How to Dress a Chain on a Saw

No matter how often you use the saw, it requires timely maintenance. It is very important that the chain and the tire for the saw are in good condition, which will ensure high-quality work and tool life.

What role does the bus play?

The saw bar is responsible for guiding the blade during operation. It serves as a protective element for the chain, protecting it from premature erasure. When choosing it, it is necessary to take into account the chain pitch and the width of the pitch, it is necessary that they exactly correspond to the declared characteristics of a particular model. The length of the saw tire and the coincidence of the shanks are also important.

How to choose the chain for the saw?

Faced with the replacement of saw components, users are wondering which chain is best for saws. Focus on the purpose for which you use the tool, as well as the compatibility of accessories for other brands:

    • If power is important to you, choose a chain to the saw, in large increments. In the event that the loads are relatively not high, a smaller step of the saw chain is sufficient, while the volume of the cylinder is not important.

    how to put a chain on a saw

    • Consider the angle of sharpening the chain for the saw is used, this indicator is important for subsequent maintenance, repair work or replacement. The maximum performance will provide an angle of thirty degrees, since it better tolerates large loads. An angle of ten degrees is suitable for working with raw or frozen material.
    • The chain length must match the parameters of the bus, do not worry if during operation it stretches or sags, as this can be easily eliminated by removing a couple of links.
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    In order to select the chain for the saw as accurately as possible, in addition to the technical characteristics of the equipment, it is worth considering the method by which you cut, as well as the processed materials. If a longitudinal cut is necessary, then a chain for a saw with a minimum sharpening angle is recommended, in this case, the performance may be lower, but the service life will increase significantly.

    How to put a chain on a saw?

    It is worth noting that tool manufacturers do not prohibit independent tool maintenance, and provide instructions on how to remove and install the chain on the saw. If we consider one of the most common types, where the chain tension on the saw is lateral, then the algorithm looks like this:

    • We shift the shield, while protecting the release the brake.
    • Using a screwdriver, turn the control tension screw.
    • We screw the nut, so that the tension loosens.
    • Dismantle the cover.
    • You will need to separate the tire and chain from the sprocket.
    • You will need to remove the old chain from the tire, and install a new one in its place.
    • Now all previous manipulations are performed in reverse order.
    • The chain must be tightened with smooth movements, without jerking.
    • After the plastic cover is closed, you can finally tighten the saw chain using a nut and screw.

    Video: How to Dress a Chain on a Saw

    Manufacturers of power tools tirelessly upgrade their devices, so new devices appear that significantly facilitate all processes associated with the operation and maintenance of units. Today there are various chain tensioners on the saw, often use wing nuts for surgical intervention.

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    How to sharpen a saw chain with your own hands?

    Like any tool, an electric saw can lose its life over time, since working with wood dulls even the sharpest and most reliable materials. Depending on the degree of intensity, the time when you need to sharpen the saw chain with your own hands can be different. If you do not sharpen individual teeth of the saw chain in time, they will not only lose their original shape and become unusable, but also entail the need for a complete chain replacement. As soon as you see signs of blunting, you need to take adequate measures. to sharpen the chain of the saw.


    Note that sharpening the saw chain should be carried out as carefully as possible, if you are sure that a file and a couple of movements are enough to correct the cutting edge, this is not so. You will need a set of at least four tools:

    • Caliber.
    • To change the parameters of the depth gauge use a flat file.
    • Round file with landmark lines.
    • Frame for determining the angle.

    If you doubt how to sharpen the chain on the saw, entrust it to professionals, but most users do not have difficulties with this issue, since it is necessary to leave the chain on the bus, while securing the tire itself with a vise, for reliable fixation and convenient access to the links. Please note that the diameter of the file must match the teeth.

    Chain sharpening equipment

    There are more effective ways to sharpen a chain of a saw, for this manual and electric machines are used. Power plants require access to an energy source, but at the same time they have a lot of advantages, including:

    • Ability to work with various chains on saws.
    • You can adjust the depth and pitch of the cut.
    • Creating a limiter as accurate as possible.
    • You can set the desired cutting angle.
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    How is the saw chain lubricated?

    Lubricating the chain saw, both the chain itself and the tire, is an important aspect for the correct operation of the equipment. A pump is provided in the unit supplying lubricant from the tank to the cutting mechanism through the provided holes. Lubricate the saw chain as follows:

    • Passing through the sprocket, the tails transmit oil and distribute it to all elements.
    • Connecting links may be involved.

    If the chain on the saw is not lubricated, problems with cutting occur immediately, so it is necessary to control the oil level and its quality.

    How to extend the life of the chain?

    To resort to sharpening or changing chains as little as possible, use the tool for its intended purpose. Make sure that there are no foreign objects in the tree, such as metal brackets, bolts or nails. In addition, it is very important that the saw chain does not come into contact with the ground, special stands for cutting are useful for this. Compliance with the interval mode in order to avoid overheating and timely lubrication of the chain on the saws will significantly increase the service life of electrical equipment.