How To Distinguish 260 Stihl Original From Fake

How To Distinguish 260 Stihl Original From Fake

Why Stihl Chainsaws Are Popular

Stihl has a long history of development. She was the first to use electric motors in chainsaws. The manufacturer produces various types of chainsaws: farmers’ option, household, professional and special chainsaws for lifeguards.

Original products are of high quality and easy to operate. The cost of such equipment is different. The simplest chainsaw without special technical equipment costs around 17,000 p. Semi-professional. from 30 000 p. A professional device may have a cost that will exceed 50,000 p.


In almost a hundred-year history, Stihl has registered many patents related to improving the design of chainsaws and related tools for woodworking. Patented technologies are used in modern devices.

The Stihl chainsaw device at the present stage has many technical advantages that simplify the work with wood:

  1. Engine operation using 2-MIX technology. The combustion chamber is blown with air during operation, which reduces the emission of fuel combustion products into the environment and saves gas consumption by almost 2 times.
  2. Catalyst for destroying residual fuel in a chainsaw muffler. A special mixture helps to completely consume fuel that enters the muffler. This increases economy and protects the environment from harmful emissions.
  3. Air filter. Compared to standard filters, this analog has the following advantages: it does not require special care, is long-term in use, more efficient and productive than a standard cleaner.
  4. Intelligent engine. It has no analogues in the world. Thanks to electronic control, the system itself controls the quality and quantity of the mixture supplied to the engine. The smart interface recognizes the types of device starts and some commands.
  5. Decompression valve. Helps to reduce the load on the cylinder at the time of starting the chainsaw. The auxiliary element automatically adjusts the pressure when the engine starts.
  6. System for heating the carburetor. This device is necessary at the time of operation at a negative temperature.
  7. Handle heating. The system is powered by electricity and is in demand in the cold season. Such convenience facilitates the work and completely eliminates the sticking of snow on the handle.

Not all models of the company are equipped with these devices. Some equipment needs to be bought separately.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

Due to the high popularity of the brand and the quality of the original devices, many companies are trying to produce analogues, hiding behind the name of the manufacturer. The Stihl chainsaw is not forged in accordance with the technology of the original, therefore quality cannot be guaranteed with respect to operation.

In order to protect yourself from expensive, but low-quality fakes, you need to carefully choose a model when buying. If you know a few nuances, you can distinguish the fake Stihl chainsaw from even a high-quality analogue:

You also need to pay attention to the quality of the cover, keys and other items of equipment.


Specifications depend on the type and classification of the device. For domestic needs, large capacities are not needed. Professional chainsaws are more powerful and designed for long-term and efficient operation. The company produces a range of Stihl chainsaws with different specifications for different types of woodwork.

Stihl 180

This model is intended for domestic use. The device is suitable for work in the garden, in the yard. The power of the Stihl 180 chainsaw is 2 horsepower (hp). Model 180 has a small weight (4 kg). There is protection that limits the effects of vibration on the person working on the cut. The model belongs to an economical class with an ecological arrangement of the mechanism.

The disadvantages of this model are loud noise during operation, low productivity, the equipment will have to be supplemented with an air filter, since it is not in the basic configuration.

Stihl 461

Stihl 461 is used for work in the forest. The device can work for a long time without rest. Power is 6 liters. sec., and the mass of the apparatus is almost 7 kg. The chainsaw is equipped with 2-MIX technology, which reduces the emission of harmful substances into the environment.

The device is equipped with anti-vibration technology. The air filter keeps the mechanism free from contamination. The pump independently regulates the oil supply.

Stihl 360

The chainsaw can withstand heavy loads during continuous operation. Stihl 360 can be used in the forest, it is suitable for working with hardwood. The weight of the chainsaw is 5.7 kg, power. 3.4-4.6 liters. from. Equipped with IntelliCarb system, oil regulating pump.

Stihl 440

Characteristics 440 have more positive aspects in work:

  • 2-MIX technology;
  • softening the impact force thanks to the reinforced buffer zone on the handle;
  • air valve to reduce fuel and oil loss;
  • the chain is pulled to the side for increased safety;
  • power is 4 kW;
  • weight 6.3 kg.

Chainsaw belongs to a series of professional equipment for felling and cutting wood in the forest.

Ms 462

Model MS 462 is suitable for work in the forest, can be used for felling trees and cutting branches on large trunks with medium hardness. Belongs to the class of professional chainsaws. It is equipped with the engine of the M-Tronic series, the HD2 filter. Power is 4.4 kW. The weight of the chainsaw is 7.2 kg.

Ms 310

MS 310 is a classic version for domestic and communal use; it can be used for felling forests with an average density of stands. Equipped with carburetor warm-up, QuickStop brake, one control lever, compressor and pump, has a system to restrain vibration.

Stihl 480

A device for working in the country. Using the device, you can trim bushes and small trees. The power of the device is not too large, and in the process of work requires a periodic stop.

Ms 880

Model MS 880 is designed for construction work. The chainsaw is equipped with:

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  • quick start system ElastoStart;
  • side chain tension;
  • a pump that reduces the amount of oil injection.

Specifications: 6.4 kW, weight 9.9 kg, gas tank 1250 ml.

Ms 271

Designed exclusively for chores. A new generation engine reduces gas mileage and emissions. The device is capable of working with a power of 2.6 kW, and the weight of the device is 5.6 kg. Care of internal mechanisms is simplified by the fact that access does not require special screwdrivers and wrenches.

Ms 291

Chainsaw for household needs. The weight of the device is 5.4 kg. The gas tank has a volume of 0.5 l and the oil tank has 250 g. A well-thought-out system to increase safety. The device has a standard two-stroke engine. The air filter keeps the mixes clean. Ematic chain automatic lubrication technology extends saw blade life and reduces lubricant consumption.

Stihl 150

The Stihl 150 is used for pruning tree branches. This is the lightest chainsaw in the class of professional devices of this brand. The narrow chain and lightweight housing make it easy to control the device during the execution of work. With a low power of 1 kW and a narrow specialization, the chainsaw belongs to the class of professional equipment of this type. To work with the device, you should undergo special training.

Ms 270

The Stihl MS 270 chainsaw is used for working with wood at the household level. Technical characteristics of this model are comparable to the characteristics of professional equipment. To reduce fuel and oil consumption, automatic systems are present. The Stihl 270 chainsaw is equipped with an automatic chain lubrication tool.

Stihl 280

The Stihl 280 saw was equipped with an “intelligent” motor that controls fuel consumption. The Stihl MS 280 chainsaw is equipped with an electronic mixture injection control system. Power is 2.8 kW, weight. 5.8 kg. The professional device is designed for hours of use.

Stihl 390

A universal version of the device for all types of woodwork. Power is 3.4 kW. Weight. about 6 kg. Particular attention is paid to the quality arrangement of the buffer zone.

Stihl 240

The compact model 240 gasoline-powered saw is used for tree care, construction, and felling. Due to its small size and thoughtful design it is used to perform almost manipulations with thin branches and tree trunks. power is 2 hp and weight is 4.7 kg.

Ms 341

The Stihl MS 341 chainsaw belongs to the class of professional equipment for sawing and felling thick trees. Procedures are performed quickly and efficiently due to high power and thoughtful arrangement of the tire. Stihl 341 is made of durable metal, which increases the protection of the mechanism.

Stihl 290

Suitable for summer cottages. It can perform work related to pruning and processing of wood.

Active anti-vibration technology will ensure comfortable use, thanks to this, the worker does not get tired brushes.

Automatic oil and gas systems save fuel. Weight. 5.9 kg, power 3.8 hp In case of breakdown, you can get quick access to internal mechanisms thanks to a convenient cover.

Stihl 025

It has a good anti-vibration system that protects against hand strain. Lightweight and functional, with a power of 1.7 hp Equipped with systems that increase user safety. In the arrangement of the chainsaw, the ElastoStart system is used for the convenience of the handle.

Ms 181

High performance with 2 hp Equipped with anti-vibration system and 2-MIX engine. Economical and environmentally friendly thanks to automatic control systems for the operation of the device.

Stihl 160

Electric saw, which is highly environmentally friendly. An anti-vibration system, an automatic chain processing system, and locking control buttons were introduced into the saw. Belongs to the class of the device with increased comfort of use and a quick chain tensioning system.

MS 661

Model 661 is equipped with ElastoStart, Ematic system. The power of the model is 54 kW, its weight is 7.3 kg. It has a device for heating the carburetor in the cold season. There are automatic systems for monitoring the operation of the device.

Less popular models

Some Stihl chainsaw models have less demand. Less sales are not due to marketing, but to the technical characteristics of these models.

  1. The Stihl 023 chainsaw has a low engine power. Used for work at home.
  2. Stihl 350 is an advanced analogue of obsolete models. Thanks to the improvement of technical characteristics, the cost has also increased. Stihl 350 is used in everyday life for short work with wood.
  3. Model 210 is suitable for harvesting small volumes of wood. Small capacity and ease of use makes the 210 model popular with owners of private houses.
  4. Model 036 is a Stihl professional chainsaw. High endurance characterizes the device from the best side, the model can work 8-10 hours in a row. The saw is equipped with a STIHL ElastoStart handle, auto-start fuel control systems.
  5. The 241 can carry out many functions with its M-Tronic automatic engine. In chainsaw 241 there is a function that allows you to restore the parameters used when working with it the previous time. Economical and practical.
  6. Saw model 25 belongs to the class of household chainsaws. If necessary, you can change the basic equipment to a more suitable one. It is easy to replace the standard Model 25 grip with the ElastoStart special grip. This is the smallest saw with a lightweight grip.
  7. Stihl 200 is a high-tech cordless saw. It performs many automatic functions, including automatic chain lubrication. At the same time it has a minimum noise level.
  8. Stihl 140 belongs to the class of cordless saws with a wide range of applications. Saw 140 works almost silently; systems for controlling the operation of the device operate in automatic mode. It is mainly used for domestic needs, can be used for work inside buildings.
  9. The Stihl 023 chain saw has a weight of 6.1 kg and a power of 2 hp. Household saw, the device of which is thought out so as to protect the employee as much as possible. Convenient handle placement, side chain tension, auto ignition and chain brake. all designed for convenient and safe operation at home.
  10. The MS 600 chainsaw is a professional device for felling large trees and sawing them. Power is 7 hp MS 600 has the disadvantage of a large mass of 7.5 kg. This weight is due to the high-quality technical equipment of all systems of the device.

Which one to choose

You can choose the Stihl chainsaw correctly if you adhere to several rules:

  1. Determine what technical parameters the device should have.
  2. Pay attention to the quality of the chainsaw, check if it is a fake.

To choose a chainsaw, you need to consider not only general recommendations. It is possible to conditionally divide all models into groups and subgroups that will determine the necessary tool with the necessary parameters:

  • models from 170 to 250 belong to household versions of chainsaws;
  • models from 270 to 310 are semi-professional devices that are suitable for work in the forest;
  • Models 410-880 are for professional use.

There is a list of the most popular models: 260. the smallest mass of professional equipment, 440. the universal option for home and forest, 880. the most powerful chainsaw for specialists.

Operation, maintenance and repair

In order for the chainsaw to serve for a long time and not break after each use, you must properly operate the device and follow the recommendations for caring for it. Recommendations indicated in the instructions:

  • first you need to take care of personal safety by choosing protective equipment for eyes, hands, head and comfortable clothes;
  • carefully check the device for malfunctions and improper assembly;
  • periodically it is worth lubricating the chain if there is no automatic system to carry out this procedure;
  • pour gasoline into the tank using special devices;
  • launch to exercise away from other people, taking a stable position;
  • store the device in a closed special case that prevents the penetration of moisture, dirt, dust and sunlight;
  • After use, remove excess fuel from the tank.

Other features are indicated in the manual. It is advisable not to carry out repairs yourself. it is better to seek help from technical service centers that cooperate with the manufacturer. If a breakdown of any system or spare part occurs, then in such centers they can make a replacement for the original part.

Owner reviews and prices

The cost of chainsaws manufacturer Stihl depends on the classification:

  • the price of the MS 661 chainsaw in the professional class is more than 50,000 p.;
  • the price of household chainsaws can range from 17,000 to 25,000 p.;
  • semi-professional devices range from 20,000 to 45,000 p.

Anton, 35 years old, Moscow Region: “For a long time I was looking for the original Stihl saw, but I could not find it. 2 times I bought fakes that quickly broke. It is difficult to find genuine products from the manufacturer. ”

Stepan, 32 years old, Ural: “My brother and I bought chainsaws for felling. My device works without problems, but my brother quickly broke down. I am sure that the breakdown occurred due to poor care. I’m completely satisfied with my chainsaw. I’ve been working with it for 5 years already. ”