How to Dilute Stihl Chainsaw Oil

How to Dilute Stihl Chainsaw Oil

Few people know the rules of how to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw. The wrong proportion of gasoline and oil, poured into the tank of the two-stroke engine of the chainsaw and used for a long time will lead to negative consequences that will affect the operation of the garden and sawmill. Ignoring the use of fuel oil mixture and using pure gasoline instead will lead to premature failure and urgent repair of the saw.

What gasoline to fill in chainsaws

A lot of controversy goes around what kind of gasoline to fill in the fuel tank. For foreign models, manufacturers recommend the use of 92nd gasoline. Local instrument manufacturers, by contrast, recommend using lower grade fuels, such as AI-80. But everyone agrees that the use of gasoline with an octane rating of 95 and above is not recommended. This is due to the presence in it of special additives (additives) that change the qualitative composition of the fuel, but unlike automobile engines, the tool has a more sensitive filling. Excess components are deposited on the internal parts and, when the critical mass is accumulated, exfoliate and disrupt the mechanism.

Gasoline for chainsaw

In some cases, a mixture of the 92nd and 80th unleaded fuel is used for refueling.
The best recipe is to follow the instructions that came with the tool. It usually indicates the “correct” option for this model, and by default, 92nd grade gasoline is recommended.

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What oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw

Many manufacturers that produce chainsaws also create their own consumables, including oils, adapted to work with a specific engine. They differ in their composition, quality and purpose. Distinguish between chain and motor oils. They are not interchangeable, therefore filling the chain oil into the fuel tank can lead to damage to the tool.
Among a number of brands, it is worth highlighting several intended for 2-stroke engines:

  • Oleo-mac Prosint;
  • Stihl and Stihl HP;
  • 2-takt motorsugen;
  • Kraissman;
  • Sadko;
  • Husqvarna 10.0.

Stihl Chainsaw Oil

For 4-stroke, other specialized oils are used, for example, MOL Dynamic 4T or Oleo-mac 4T SAE, etc.
It is important not to use used engine oil under any pretext. It contains particles of worn metal, an excess of oxides and other components that will cause irreparable harm to the fuel system.

Proportions of oil and gasoline for chainsaws

There are only 3 ways to mix oil. But in order to implement any of them, you need to correctly measure the components so that the mixture acquires the necessary technical qualities. The main options for proportions:

In terms of milliliters, 1/50 will correspond to 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of fuel. Others are calculated in the same way.
It is not recommended to choose them at your own discretion and measure them by eye. Follow the instructions on the oil packaging or in the box with the tool. If they do not coincide with each other, you must give priority to the one that comes with the saw.
They must also be mixed with knowledge of technology. You need to add oil to the fuel, and not vice versa. It has a denser structure than gasoline and can stick to the walls of the vessel, it does not matter if it is a separate mixing tank or just a fuel tank.
To get the right mixture, you need to use measuring instruments:

  • measuring glasses or bottles with divisions;
  • medical syringes without needles;
  • special branded containers for mixing.