How To Fill The Line In The Trimmer Reel?

Coils are different. For a reel working with one barb, it is easier to fill the line than with others. In the inner part of the coil, there is a hole for fixing the fishing line. In it, and you need to insert the tip of the fishing line and start reeling.

Important. you need to wind in the opposite direction from the rotation of the coil on the trimmer. Look carefully, most likely in the same place, on the reel, and the little direction will be indicated, where to wind. It can take about two to four meters of fishing line to the wind. this depends on the size of the coil itself. At the end of winding a small piece must be left free. It will speak out. To clamp it, there is a keyhole, which is also located on the inner surface of the coil. This keyway firmly fixes the end of the fishing line and does not allow it to unwind when collecting the reel. If the coil design does not provide for the presence of this key, then hold the end of the fishing line with your own hands. Now you can attach the outer part of the coil. It also has a hole into which you need to thread the outer piece of your fishing line. Now you can return the assembled loop in place on the trimmer.

Tepre about coils, designed to work with two antennae. First, you need to see how many grooves there are on the reel. The presence of either one or two in different designs of coils. And then it becomes clear how it will be necessary to wind. just two antennae in one groove, or. each antenna in a separate one. Please note that if there is one groove in your reel, then the hole for the fishing line should be through. Now you need to wind off the line about 2-4 meters and thread through this through-hole so that the line turns out to be the same on the one and the other. Now look again, there will be an arrow indicating where to wind. Direction. against the direction of rotation of the coil on the trimmer wind up two antennae fishing line at once, together. Leave small ends. If there are unique grooves. we pin in them, if not. then hold tightly with your hand, finger. In the outer case of the coil, there will be two holes. for each end of the fishing line is separate. Do it, collect the loop and put it on the trimmer.

If you have a reel with two grooves, then the unwound piece of fishing line (all the same 2-4 meters) needs to be folded in two, and in a unique groove (it should be just between the grooves), insert the place where the fishing line is folded, that is, the middle its in the form of a loop. To reel, as in the previous case, you need both lines at once, only this time. each in a separate groove. And then. as described above. they fixed, attached the upper case, set the coil to the trimmer.

Another type of coil is with a through-hole on its inside. On the outer case, there are also holes. That is, it turns out that the fishing line must be passed through these holes in the inner and outer parts, and immediately assemble the reel. And for winding use the button (this is the same button that is used to release the fishing line during operation). Only to now reel the line you need to rotate this button. over, the mechanism of this button is designed in such a way that it can be twisted only in one direction that you need.