How to Increase Turnover At Viking Lawn Mower

When caring for the lawn, you should not trust the English proverb that it will become ideal only after 200 years of constant mowing. Russian owners of private territories will not wait so long, because with proper care the site will have lush and dense grass next season. It remains only to choose the right tool for care. There is no need to mention the grandfather’s spit, because you cannot achieve a level lawn with its help.

Features of choice

How to Increase Turnover At Viking Lawn Mower

Overview of lawn mower models from Viking: MV 650 VE

If you are interested in the gasoline model, then you should consider the option of a lawn mower, which was mentioned in the subtitle. You will have to pay 67,000 rubles for it. This equipment is a self-propelled model that works due to an engine with a power of 2.3 kW. In one pass, you can mow the grass 48 cm wide.

Additional properties

The case is made of aluminum, which indicates the ease of construction and the long life of the tool itself. This self-propelled Viking lawnmower can be used to care for an area of ​​up to 2000 m2. Tires with a profile are mounted on the drive wheels, which provides good traction and stability. The frame has a rigid structure, thanks to which it retains its shape, which is true even with intensive and frequent use.

Characteristics of the model MV 650

Considering the model of the lawn mower MV 650, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics. Among others. power, it is 3.2 liters. with. This self-propelled model has a grass catcher and an autostart system. The mowing height reaches 85 mm, while the minimum bevel is 30 mm. You can adjust the modes in 7 steps.

The design has a rigid grass catcher and the ability to choose the speed, which not every lawn mower can boast of. The manufacturer provided for the presence of a self-adjusting folding handle, as well as wheels on bearings. Grass is ejected from behind.

Height adjustment is central. The device works due to the gasoline engine of the 675 RS series. The unit weighs 45 kg. You must consider that it does not have large rear wheels. The design provides for the option of mulching. The drive is rear.

Reviews on the self-propelled model MV 650

  • comfortable work;
  • the presence of a knife with flaps;
  • strength;
  • power;
  • directivity down air holes.

If we consider the positive features in more detail, we can say that comfortable work is provided by a motorized wheel drive. You can mow grass even on large areas and slopes. In order to start work, it is necessary to turn the key, which starts the mower.

The Viking lawnmower knife has flaps. Thanks to the powerful air flow created in the aerodynamic type casing, the grass rises before mowing, which means that the result of cutting will be excellent. Consumers also like the high durability of the case. It is made of aluminum, so it has a low weight and impressive strength. The surface is covered with a powder composition at the manufacturing stage, so the design gains the ability to stably tolerate the effects of corrosion and fuel.

The Viking lawn mower has, according to consumers, become a popular equipment during its existence on the market. This fact cannot be called random, because it is due to many positive features. Among others, consumers highlight the presence of a grass catcher fill indicator. Thanks to this addition, the structure will be able to signal to the operator when it is necessary to empty the tank from grass.

You can mow using the described models, even along the curbs and walls, this feature is provided by the plastic overlays that the case is equipped with. The latter, by the way, has special handles for carrying. This also makes loading easier, for example, in the trunk of a car. There is also a handle on the front that will allow the lawnmower to be moved from place to place.

Starting equipment is facilitated by the availability of automation. When the engine is cold or hot, with the help of the described system you can ensure a leak, which will make the start of work easier. You can change the cutting height of the grass thanks to the practical handle on the body. This supplement, according to buyers, is very useful. You can adjust the speed smoothly. It is impossible not to mention the durability, as well as the reliability of the wheels, which have a double bearing. Leading equipped with profile tires, which indicates exchange rate stability.

Overview of the Lawn Mower Model MV 2.2 R

You can buy this model of gasoline lawn mowers for 23,000 rubles. It is a maneuverable lightweight unit that is suitable for the maintenance of areas up to 1,500 m 2. The mower has a professional engine.

The machine has a compact size, so it easily goes around obstacles. Keyless locks allow folding the handle, which saves space during transportation and storage. You can adjust the mowing in 4 modes, this allows the operator to achieve the desired result.

Specifications MV 2.2 R

The Viking MV 2.2 R lawnmower has a capacity of 2.2 liters. with. The model does not have a catcher, it is not self-propelled. The device weighs only 22 kg. The fuel tank holds 0.8 liters. The maximum mowing height reaches 85 m, while the minimum mowing rate is 28 mm.

Height adjustment. axial. The housings are based on sheet steel. The dimensions of this Viking lawn mower are 1240x490x1000 mm. Grass is ejected from behind. The spindle speed is 2900 rpm. The engine capacity is 125 cm 3. Power in kilowatts is 1.6. There are no large rear wheels in the design, as well as autostart options, but there is mulching.

Model reviews

When consumers consider the MV 2.2 brand lawn mower, they note that it has many advantages, among which are:

  • durability;
  • shredding mowed grass;
  • the ability to adjust the cutting height;
  • convenience of storage.

As for durability, it is also provided with double-bearing wheels, which are reliable and have a long service life. Customers also like the fact that the model of equipment has the ability to grind grass.

The mulching function frees the operator from the need to remove mowed grass. Mulch will be thrown into the area, enriching the lawn with nutrients. The described Viking lawn mower, the price of which is reasonably reasonable for most consumers, provides the ability to adjust the cutting height. This function is implemented in the adjustment on the axis of the front and rear wheels.

Convenience of storage is the presence of a folding handle. Consumers additionally emphasize that the gasoline engine in the design has a long service life. But the case reliably protects the internal components of the lawn mower from damage.

For some consumers, the Viking Electric Lawn Mower is the best solution, especially for those land owners who care for the lawn within the city. The described model is used for small areas, it is quiet and easy to manage. Its power is 0.9 kW, and the mowing width is 33 cm.

The equipment weighs only 11 kg. This feature, according to consumers, facilitates the transfer and transportation, as well as loading and unloading. The maximum cutting height reaches 57 mm. The cultivated area is 300 m 2. According to customers, this is quite enough for private areas. The Viking Electric Lawn Mower has central height adjustment. She is not self-propelled.

On sale you can even find cordless models of lawnmowers from the manufacturer “Viking”. One of them is MA 339, which you can purchase for 25,000 rubles. Cutting width reaches 37 cm. The set includes a hard grass catcher and central adjustment of the cutting height. You can adjust the last parameter from 30 to 70 mm.

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The equipment weighs only 12 kg. The design works due to the engine at 600 watts. This model is suitable for areas of small and medium areas, the size of which reaches 6 acres. You will no longer depend on gasoline. This also applies to the lack of cord limitations. The battery is universal, so it can be used in conjunction with the Viking and Stihl tools. Among these tools should be highlighted:

With the Viking cordless lawnmower, you can process small areas in a short time, which is ensured by the mowing width. The equipment guarantees convenient and easy operation. The case is made of shockproof plastic, which makes the device more durable. The design has special knives, they create an air flow that provides better mowing. According to customers, this also contributes to the optimal filling of the grass catcher.

Cost of spare parts

The Viking lawn mower, which is based in Austria, is of high quality. However, even such equipment may require replacement of tools over time. The supplier recommends using only original spare parts, among them you should highlight the mulch, which you can purchase for 2550 rubles. But the knife blades cost only 532 rubles.

A circular knife will cost the consumer 3571 rubles. But a multifunctional knife costs 1886 rubles. Spare parts for the Viking lawn mower are expensive, but only those supplied by the manufacturer should be used, because otherwise the equipment will not last long.

Instruction manual

Before starting any maintenance work on the equipment, it is necessary to disconnect the plug of the spark plug wire. All screws, bolts and nuts must be tightened to failure, the only way you can be sure that the device will work reliably.

After reading the instructions of the Viking lawnmower, you can understand that when a cutting tool collides with an obstacle, stop the device and inspect it. Mowing tools should be inspected regularly for wear. They must remain operational.

Lawn mowers, mowing machines VIKING

The Austrian company Viking first announced itself in 1981. Heinrich Lechner is considered to be its founder. In the small town of Kufstein, he was engaged in the production of garden shredders. The world saw the first Viking lawn mowers in 1984. Since 1992, the above company began to actively develop.

The reason for this is considered to be the connection between Viking and Steel. They were engaged in the production of chainsaws. But since 2001, the Viking company can boast simply a huge assortment of lawn mowers, which are in great demand in the world. To date, this brand has become a leader in the production of garden tools.

What is the difference between Viking Lawn Mowers?

First of all, it is important to note that the buyer has the opportunity to pick up a lawn mower that runs on either a gasoline or electric engine. Battery models are also available. Their power fluctuates around 4 kW on average. Coverage may vary, as well as mowing height. The cutting system, as a rule, is centralized. If we consider compact models, they are equipped with an eight-speed mechanism.

Grass catchers are included in the kit quite high quality. Their volume mainly depends on the power of the mower. Frames in all models are installed reinforced. Lawnmowers are practically not needed for tinning. Cleaning the blades after the lawn can be quite simple. Wheels in the devices are available with double bearings. Due to this, their service life is significantly increased. Repair of the Viking lawnmower can only be done at a service center.

Reviews about the gasoline modification “Viking MV 248”

You can adjust it with the lever. The cutting system in this case is centralized. The power of the device can be changed in steps. The knife for the Viking MV 248 lawn mower is steel as standard. In total, manufacturers have provided 8 different modes. This lawn mower is suitable for summer cottage, and on average it is capable of processing an area of ​​1200 square meters. m

What do they say about the ME 235 electric model?

Overview of the lawn mower MV 448

This self-propelled Viking lawnmower is, among other devices, compact. The cutting system in this case is rotary. Due to this, the lawn mower is able to work for a long time without interruptions. The rated power of the specified unit is within 3 kW. The minimum cutting height is 20 mm. Coverage, according to many, is optimal and equals 30 cm.

The maximum cutting height the user is able to set 60 mm. The engine in this case, the manufacturer installed an asynchronous type. Wheel drive has a rear type. The deck of the MV 448 lawnmower is made entirely of plastic, however, it is quite strong and can withstand heavy loads. In terms of noise, this model does not differ from simple lawn mowers. At a distance of 5 meters, the MV 448 produces 50 dB. There is only one nozzle in the standard set. Knives are installed by the manufacturer of the blade type.

Advantages of the MV 2 model

This consumer model is appreciated for its high performance. It can work continuously for about three hours. In this case, the engine practically does not overheat. This was achieved due to the excellent cooling system. However, this modification also has disadvantages. First of all, it should be noted quite thin knives in the kit. It is difficult to adjust the height in this model. This is due to the fact that the lever is fixed quite firmly. It is also important to note increased vibration. If you work on an uneven surface, then the shaking is quite large. As a result, the pen begins to vibrate violently. It is difficult to control the MV 2 mower in such a situation.

Petrol lawn mowers “Viking MA 339”

This model is capable of boasting simply excellent features. The power of this unit is 4 kW. The bag for collecting grass is quite voluminous. During operation, it detaches very quickly for cleaning. In this case, you can adjust the cutting height. The width of the knives is optimal. The cutting system in the mower is rotary. There is only one nozzle in the standard set. There are five modes to choose from. It is also possible to adjust the handle height in the MA 339 model.

This Viking lawnmower is not for everyone, but it still has certain advantages. First of all, consumers note convenient management. To adjust the speed of revolutions of knives can be quite simple with a single switch. The power button is in a convenient location and that’s good. Of the shortcomings, the rather large dimensions of the device should be noted. At the same time, the handle in the kit is not very convenient. It is not possible for the user to adjust the height of its installation.

It should also be borne in mind that the fuel consumption of this unit is prohibitive. In this regard, economical modification of MV 3 is difficult to name. Plus, the engine overheats after an hour of continuous operation. The cooling system is conventional, it copes with its duties quite poorly. Also, before buying, the consumer should consider that the design of the tank is quite compact. Given this, it will be necessary to refuel the specified unit during operation very often.

Owners opinion on “Viking ME 545”

Consumers like this model for its versatility. You can work with it calmly even on an uneven surface. Due to the small frame, it cuts the grass very high quality. The air intake grille is quite sturdy. The maximum power of the Viking ME 545 mower is 4 kW. Gasoline consumption in this model is acceptable. The handle is included in the standard set rubberized. A protective cover is installed in the structure. In general, the Me 545 lawnmower is ideal for summer cottages and the owner will always help to cope with gas up to 1000 square meters. m

The system in this design is rotary. Due to this, the speed of rotation of the blades can be adjusted quite smoothly. The indicated Viking lawn mower (gasoline) has a solid frame, and it is not afraid of shock. The engine in this modification is installed by the manufacturer asynchronous type with a reliable cooling system. The bag included is quite voluminous.

Differences between lawn mowers MV 448

The working width of this model is 35 cm. The user is able to set a minimum cutting height of 200 mm. You can work on a rough surface with this lawn mower. Wheel drive in the device has a rear. The rated power of the unit is at around 4 kW. A blade knife is used as a nozzle. In maintenance, this power tool is unpretentious. The deck in the construction is made entirely of plastic. In turn, the frame is made of stainless steel. At a distance of five meters, the Viking MV 448 lawnmower delivers 50 dB.

Customer reviews of “Viking ME 443”

For many buyers, this Viking lawnmower is self-propelled and appreciated for its compact size. Power for a large lawn in this case is not enough, which should be considered when buying. The working width in the structure is 25 cm. The maximum cutting height is 70 mm. The engine in the Viking ME 443 lawnmower is installed by the manufacturer asynchronous.

The bag in this case is attached at the rear of the frame. It is quite soft, and its volume is 45 liters. Thus, there is no need to frequently interrupt work in order to get rid of the accumulated grass. The fuel consumption of the device is acceptable. Only one nozzle is attached as standard. The knives of the Viking lawnmower self-propelled gasoline have very sharp knives, and they cope with quality with any grass. The cutting system is classified as rotary.

New model on the market MV 248

The cutting system in this model is of a centralized type. A variety of blades can be installed. They are equipped with a blade type as standard. The power of this unit is at the level of 5 kW. The mowing height can be adjusted quite simply. Minimum blades can be lowered to a distance of 20 mm from the ground. Management in lawn mowers MV 248 installed stepwise.

The grass catcher is included in a standard set of 50 liters. The motor device is capable of boasting an asynchronous type. In this case, you can adjust the height of the handle. This Viking lawnmower does not need maintenance. And this is a clear advantage. Among the shortcomings, consumers note increased noisiness.

Should I buy a Viking ME 656?

This Viking electric mower boasts a new integrated protection system. You can adjust the power of the ME 656 model. This power tool is capable of working on any surface. The height of the blades can be adjusted using the lever. The wheels of the Viking Lawnmower (electric) have double bearings. Due to this, the power tool will be able to serve the owner for many years.


Also, the compact size allows you to comfortably transport these power tools in the car. As for electric lawn mowers, things are a little different here. First of all, it should be noted that they cost almost the same as gasoline counterparts. over, the characteristics of all models are significantly underestimated. The only advantage in this situation is lower maintenance costs for electric lawn mowers.