How to drill a crown from a quartz. Drilling the hole

DIY. We make a hole for the mixer in a steel sink (verbatger)

But the fact is a fact. now most shells in kitchens are made of stainless steel.

How easy and quickly make a crane hole in such a sink?

For this you need two special devices. cobalt drills and verbatger.

The usual drill will not take the sink. don’t even dream!

A special drill with the addition of cobalt is required.

Alternatives suggest that if there is no special drill, then you can pierce the primary hole with a large nail or screw, putting something even wooden from below-the resulting hole can already be drilled with a conventional metal drill:

Do not forget that there are cheap sinks made of thin metal. it is much easier to drill, punch, etc.P. Better sinks have a more durable metal, and drill a bunch of holes there, bite. it’s just Addish, plus a very high risk that the drill will jump and scratch the sink. Buy a checker and do it quickly and good.

On the package, there is such an icon with a shell. this means that they are suitable for drilling shells:

The lacker consists of two parts. a dick and a knife connected by a bolt:

A special triangular adapter is included in the kit. It is not needed if the tap is placed in a countertop or a thick sink (cast.iron, earthenware or from a sided stone), but for thin steel shells it is necessary to use it.

In my example, he stands under the sink in the only possible way, put it, we circle a circle with a marker:

Next, you need to find the center of the circle and make a small dent to an automatic or ordinary coreer, otherwise the drill may jump off and the hole will not work exactly in the center:

Next, we drill the smallest cobalt drill:

Next, I also drilled an intermediate size and then the main caliber! )

We put the verbatger so that the wide part is below, and the narrow one with a knife is on the side where the mixer will be:

And twist the key! The effort will need.

Once again. you will need cobalt drills and verbatger.

There are cobalt drills in household stores, sometimes it is cheaper to buy with a set, than a few, separately. Now the Topchik made of cobalt runs, this is the Dewalt Extreme 2, I now use the set of Dewalt DT5935-Qz-2000r cost a set, it drills just super, these Extreme 2 drills are sold separately (2 pieces). Or read reviews for any other firms so that there are no surprises.

The priest himself is less common on sale, I have it KWB, this costs 1500r now, and it was sold in Leroy. Surely there are other companies, on ozone you can buy for 1000r.But in Ikea, a set of pipeline and a priest is sold, which costs two times cheaper than one of my KWB rugus (Article number 285.121.00).

Rocking 35 mm, the hole is 36 mm, a drill under a bolt by 10 mm, but it should not be cobalt, for example, you can drill 8 mm cobalt and drill up to 10 mm ordinary (but sharp).

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Eh brother, I walked your post earlier, my nerves would be more complete. Thanks for the post

Thank you kind person for information about Ikeui! Harshes took 2 minutes maximum, leaning a dozen. a couple more minutes But the primary drilling with a triple (new cobalt!) an hour and a half in total! With butter, cooling, at low speed I thought I would never drill! Then he spat, turned on the maximum, broke the drill and fragmented the fragment. In general, my life did not cook me for this.

Cobalt drills a stainless steel sink quickly, so you did not have COBALT.What you described is so behaving a regular drill, 100%

Well, or a blunt, but you wrote that the drill was new. it means you were deceived, and it was just a drill with a yellow coating.

These are the drills are definitely good, I am very pleased with them, and they can be written separately if some breaks.

When drilling, I squeeze strongly, and the speed is slow (as it already takes, you can press less, and the drilling rate is increased).

In general, here people wrote an easy way, if there is no cobalt drill. you need to put the sink on the wooden spacer, take a large nail, and the Mo.tank profits the initiating hole! Since a wooden spacer is under the hole, the sink will not be remembered. And then this hole can be drilled already with an ordinary drill.

I think, perhaps at the very beginning, the drill overheated or somehow ruined it again. Although he slowly twisted, crushed with all his might. Because the second same drill (from one package) really drilled quickly (the second hole). It was impossible to profilet with a nail, since the sink was already connected.

Thank you kind person for advice! The other day made an ideal hole Ikeevsky Mistractor.

I did not meet the priests on sale, but I do not see any difficulties in drilling stainless steel. Yes, it is a little more viscous than ordinary steel, but it is unlikely to be a well.sharpened drill that will be an obstacle. It was necessary to drill the holes of the F40mm in steel pipes for this bought a bimethal crown Krasnodar.vseinstrumenti ICHESKAYA-40MM-11-01-062/The hole is certainly not as perfect as from a rowser, but she can be drilled a lot more)))

I always drill all the stainless steel shells with ordinary drills.Rarely found without holes for the mixer. Therefore, there is no priest yet.According to the contour of the estimated hole, at first 2-2.5 mmpot or 4 or 5. And slightly trim the file so as not to damage the flexible eyeliner when installing.

But your method saves time is a fact if there are constantly such sinks then only in your way

This is not my way. in Ikea, such checkers were sold in the kitchen department! )

And how you drill the “stone” shells? They are made of some resin and powder, as I understand it.

I pulled the drill and the crown while cut a hole into such a mixer! )

But, of course, such a shell is much more beautiful than a stainless steel. And perhaps more practical.

“Your” in with thoughts the one that you demonstrated) The lacker costs in the store 700 approximately. Rarely needed but a good way.Often with stone sinks, the phosnner drill is included.I am drill. Sometimes they are stupidly going. Therefore, it is worth picking up if you get sharp.Иногда в каменных мойках уже надсверлено отверстие. Hammer a hammer out of the hammer and trim a little with a file.

This is not my way. in Ikea, such checkers were sold in the kitchen department! )

And how you drill the “stone” shells? They are made of some resin and powder, as I understand it.

I pulled the drill and the crown while cut a hole into such a mixer! )

But, of course, such a shell is much more beautiful than a stainless steel. And perhaps more practical.

I want to try this And for the wood-brown stove will go for the sink I found it on Ali

I drilled such a wood-brown slab, when there was nothing at hand-it worked! )

Perhaps it will go for stone shells-this is still a stone nozzle. )

But for woody stove it is better to use crowns for metal or wood.

I am embarrassed to ask then all the discs are designed for stone and brick in the photo? since they are with attacks) link to the ruble ru.Aliexpress.COM/Item/DR Harpness/32320233857.HTML about bricks are not words there) I can be mistaken of course But I think the wood-brown stove will drill better than the crowns (from which the wood-boiled plate burns. because of the small divorce Zuybev)

You did not say that it was for metal, and I drilled the wood-brown plate with a crown on concrete, and I decided that once it was about stone shells, then the crown should be on the stone. )

Unfortunately, I can no longer check this. with such a crisis and collapse, I will hardly still buy a stone sink.

I am equipping a country house now. I took there an Ikean steel sink. the largest inexpensive Urval on sale. )

Congratulations on the purchase) in the photo the shank is not for the Pea) sometimes you have to drill a wood-brown coat and stone sinks sometimes and iron sometimes. So I think what to increase the drilling rate.Step drill, as I understand it, from the video is not a way out. The edge is not even, but it can come in handy in other cases) the crowns need new ones I often drill under sockets in wall panels, stupid has become dumb I study I think they will live longer

Quartz agglomerate

Quartz stone is considered more solid and durable than acrylic. Than to drill an artificial stone of increased strength? A crown with diamond spraying. And if a drill for wood is suitable for acrylic sinks, then a more durable drill may be needed for quartz. You need to be prepared for the fact that after drilling a quartz shell, the crown will be unsuitable for further use, it will have to be thrown out.

You need to work in the same way as with an acrylic agglomerate: slowly, neatly, at low speeds. It is advisable to prevent the appearance of chips, since the quartz stone should be grinded in domestic conditions.

How to prevent mistakes

Suppose you decided to make a hole using a drill with a milling.

How to Cut a Faucet Hole in a Quartz Countertop.- TileCoach Episode 31

Often experts make a hole when the sink is already installed in the countertop. This decision has only one advantage. the edge on the front side will be even. And he has much more disadvantages: you can scratch the stone, damage the sink, break the edge and so on.

Therefore, it is better to drill a hole on the back. But there is a chance that the hole outside will have an uneven look. However, at this place a mixer will be located on this place, which will close the unevenness of the region. In this case, there is no risk of spoiling the front side of the sink.

There are two fundamentally different work method. The first involves the work with a drill, and the second is the knocking out weakened cast plugs provided for by the design. Consider each of them in order.

How to prevent mistakes

Suppose you decided to make a hole using a drill with a milling.

Often experts make a hole when the sink is already installed in the countertop. This decision has only one advantage. the edge on the front side will be even. And he has much more disadvantages: you can scratch the stone, damage the sink, break the edge and so on.

Therefore, it is better to drill a hole on the back. But there is a chance that the hole outside will have an uneven look. However, at this place a mixer will be located on this place, which will close the unevenness of the region. In this case, there is no risk of spoiling the front side of the sink.

There are two fundamentally different work method. The first involves the work with a drill, and the second is the knocking out weakened cast plugs provided for by the design. Consider each of them in order.

How to drill a sink from an agglomerate

The second largest material for the manufacture of kitchen sinks is the phrase (force.border), in the view of which it will be somewhat easier to prepare a hole in the indicated element. In addition, many brands offer the user to simply knock out the desired hole using a metal bar (8mm with a diameter of 8mm). Why the product provides for areas with prepared recesses. This is done so that the user can independently choose the location of the mixer, depending on the right or left location of the wing.

If you act as the proposed method you are not ready (there is a chance of chips), then again you can use the milling cutter (crown) with diamond spraying and make a hole according to the above algorithm.

A more democratic option would be the use of the phrase phosnner, which will also cope with the task. However, after a couple of such drills, the milling cutter will be not suitable for subsequent use.

Often, in the sinks of the agglomerate, places for knocking holes are provided, but despite this, many consumers complain that it is not possible to knock out the hole without problems. Since the visible chip on the front of the sink can form. So that this does not happen, you should carefully study the instructions of the Moscow Region Installation of the plug of the device, and after that proceed to the performance of the work.

If we consider the manufacturer’s recommendations, then to break the holes in the product, you should use a metal core with a diameter of about 8 mm and strike at a strictly marked point from the front side of the product (usually places for installing the mixer are indicated by a signal color sticker. yellow, red or green). If you try to perform the indicated operation on the back of the sink, there is a probability of chips formation.

Read also: re.use of a foam mount

Well, in order not to perform these work on weight, it is more justified to first install the sink in a given place, and after. using Kerno and the hammer to make a hole in a strictly designated place.

Please note that the place of the estimated hole should have a cylindrical recess on the back of the sink.

When the hole is knocked out, it is recommended to trim it with a round file or sandpaper.

Standard errors

You need to be careful when creating a hole when using a drill with a milling. Many experts try to make a hole at the moment when the countertop has already been installed. The advantages of this method are also. For example, the edge of the front part can be made as even as possible. But this method has much more disadvantages. In this case, you can damage not only the stone, but also the sink, the edges may break, scratches and much more can appear.

reliable and safe to carry out all work on the back. Of course, the hole that goes out can have an uneven look. But the whole structure will remain intact and unharmed. Also, a mixer can be stopped in this hole that can close any bumps. The front part of the sink will be safe and preserved. You can work in two ways: using a drill, or knock out weakened cast traffic jams.

Drill of holes drill

  • Initially, you need a drill with a diameter of 35 millimeters for work. The sink is located the back, while it is better to put paper or board under it.
  • After the mixer is noted, in order not to make mistakes in the process.
  • For this, the center of the chipper nut is noted. This point will be the center of the hole. It is better to make the hole further from the center, but without touching the bowl.
  • In the process of work, a blow for a drill must be disconnected. Work is carried out at average speeds. This is necessary so that the cutter led the other way.
  • Initially, it is better to prepare a special box for shavings, which will be assembled during operation. When heated by plastic due to the cutter, there is unpleasant odor. Therefore, you can put on a protective mask so that it is not bad.
  • After the hole must be cleaned of chips, dirt and dust. Irregularities should be small, a few millimeters in size. Then we can say that the work is done correctly.

There are such types of sinks with special artificial stone. It has cast traffic jams, they can be knocked out during installation work. If you look from the front side, they are most often marked. Initially, the sink should be installed on the countertop, but should not be recorded.

After that, the desired tool is selected and traffic jams begin to fight back. At the same time, the hammer blows are used. You can also use punch with a diameter of eight millimeters. The screwdriver is better not to use. A cork is knocked out from above, from the front side. Next, Rashpil is used, with which you can smooth out the edges. This method is not suitable for all types of shells, but it is simpler. Even a newcomer can cope with him, who has never held the instrument in his hands.

How to drill a hole in a kitchen sink made of artificial stone

Sometimes shells made of artificial stone are sold without opening for the mixer. In this case, you will have to solve the problem with your own hands. To drill a hole in a kitchen sink made of artificial stone, large skills are not required. It is only important to do the work carefully, following a simple instruction.

From the tools you will need a drill and a cutter of the required diameter (35 mm). It is necessary to drill from the back. To do this, the sink is turned over and laid on the cardboard so as not to scratch its surface.

Next, you need to mark the place where the mixer should be located with a pencil. It is important not to make a mistake here.

Make sure the drill does not work in shock mode. Otherwise, you risk damaging the kitchen sink. The turns should not be too large. The milling cutter should not be shifted during rotation.

As a result of drilling, a hot shavings with an unpleasant odor will form. Therefore, before drilling a hole in a kitchen sink made of artificial stone, you need to open a window or window. It is even better to perform this work outside the room.

Having finished drilling, clean the edges of the chips and dust. Small irregularities will not be a problem, since they will close the mixer during its installation.

Any special drill for drilling a hole in a kitchen sink made of artificial stone is not required. The greatest attention should be paid to cutting elements. In their quality can be used:

They must be new. The old ones may not be so sharp and when using them, you risk spoiling a kitchen sink of artificial stone. When buying a feather drill or Freze Freesh in a construction store, ask the seller if they are suitable for drilling artificial stone.

drill, crown, quartz, drilling

In drilling holes in a kitchen sink made of artificial stone, two things are very important:

Using a quality tool.

Do not hurry. Precisely mark the drilling site so as not to spoil the sink. If you are not confident in your abilities, seek help from the master.

Online store of plumbing and furniture: 7 (495) 920-65-66, 141011, region., G. Mytishchi, st. Communist, d. 25 “G”, Pavilion T-8

The site is exclusively informational in nature and under any conditions is not a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Federation. Specifying and price check with our operators.

Stone shell

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It happened to drill a foyer like “Soviet” everything in marble, an ordinary peorator.main(!) using water (! ) Cooling great thing!Hang without water!Doesn’t take it.bitch.

Drilled such a drill with the winner. I myself did not expect that it would go so easily.

Oh, about such a drill with read on the internet, for which I took?

In a place with the sink, it came in the kit. Apparently cheaper to the manufacturer to throw a drill into a box than drill products. although it can be conveniently drilled where necessary))))

I didn’t have, apparently the manufacturer clamped)))

The sink is not stone, but composite with a baby.2. It is advisable to drill with drill with a winning tip, and it is better to buy a crown with diamond spraying.3. There is a variant of a combined mixer, where not only ordinary water, but also cleaned.

Most likely it is plastic. From the composite. Then everything is easy. And if there is really ceramics, then winning it is not easy. There are special scales of the drill on glass and ceramics. But best of all, if, of course, you find, Bosch border guards. This will all win.

In order not to drill unnecessary holes, I can advise you to see the combined mixers. They have two nose. filtered for tap water. Like this 013/12/smesitel-2-V-1.JPG

Ordinary metal drill.These shells only say that stone.In fact, they are made of plastic

If large.porous, then ordinary can, and if finely, then diamond)

For the drills, you have already been told below, the main water is more water and at small speeds. And so it will drill easily and quickly!

I drilled 30 mm in a ceramic sink, a conical facial drill (like carrots), at low speeds with water, I am satisfied with the result.

Stone natural? or the one that the navigated stone, for example from Leroy? If stopped, then an ordinary drill. it is soft-bastard, and if natural, it is probably diamond on the tile of the porcelain-borderline

You need holes 20/25?if so, then the rampant karonka for marble.

Then you can also with high.quality drill and water under the back of the drill.

Diamond drill feather on ceramic tiles is better cross if you find! Good luck!

drilled with an ordinary ceramic pen. there were no problems, a stone is a stone. in fact, a stone crumb with plastic

The people are burning, an artificial stone is a plastic with a baby, it is drilled with an ordinary 12mm drill, only then it will sharpen it nodo

If there is no special drill, then the pedorator drill is drilled in drill mode.

if the sink is just casting, then any drill takes! I installed sinks in a stone countertop so cut a simple jigsaw!

If it is Corian (artificial stone based on acrylic resins), then you can drill a conventional drill for metal, wood, milling cutters and wood without water. If this is porcelain tiles, then the tubular drills with diamond spraying or milling cutters with diamond spraying are best with water. Winniles leave chips along the edge of the hole.

Take plasticine, fly out the bath around the hole, pour water there and drill, so that there is always water in the bath.Drill with diamond spraying for tiles.

How to centrize such a drill? It all the time strives to run away to the side

training, at first I also shook in fact, everything is simple, at an angle of 45 degrees, and at low speeds we begin to drill, gradually increasing the speed and aligning the angle, try, in fact, nonsense, but attention is needed ! And the enjoyability

Ok, thanks for the hint) we will try

Diamond crown on porcelain tile, with water and only with an electric screwdriver. But she still needs a guide to her. For the sake of one hole, it will be a little expensive. If it is not thick, then you can try it with a feather drill on the glass, it also goes along the tile. I think it will take a stone.

Tubular drill if on natural stone artificial stone then can be a regular ceramics pen.

mm? It’s just that I have a flawed Internet at work now, I advise you to score in Google “Buy a drill with diamond spraying”.

Knocking out holes in a stone sink

Sometimes the hole must be knocked out. in some sinks there are cast traffic jams that are marked on the front side. The product should be installed in the countertop, but not fixed.

Choose a suitable forking tools. For this work, a punch with a diameter of 8 mm is usually used. You can not use a screwdriver. It is important to remember that the hole breaks through only on the front side.

Upon completion of the work, put the uneven edges using a rashpil and install the mixer.

Although this method is not suitable for all sinks, it is simpler than drilling, and even an inexperienced person can cope with it.

How to avoid errors in the manufacture of holes

To successfully make a hole, do not forget about the following rules:

Before starting work, you need to wait until the product becomes at room temperature, especially if it is brought from frost;

Do not install the sink in the countertop: when it is firmly fixed, there is a risk of scratching the surface, split the edge or cause other damage;

drilling is better to carry out on the back. so you will avoid scratches and scuffs in prominent places. Although outside the edge will be uneven, the installed crane will hide these flaws;

take your time during work and use only high.quality tools.

Making sinks In Yaroslavl is one of the areas of our company “Yargart”. We make products of any complexity for individual projects, provide a guarantee for up to 5 years. Turning to us, you will not have to do additional work. our experts themselves make a hole in the sink of artificial stone, and you only have to install the mixer.

Punching holes in the sink

Some sinks of artificial stone have cast traffic jams knocked out during the installation process. Usually they are marked with color on the front side. First of all, the sink is installed in the place in the countertop, but is not fixed.

Then you need to choose the right tool and beat off traffic jams using a strong blow with a hammer. A punch with a diameter of 8 mm is suitable for this role, but not a screwdriver in any way. You need to knock out the cork only on top: that is, on the front side. With the help of rashpil, uneven edges of the hole are smoothed out.

In this way you can make a hole for the mixer.

  • The center is planned and the circle is drawn.
  • With the help of a drill along the length of the circumference, holes are drilled, the distance between which is 4 mm.
  • To prevent the appearance of cracks when knocking out, fix the sink tightly.
drill, crown, quartz, drilling

If you have the need to increase the radius of the hole, you need to draw another circle of the desired size. All on the same face on the area of ​​the circle are made at a distance of 4 mm along the area of ​​the circle. With the help of a bark or chisel, remove unnecessary parts.

When acquiring an artificial stone shell, the buyer often encounters a problem such as the absence of a hole for the mixer. Of course, you should turn to professionals, but you can solve this issue yourself.

In order to understand how to drill a sink of artificial stone, you must initially figure out what it is made of. There is no clear definition of “artificial stone”, so different manufacturers call this term different materials that differ in density and properties.

The most common are:

When working with any of these materials, there are features. To decide on which drill to drill the sink of stone, one must initially understand what exactly was purchased.

The photo shows a countertop made of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile is the most durable and durable of the above materials. He is not afraid of temperature and chemical effects, racks to mechanical damage. It stands out according to the ringing “glass” sound.

The remaining types of artificial stone make a more dull sound due to the addition of plastic and polymeric materials. Despite the fact that making a hole in other materials is easier than drilling a sink from porcelain tiles, very often the choice of customers falls on it. Given the extraordinary density of the material, ordinary drills will be powerless here.

Only a crown or a drill with carbide attack, best of all, will cope with porcelain tiles. The work with it will also be able to do with a seduced ring drill, but their cost is much higher, so they are rarely chosen only if there is a need for a large amount of work. Due to high strength, when working with this material, it is necessary to cool the drill and the working surface with water. You need to work with porcelain tiles at minimum speeds (300-400 no more).

Where to cut a hole?

Each method has a number of pros and cons:

  • In the first case, the edges on the front side will be much smoother, but there is a possibility of spoiling the front side of the sink, and if it has a narrow side, then to split the edge.
  • In the second option, the risk of damaging the bowl is much lower, but there is a possibility of obtaining a sloppy edge of the hole from the front side. In most cases, this is not critical, since the edges of the holes are closed by the mixer. When turning over, there is an option to make a hole in the wrong side, so it is advisable to note the side with which you want to install the mixer.

Algomerate shells nuances

If you purchased a sink from a stone agglomerate, it will be a little easier to work with it.

Famous manufacturers usually attach a cutter or core, which is knocked out by a piece of stone already drilled, but not until the end. If they are absent, then it is best to use a mill or a crown with diamond spraying and act, as when working with porcelain tiles.

The milling cutter will also cope with the hole in the product from a stone agglomerate. But be prepared for the fact that after that it will need to be hidden, or even throw it out at all.

Acrylic stone

If the sink is made as one with a countertop and the same color with it, then this is an acrylic artificial stone. Of the above materials, this one has the smallest density, so working with it is easiest. If the purchased sink is made precisely from the acrylic stone, then you can drill it with ordinary drill for working on metal or wood.

Drilling Quartz Crystal With A Dremel Rotary Tool Or Flex Shaft

A hole for a standard mixer, in most cases, has a diameter of 35 mm. In an acrylic stone product, it is easily drilled with a feather drill for wood or cutting cutter of a similar diameter. It is necessary to work at low or medium speeds. When drilling this material, a large amount of chips are formed, and the plastic is part of the acrylic stone, an unpleasant odor, somewhat reminiscent of epoxy glue.

Acrylic stone is the most suppressed of all types of artificial stone, so most of the countertops are made from it. If there is a need to make a hole in it for a sink or a hob, it is better to practice in the middle of the cut part, so as not to spoil the entire countertop. Despite the fact that the acrylic stone saws a jigsaw without any problems, it was undesirable to do it. When working with a jigsaw, the so.called stress concentrators (sharp transitions, sharp angles, microcracks) that will affect the service life of the product often arise.

In this case, it is permissible to cut the hole with a jigsaw less than the required by 5 mm. After the work of the jigsaw is finished, bring the cutter to clean size. It is necessary to make a chamfer R3 at the edges, it will also reduce the voltage, and increase the service life of the countertop.