How To Dilute Gasoline For A Chainsaw

A chainsaw is used when cutting trees, in repair work. The popularity of this tool is growing every year. Each owner buys it at home. However, to use it for a long time, you must properly care for the tool. Only with quality care, the saw will last a lifetime and will not harm your health.

How To Dilute Gasoline For A Chainsaw

This is especially true in gasoline-oil mixtures. It must be diluted and filled strictly according to the instructions that will be given below.

Why dilute lubricant

At the very beginning, you need to deal with the cause of the dilution of the fuel. The mixture used for the chainsaw is diluted primarily to extend the service to its owner. The instructions to it strictly prohibit operation without diluting gasoline.

The basis of the chainsaw motor is a piston internal combustion engine. It consists only of a cylinder, so it does not have additional systems for lubricating parts. The mixture enters it, settles, lubricates the piston rings and walls. In tools like chainsaws, oil with gasoline is a unique lubricant. The mixture extends the life of all parts.

In addition, it contains additives that are useful for engine operation. It has antioxidant, preservative and other properties that are also useful for the engine and its parts.

What proportions exist to dilute the components for the mixture

The quality of the chainsaw will depend on the correct refueling of the chainsaw with a mixture of lubricants and fuel. To determine the proportion of components and how to dilute the fuel, it is recommended to read the instructions. If you forgot how to dilute, or lost the instructions. you can contact the Internet for help. It should be said that the proportion between oil and gasoline for a chainsaw should be observed exactly.

The most common ratio of gasoline to oil is a 1:50 ratio.

That is, one liter of gasoline is diluted with twenty milligrams of lubricant. This ratio is quite suitable for tools whose power is more than one and a half kilowatts per hour.

For those chainsaws whose power is less than one and a half kilowatts per hour, it is recommended to mix gasoline with oil in a ratio of 1:25. That is, one liter of gasoline is diluted with twenty-five milligrams of motor oil.

It must be remembered that the presence of a large amount of oil in gasoline will lead to rapid wear of parts. When the level is exceeded, the loads on the cylinder and piston increase. Faster carbon deposits form faster.

In addition to the instructions, you need to know what oil you need to add for a chainsaw. Since there are many varieties, it is difficult for the ordinary owner of a chainsaw to choose the best of the proposed ones. Let’s consider some of them.

Proportions of gasoline and oil

For example, Stihl, along with quality saws, produces special lubricants that are used in these tools. Special oils are produced by companies such as:

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The above three companies are simultaneously manufacturers of chainsaws and special lubricants for them. The next step in the proper maintenance of the tool will be the saw refueling algorithm.

How to refuel a saw

A plastic bottle is best for refueling a chainsaw. The volume of the container should be equal to two liters, if you will often use the tool. A smaller container should be used when you rarely use a saw.

Dilute fuel and lubricant in a separate bottle. The exact proportions indicated in the instructions must be observed. It is recommended that you leave an empty space so that the liquid mixes well.

Such a mixture should be stored no more than two weeks. Shake the bottle before use. Experts do not recommend diluting a large amount of the mixture immediately and store it for years. Storage temperature should not exceed more than twenty-five degrees Celsius. If more, then the shelf life is reduced.

Chainsaw oil refueling

Long-term storage of the mixture greatly affects the traction capabilities of the engine. A carbon deposit forms, the ability of the pistons to move quickly decreases.

How to dilute the components of the mixture

As mentioned above, gasoline with oil should be diluted in a specially prepared container. Do not do this in a gas tank. The latest technology will cause some of the oil to fall into the carburetor. As a result, you will have to disassemble the engine and wash it.

The standard dilution ratios are 50: 1 and 40: 1. Such a mixture will not interfere with the combustion of gasoline in the gas tank and will improve the lubrication of the moving parts of the mechanism. When running a new tool, it is advisable to add twenty percent more lubricant. Diluting with large quantities of oil is recommended in areas with high air temperatures.

Many owners will be interested in information on how to dilute gasoline with oil, if there is no measured capacity. For this, twenty cubic medical syringes are suitable. Although most often measuring tanks are included in the kit for chainsaws.

Before diluting the fuel, it is necessary to clean and degrease the neck of the gas tank. It is desirable to fill in through the filter. Any rag will serve as a filter.

After use, the remaining mixture must be drained and disposed of. Remember that it’s better to overfill than underfill. What will happen if you do not take into account the recommendations, read below.

If you do not follow the instructions, you can bring the tool to an inoperative state. For example, if you do not dilute the fuel, soot will form more often, the necessary lubrication of the pistons will not occur, as a result of which the temperature in the engine rises. And this will cause the pistons to break. Or the owner of the saw will inhale large quantities of toxic fumes throughout the work. Thus, he will earn health problems, break the tool.

Mixing Oil and Gasoline

If you use poor quality lubricant and fuel, they can also lead to engine damage. It is not recommended to dilute engine oil made for cars. Fuel must be bought with a high octane rating.

Overview of manufacturers of oils for internal combustion engines

Synthetic materials retain their lubricating properties for a long time. With increasing temperature, they are able to not fade after the first heating. Do not emit toxic substances that can damage the health of the owner.

Husqvarna lubricant is used to lubricate chainsaw engines of the same company. It must be diluted in gasoline in a proportion of 1:50. Or 20 grams per liter of fuel. Lubrication of engines from manufacturers of another company must be diluted in a proportion of 1 to 33. That is, 30 grams per liter of gasoline. This component for fuel dilution consists of seventy percent mineral elements. Synthetic impurities are also added. But their share is a small part. 30 percent. This grease is intended for the CIS countries, where there are problems with high-quality gasoline.

Kreissman, an example of which was given above, is used for two-stroke chainsaw engines. It is necessary to dilute the oil with fuel in the same proportions as indicated above. “Kreissman” prevents the formation of soot, perfectly lubricates pistons and other engine parts.

Tool manufacturers usually complete their chainsaw with their own lubrication material. This achieves the best ratio of lubricating properties and increases the service life of the saw.