How to Hang a Trimmer on a Wall

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The interior of any room is impossible without beautiful lighting. Room light is divided into main and auxiliary and, if the chandeliers give the main, then auxiliary lighting comes from floor lamps, wall lamps and sconces. Let’s do the installation of the lamp with our own hands.

We deal with electrics

And, although it is dangerous to work with electricity (if the safety rules are not followed), it is not necessary to call an electrician in order to mount the sconce on the wall. Let’s do it yourself.

The first rule for working with residential electricity. be sure to (!) Unscrew the plugs or turn off the machine and check indicator lack of voltage on the wires.

So, in front of us are two wires coming out of the wall. “phase” and “zero”.

The first comes from the switch, and the second from the general input into the room.

Wall lights have two ways of turning on. with a suspension bracket and with a conventional switch. Our sconce is turned on by the latter method, so the task, provided that the switch is already installed, is somewhat simplified.

how to hang a trimmer on the wall


The wall lamp consists of a metal, decoratively designed console, inside of which there are 2 wires to the cartridge, the retaining rings, the ceiling and the fasteners.

This is a standard set of almost any lamp.

We will need tools

For installation work from tools, we need two 6×40 dowel nails, screw terminal clamps, pliers, a knife to remove insulation and a screwdriver.

We carry out installation of a fixing level

In the mounting kit for our sconces there is a metal bar with different slots, with it we will fix the lamp.

We outline the place for mounting the bracket to the wall through round holes (elongated are needed to attach the sconce to the bracket).

Here you need to carefully consider the choice of position for the strap and remember that there are wires in the wall. Therefore, when marking the holes, their location should be taken into account.

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Next, we drill holes to the depth of the dowel and insert the dowels themselves.

Then prepare the bar.

It has the appearance of a brand, and so the t-bar should rest against the wall. Through the elongated slots, we tighten the screws, prying on both sides of the washer bar.

Do not tighten the nuts completely, leaving free play.

Now we apply a bracket with screws to the back of the console and, moving the screws in the holes, we achieve their coincidence with the holes in the console.

Without shifting the screws, tighten the nuts all the way.

The next step is to fix the bracket with screws to the wall with screw nails (you can use a screwdriver).

Connect the wires

Next, distribute the wires. The "phase" must be connected to the "heel" of the cartridge in the lamp, and the "zero". to the socket of the cartridge. The wires in the lamp have a different color and in order to understand what kind of wire comes from, you just need to look into the cartridge.

For a reliable connection of wires, we use a terminal clamp.

Connection is also possible by ordinary twisting, but only if both wires are of the same metal and section. In addition, the twist must be soldered and insulated.

A single-core copper wire comes out of the wall, and a multicore aluminum wire is used in the sconce, so a high-quality connection can only be obtained using a terminal clamp.

We clean the insulation with a special knife about 5 mm and insert the wire into the hole in the clamp, fixing it with a screw.

We also act with the second wire. Now we call the assistant, and if he is not there, then we simply tie up the console for the convenience of further work.

On the back of the device we connect the wires from the lamp, cleaned from insulation in a similar way.

We tighten the screws with an effort so that the wires do not spontaneously pop out.

We fasten the sconce to the wall and install the ceiling

We release the console from the supporting thread and, combining the screws of the attached strap with the holes in the console, we install our wall lamp on the wall.

We screw decorative nuts on the protruding ends of the screws.

It must not be allowed a free run, because the console must be held securely on the bar.

Next, install the ceiling on the console, fixing it with a ring on the cartridge.

The power of the used bulbs should not exceed 60 watts (this is even written on the luminaire ring) in equivalent to ordinary incandescent bulbs.

Therefore, adhere to this limitation to avoid overheating, breakage, and short circuiting. Time to put the traffic jams back in place. We turn on the sconce and use the fruits of our labor!