How to cut the wood-bearing plate of manual circular. Cut the organite

How to sprinkle a wood-bruise plate without chips and piles?

Today we will tell you what affects the quality of sawing, how to flatterly and cleanly sawed off the wood-brown plate, and also how to saw with a bus and without a guide ordinary circular saw.

We will show on the example of a manual disc saw, but this does not affect the receptions of sawing, the difference is only in insignificant details. You can get a similar quality of cut on a cheaper tool if you follow our tips.

What affects the quality of the sawing wood stove?

In this case, we will saw the wood-brown slab, this is the most capricious material for sawing, because it has longitudinal and transverse layers, quite a delicate and thin veneer. But on the other hand, it has a rigid adhesive base, which will also interfere with us.

Saw disk. How to choose it?

When cutting, a wood-brown slab, a saw disc at the same time should be cut clean and persistent, because glue in its properties is very close to glass and the tool itself is quickly stupid enough. Therefore, in the process of sawing the wood-brown slab, you need to choose quite good discs to cut them without loss of quality for a long time.

What is the complexity of sawing with a circular saw with disks?

If we look at the blanks, we will see that he is full of no backwards, because “in your hands” to lead exactly the saw in the propyle is practically not possible.

There is a difference in height between the case of the saw itself and the sawing part. the tooth. tooth. Due to this distance, the disk has the ability to direct its position in the propyle. Accordingly, as soon as it changes its geometry, the rear teeth begin to be torn by the harvesting of the wood-bruise and leave traces on it.

It is important to place the workpiece with the front part down. Why?

The disk rotates from the bottom up, it cuts the pile of the workpiece up to the base. Thus from below, on the front side, we always have a clean surface. Problems begin to form at the top, where the teeth come out of the workpiece. So it turns out subverses, chips, piles.

How to minimize them, or avoid completely? There are several simple tricks and we will talk about them now.


It is advisable not to stop during the cut of wooden details. The circular saw should go smoothly on the material and not interrupt. Otherwise, the boards will remain irregularities and slices that will interfere with the further use of the tree.

The movements should be smooth and soft so that the disk does not swell and walks exactly on the board. It is also advisable to check the length of the cord in advance. If it does not reach, use the extension cord. Otherwise the tree will also be cut not evenly.

Sticky tape for cut

So that there are no chips on the material, and the veneer retains its original appearance, you can use the sticky or differently-molar tape. It will not leave traces on a wooden board, and also protect the tree from visible mechanical damage.

The tape is attached in the place where the cut will pass. Next, you should carefully cut the board, after which you can remove the molar tape. It can only be dismantled from the cut and at right angles. The main thing is not to pull the tape up so that the plywood does not spread.

Application of an electrician

For a neat sawing laminated woody stove, you can use an electrician. At the same time, it should be noted that this tool is preferable to use for cutting small areas on wood. Also, when using an electrician, you should select a file with a small size of the teeth.

When sawing a laminated coating, the power tool should be moved smoothly, without strong pressure. During the drainage of the sawing laminated wood-based slab using a jigsaw, it is recommended to set the power tool for small speeds.

Speaking using a circulation saw

Often for sawing laminated wood-brown stove at home, circulation or as they are also called-disc saws are used. In this case, for the processing of a wood. chip plate, using such a power tool, it is preferable to use a saw disk with small, small teeth.

As a rule, this processing method is laminated wood-based slab in cases where there is a need to make a long straight section on the plate. In this regard, the disc saw will show the best result than for example, an electrician. To increase the level of accuracy of the cut, it is recommended to use the guides, and the power tool itself is fixed on a motionless surface, for example on a workbench or table.

Improvised tools

You can saw laminated woody boat and a jigsaw, but it will be a black saw. The edges may not turn out to be straight, but sinusoidal, but in the worst case, the edge will come out non.perpendicular to the front surface.

During the saw, you must be prepared for the fact that the jigs of the jigsaw will begin to “walk” because of the bend. It is necessary to saw with a margin of 4 mm, and then level the edge.

The laminated wood-boring slab at home using an electrician, reduces the formation of chips. When cutting, you need to increase the speed and reduce the feed, putting it on 0. Only sharp files should be used, designed for a special sawing cutter. Only by observing these rules you can achieve a good result. After the cut of the end, which will be in sight, you can work out with sandpaper. In addition, before the cut, as already mentioned, you need to cut a fishing line for a trimmer, along which the cut will pass. But we are not led by the saw along this line, but near it. then chips will not affect the limits you need. At the end it remains only to bring the edges with a skin.

The indentation from the contour can be up to 4 mm. Then these several millimeters are removed by a cylindrical milling cutter using a manual electrophoresis with a bearing. The bearing is directed along the long level fixed on the back of the sheet.

To avoid problems with chips, it is recommended to use (where it is possible) a flexible overhead P-profile. He covers chips well.

In addition, if chips are in a non.working smoker region, they can be masked by a marker or felt.tip pen selected under their color.

The most undesirable way to cut the laminated wood-brown slab is a file (oddly enough, in the old textbooks a lot of material is devoted to this method). It is possible to be a shirt, but preferably electric and with carbide knives. But here it must be borne in mind that the dust from under the ruban will fly throughout the room.

And the most comfortable way is using a hand cutter along the guide. The end must be even and under 90 gr, there will be no chips, and when the dust cleaner is included in the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

Types and operational parameters

Like almost all construction equipment, disc saws are divided into professional and household. These two types differ in terms and quality of operation, as well as, as a result, in terms of cost.

For example, a professional tool is intended for long and intensive work, and domestic operating frequencies are often limited, since the disc saw can not be used so often.

The second thing that needs to pay attention to is the length of the alleged cut of the board. The standard parameters of this criterion are 50-60 millimeters, which provides a greater maneuverability of the saw

But there are exceptions. For example, to work with thin material, a tool with a disc of 30-40 millimeters is used and, on the contrary, for thick boards, large saws in a tree for 90-100 millimeters or more have been developed.

If you need a tool that combines different sizes of the disks, then you can purchase a device with the possibility of a stationary installation. It has a plus. less weight than that of devices with the same 100 millimeters.

The size of the disk of a hand.pound dictates and its power is weak, medium.fitting or highly powerful. Professionals, in the case of everyday work, recommend preference to the second category, in which overheating and failure sometimes quite expensive equipment are unlikely.

Cutting methods of laminated wood-bruise without chips

Speaking laminated wood-based stove at large enterprises in woodworking is carried out on a special format-sprinkle machine. Small workshops producing furniture also acquire this, but it is expensive, therefore, as a home tool is inappropriate. If the question arises of how to cut a laminated wood-bruise plate without chips, then as alternative methods for cutting, you can choose sawing using a hacksaw, circular, milling cutters for laminated woody plate or electrician.

Using a hacksaw

Drinking a wood-brown stove without chips with a hand hacksaw is not easy as to saw a laminated wood-brown plate with a jigsaw. Although this is a cheap and affordable way.

First you need to cut a fishing line for a trimmer with a knife, draw with a nail or awl, and then stick the masking tape, to protect the upper laminated layer. Then at an angle of 30 degrees carefully, without pressing, cut the material. The selected hacksaw saw should be with small teeth so that the cut is as even as possible.

The hacksaw can leave damage, which is eliminated using a tape grinder, exhibited perpendicular to the subsequent outskirts.

At the final stage, it is worth treating the sections with sandpaper with a flexible profile.


Often for cutting, laminated wood-based plate is used by an electrolobian. The main condition to carefully cut off the stove. small teeth.

The electrolobian saw will not be able to replace the disk saw, t. to. It is mainly used as a cutting tool for small sections of plates. They need to work without strong pressure, smoothly and not too fast. If the cutter of the laminated wood-brown plate has no experience, then small chips may appear on the back, but with practice the quality and appearance of the saw will improve.

Circular saw

If the question arises, how to cut the wood-based slab and which tool to choose, then the circular is quite suitable. It is also often called a disk saw. This is a disk tool mounted on the table. Many are interested in which disk for the circular saw to use. The circular disc is needed with small teeth. Cutting is better than when using a jigsaw.

For greater accuracy, you should mark the guides, and also not work at too large speeds.

With the help of a cutter

The milling cutter is used not only to cut the plates, but also when drilling holes, cutting grooves, creating edges, etc. P. With it, you can perform a figured cut. The tool is used with the jigsaw. The plate is first sawn with a jigsaw, and then a milling cutter with a bearing is used, giving a cut the necessary depth. How to drill, cut and saw slabs with a milling cape are known to professional sawing men. Using this tool, the cut is absolutely even and neat. However, this is very time.consuming, requiring increased attention and special skills (for example, setting a template for a cutter to a drilled or other surface), the process that without experience is better not to take such work, and order the sawing to specialists. In some workshops, such a service is provided. The main supplier of wood mills is Topvoltage, ordering their tools from them, you can do this with delivery.

Cut formatically cutting machine

The use of the sawing machine guarantees the accuracy of the saw and the complete absence of chips. Such machines are used in production and are considered specialized equipment.

  • Carriage. Allows the movement of the mobile table, but the plate is fixed in the right position.
  • Saw node. It has two flat metal disks: the first makes preliminary cutting, the second. drains completely through.
  • Stanin. The mechanism is fully relied on on it. Eliminates vibration and adds stability, which is important for the quality of the cut.

Three desktops: 1st: location of the knot. 2nd (mobile): supply of plates for sawing. 3rd: maintaining sawn parts.

Types of sawing machines depend on the time of continuous work:

When setting up the machine, they matter: the depth of the cut; plate position; The corner of the cut.

  • The plate is motionless to the table (mobile carriage);
  • The workpiece is positioned according to the size ruler and the saw node is launched;
  • когда диск наберёт нужную скорость, стол будет двигаться вперед вместе с плитой-заготовкой и попадать на него.

The use of format-sprouting machines is advisable for mass production, and not for isolated cases. For a one.time independent use, you will quite select the tool easier or order a cut to specialists.

Drinking with cutting

  • Tire. the ruler is fixed to the plate using a clamp on the marking line;
  • along the line, a cut is preliminarily made on one side with a depth of about 0.1-0.3 cm;
  • Further on the other hand, the plate is cut completely through and through.

If everything is done carefully, then no chips will appear.

Programs for cutting

You can make a laminated laminated wood-piece stove from a sheet in special programs on a computer. Among the most famous of them: “Astra cut”

In the program file, an order that may contain several products that have a set of parts, the parameters for which are set by the user. Based on information on the cutting of the edge of the plate, such as cutting, cut width, through cuts, etc. P. The program generates the cutting card. Then the specification, sketch and other technological documentation will be automatically formed. The program includes reference information about materials, operations, edges and details.

Suitable for those who are constantly engaged in the work on cutting a wood-based slab. This program:

  • supports multiplayer regime;
  • systematizing and sorting information;
  • Sort orders for archival, planned and active;
  • saves information about materials and so on;
  • takes into account the remainder of the material.

In the editor you can see which part is laid correctly, and which is not the remnants of both significant and not very. The user can change the settings for ease of work.

The editor window is divided in half: on the left. sheets for cutting, on the right. columns in order to set parameters to future details: the amount of color and size and size. The program includes the “rotation” mode in three versions:

1st: The program itself has a part during rotation; 2nd: all the details that are the same, rotate together on the sheet; 3rd: Details do not rotate.

The cutting map is created using the “Calculation” command. If you repeatedly set this command, the program will offer new options that can be changed manually: rotate and drag the details.

The choice of a disc saw

The circular should meet the requirements of safety precautions, be clear to use. The profile of the teeth and their number on the saws must correspond to the type of work performed. The disk must be flat, without surface distortion. Before work, the disc plane is inspected by a ruler. For a flat mowing fishing line cutting, sharpening saws plays a decisive role. The sharpened teeth of the saw should not gleam at the corners. The presence of shine reads the missing amount of the polished metal. Burrs, breaks and spinners should not be on the cutting edges of the saw, the presence of these iron formations pulls the spoilage of wood.

We will see in more detail the aspects of which you need to direct attention before buying equipment

The most important aspect when choosing a saw is its power. A large power indicator is required for wood files, the powerful tool will serve longer when performing its own work. When buying a saw, calculate for what work it is needed for you. Saws with high power have a lot of weight, making inconvenience during work. When performing light, short.term cuts, a saw with small power is suitable. It is light and small, with its help you will work rapidly and effortlessly. The power of the disc saw varies between 1200 watts and 2000 watts. The subsequent aspect when choosing. this depth drank a disk saw. Modern circuses are able to make cuts at an angle of 45 degrees, when buying, you need to consider that in a straight drain there will be even more than at an angle. A large selection of disk saws are another criterion. When choosing a circular, purchase a saw with a limiter for even removal of the edge of the boards

With this function you can cross the boards, making it trimmed. It is necessary to pay attention to the number of teeth on the saw disk, the cleanliness of the cut of the board depends on their number. The more teeth, the cleaner the slice

If you need to cut a laminate or wood.fiber slab, choose a saw with 48 teeth.

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How to cut boards with a hand saw

For joiners, the board and timber are the most common blanks, of which in the future the production of crafts and wood products is carried out. And the first thing the material is subjected to is the sawing on the segments of the required length. At the same time, you should know how to spill the board evenly, because the incorrect performing this operation can ruin the workpiece or significantly affect the appearance, and not for the better.

For joiners, the board and timber are the most common blanks, of which in the future the production of crafts and wood products is carried out. And the first thing the material is subjected to is the sawing on the segments of the required length. At the same time, you should know how to spill the board evenly, because the incorrect performing this operation can ruin the workpiece or significantly affect the appearance, and not for the better.

In large enterprises, the problem of how to flatten a beam or a board smoothly does not arise. Any serious production has high.precision equipment that performs this type of work. At home, you have to do what is at hand. At the same time, the tool or equipment still needs to be able to correctly use to saw off the board correctly, and the cut turned out without flaws.

Note that many enterprises selling boards and timber provide services for their cutting. And for this they use all the same specialized equipment, so the purchased material will be cut qualitatively. But to use such a service is not always possible, and it often happens that you need to cut only one blank.

How to cut a laminated wood-bruise plate without chips

Here, I collected a sufficient amount of material and decided to roll another analytical note. This time the topic is a sawing laminated wood-bruise without chips.

There is a fairly fair opinion that it is possible to clean the laminated wood-based stove only on professional equipment (that is, a format-risk machine).

The whole highlight of this machine is that there are two saw disks located strictly on one axis. The first cuts the laminated woody stove, the second cuts through it through.

(of course, there is more expensive))). For an amateur, it is not very acceptable.

Of course, if you decide to make a wardrobe with your own hands, it is better to order a sheet cut (five square meters) in the workshop, and then it is calm. But what to do if you were bent in the calculations and you need to cut off the piece. I don’t want to drag in the workshop again, but you need to cut.

This article is designed to answer this question. A review of options will go from simple to complex. Unfortunately, not all ways will be illustrated (I ask you to forgive me in advance), I will try to compensate for this shortage with text 😉

Grandfather’s method. Previously, a laminated wood-bruise plate covered with a thick layer of varnish was used for sawing a Soviet. Now it is rarely used. With him, we scratch the margin or a simple nail on the ruler for a trimmer for a trimmer to the thickness of the decorative coating.

After that, we saw along the line, trying to ensure that the edges of the teeth of the saw fall exactly into the scratch and not a step past. You can saw, both a jigsaw and a hand hacksaw.

In principle, the photo of the right shows that all the chips were left on a piece without a scratch, and they did not go for the scratched line.

Detailed lesson by this method

The cut is much cleaner than when sawing without scratches, but chips are found. It is difficult to maintain the tool strictly along the line. So slow.

Method 2. Electric

Small in length of the cut of acceptable quality can be carried out by a simple electrician. To do this, you must fulfill several conditions. Firstly, the file should be with a minimum size of teeth (that is, for metal) and new. At the same time, on the one hand (where the teeth are included in the material), the cut will be almost pure. With the opposite. there will be chips, but relatively little.

Secondly, you need to submit the tool smoothly, without pressure. The revolutions are not set maximum (slightly above average.

The disadvantage of the method is quite difficult to withstand the strict rectilony of the cut, as well as the presence of a small number of chips.

Method 3. circular saw

To work with the circular, we need a “final” saw disk (again, with a small tooth). Circular saws are more convenient than the jigsaw to draw long direct cuts. But chips are formed much more (the side where the teeth cut into the material (bottom), as a rule, clean. Slows up pieces from the opposite side (from above)).

You can saw it as a freely saw (leading exactly along the line is quite difficult). It is difficult to cut a few identical details. a lot of frosts with markings.

And a saw fixed in the table. When using the guides, it is much more convenient to saw. Both hands are free. You can use the guide, which will increase the accuracy of the cut and allow you to stamp the same parts.

Even when using a final disk, on the one hand there will be many chips.

Method 4. cutting with cutting

This is a modification of work with a circular saw. Ideally, it will need a submersible saw, but, in principle, you can do with an ordinary circular. To work, we need a ruler (tire), which is fixed on the workpiece with clamps. It can be purchased or homemade (in the photo a simple circular with a home.made bus).

The whole chip is, by analogy with a format-sprinkle machine, draw two cuts strictly along one line.

A cut on the tire (long ruler) will help us with this). The tire is placed on the marking line, after which we first make the first cut, cutting a laminate, about 6-10 mm deep. In this case, the teeth go almost parallel to the surface of the laminate, without tearing its pieces. In the photo, my household submersible saw Elitech. I highly recommend.

If you increase the photo, it will turn out something like this

The second cut through. At the same time, at the place of entrance to the tooth into the material, as we recall, chips are not formed. And at the place of exit, the laminate is already cut and nothing to prick.

Another article dedicated to the revealing saw of professional, however, a class, but still informative-read.

A good way to cut the incorrectly marked parts, but you can’t drink the whole cabinet in this way. Chips, of course, are present, but in an amount that is quite correlated with the format (he, too, in secret, leaves a small number of small chips). Many hassle with marking. Only rectilinear cuts can be done.

Tools and equipment for sawing

Depending on the volume of upcoming works and the saw configuration, they use:

Not every tool can get details of the required form.

Formato-sprinkle machine

If the exact sizes are known by which the sheet should be cut, it is more correct to entrust the work to professionals. Almost all sellers. bases and building materials. provide such an option. Often the sawing service is free, the customer pays only the cost of a wood-piece plate.

For cutting, format-sprouting machines of various designs are used.

Sprinkle the wood-brown slab without chips allow various additional devices. For example, some models have two sawing disks: the first, small diameter, drinks a surface laminated layer, and the main carries the full cut.

wood-bearing, plate, manual, circular

CNC format-sprouting machines operate in a semi-automatic mode, excluding the operator’s errors, which allows you to get ready-made parts with an exact size of up to 1 mm. This is important in the manufacture of cabinet furniture.


A sheet is cut by an electric jigsaw on straight and curly lines.

  • Availability. Most masters have a jigsaw, and the new one costs inexpensively;
  • On sale there are special files for a wood-piece plate, laminated wood-bearing plate and laminate;
  • You can cut circles with a small radius;
  • Suitable for the manufacture of through holes for hatches or electrical products.

To obtain a rectilinear cut, you must have experience working with a tool or just use the guide tire.


A manual disk saw, sometimes called a “parquet”, is used if there is a large amount of work on the cutting of the wood-piece stove along the even lines.

Acquire wheels with carbide tips of teeth.

To simplify and accelerate the work, they choose a parquet, complete with a guide tire or buy an accessory separately.

You can do without additional details if you lead a cut along the guide from the corner or plaster rule.

The main drawback of the method is the inability to make a curved incision.

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Milling mill

To qualitatively saw off the wood-making slab using a milling cutter, the master needs extensive experience.

A flat, impeccable edge is obtained only when using diamond mills, the price of which is large.

At home, a milling mill is often used to finish the edges of the laminated wood-based slab. In these cases, the sheet is sawn with a hacksaw, a jigsaw or a disk saw, and then the cut is treated with a milling cutter. It is important to provide a stock of 1.5–2 mm, which will be removed by the milling.


The cutting of hand hacksaws takes a lot of time and requires a large cost of physical strength.

Hand saws with a large and medium tooth are suitable only for sawing a conventional wood-based slab (without a laminated layer). The result will always be accompanied. The appearance of the edge can only be fixed by decorative lining.

A small cutting volume is performed with a hacksaw with small teeth. To reduce the number of chips, launch tape is glued over the sheet, mark the fishing line for the cutting trimmer and only then begin to work.

Despite the fact that the seats of the saw wheels for parquet and an angle grinding machine may coincide, cut the wood-boring plate and a tree with a corner grinder is strictly prohibited. The torque of even a weak machine will tear out the tool from the hands, and the disk will cause injury. The danger is that rotation cannot be stopped instantly.

Stages of work

Using an electric jigsaw is the most common option for sawing a wood-brown stove at home, due to the availability of tools, universalism and simplicity of circulation.

Requirements for used files:

In the assortment of most tool manufacturers there are special products for sawing wood stove. Files for laminate are also suitable for work.

The process of sawing consists in the sequential performance of three operations: marking sheets, sawing and processing the edge if necessary.

Cutting out the material

When homework, it is important to correctly carry out the cutting of the material in order to minimize the amount of waste. Particular attention is paid to the “layout” if the laminated wood-brown plate has a clearly pronounced pattern, which must be taken into account.

It is recommended to plan the location of the parts on a sheet of paper. On the Internet, it is easy to find calculators and programs that automatically plan the optimal location of parts.

Before starting work, it is necessary to lay the sheet on a solid basis, taking into account that the site of the cut is needed a supply of free space for the progress of the file.

Further, the cutting algorithm consists in the sticker of the painting tape and the drawing of the sawing lines with a permanent marker.

Having glued the masking tape of the required width, it is possible to exclude scratches from the steel sole of the electrician, reduce the likelihood of chips of the laminating layer.

If it was not possible to find special files for the wood-cutting stove, the sawing is carried out on the back, so that the teeth “work” towards the surface.

The process of sawing

It is recommended to saw with the help of guides with even lines.

The work algorithm is as follows:

  • A layer of laminate is cut through a sharp knife or a special tool. The operation reduces the number of chips.
  • With clamps, the guide is fixed, about which the sole of the jigsaw will be based on a direct cut. You can do without device if the quality of the edge is not decisive or with extensive experience. The location is chosen based on the width of the supporting plate of the jigsaw.
  • Set the average rotation of the electric motor, remove the rolling mode.
  • Start drinking from edge to center. The instrument pressure is excluded, since in this case the file will definitely take aside or the cut will pass at an angle in the plane of the sheet.
  • If necessary, they carry out finishing, bypassing the workbench.
  • At the end of the drink, the sheet is excluded under its own weight.

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Only high.quality files allow you to work for a long time. The Economy Class tool will ensure cutting out no more than 5-10 linear meters of laminated woody stove, after which the teeth dull chips, the jigsaw leads to the side.

If you need to cut the inner hole under the hatch, installing electric sockets or switches, first mark the marking. Next, drill a wood-boom slab with a drill 1-2 mm exceeding the width of the file. Having set the file in the formed hole, the sawing is carried out.

wood-bearing, plate, manual, circular

Processing after trimming

If you use hard profiles, = just remove dust. Playing is carried out with carpentry glue.

The end of the end of the end is carried out with films of different material:

An important condition-before glitting, it is necessary to align the end surface of the wood-bearing plate.

For processing, use a milling mill, file or a grinder.

Self-adhesive films are pressed by any even bar. After gluing, the protruding parts of the end tape are cut off.

Cut panels made of woody stove and other materials

This is especially important when sawing plates with a double.sided finish coating. The wood.fiber slab cut can be carried out at home using an electric or manual jigsaw

Of course, the saw should be acute, with a small tooth, on an electrician it is necessary to install maximum speed. Install the wood.fiber plate horizontally on the support, which should not interfere with the sawing (between two tables or chairs, for example), fix, if necessary, with clamps

The wood.fiber slab cut can be carried out at home using an electric or manual jigsaw. Of course, the saw should be acute, with a small tooth, on an electrician it is necessary to install maximum speed. Install the wood.fiber plate horizontally on the support, which should not interfere with the sawing (between two tables or chairs, for example), fix, if necessary, with clamps.

The electric jigsaw should be held with both hands, pressing tightly to the surface, move smoothly, strictly along the marking line, without jerking and pressing.

The same applies to work by a manual jigsaw.

In the case when it is necessary to cut many sheets of material, it is more convenient to contact a specialized company. It will save your time and effort.

Reception 1. Sprinkled along the guide

Install the guide (tire) on the workpiece, set the depth of sawing and perform a cut. As you yourself can be convinced, even on the outside of our workpiece made of wood-bearing plate, no chips, there are no undermining. He drank even without signs of bully or lateral waves. Why such difference?

What is the merit of the guide?

When we saw the disk, we inevitably move the saw, the so.called “iron movement” turns out. That is, when we lead with a hand, we all the time move the saw to the right, to the left. A guide that has a stiff Kant allows you to avoid this.

Accordingly, when we lead the saw along the guide, it does not move and the saw disk itself works evenly, without changing its position. It turns out the perfect fishing line for the trimmer parallel to the guide.

What to do if there is no hand.driving saw and guide?

You need to make a guide yourself. We find a regular profile, you can take a rule, any even rail, the main thing is that its geometry is even.

We measure the distance from the saw disk to the edge of your workpiece wood-bearing plate. We fasten any clamps to the workpiece and start the cut.

The main thing in the process is to constantly press the saw to the guide. That is, your hand should always lead a saw towards a home.made tire.

After the cut, you will get an almost perfect cut, a fishing line for a cutting trimmer is barely visible. We performed a cut very high quality, the cut itself is clean, no lateral traces are visible on it. With the exception of a small pile on the back of the workpiece.

Where did this pile come from, because we worked with the guide (tire)?

There is a special plastic protective tape on the purchased tire for cutting. This tape does not allow pile to rise and cut it cuts. In this case, we did not have this tape, so we got this pile on the surface.

The usual painting tape is taken. Glued to the place of cut on it, markings are made and sawn with painting tape. Adhesive tape holds the heap in place and when cut it, we get everything purely.

Just more slowly lead the saw disk itself. That is, if the same thing is done with a slower feed, then the chips will be much smaller.