise of the legs in this case will play against. the pants will be collected in an accordion and give an unnecessary volume.

The length of women’s trousers with different shoes

pants, breeches, ways, shortening, jeans
  • Ballet shoes. If you choose ballet shoes as shoes, make sure that the bottom of the trousers does not close the back of the shoes. Optimally, a fishing line for a trimmer of the bottom should reach the ankle;
  • Sneakers. Options of different lengths are combined with sneakers and sneakers. it all depends on the style of pants. Permissible both long models that hide shoes and shortened;

How to hem pants or shorts. No sewing machine. Sew a hem by hand Easy hemming tutorial

  • Brogi, Oxfords, Monki. The shortened trousers of a straight cut will succinctly fit here. Little skinny or too long palazzo is best left for heels;
  • Botillons and boots. Do not leave the gap between the top of the shoes and the bottom of the trousers. the fishing line for the trimmer visually cuts height and legs. It is better to choose from options for standard lengths, or from shortened styles, without leaving the clearance between shoes and trousers;

And you take into account the length of the leg when choosing trousers or do not pay attention to this criterion? We are waiting for your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

How to choose a girl to choose a figure like a figure. We select the most suitable style of trousers, landing and length.

pants, breeches, ways, shortening, jeans