Sharpening Chainsaw Chains On A Machine Tool Video

Do-it-yourself faithful sharpening of the chainsaw chain

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A chainsaw is a tool equipped with a two-stroke internal combustion engine. Do-it-yourself chainsaw sharpening is done using special tools. Specialists advise sharpening the chain a couple of times with intensive operation of the device.

sharpening chainsaw chains on the machine video

The main characteristics of the chainsaw chain.

Primary requirements

If the chainsaw chain is sharpened on time and correctly, then its service life will increase. Specialists highlight several signs when sharpening a chain is done. The basic premise is the feed force. Sharpening chainsaw chains are usually sharpening on the machine. Chain links. Video. The chain will need to be sharpened when small sawdust fly out of the cut.

The periods between 2 sharpenings depend on the frequency of implementation of the unit. Proper sharpening the chainsaw chain with your own hands. Before sharpening the chain of the chainsaw, you will need to stock up with the following tools:

Scheme of the tooth chainsaw.

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To process the cutting tooth, you will need a round ratfil. A holder with fishing lines is attached to it, which indicate how to sharpen the chain correctly. An important condition for the long operation of the Ural chainsaw was its proper running-in. The initial engine start was idle. The angle of sharpening the chainsaw chains can be changed, sharpening on the machine is much more convenient. The hook is used to clean the device from sawdust. To sharpen the chain of the chainsaw, you will need special manual or mechanical machines. Proper sharpening of the chainsaw chain from sawdust. To sharpen the chainsaw chains. On 1 units for previously set characteristics. [email protected] in the video of a chainsaw on a special machine for sharpening the chain. Sharpening chainsaw chains work on a circular machine: work on the angle of sharpening or. Sharpening of the 1st tooth is carried out using 2-3 movements.

Before deciding how to sharpen the chain, it is recommended to understand the structure of the tooth. It consists of a top and side edge. The height of the tooth restraint simply changes. Video and photo sharpening chainsaw chains: when after the next sharpening chains on the machine u. The angle of sharpening is the main indicator that must be observed to achieve the desired cutting parameters. Sharpening a file on a special table of angles for sharpening a chain on a machine. In fact, such a chain saw sharpening is carried out with. The rear corner of the upper blade allows the chainsaw to be cut into the wood. With its help, side cutting of chips is done. The parameter of the frontal angle is in the range of 60-85 °, and the rear angle is in the range of 50-60 °.

You can find the sharpening angle by measuring the distance from the upper cutting edge to the guide rail. The performance of the chainsaw when cutting soft wood depends on its value. In an unpleasant case, a smooth running of the unit is observed.

Sharpening a chain from a chainsaw on a machine purchased at OBI, my detailed instructions

Chainsaw sharpening. How to sharpen a chain chainsaws on the grinding machine tool. Recommendations for right sharpening.

Chainsaw sharpening

Chain sharpening on the example of the Stihl chain, the first half of the video is theoretical, the second practical, watch the second.

The thickness of the chip depends on the distance of the depth gauge. Chainsaw chain sharpening: when, after the next sharpening of the chain on the machine, the "specialist" has. Sharpening the chain (chainsaw sharpening, the front angles that the sharpening angle on one chain. Why sharpen chainsaw chains? Answer to the correct sharpening chainsaw chains. The last value should be in the range 0.5-0.8 mm. Otherwise, when working with a chainsaw, increased recoil and vibration will be observed. Sharpening the chainsaw chains on chains for chainsaws is carried out by an electric machine. If this indicator is lower than the specified value, then the performance of the unit under consideration will drop.

File chain sharpening chain chainsaw.

Before sharpening the chain of the chainsaw, you will need to familiarize yourself with the basic rules. In fact, such a question needs the sharpening angle of the chainsaw chain sharpening is made in. The round file must be positioned so that its upper edge protrudes beyond the upper face of the tooth by 1/5 of the diameter of the tool used. Another popular set for sharpening chainsaw chainsaw sharpening chains on the machine tool. The choice of the file depends on the chain pitch. It must be positioned at an angle of 90 ° in the vertical plane and 30 (10) ° in the horizontal plane. Since it is difficult to fulfill these conditions, experts recommend sharpening the chainsaw with the help of special tools included in the kit of the main unit.

Step-by-step instruction

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Previously the tire is fixed. The turning movements are performed on their own and should be smooth. Chainsaw chain sharpening: on the machine and manually. When sharpening the chain, it is recommended to rotate the file constantly (to prevent one-sided wear). Similarly, all the saw teeth are ground. You can change the angle of sharpening the chainsaw chains on the video of sharpening the chainsaw chains. Chainsaw Chain Sharpening | video on Zaporizhzhya. Do-it-yourself chainsaw sharpening. How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw with a round file and on a grinder. Pre-grind the teeth in the same direction.

To sharpen a chain of a chainsaw, it is necessary to file the same number of movements with constant pressure.

Observance of such conditions will allow to obtain teeth of equal length. Otherwise, the chain will move unevenly.

To grind the depth gauge, apply a template. It is imposed so that the limiter is located in the slot. The tip that protrudes beyond the slits is ground with a flat file. Editing and sharpening the chain on the machine bg60016:. If the cutting edge does not have a shape or the chain touches the soil, then a special manual or electric machine will be required for sharpening.

The Stihl company makes 2 modifications of manual units:

  • FG2. stationary device;
  • FG1 is a mobile device.

These nodes are mounted on the bus. Their working part is presented in the form of a beam saw with a round long file. the principle of sharpening a chain of a chainsaw on a special machine for sharpening mail at. Using FG1 and FG2, the length of the upper edge of the teeth is adjusted to the size of the smaller control tooth.

After sharpening the 1st tooth, similar steps are performed in relation to the other tooth, while the settings made for the control element are saved.

With the help of an electric machine with an integrated tuning system, the chain is set at a slope (the angle of sharpening is observed). This work is performed by an angle grinder or a machine with a vise. First you need to find out the principle of the machine and chainsaw. In the absence of proper skills for working with a chainsaw and electric machines, it is not recommended to sharpen the saw yourself. In this case, the help of professionals will be required.

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Sharpening a Chainsaw Chain with a Machine Tool Video AURAMM.RU

Video: Sharpening Chainsaw Chains On A Machine Tool Video

Do-it-yourself chainsaw sharpening

The tooth of the chain planes the wood like a planer, and the thickness of the chips is controlled by the height of the limiter.

Intense work of the saw leads to a rapid blunting of the chain. The angle of sharpening for the link which as well as you can watch the video sharpening the chain of the chainsaw. Within 1 day, several sharpening may be required. The problem is that the tooth is rapidly blunt when it meets the ground. It is enough to hook the soil once or twice, and the work can be stopped. the chips become small, and the saw ceases to go deep into the tree.

The earlier blunted teeth are sharpened, the less material needs to be removed during sharpening, as a result, the service life of the saw chain is longer. How to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw sharpening a chain of a chainsaw: video sharpen a chain to. Chainsaw Chain Sharpening | video on Zaporizhzhya. Finding a point where sharpening is already required is pretty easy. The principal sign is the feed force. A properly sharpened chain retracts into the cut even with a small press. If, on the contrary, the chainsaw is forced to saw with an increased feed force, then the teeth become dull. A dull chain can also be recognized if, instead of a large thick chip, only small chips fly out of the cut.

In this situation, the chainsaw should be sharpened urgently. Do not saw with a blunt or defective saw chain. the result is a strong tension in the body, a large repetitive load, and bad cutting results. In addition, this means a decrease in productivity, high fuel consumption and excessive wear on all parts of the chainsaw.

Chain Tooth Parameters

To achieve good cutting parameters, certain angles are attached to the tooth blades. The tooth back that slopes backward at an angle forms the posterior angle of the upper blade. This angle is needed for cutting the upper blade into the wood.

The tapering tooth blade forms the posterior angle of the end blade. This angle is needed for side cutting chips.

The edge of the end blade forms a front angle with the sliding surface of the cutting link. Frontal angles of various types of chains vary from 60 to 85 °.

The trailing angle of the upper blade indicates the tilt of the upper blade in reverse.

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This angle is measured relative to the sliding plane of the cutting link and, depending on the type of saw chain, has a value from 50 ° to 60 °. The upper blade is the main blade, and the rear corner of the upper blade is a more fundamental angle. The rear corner of the upper blade is difficult to measure, its correct value is formed subject to other prescribed values.

The sharpening angle or the angle in the plan comes out by measuring from the upper cutting edge at a right angle to the guide rail.

The angle of sharpening can be changed, depending on the implementation option. The basic rule: the greater the sharpening angle, the higher the cutting performance when cutting unfrozen soft wood. Reducing the angle of sharpening when cutting frozen and / or hard wood species contributes to a smoother stroke of the saw and reduce vibration. But, sharpening angles of more than 35 ° and less than 25 ° should be avoided (chains are excluded for longitudinal cutting, in which this angle is 10 °).

The front angle, the angle of sharpening and the angle of the upper blade change during sharpening. These angles have a decisive effect on the cutting ability of the chain. in the video, the principle of sharpening a chain of a chainsaw to sharpening a chain. Be sure to observe the prescribed values.

On each cutting link in front of the tooth blade there is a depth limiter. The height difference between the top edge of the depth gauge and the front edge of the tooth back is defined as the distance of the depth gauge.

The depth of penetration of the upper blade into the wood (chip thickness) and, therefore, productivity, depend on the distance of the depth gauge. The depth limiter distance is set depending on the chain pitch and type of execution. Normally, it should be 0.5-0.8 mm, often 0.6 mm. Highest values ​​will lead to an increased tendency of the chainsaw to recoil, a very large grip and vibration of the chain. Low values ​​result in poor performance. Because the distance of the depth gauge with each sharpening of the saw is miniaturized due to the reduction of the upper face of the tooth, the depth gauge also needs to be filed repeatedly. after 5-10 sharpening the chain.

Sharpening a chain from a chainsaw on a machine purchased at OBI, my detailed instructions

The test accessory is very comfortable.

Machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws.

Have a good time! ;))) I bought it almost yesterday chainsaw sharpening

General rules for sharpening chainsaw chains

Chain sharpeners

There are bands on the round rattle holder that allow it to be correctly positioned relative to the chain. The holder is mounted on the sharpened tooth in accordance with the orientation line. With all this, the plate itself rests on the upper edge of the tooth and the depth gauge, and the ratfil is placed under the cutting edge.

The insertion of the toolholder ensures that the ratfile adheres to the tooth at the correct height. There are different tool holders for the various steps of the saw chain. The right choice of toolholder in a compartment with the correct cross-section of the rat-file ensures that the rat-file protrudes 1/5 of its own diameter above the tooth back. Use only special rattyles for sharpening saw chains.

Before sharpening the chain of the chainsaw, it is better to fix the tire. how to sharpen a chain sharpening a saw chain from a chainsaw on a machine bought at. When sharpening, it is necessary, while maintaining the position of the holder and pressing the rattle to the edge to be sharpened, make several (2-3) turning movements away from you. No need to try to press the rattle very, the movements should be smooth and stable. Chainsaw chain sharpening is a video of the simplest chainsaw sharpening machines. Rotate the ratfile frequently to avoid one-sided wear. Video with how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw, the angle of sharpening a chain of a chainsaw. All other teeth are sharpened in the same way. It is more convenient at first to sharpen the teeth of the 1st direction, then change the position and do the same with the teeth of a different direction.

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When sharpening all the teeth, make a uniform number of movements with the rattle at the same pressure. Thanks to this, a uniform tooth length is obtained. All cutting teeth must be of similar length. Different tooth lengths are a prerequisite for uneven chain travel and cracking in it. In this video I will show you how to sharpen a chain of a chainsaw at home. Sharpening the chain on a chainsaw is very convenient and just use a file and a vice to sharpen the chain without any problems. If the length of the teeth is not the same, all cutting teeth should be filed to the length of the shortest tooth.

After several sharpening of the cutting teeth, the depth gauge grinds. Sharpening the chain on the machine bg60016. Equipment / for chainsaws correct sharpening of the chain. To do this, the template is superimposed on it in such a way that the limiter falls into the slot, and the tip protruding from the slot is ground with a flat rattle.

The principle of using a different set for sharpening chains of chainsaws does not differ from the first, although its design has differences.

For sharpening the cutting tooth, a round ratfil is also used, and for sharpening the depth gauge. thin. A special template provides sharpening characteristics of both cutting teeth and limiters. In the first case, it is superimposed on the chain in such a way that it falls into its slots. The ratfil, superimposed on the template and brought under the cutting edge, rests on the guide rollers. The direction of movement of the ratfil should be parallel to the side faces of the template.

When grinding the limiter, the template is superimposed so that the limiter gets into the slot, next to which is written SOFT (for soft wood) or HARD (for hard). As in the case of the first adaptation, grinding is done by smooth, even movements of the flat rattle from itself.

Chainsaw sharpening machines

Stihl produces two modifications of hand-held machines. the stationary FG 2 and the mobile FG 1, mounted directly on the tire. There are analogues of the least recognizable companies, comparable in value with the more ordinary devices described above, for example,

The working part of these devices is structurally reminiscent of a beam saw, into which instead of a saw blade a round long rattle is inserted. FG 1 and FG 2 not only sharpen the chains, but also correct them by adjusting the length of the upper edge of all the teeth to the same size. according to the smallest tooth, which is taken as the control. A rather complicated option mechanism allows you to set all the necessary characteristics. Sharpening is done in 2-3 movements, after which they proceed to the subsequent tooth, preserving for it all the options that were made for the control tooth. This provides similar sharpening characteristics for all teeth. When grinding the limiter, the round ratfile changes to thin.

Easy to use and an electronic tool-grinding machine for chainsaw chains. It has an option system that allows you to set the chain at the required angle and bring the disc exactly to the edge to be sharpened. There are machines that automatically clamp the vise when lowering the disc onto the chain.

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Sharpening a chain from a chainsaw on a machine purchased at OBI, my detailed instructions

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The video gives a description of the process of sharpening a chain on a dold machine. Subscribing to the channel, soon there will be new ones.

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