How to Disassemble a Bosch Hammer Video

Any tool, including a puncher, requires special personal care and lean use. Therefore, each owner of such an electric tool must regularly inspect the unit, know how to disassemble the hammer. Analysis and repair of the device can be done at home without spending a dime on the services of a specialist.

how to disassemble a bosch punch video

A rotary hammer is a must-have tool on any construction site, but due to careless use it wears out very quickly and fails. This is due to high tool loads. As we know, a rotary hammer often works at full power in the most difficult conditions. Due to such loads, even branded models lend themselves to breakdowns. Therefore, each owner of this machine must know how to repair the punch yourself.

Like any other technical device, the punch can be repaired; for this, it is not necessary to carry it to a specialized workshop. Although not every man knows how to repair a hammer drill, but it does not matter! This article will help you do the repair yourself without any help.

general information

The most common cause of a tool breakdown is a loose wire. Due to simple inattention, people pay significant money for a mere trifle in the services for the repair of perforators. A simple inspection is enough to understand that the tool has broken conditionally, that it can be easily repaired by yourself without any help.

Is self repair possible?

Not always a visual inspection will help to identify the cause of the breakdown. In this case, the next step will be the analysis of the punch. If the device has served for many years and does not represent significant value, you can try to find the cause of the breakdown by disassembling the tool into separate parts. Feel free to proceed with an autonomous repair if the cause of the malfunction of the tool is visible and you already have an idea of ​​the stuffing of perforators. If the device was purchased relatively recently, and the model itself is more modern and costs a lot of money, then it is best to contact a service center, because self-repair can not only fix the device but cause harm. If the inspection of the unit does not reveal a breakdown, then it is necessary to wait a while to repair the hammer drill. In the latter case, the consultation of an experienced specialist is not superfluous.

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Symptoms of equipment malfunctions


  • The smell of burning from the device.
  • During operation, pauses or short circuits occur.
  • The device does not turn on the first time or works intermittently.
  • The appearance of extraneous noise when working with the device. over, such noises were not noticed before.

Video: How to Disassemble a Bosch Hammer Video

Any of the above symptoms should not be ignored. Proceed to find out the cause of the unit failure. For trouble-free operation over a long period, you should carefully monitor and care for the tool. To fix the device, you should study the components of the punch and learn how to disassemble and assemble it.

Dismantling and assembling the tool (Video)

A damaged wire on the device, like other minor mechanical damage, can be easily noticed. If you make a thorough inspection of the tool parts, it is not difficult to see other minor malfunctions that led to the breakdown of the device. For more serious problems, disassembly of the punch is needed. And upon completion of repair work. also the assembly of the punch. The second operation in some cases is more complicated than the first. the appearance after assembly of excess parts will indicate miscalculations of the repair. To prevent this from happening, you need to not only know how to fix the hammer, but also how to assemble it. It is important to be careful and careful during the repair of the tool, then in 99% of cases the repair will be successful!

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To proceed with the repair of the punch, including the barrel type, you should correctly disassemble the device:

  • Removing the rubber tip and ring spring. After that, we proceed to the removal of the casing of the drill coupling.
  • Carefully pull out a steel ball that acts as a fixation.
  • Removing the switch knob by first placing the operating mode lever to the maximum position. Click on the button to fix the position.
  • Removing the trim (rear) on the handle.
  • Removing the engine brush.
  • Removing the front part, for which you need to unscrew the 4 screws located near the drill.
  • We take out the rotor. To do this, unscrew the crepes located on the stator, after which we disconnect 4 terminals from the stator contacts.
  • We pull out the remaining parts.

In some cases, if the problem lies in the gearbox or impact mechanism, we further unscrew the end face of the gearbox housing, after which we carefully remove the casing made of plastic. In order for the parts to remain in place, it is best to carry out this entire process by placing the tool on its side.

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Do-it-yourself repair (Video)

In most cases, repair consists of replacing broken and defective parts. But there are other problems in the tool:

  • Breakdown of the winding. To solve the problem, rewind the anchor and stator.
  • Worn brushes. In this case, they resort to disassembling the punch and replacing worn parts.
  • Deterioration of the punch boot. It cannot be repaired, only replaced.
  • Hammer drill chuck. The problem will be noticeable if its rim begins to constantly slow down. To be replaced.
  • Bad lubrication. Periodically check the oil level in the tray. Some parts of the tool should also be lubricated: countershaft, gear wheel.
  • Bearing wear. The bearings gradually collect dust and dirt during operation, the grease thickens, they begin to overheat and, as a result, fail. To be replaced.

If the damage is serious, and you do not have repair experience, the best option for you is to contact experienced craftsmen. Do not start repairs if you are not sure that you can independently identify the cause of the failure, and are not able to solve it!