How to Install a Drill in a Hammer

Hello! The question of how to insert a drill into a puncher can mean two different things to different people:

  • One is wondering how to install a drill, which they mistakenly call a drill.
  • The second one needs to know how to install a drill from a drill

This article will highlight both aspects.

How to insert a drill?

How to Install a Drill in a Hammer

A simple, it would seem, question, which, however, may present some difficulties for inexperienced users who are first holding a hammer drill.

There are two installation methods.

  • One of them is simple. you need to immerse the shank of the drill in the cartridge until it clicks. After that, he will not fall out.
  • The second method requires pulling back the cartridge skirt before installation. That is, pull it towards the tool body and, holding it in this position, stick the shank into the seat.

The first method is usually used on all professional devices. Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Metabo, AEG, etc., as well as on branded household models. Skil, Ryobi, Black-and-Decker, etc.

The second. on cheap Chinese units. This, for example, Caliber, Bison, Patriot, Kolner, Omax, Whirlwind and a bunch of others. True, it is worth saying that among them there are models where installation is also carried out in a more convenient first way.

Video: How to Install a Drill in a Hammer

In this case, extraction in both cases is carried out by pulling the skirt towards the body.

How to insert a drill drill into a hammer drill?

In this case, you will have to use an adapter. It is an ordinary cartridge like an electric drill (key or quick-clamping. no difference), into which an adapter is screwed, one end of which has a thread, and the other has nothing other than the same shank as the drill.

Cartridges can be with different threads. Usually, for our case, they are used either 1/2 inch or metric M12. Accordingly, the adapter must also have a similar threaded fit.

The adapter is screwed into the cartridge. Then, for reliable fixation, the supplied screw having a left-hand thread is screwed into it from the inside of the cartridge.

Now the assembled structure needs to be thrust into the hammer drill just like the drills are installed in it. And in the end we get, in fact, an electric drill, in which, however, the cartridge will have some backlash.

There is no need to work in shock mode. the assembled adapter will not stand up and will quickly fail.

Lucky for those who bought the unit immediately with such an adapter. In addition, there are such models of perforations that have two chucks replacing each other. one for drills, the other for drills.

The advantage of this configuration is that in this case there is no backlash that is available when using the adapter. So the puncher is already becoming a completely full drill. But overpay for such a model, of course, have to.

That’s actually all the information on installing drills and drills in a punch. I hope it was clear. I say goodbye to this. until we meet again!