How to Cut Tiles If There Is No Tile Cutter

During the use of ceramic tiles as a facing material, the methodology and technology for working with tiles has been constantly improved. They learned how to cut tiles with high quality and with minimal physical effort. The result is a smooth, rounded edge that does not require additional grinding. In creating professional tools for cutting tiles, unique characteristics of the material were taken into account and, based on experience, the most effective ways of influencing it were formed.

A high-quality and productive method of cutting is possible using an electric tile cutter, which uses a diamond cutting wheel and a water supply. This technology guarantees a minimum amount of dust, a minimum expenditure of physical strength. How to cut a tile without a tile cutter? Is it possible to cut ceramic tiles with comparable results at home?

how to cut a tile if there is no tile cutter

When laying tiles on the floor or wall, cutting ceramic tiles is required

Professional tilers, having thoroughly studied the properties of tiles, learned to use different tools for working with ceramic material. over, if for some reason it is not possible to use professional equipment, they are able to make a tool from improvised means. Using such a tool, cutting tiles is easy.

It is recommended to take advantage of the invaluable experience of specialists.

To cut the material when carrying out facing work at home, you must have the following tools:

  • flat surface;
  • a straight line guide at one end, the so-called "square";
  • drill with a winning tip;
  • glass cutter, stationery knife;
  • “Tongs with tile cutting function”. miniature tongs with a wheel for cutting tiles on one side and a transverse convex plate on the other;
  • drill with nozzles in the form of "crowns";
  • jigsaw with diamond wire;
  • "Angle Grinder".

It is important to remember that before cutting tile material should be prepared. If you soak the ceramic tile for thirty minutes before you start working with it, you can solve the problems of dust, brittleness and increase its ductility.

To qualitatively cut off part of the tile, you need to draw a clear furrow on the glossy surface and then break it down with a quick confident movement. This can be done without difficulty using various tools: a glass cutter, a drill with a winning tip, a knife for cardboard and a guide ruler. The procedure in all cases will be the same:

Glass Cutter. The Most Affordable Tile Cutter

  • we put the tile on a flat surface with the inner side down;
  • we make the necessary markings and draw a clear line with a pencil using the "square";
  • draw a furrow along the ruler, pushing with medium force on the glass cutter or drill;
  • we put a drill under the fishing line, press on the tile from two sides and break it. In another embodiment, you can break the tile if you place it on the edge of the table along the cut line and sharply pressing it.

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Using the "tongs with a wheel" to break the tiles is much easier, because they are specifically designed for this. It is enough to insert the transverse plate from above so that the cut groove passes exactly in the center of the pressing plate, and then squeeze the forceps. In this case, a quality fault is obtained.

Grasp the tile with tongs in the center of the marked line and push the handles

At home, you can make quite suitable tools for cutting tiles, if it is not possible to use a special tool. For example, a drill with a 6/8 mm diameter drill tip can be turned on a diamond disc like a pencil. The main thing in this: do not grind the winning layering and make a point without edges. The rounded shape of the tip allows you to make deep cuts when applying it to the side of the "square".

All of the above methods are suitable for cutting wall tiles, but in cases of working with a thicker floor tile with a dense structure, you must resort to using other tools.

For example, it is advisable to use an “angle grinder” along with improvised tools. At the same time, in order to equip it, the disks for cutting granite with a smooth crown and diamond disks, allowing you to quickly cut tile material, are most suitable.

The cutting process of an angle grinder is quite simple and affordable even for non-professionals

The operation sequence may be as follows:

  1. First, you need to draw a fairly deep fishing line with a glass cutter or a special drill. To do this, you can draw several times on the outer surface.
  2. Then, using the "angle grinder" you need to start gently cutting along the outer edge of the incision. In this case, it is advisable to go deeper no more than 3 millimeters. Having performed this procedure 2-3 times, you can get a quality cut.

Cutting floor tiles can be done in another way:

  1. On a glossy surface we also draw a furrow using the same improvised tools.
  2. We turn the tile over and on the inside precisely according to the outer marks we make an incision “angle grinder”.
  3. After breaking, it is recommended to sand the edges with sandpaper.

Direct and curly cutting of tiles can be carried out using the "angle grinder" with a diamond disk. The productivity of such work is comparable to an electric tile cutter. Although the quality of the cut using the "angle grinder" is inferior, but if you want to carry out mobile work of large volume, this tool is indispensable. After the cut, additional grinding measures will be required.

Particular attention when working with the "angle grinder" should be given to safety

  • Work should be carried out in safety glasses and a respirator, since cutting in this way is accompanied by a large amount of dust.
  • You can not use the tool without a protective "casing" and with a loose disk. In this case, you can only cut using a diamond blade.
  • An incision should be made in the direction “from oneself”.
  • Tile material must be rigidly fixed on a horizontal surface.
  • An “angle grinder” is a dangerous tool, so certain skills are needed to work with it.

If you need to make holes and semicircular cut lines at home, use a drill with special nozzles, wire cutters with carbide clamps.

To make holes in the tiles use a special nozzle on the drill

When drilling, you need:

  • to prepare a point on the tile, having previously beaten off the icing;
  • start drilling with a spear-shaped drill, and then use the nozzles.

The peculiarity of working with forceps is to “bite off” ceramic fragments along a contour drawn in advance. It should be remembered that only small pieces need to be separated. In any case, after such procedures it is important to grind.