Removing the cartridge from the Hammer drill. How to insert a cartridge on a perforator?

How to remove a cartridge from an electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver is one of the most popular electrical tools that professionals and home craftsmen use. It is necessary for construction and finishing work in the house and at work. They can unscrew and screw screws, screws, screws. There is a wide set of different bit for this. If you insert a drill, you can drill a hole in a metal or tree. Know how to disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver is necessary for its maintenance and repair. Regular cleaning will extend the life of the tool.

All models, including the bison, Interskol, Caliber, Deko, Dewalt (Dewalt), have a uniform design, and the ammunition used may differ. The classic cartridge is a hollow metal cylinder. It has a ring with an adjusting sleeve. which is installed right on the shaft. On the cartridge there is an internal thread or a special cone designed to fix the shaft.

The design of the cartridge

In design, cartridges are:

The fast.packed cartridge is just arranged. On a steel spindle there is a steel sleeve, the surface of which is corrugated, so it is convenient to hold it. You do not need to have a special key for tightening. The cartridge device of this category implies a gradual weakening of the clamp.

Quickly clamping option. wear.resistant and reliable, to use it more safe. But if it is actively operating, then it will become worthless over time. Fists that hold the drill are triggered. Nozzles with a round tail of a large diameter. Turned out, difficult to drag out. Such a product requires replacement. The only minus of the product of this type is a higher cost when compared with the price of key sleeves.

The key cartridge is considered more reliable. Fixing occurs using the key. In it, the drill holds firmly. It is often used in professional electrical appliances because it is suitable for heavy nozzles with large diameter.

Self.loading cartridge. a technically perfect type of product, does not need a special way. To tighten it, you do not need to make efforts. You just need to turn a little and tighten a movable coupling. On some screwdrivers, cartridges with one rotary coupling are used, on others. with two. The last option is convenient if you often have to change the working nozzles. For example, when you need to drill at first, and then tighten the screws, here you need to quickly remove and replace the drill with a bit, and vice versa.

Products with one coupling are suitable for devices with locks. In them, the blocker acts as a second clutch. You can install the part with one hand. In the absence of a lock, cartridges with two couplings are used. Here they install with two hands.

The external elements of the self.loading cartridge are made of plastic, the main details of the case are made of instrumental steel.

There is a special cartridge for bits-bit patron. Basically, it is used to install the bats, and when you need to wrap or unscrew the threaded fasteners:

Manufacturers produce a corner cartridge, which transfers torque to the bit. The position of the bit is regulated using a special handle. The corner cartridge is designed to work in places.

Before removing the cartridge, you need to determine the method of fixing it

Methods of fasteners of the cartridge

Before removing the cartridge from the Hammer electrical screwdriver (Hammer), Hiltchi, Hitachi DS 12 DVF 3, Enkor, Elitech, Resanta, Union, Stanley, Diold DEA-12li-08, Makita DF (Makita DDF), Metabo (Metabo PowerMaxxxx BS), Patron, Pit, Skil, Sturm (Sturm), AEG 14.4 and others, it is necessary to determine the method of fixing it.

Bit holders are connected to the tool with the help of:

  • Cone Morse. This type of fastening refers to a very reliable. The cartridge is put on the shaft and snaps.
  • Threads. In this case, it is wound on the shaft.

Some manufacturers in their models, as an additional connection, put a fixing screw.

On the most electric screwdriver, you can see a label that indicates the method used. The inscription 1-6 B10 standing on the surface, indicates the presence of a conical connection. 1-6 is the diameter of the shank in mm, 10-cone. To remove it, you will need a hexagonal key for 10.

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When threaded, the cartridge is marked 1.0-11 m121.25. Two initial numbers indicate the diameter of the shank drill. The numbers that are after the letter mean the value of the thread. On the devices supplied from abroad, the marks are indicated in inches. Therefore, they can differ from the above.

Replacement of the cartridge and options for solving problems

In the household, the most popular tool is the electric drill. Recently, electrodelers called peorators have been especially popular. This tool allows not only to drill a hole, but also using nozzles to tighten nuts, screws, screws. The electric drill is a reliable tool and rarely, but fails. How to eliminate malfunctions in electric drifts. The main malfunctions in the electric drifts are divided into mechanical and electrical.

Frequent mechanical malfunctions include failure of a clamping cartridge. How to remove the cartridge from an electric screwdriver and replace it? Immediately note that the replacement of the cartridge with an electric drill, an electric screwdriver, the penorator are exactly the same. The reason for the exit of the clamp cartridge is most often in the wear of the clamping fists. This is the most serious malfunction of the electrode. You can’t do without a complete replacement of a clamping cartridge. And how to remove the cartridge from the drill will show the video.

By the way! The cited method of replacing the cartridge is suitable for any modern models of not only electric drifts, but also peorators, screwdrivers, since all the above designs provide for just this method of attaching the cartridge.

But at the dimens of Soviet production, the cartridge is held on the cone of Morse and twisted with a screw. How to remove the cartridge from the cone? To do this, you can use the puller for bearings or knock down with a hammer.

Attention! Having bought a new power tool with a cartridge, be sure to remove the cartridge and carefully grease all the contacting parts and threads.

N8VFY1. The procedure for replacing the fist cartridge of the electrodegli to disassemble the electrode, check the shutdown of its cable from the electric network. Using a special key, dilute the fists of the cartridge to the maximum possible position. If you look inside the open cartridge, you can most often see a screw designed to attach a cam cartridge to the electric motor shaft. As a rule, the screw is removed with a cross screwdriver. Remember! The thread of the fixing screw is left, and it is unscrewed by rotation of the screwdriver clockwise. Understand the screw, insert the Mr.-shaped key-player into the cartridge and click it.

If the screw has a hat, and you cannot unscrew it with a screwdriver, do this in this way. Take the second drill, insert a drill into it with the diameter of the screw hat and proceed to drill the screw. It all ends with the fact that when drilling, the screw will get out.

Insert an open key to the shaft of the electric motor at the base of the clamping cartridge. There are models in which the gap between the clamping cartridge and the case is very small. Will have to choose the key or file in thickness. The key is necessary for fixing the electric motor shaft. Models have no earlier turnkey slots on the shaft. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the drill housing, remove one lid. Squeeze the driven gear of the cartridge shaft and a cooling fan and a sharp movement counterclockwise try to unscrew the cartridge.

But back to the option with the key. Now, putting the drill on the wooden plane and fixing the shaft with the key, hit the wooden or rubber hammer on the protruding tail of the setting key counterclockwise. The cartridge is attached to the shaft on the thread. Rotating the cartridge counterclockwise, remove it from the electric drill. If there is no L-shaped hexagonal key, you can use the drill of a suitable diameter, which is embedded in one of the three holes for the clamping key.

Inspect the cartridge. If the fists are completely output, replace the cartridge with a new. Install a new clamping cartridge on the drill by performing all operations in the reverse order. Remember! When installing a new clamping cartridge, be sure to lubricate all the rubbing parts. This is especially true for threaded connections.

This we examined the case when it is necessary to replace the cam cartridge. But power tools are also produced with fast.and.packed cartridges.

Quickly and rapid cartridges allow you to replace the drill in a matter of seconds without using any additional tools or devices. Quick.packed cartridges are divided into one.way and two.luminous. The design of a single.button cartridge has a special mechanism that blocks the shaft at the time of replacing the tool. The replacement operation can be performed with one hand. In a two.button cartridge, a change of tool is performed with two hands. With one hand, the first coupling holds, the other with the other hand is twisted. But fast.packed structures do not reliably attach the tool, especially in shock mode. And the use of plastic for their manufacture often leads to a breakdown of cartridges. The cam cartridge is more reliable, and the parts used in it are made only of metal. To mount the tool, you must use a special clamp key.

Ways to remove a fast.and.packed cartridge from a drill or an electric screwdriver

The cartridge is attached to the axis on the thread and stopped with a clamping screw. The fast.packed cartridge is removed according to the same algorithm as the fist cartridge. First, the Stretch screw is twisted clockwise. If you have a turnkey balding on the shaft near the cartridge, then having a key to the grooves, holding any lever in the cartridge, try to unscrew the cartridge, rotating it counterclockwise. The installation of a new cartridge is in the reverse order.

But you can cartridge and repair in order to inspect the details of the clamp cartridge, it must be disassembled. A proven and reliable way to disassemble the clamping cartridge of the electric drill is offered.

Take the usual peorator, remove the boot from it and insert the adapter. The adapter can be made from a failed shock drill. The adapter is a shank of a drill with a cut drilling part. Put on the cartridge to the adapter shaft and press it with a rubber shock absorber or wooden board. Before installing the cartridge on the adapter, it is necessary to bring the fists into the cartridge until they are completely immersed.

Having assembled the structure, turn on the peorator in impact mode. After 3 5 seconds, the cartridge should figure out. Immediately you need to march the fists and places from the location in different colors. Now you can start inspection and defect in the cartridge. If necessary, fists can be replaced with new. True, the fists on the lathe can not do without additional boring. The remaining details can be easily replaced with their presence.

But there are other mechanical malfunctions when there are cases when the electrodegro failure is caused by the failure of the gearbox or the poor work of the bearings.

The procedure with the reducer of the electric drill to get to the gearbox, you need to disassemble the plastic case of the electrode. Having removed the lid of the case, free the shaft of the cartridge and remove it. A lever gear of a larger diameter is attached to the shaft. The leading spiral gear of a small diameter is attached to the electric motor shaft. In the gearbox body there is a bronze sleeve, most often leading to the failure of the drill. Everything is due to its significant wear. Check the size of the sleeve and order the turner. Use bronze as a material, but the use of kaplon is permissible. When replacing the sleeve in the gearbox, bearings are necessarily checked, their planting density and stuffing them with grease are. With a large worn in the teeth of the gears, they will have to be replaced. The teeth of the gears wear out when the supporting sleeve fails. Most often, a led gear of a larger diameter. Its replacement is simple, you just need to remove the locking ring and the veneer. The old gear should be removed from the axis of the cartridge. You can use the puller, or you can just gently knock down with a hammer, substituting wooden supports.

Electric malfunctions will now try to consider the characteristic malfunctions of the electrical part of the drill. Most often, the work of the electrodegro is interrupted due to wear of the brushes.

one.Replacing brushes in electroderrels to replace brushes, it is necessary to remove the side cover of the electrode case, unscrewing the fasteners. There should be at least 7 of them. The case is removed with a careful submitting screwdriver of its edges. Having opened access to the electric motor, you will see two boxes in which brushes are installed. In order to get the brushes, you need to free the boxes, bend the holders and get a worn brush. Do the same and with the second brush. Set new brushes to the vacant places, wipe it near the contact space with a clean cloth moistened in the White Speech.

2.Repair of the power cord of electrodegroili one of the unpleasant malfunctions is the periodic stop of the electrode in the process. Most often this is due to an arbitrary loss of electricity supply. And the whole point is that at the entrance to the Drill housing, the power cable experiences various loads, which lead to a break in the wires.

To eliminate the malfunction, you need to remove one of the side covers of the body. Using the tester, check the integrity of the cable. If damage is detected at the cable entrance to the housing, but a piece is cut off from the cable, a piece of 20 cm of hard chlorwinyl tube is put on the cable and the cable is installed in place with the subsequent connection.

To replace the button with the rotation frequency regulator, it is enough to remove the housing cover, disconnect the wires from the regulator. The new regulator is installed in the same place and is connected according to the scheme. If the circuit is absent, then before you remove the old regulator, you need to draw a connection diagram.

3.Spending to the appearance of sparking inside the case appeared inside the case most often leads an interval closing of the anchor windings. The second reason causing sparking, the contaminated surface of the collector lamellas. Interpretation closure can only be determined by a special device. But dirt from the collector part can be removed independently, using fine sandpaper. After stripping, it is necessary to carefully remove the dust from the grooves between the contact plates called lamellas. It is best to do this with an old hacksaw cloth. At the end of the work, the anchor must be checked by the PPI device.

How to install a new cartridge

We twist with the help of hands, rotating to the right, a new cartridge on the thread of the spindle of the drill, until he with his Donets rises into the clamping nut. We fix the hexagon in it and pour its free end in a vice. Then, with the help of an aniletor, we tighten the clamping nut to the right until it stops and remove the hexagonal key from the cartridge.

Now it remains into the hole in the center of the bottom of the screw with left.handed thread, using a screwdriver with the corresponding bat for this. The cartridge must first be squeezed in a vice, and the cams should be removed as much as possible.

In order to make sure that the cartridge is replaced correctly, we check if it is sitting on the tool, and the drill is simply and firmly fixed. Trial drilling showed that the tool works like a newcomer. So it is completely put in order and can work for its intended purpose.

How to disassemble and lubricate a drill cartridge

The usual turnkey cam cartridge on drifts and screwdrivers after prolonged use often begins to jam. It becomes more difficult to tighten and release the drill, which is caused by corrosion of the internal clamping mechanism and its subsequent deformation. Protect from this or even return the life of the old cartridge, you can grease it from the inside.

Materials and tools:

First you need to remove the cartridge from the drill or from the drilling machine. Its fists are divorced, after which a cross screwdriver is inserted between them.

The cartridge is held by a screw with left thread. To remove it, you need to rotate the tool clockwise. Sometimes there are screws with slots under the asterisk, so you need the appropriate screwdriver.

Having removed the screw, you need to unscrew the cartridge itself from the rampart of the drill. This is already done counterclockwise. If the drill has been used for a long time, then it is not so easy to twist your hands. We’ll have to fix the shaft. Often on the cartridge there is a chamfer for a face key, which will facilitate the process of removing. If it is not, then it is better to tear off the cartridge with a tube key.

After removing the cartridge, it must be turned down and hit with a small hammer in the center of the back. This is done by weight. With your hand, squeeze the outer clip of the cartridge and aimed to strike a brisk. It will not work to rest it from the bottom, since the clip does not have a protruding end. If the insides of the cartridge are rusted and do not go out, it is worth first to apply penetrating grease like WD-40.

As a result, a clamping mechanism consisting of a base, 3 removable cams and a nut cut in half should leave the clip.

Further, the half of the nuts are installed in place, and the mechanism is returned to the clip. To collect it to the end, you need to hit with a hammer already by clip until it sits down. This is also better to do by weight.

A greased and assembled cartridge is screwed clockwise at the drill shaft, after which the fixing screw is screwed.

It happens that during the dismantling of the screw, the screw was erased, then it is better to replace it or cut a new notch on it with a hacksaw on it. If the lubricant of the cartridge is carried out from the very beginning after buying a drill, then it is very easy to understand and serves much longer, so this procedure is better not to postpone.

How to remove a fast.packed cartridge from a drill

To replace the old fast.packed cartridge with an electrode with a new one, it is not at all necessary to attribute the tool to the service center. This can be done with your own hands.

Inside the cartridge itself is a bolt with left thread. And the first thing you need to unscrew it. Insert the screwdriver into the cartridge and twist it clockwise.

Next, in order to remove the fast.packed cartridge, it will be necessary to disassemble it to the metal part. To do this, between the two plastic mobile parts of the cartridge, we start a flat screwdriver, and push them to the sides.

The main stages of work

After we managed to slightly spread the two parts of the cartridge using a screwdriver, insert some piece of steel plate into the resulting gap, and remove the upper part.

After that, remove the two halves of the clamping ring, as well as the stubborn bearing. This can be done with the hands.

At the next stage, we disassemble the electric drill body and remove the shaft itself, on which the cartridge “sits”. If this is not done, then it will be very problematic to remove the cartridge, since there are no skys on the shaft to capture it with a key.

Then the shaft needs to be fixed with clamping ticks (“dog”), and the metal part of the cartridge can be wrapped in a gas key, after which we unscrew it counterclockwise.

You can watch in detail about how to remove a fast.packed cartridge from a drill in this video.

Possible problems with the cartridge

Any device, no matter how high quality it has, wears out over time, is produced and fails. Cartridges for a drill. no exception. Most often, the cause of the breakdown is the wear of the petals holding the drill. their edges are erased, from this a beating occurs, the play of the working element occurs. The problem of turning the drill during its pressing to the processed surface is equally often found. Such a malfunction indicates the wear of the landing thread or the production of the instrumental cone, depending on the variety of the mechanism.

There are many other malfunctions when the cartridge sees or jammed it.

In any case, at the first violations of normal work, it is necessary to stop the operation of the tool and identify the cause. Otherwise, there is a risk of bringing the mechanism to a state where the repair becomes impossible, and a complete replacement of the entire element will be required, which will cost much more.

You will learn about how easy it is to remove the drill or screwdriver cartridge or screwdriver in the next video.

Rules for using screwdriver

It is possible to ensure the long functioning of the tool if you adhere to simple operating rules:

  • protect the unit from moisture;
  • Before use, be sure to adjust the tool;
  • Disconnect the battery during a change of nozzles;
  • with prolonged non.use, periodically run the screwdriver for the discharge of the battery;
  • have several spare batteries.

Replacing the cartridge in a screwdriver at a home workshop on the shoulder to any man. Using the methods described above, you are guaranteed to do this operation quickly and with a minimum of effort.

In our country, scuffs, as a household and production tools, appeared not so long ago. For the first time they began to be used in the cosmic industry, and then the scores were also used in ordinary human life.

Among the main details of this equipment, one can distinguish a mechanism consisting of a hollow shape cylinder, adjusting sleeve and clamping cams. This mechanism was called. cartridge.

Types of cartridges

Today, two main types of cartridges are delivered on sale:

Quick.packed cartridges have another classification:

This type of part can be tightened or unscrewed with two hands, because one coupling adheres to, and the other turns when removing the equipment.

Working with this product provides the same actions, only they are performed with one hand. This is possible due to the fact that the design of such products provides for automatic blocking of the shaft when removing equipment.

Such cartridges from two types of material are made:

Using a plastic product is a good opportunity to reduce the weight of the equipment used, but this material is not reliable enough and is not resistant to shock loads. Quickly and fast.sounding cartridges can be used both to perform household and professional tasks.

Four cartridges have greater reliability, strength and are able to withstand a large shock load. It is not unimportant for screwdrivers with the presence of impact function.

How the peorator works from the inside?

Each construction power tool is considered universal, including drills, for which in modern equipment stores a wide range of additional nozzles, adapters or interchangeable parts (cartridges) is offered. The drill is the basis for performing any actions with the peorator, and the adapter is used to install it. Replaceable details are used depending on the work that must be done.

Professional craftsmen recommend that you always have at least one shift cartridge for a drill in stock to play it safe, since it can be needed at any time. They also advise using different drill for each type of construction work.

There are several types of cartridges, however, the main ones are quick.sounding and key. The first option is optimal for masters who change the cord several times per workflow, the second is suitable for large.sized details. Not every beginner in the repair business understands the need for several types of cartridges, however, they are very important.

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The electric tool has different capacities.

Models with a high indicator need a strong attachment of nozzles so that they do not fall out during operation. In this case, the SDS-MAX part is perfect, which involves a deep landing and prevents the departure of the cartridge from the penetrator.

Power tools with lower power are designed for more accurate and small construction work. For these models, fixation is not so important, the main thing is that the peorator can drill a small hole in the right place. In any case, it is necessary to study the device of the drill from the inside, in order to better understand how exactly the replacement of the part will occur.

Modern technologies made it possible to greatly simplify the device of many electrical tools. Currently, cartridges are attached using two.control wedges and two.pound balls.

Some cartridges have a difference in the number of guide parts, for example, SDS Max has one more of them. Thanks to such a device, the core is fixed more reliably and firmly.

Progress has greatly simplified and fastening the part. You just need to insert the desired cartridge into the hole and press it to the click. The drill is firmly fixed. The drill is removed simply. you just need to press on one of the covers and extract the drill.

As a rule, many electric peorators are equipped with additional functions that greatly facilitate the process of construction work. For example, some have an electronic or brush reversing system, the possibility of regulating the number of revolutions, an anti.vibration system. Many companies also equip the peorators with a quick change system, immobilizer, a function that prevents the cartridge jamming, and special indicators that make it clear the degree of wear of the cartridge. All this contributes to more comfortable working with an electric tool and allows you to accelerate the process.

How to disassemble the cartridge?

Sometimes the master needs to disassemble the cartridge for various reasons: whether it is repair, cleaning the tool, lubrication or replacement of certain parts. For competent disassembly of the infantry cartridge, first of all, you need to know the manufacturer’s company, since the analysis process depends on this point.

Among modern manufacturers of electric peorators, the most popular are Bosh, Makita and Interskol. These brands managed to prove themselves in the construction market as a manufacturer of quality products.

In principle, there is no particular difference between the installation of peorators of different companies, but there are small nuances that are quickly solved as the cartridge is disassembled.

Почему вылетают свёрла из пеоратора \ SDS \ Патрон СДС не держит оснастку

Consider how to disassemble the cartridge from Bosh electric drills, since this brand is the most popular and purchased.

First you should push the plastic part and remove the rubber seal. With the help of a screwdriver, you must very carefully remove the ring that fixes the structure and the washer. Under this part there is another fixing ring that needs to be turned, and then under the tool and remove.

Next is the SDS clamp, which includes three details: washer, ball and spring. SDS must be disassembled strictly according to the rules: first of all, there is a ball, then a washer, and the last is the spring. It is important to observe this sequence so as not to damage the internal device.

Assembly of the cartridge occurs as easily and quickly as disassembly. You should only repeat the previously done actions to the contrary. that is, from the last point to the first.

What is the drilling cartridge for a drill in the way of clamping

In household drifts and screwdrivers, one of the types is usually installed in the method of squeezing the working tool of cartridges, this is using the key and quickly ascense. Key cam cartridges appeared for a long time and are well known to any home master. Quickly packed cartridges began to be used recently, and they quickly gained great popularity.

In the photo on the left, you see a fast.packed cartridge, and on the right. the key with the key. There is an opinion that a key cartridge is better clamping the drill, but from many years of operating experience both a key cartridge and a fast.packed I dare to say that there is no difference. Both types of cartridges are clamped with the same success. Only the convenience and speed of changing drills in a drill with a fast.packed cartridge is undeniable. You do not need a key that is always lost when working if it is not fixed on a drill or tied to it on a rope, you need to use two hands to clamp the drill.

The method of clamping the cartridge is not related to the method of its attachment to the drill shaft, so if you change the cartridge with the key method of the clamp, I advise you to install a cartridge instead of it with a rapidly packed method of fixing the drills.

How to unscrew from the drill a cartridge fixed using a threaded connection

As a rule, cartridges, fixed using a thread on the tool shaft, are additionally fixed with a screw with left thread. Therefore, I will eat a drilling cartridge should begin with the unscruption of this screw. In order to get to the screw, you need to fists of the cartridge how much it is possible to drown inward, as shown in the photo.

On the bottom of the cartridge in the center, the head of the screw with a slot under a cross or asterisk should appear in the center. So that the screw does not unscrew when drilling, it is installed with left thread. Therefore, you need to unscrew the screw, rotating the screwdriver clockwise. There may not be a screw. In this case, they immediately proceed to the second step. unscrewing the cartridge.

How to unscrew the cartridge from the rampart of a drill or electric screwdriver

To remove the cartridge from the tool, you need to fix the shaft and capture the cartridge over the case to lead it, turning counterclockwise, if you look from the cam. The main thing is to disrupt the cartridge from the dead point, then it usually easily unscrews.

I was lucky, since there were chamfers on a round basis of the cartridge, for which it was good to catch on an velvet key in the patron bought to replace the cartridge of such samples.

After capturing the cartridge with an open key and one sharp blow to the key with a hammer, even without fixing the shaft, as in the photo, the cartridge was built from the place. But was unscrewed tight, and this was his own reason. I had to continue to twist it with light blows on the key with a hammer.

Looking inside the cartridge, I did not notice the fixing screw because the hole in the head under the bit of the appearance of the star was clogged with mud, which just had to be removed. Therefore, unscrewing the cartridge, I simultaneously pulled the thread of the fixing screw, it is strange that it did not break off.

If there are no chamfers on the basis of the cartridge, then you need to clamp in its lips a hexagonal bar or bolt M10-12 with a hexagonal head, on which put the key and hit it with a hammer. If in this way the cartridge does not work out, then you will have to disassemble the drill, remove the shaft with the cartridge, clamp it in a vice and twist it. Instead of an an eve of a claw, you can use a pipe key by capturing the cartridge by the outer part of the case.

How to screw a cartridge on a drill shaft or electric screwdriver

It was not possible to find a new screw with left thread, because they are used only in exceptional cases. I tried to tighten the wines in place in the rampart, spun without problems and kept, to my surprise, tightly.

For a more convenient puff and further unscrewing, I decided to cut with a hacksaw on metal in the head of the screw of the slot under a flat screwdriver. In order not to spoil the already spoiled thread, before the clip of the screw in a vice, he wrapped a thread with a piece of skin.

In advance, the same type of drilling fast.packed cartridge was bought in advance. To install it on the drill did not represent any difficulties. Screwed clockwise like an ordinary nut on a bolt. It is slightly slightly a cartridge to make a shaft thread and holding a slightly cartridge over the case turn on the drill. When the cartridge wraps up to the stop, release it and turn off the drill.

Next, you need to unclench the fists of the cartridge and screw the fixing screw. Now the drill is repaired and is ready for work again. Test drilling showed that the drill began to work as a new one, the cartridge is held tight, the drill is easily and reliably clamped.

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