The Elitech law mower is not started. Where to start diagnostics motorcycles

The lawn mower is not started: the reasons and methods of elimination

Summer days have come, and in the summer cottages he is habitually hidden motorcycles. This tool is good for everyone. powerful, mobile. Using a gasoline trimmer for grass and grass, you can mow, and get rid of a dried.up weed. However, it happens that the lawn mower does not start or works with interruptions without developing full power. There is no time for work! As Forumhouse users say, “you pull the starter’s handle more than you mow”. Why is a trimmer not starting for grass, and how to deal with it, understands this article.

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass (gasoline)?

Because he worked his. Why, this question may be as many answers. Poor fuel is far from an argument. Maybe a person does not know how to use it, so it starts not correctly. The fuel does not come, the candle is pierced, the wires are pierced, it does not turn on, does not know how to use it, the trimmer for the grass burned/broken, but there are still any other reasons can be. There are still such hooks.

The reasons why the gasoline trimmer for grass does not start can be several.

If the trimmer for the grass does not start or immediately stalls after the launch, then the problem may be in the fuel tank (namely as fuel), in the candle and the ultimate channel, in the air or fuel filter, in the saapon or the exhaust channel.

one). Be sure to check for the grass before starting a trimmer for grass, and most importantly and the quality of the fuel mixture.

2). A trimmer for grass may not start or stall with a flooded candle. It will need to be twisted and wiped.

Dry the channel candle for at least 3040 minutes. Otherwise, a new candle can also burst.

3). If a trimmer for grass starts without an air filter, then it is better to change the old filter for a new.

four). A trimmer for grass may not be started if the fuel filter is polluted.

5). Also, a trimmer for grass may be started due.

Also, the reason may be in the flow of dirt into the exhaust channel or clogging the muffle grid.

A gasoline trimmer for grass may stop starting for several reasons at the same time.

Firstly: try to clean the carburetor-its pollution leads to a breakdown of a gas station.

Secondly: vacuum may form in the barrel. If so, try to make a small click in the barrel lid.

Thirdly: roll the correct settings of the trimmer for the grass.

There are several reasons, as a result of which the trimmer for the grass will not start. I will list the main:

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  • Poor fuel. For each model of a trimmer for grass you need gasoline with a specific octane number. Roll up with the operating instructions and make sure that you fill in the required.
  • flooded candles. At the same time, I advise you to check the candles for performance. Sometimes even new (in the box) candles can be inoperative or defective.
  • The fuel mixture does not enter the carburetor. Skip it a little.
  • The ignition coil failed.
  • The muffler is clogged. You need to free it from the haze. To do this, carefully disassemble and clean (can be burned on a gas burner).

Typically, the trimmer for the grass did not start after winter and we used to carry almost every spring a trimmer for grass to the workshop, where we were repaired. But, once, a knowledgeable person advised us in.the first, never leave gasoline in trimmer for the winter, because old gasoline may be the reason that the trimmer for the grass will not start, and he also said that the trimmer for the grass for the grass is necessary for the carburetor.fuel mixture. After we began to comply with these rules, our problems with the trimmer disappeared.

First of all, you can see the candle. If necessary, replace it, making sure that the candle is not broken and gives a normal spark. The next problem will be hidden in the fuel system. As mentioned above, check the tightness, then check the fuel filter, if necessary, change. Clean the carburetor, watch the effect. It will be necessary to delve into the ignition system, configure. To check the fuel system, you can pour several grams directly into the cylinder through the candles of the candle, screw the candle and try to start. At least a trimmer for the grass should make the sounds of a running engine within 1-2 seconds and a little smoke should fly out of the silencer.

This is interesting: how to quickly light the car correctly?

If you do not start a trimmer for grass at all or immediately stalls after the start of the start, then you first need to look for the reason in the main nodes and units, for this you need to carry out the test in the following sequence, so this sequence: this sequence: this sequence: this sequence:

In these nodes, the whole problem may be consistent.

How the saapun affects the possibility of launching the gas mowing engine

Having excluded the malfunctions of the filters of the lawn mower, it is necessary to check the saapon. The cabin is called a detail that is responsible for the normalization of pressure in the tank. When the fuel gradually leaves the tank to the carburetor, then the pressure increases (the vacuum is created). To discharge the vacuum inside the tank, a saapun is used. a kind of valve that is on the tank cover of the tool. This valve has a filtering element through which the air entering the tank is filtered.

Over time, the filter clogs, and becomes the reason for creating a vacuum in a gas tank. Trite, but in 30% of cases, a trimmer malfunction for grass in the form of the impossibility of starting it is associated with clogging the cabin. The trimmer’s saapun can be cleaned, and the operation of the tool can continue. Make sure that the cause of the trimmer’s malfunction for grass is precisely the sapun can be as follows:

  • Wrap the gas tank cover
  • If air is pulled when diluting, then it is already possible to assume with 100% confidence that a saepun has come out of order
  • Twist the lid and start the engine of the lawn mower. If the trimmer for the grass starts, but after a while (when the amount of fuel in the tank is reduced) stalls, then it is necessary to clean the saepun

You can clean the bacon through a conventional sewing needle. Many do not even know about this important detail, so they often do not understand what to do when the mowing benzotrimer engine does not start. Answering the question of the influence of the saapun on launching the motor, I must say that it has a direct effect. Excessive pressure in the tank prevents the fuel supply to the carburetor, so the engine does not start.

Carburetor adjustment

This aspect is always needed when the lawn mower is set up. A correctly configured carburetor is the key to the successful operation of engines for the lawn mower.

Despite the fact that the question of how to adjust the carburetor on a benzocos, it seems, to beginners are incomprehensible, but the repair of the lawn mower often ends with this procedure, since the reasons lies in the wrong adjustment, and the repair of the lawn mower and the methods of eliminating them in the settings for configuration. By the way, the run.mowing is also involved in the adjustment of the carburetor.

To understand how to correctly configure a gasoline carburetor for motorcycles, you need to know:

  • The device contains three screws: right (l), lower (t), left (h).
  • A properly configured carburetor operates on idle evenly and without changes with cold and hot motor, as well as with a sharp descent or set of revolutions. The screw t is responsible for the idle.
  • The screw l is responsible for how much the fuel mixture will enter the combustion chamber at low speeds. When adjusting, the screw turns counterclockwise by a quarter turnover.
  • Fuel adjustment at high speeds occurs by screw h. For configuration, give out full gas, opening the throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until you hear a speed drop. Then, scroll through the screw in the opposite direction so that the engine works unevenly, after which begin to slowly turn the screw clockwise until you start to hear the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the motor.

The correctness of adjustment is determined even by the color of the working part of the candle. If the tuning of the carburetor is made correctly, then the candle will be clean, without soot.

For a 2-stroke unit, 2-stroke engine oil is necessarily used.

2.1 how to sharpen a knife or disk for a gas station?

To sharpen a knife or disk for mowing equipment, know that a good disk or knife must be sharpened so that the edges become sharp, but the metal was not overheated. The sharpened cutting element will provide easier removal of the grass surface. Also, the sharpness of the disk or knife affects the number of plants that will be eliminated by one capture.

In general, the maintenance of a gasoline braid for grass provides for constant cleaning of equipment after work, checking the quality of oils and gasoline, as well as a properly configured carburetor. Do not pour doubtful additives and the like into the lawn mower. Regularly make the reducer lubrication and lubrication of driving elements to prevent problems. It is recommended to update lubrication, at least every 1000 hours of work.

The lawn mower stalls when you press the gas: the causes and methods of elimination

A lawn mower and a gasoline trimmer for grass. cars that perform not just mowing herbs, but mowing it up to several times more than their brothers with an electric motor. Once a lawn mower or a benzotrimmer is stalled for a while, and the course of baking herbs is immediately inhibited.

With an increase in speed

If the lawn mower (or a trimmer for grass) has stalled when the engine speed is added, check the device according to the following signs:

  • clogging or sticking a valve built into the gas tank cover;
  • valve adjustment violation;
  • A failure in the work of pistons and cylinders. from vibration during the work of a braid for grass or a trimmer for grass, random blows directly in the session of the mowing of grass;
  • violation of the supply of fuel mixture;
  • excess air pumping into the motor;
  • cracking of the fuel intake hose, weakening its compounds.

When the fuel.heating mixture is served with the right portions to the engine in a timely manner. it burns the amount that has managed to enter from the moment of the last gallpling, and he stalls again.

Diagnosis of the candle channel

What to do if the used fuel mixture is in perfect order, but the reasons for the refusal of the mechanism can be covered in excessive moisture of the candle channel. To diagnose and eliminate the problem, it is necessary to do the following:

  • To twist the candle. Wipe it thoroughly, and then dry it.
  • Drain excess fuel in the chamber through the corresponding candle hole.
  • Clear the old candle if there is a dozen on its surface. Cope with the task will allow the use of a conventional ladies’ nail file or file.
  • When installing the element in place, set a gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to place any coin in the lumen.
  • Collect a functional block back.
  • Try to start a trimmer for grass.
elitech, mower, started, start

It is recommended to perform a candle channel to dry for at least half an hour. However, in no case should you resort to the calcination of its elements. After all, heating the spark plug can lead to its final corruption. Что предпринять, если обслуживание функционального блока было выполнено в соответствии вышеуказанным рекомендациям, но триммер для травы не заводится, искра есть при этом? In this case, it should be treated with gasoline threaded connection. The latter does not need to be saturated abundantly fuel. It should only be slightly moisturized. Resort to such actions should be to ensure the ignition. After all, no matter how much the candle gives a strong spark, in an absolutely dry chamber there simply will not be something to ignite.

If even in this case a trimmer for grass does not start, it is worth evaluating the quality of the contact between the high.voltage wire and the candle. In the absence of a spark (in the presence of a reliable connection between the indicated elements), most likely, the problem is caused by breakdown of the ignition unit. In this situation, you will have to turn to the services of masters who will reinstall the knot.

Checking filters

Another common cause, due to which a trimmer for grass does not start, is the presence of a blockage in the filter area. To confirm the conjecture, just dismantle the indicated block and try to start the unit without it. If the engine of the trimmer for the grass has launched, most likely you will have to replace the air filter or at least perform a thorough purge of the old. In the presence of abundant contaminants on the surface of the filter element, it is necessary to use a new grid. Relying to such actions, you should not leave a suction pipe at all without a filter. After all, rush in this case can lead to the need to repair the entire piston group of the unit engine.

Reasons why a new trimmer is not started for grass

Difficulties with the launch do not only have the types of motorcycle, but also in completely new. In this situation, there is only one way out. to listen to the advice of our experts and take advantage of their practical experience!


The reasons why the new gasoline trimmer for grass does not start is eliminated by the instructions for the plant of the Motokos from the forum users, which sounds like this:

  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Switch fuel with a silicone button (primer) located below the carburetor. Presses must be done as much (or a little more) as it is written in the instructions, usually about 8-10.
  • Close the air damper.
  • Fix the gas lever with a button at high speeds.
  • Twer the label handle 2-3 times. The engine must “grasp”.

If the engine “grasped” and stalled, then you need to transfer the air damper to 1/2 and try to start the motor again. If the motor has started, then drop the gas and transfer the air damper to the “open” position. The trimmer for the grass is easily launched. We start work.

Performing manipulations for pumping fuel, no need to be afraid to shift it. If this happened, and “flooded the candle”, then it is not necessary to unscrew it, it is enough to transfer the air damper to the “open” position and, holding the full gas, simultaneously scroll through the engine with a starter 2-4 times. After that, you can start the engine and proceed to the mocking of the grass, not afraid that it will stall.

The continuous operation time of the lawn mower is indicated in the instructions for the operation of a trimmer for grass. On average, kosim for 15-20 minutes, after which you need to drown out a trimmer for the grass and let it cool for 3-5 minutes. Also on the duration of continuous work, the weather and operating conditions have a significant impact. In the heat, when mowing high grass, thickets of weeds, under a large load, the trimmer for the grass overheats faster, does not work and hardly starts after the break.

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Determination of the causes of the malfunction

If the trimmer engine for grass does not start or stalls immediately after starting, when overheating or during the functioning of the device, extraneous noises are heard and vibration is clearly felt, it is important to perform a visual inspection and identify a non.working node

To optimize preparatory measures before repairing, a simple diagnosis should be carried out and checked in stages:

  • the presence of fuel in the tank and lubrication in the main nodes;
  • serviceability of the spark plug and its performance;
  • the purity of the fuel and air filter motorcycles;
  • Cutting of the exhaust channel and the device’s saepun;
  • The quality of the used fuel and lubricants.

To determine the functional performance of the ignition of the lawn mower, you should determine whether the candle works by testing the appearance of a spark in contact with the body of the functional device.

The spark plug itself can be changed to a new one, after driving the candle canal, if necessary, the old element is also dried, cleaned with special devices and returned to place.

Briefly about engine repair

Problems in the engine begin after several years of proper operation from components wear or suddenly if the trimmer is incorrectly used. Unfortunately, they regret the wrong operation when they carry out repair of gasoline trimmers with their own hands after engine breakdown. And this happens in cases where the dosage of oil in fuel is not respected or the device works to terrible overheating. When overheating, jamming of the crankshaft, destruction of piston rings or complete burning of the piston is possible. In order to perform the audit of the piston, it is enough to remove the cylinder head, from under which the piston will appear, which clearly reflects the condition of its working surface. The rings from the cylinder themselves do not peek out, so it does not matter. change the rings or piston, in both cases you have to remove the cylinder. When repairing gasoline trimmers, it is worth remembering the fragility that can easily break in the absence of experience. It is not too difficult to install the piston itself on the crankshaft. The main thing when repairing the engine is to assemble everything the same as it was before disassembly, and then everything will work again.

Trimmer repair is necessary when the device does not turn on or operates incorrectly. All owners of private houses and suburban areas are familiar with the problem of excessive vegetation, which is sometimes difficult to get rid of. As you know, progress does not stand in one place and new developments and useful inventions appear in all areas. This was also affected by agriculture. You no longer need to mow the grass with old uncomfortable devices, modern benzo.cosers came to the rescue, which can get rid of vegetation in the most inaccessible places.

A gasoline trimmer can be mowing grass even during cloudy weather. It is very simple to care for the personal plot with this unit, and any adult man can cope with this occupation.

Despite its multifunctionality, like any technique, trimmers for grass have the property of breaking and failing.

Not every person can do the repair of the lawn mower with your own hands, because for this it is necessary to repair electrical devices, but today we will try to figure out how to start a trimmer for grass without a starter and how to debug it with your own hands in general.

Dry and wet candle what it means and how affects the launch of the motor

Most of the owners of the tools immediately resort to checking the state of contacts of the spark plug. This is done in order to understand, by the state of the candle, what could be the reason for the impossibility of starting the engine of the lawn mower. According to the state of the candle contacts, you can draw the appropriate conclusions about what can be the cause of the malfunction. Diagnosis of the spark plug on the trimmer is performed in the following order:

  • The spark plug unscrews, after which it is subject to inspection. The ideal state of the electrodes. if they have a brown carpet (brick color). If the candle is wet, has a black or white fog, then this indicates the corresponding faults
  • If the candle is wet, then in the combustion chamber there is a portion of unbroken fuel, which does not need to be drained. Clean and dry the contacts of the spark plugs, then make sure of its serviceability. To do this, connect it to the immunity, and place it not the surface of the cylinder. Turn on the ignition and pull the starter handle easily. In this case, the candle should issue a quality and constant spark. If the spark is weak or it is not at all, then the spark plug should be replaced
  • A trimmer does not start for grass may not be started due to a large gap between the contacts of the candle. The gap between the electrodes of the spark plug should be in the range from 0.7 to 1 mm. Special probes are used to set the gap

It is interesting!Dry candle contacts by pumping it is strictly contraindicated, since this method will lead to damage to the details. If there is a spark on the candle, but the trimmer for the grass does not start, then the reason is the supply of the fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. To make sure this, you should perform the following actions:

  • Dial in a cap made of PET bucks or in a syringe of 20 grams of fuel
  • Pour it into the combustion chamber through the candle hole
  • Twist the spark plug
  • Put on a candlestick and start the engine

If the engine of the lawn mower starts after the actions performed, then the cause of the malfunction should be sought directly in the fuel line and carburetor. If the motor does not start even after the actions done, then you need to check the serviceability of the high.voltage wire. The high.voltage wire, like the spark plug, refers to consumables. If there are suspicions of a malfunction of the armor of the trimmer for the grass, then it should be replaced. If, after the actions done, it is not possible to launch the engine of the lawn mower, then the following recommendations must be taken into account:

  • If there are doubts about the serviceability of the spark plug and high.voltage wire, then it is recommended to immediately replace them
  • Check the serviceability of sparking, and if there is no spark on the new candle, then the breakdown is associated with the ignition unit. the failure of the coil is out of order
  • The ignition coil is not repaired, but changes. If the diagnosis really indicates a malfunction of the ignition of the lawn mower, then it is not difficult to replace it with your own hands

If there is a candle on the spark, and at the same time it is dry, and the trimmer for the grass does not want to start, then we move on to check the next node. air and fuel filters.

It is interesting!If the candle electrodes have a red or pink color, then this suggests that the composition of the fuel used contains a large number of additives. You should abandon such fuel by changing a gas station or a brand of gasoline.

The most frequent malfunctions of gasoline lawners

It is necessary to check the fuel. It is possible that due to its absence, the engine will not start. The reason for the refusal of the engine may be a candle. The car is removed and the engine is launched again.

Силовой агрегат завелся, но сразу заглох

The reason for the refusal of work may be an insufficient amount of oil in the motor crankcase. Because of this, the piston or crankshaft often jams. Try to hand it manually. Often such actions give a positive result. Then, before repeated start, it is necessary to add the missing oil.

To revive the unit, it may be enough only to pump up fuel with a plain in a carburetor. The speed adjustment to the maximum will help. Then pull the cord smoothly on yourself. Twenty centimeters will be enough and a sharp jerk jerk over yourself.

Often problems arise With improper location of the air damper

, when the first trial start of the motor is produced. It is recommended to completely open the damper.

can serve as an air filter. It is necessary to disconnect the wire from the spark plug on the disconnected lawn mower. Then remove the filter, having previously unscrewed the lid. Rinse it with gasoline and dry it. Put in place, carry out re.launch of the motor. If the actions are unsuccessful, replace the old filter with a new.

We remind you. the planned replacement of the air filter is carried out after 25 hours of operation of the equipment. If the lawn mower works on the battery, you need to check the level of its charging.

Can Check the safety lock

If the installation is carried out incorrectly, the lawn mower will not start. Experts advise regularly inspecting the lower surface of home appliances. Various malfunctions in this part may cause engine failure to work.

elitech, mower, started, start

If your efforts are unsuccessful, contact the service center for the consultation and help of specialists who will be able to carry out any repair of the lawn mower, in particular it.

Not starting on a cold trimmer for grass. we eliminate the cause

On the cold.The reason is an air leak that does not allow fuel to download. In the camera.

After several jerks, he will start and stall, which is a normal phenomenon. What to do when the fuel was definitely normal, there is a spark, but a trimmer for grass does not start a gasoline? Putting the damper to the working position, start the tool again and start working.

Typical malfunctions

The most frequent breakdowns arising during the operation of the unit are:

  • the engine does not work, the trimmer is not started for grass;
  • The engine manages to start, after which it does not hold back and stalls sharply and for no reason;
  • The rod of the motorcycles vibrates greatly;
  • The gearbox overheats greatly;
  • Weak turnover at the cutting fishing line.

Before you start repairing, study the instructions that must be in the kit to correctly diagnose

And again the carburetor.

Well, even if after such bullying your trimmer does not start for the grass, you can’t do without disassembling the carburetor. It may very well be that everything is to blame for the gathering of the needle in it. In any case, the disassembly and washing of this capricious mechanism certainly will not hurt.

In general, when a trimmer for the grass began to be capricious and stall, it is advisable to carry out complete prevention: to completely change the fuel mixture, try another oil, and also mandatory change the candle. The gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start? Reasons and decisions on. Practice shows that in many cases, it is precisely cheap low.quality candles that are to blame.

We examined the most typical reasons why a trimmer is not started for grass. If the matter is something more “exotic”, do not pass the campaign in the service center. You will probably find smaller and obvious breakdowns yourself.

A new trimmer for grass is not started by gasoline causes

The gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start? Prerequisites and solutions on the example of Elitech T750

In general, a similar conversation should start with the fact that after the purchase of a garden bench instrument, it would be better to first familiarize yourself with the annotation attached to it. Gasoline trimmer for grass filter or buy a new. trimmer for grass does not start. Then many troubles could have been avoided. But since this happened a gasoline trimmer for grass does not start, then you need to find sources of inoperability. And in this article we will see the main prerequisites why the trimmer for the grass is not started by the example of the Elitech T750 model, as well as tell the general advice on operating such a tool.

Start with obvious! We will figure out how to correctly start a gasoline trimmer for grass. Maybe such that the reason lies here.

First you need to bring a red toggle switch on a trimmer bar for grass to position “i”. This means the inclusion of power supply. Then you need to switch the fuel supply lever on the carburetor and use the fuel “suction” button (looks like a pipette, is on a carburetor). If the engine does not start or stalls quickly, not a trimmer for grass and turnover. This is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Fuel supply lever to return to its original position. At the end, sharply pull the starter handle on yourself. The trimmer for the grass should earn. Try it several times if the first time does not work. If after such manipulations the situation has not changed and a gasoline trimmer for grass does not start, then it is worth it to inspect it on your own first before you lead to the service center. There are two main reasons why the garden trimmer is not started:

Why not start a chainsaw. the causes and methods of elimination

Each model has its own weaknesses. Some saws require regular carburetor configuration. The lack of others is the lubrication system of the chain. Be that as it may, any breakdown can be eliminated with your own hands if you understand what its reason is, and what are its signs.

What to do if the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas?

As a rule, with this breakdown, the owners of the chainsaws begin to face after the first 6 months of intensive operation of the tool. There may be several reasons for this malfunction.

  • the use of the fuel mixture prepared in the wrong proportion. If you regularly pour low.quality gasoline into the tank, in which there is too much or little oil, then the tool will not start. In this case, you will need to drain the fuel, as well as dry the engine cylinder. To do this, you need to sharply pull the starter cable abruptly. After that, it is necessary to pour properly prepared fuel, and start the saw engine;
  • Pouring the sparkling candle with oil at the time of engine start. This problem can be solved by removing, cleaning and drying the candle. After 30 minutes, the candle will dry and it can be screwed. After that, you need to start a chainsaw;
  • Lack of sparks. This indicates poor contact between the factory high.voltage wire and the candle tip. If the contact is not violated, but there are still no sparks, then you need to check the electronic unit of the ignition system of the chainsaw. This element cannot be repaired, so it will need to be completely replaced;
  • Flowing the air filter. This saw element must be regularly cleaned from garbage, small insects and dust. Otherwise, the air will not enter the carburetor, where it should enrich the fuel mixture. As a result of this, the saw will stop starting. To solve the problem, you need to clean the filter, or replace it.

Electric trimmer for grass vibrates

Many mowing users noticed that some time after the start of the apparatus, it begins to vibrate very much. On some trimmers, mainly in models more expensive, an anti.vibration system was installed in the form of shock absorbers seized between the engine and the bar. But in some cases, even she does not save from strong vibration. The reason that strong vibration appears in the trimmer, there may be a small amount or complete absence of lubrication on a hard or flexible shaft located inside the rod of the apparatus.

Replacement Lubrication of a hard shaft It happens as follows:

unscrew the gearbox located at the bottom of the bar;

After removing the gearbox, you will see the end of the shaft, for which you need to pull to extract the part;

after extracting the shaft, it must be abundantly lubricated with a special lubricant “Shrus-4” or ordinary-“Litol-24”;

  • Apply a small amount of lubrication to the shaft and evenly smear it along the entire length of the part, including the slots at the ends of the rod (if they worked, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubrication, insert the shaft back into the bar and put the gearbox in the same place.

Смазка гибкого вала выполняется следующим образом:

  • открутите и снимите косильную головку;
  • извлеките штангу из электродвигателя, открутив пару болтов;
  • вытащите гибкий трос из штанги;
  • смажьте тросик смазкой по всей длине.

Делается это так: сначала необходимо смазать конец тросика, а затем вставить его в штангу, после чего, по мере продвижения его внутрь трубы, следует наносить смазку на деталь и равномерно распределять ее по поверхности. Затем вставьте штангу с гибким валом в электрический двигатель и закрепите ее.