Stihl Chainsaw Spark Plug Clearance

The engine of a high-quality chainsaw starts up and works without problems, if you provide it with regular maintenance, timely filter change and carburetor adjustment. But even if these requirements are met, unforeseen breakdowns sometimes occur: it fills the candle or its gap changes. Let’s talk in this article about the situation when a candle is poured on a chainsaw: what to do?

Stihl Chainsaw Spark Plug Clearance

Why is it pouring a candle?


Some time ago, a chainsaw was considered quite powerful, and at the same time expensive and heavy professional equipment used for logging operations. However, over time, manufacturers significantly expanded the range of such equipment, releasing many light and compact products for work on a suburban area.

Today, such units, as in the following photo, are no longer exclusively professional equipment for lumberjacks. This is a tool useful in construction, during repair work, in cutting dry branches, when harvesting firewood and the like. But for it to work without interruptions, you need to know what to do if it floods a candle on a chainsaw. Or how to repair such equipment in case of breakdowns of its other components. We will talk about this later.


In practice, this is such a tool, the main value of which is quite difficult to determine clearly. The fact is that such equipment is universal and has a very wide scope. For example, it is very relevant during the execution of garden, construction, as well as other types of work.

Many summer residents and gardeners purchase lightweight models for caring for fruit trees in their suburban area. That is, in our days, the chainsaw has undoubtedly become a high-performance alternative to a hand saw or an ax. And with the features of its operation and adjustment of the spark plug gap, almost every craftsman is familiar.

But do all owners of summer cottages know how to repair such equipment in the event of any malfunctions in its operation? Let’s discuss further what to do if your chainsaw does not start and fills the candle. And also let’s talk about why this happens.


A chainsaw is no longer considered an innovative technician designed exclusively for professionals. Nowadays, many gardeners and homeowners have a similar versatile unit in their arsenal. Indeed, modern manufacturers offer customers a wide selection of types and models of units of this kind.

Honestly, their design, in general, is not too complicated. Therefore, if problems arise with their work, any more or less experienced summer resident will figure out why he pours a candle on a chainsaw on his own.

Video: Stihl Chainsaw Spark Plug Clearance

If the equipment of such a plan is provided with the correct use and maintenance, Stihl chainsaw candles become extremely unusable. But if once the chainsaw does not start, you need to sort out the problem in order:

  1. A spark plug for a chainsaw is an important part with units of this kind. If problems arise with it (for example, it is flooded), then they can lead to breakdown of all equipment;
  2. If during inspection the spark plug is completely dry to the touch, this indicates a lack of fuel supply. Why is this happening? Problem salt is concentrated in the carb. Be sure to clean the fuel filter and turn on the engine again. Nothing happens? Then the carburetor needs to be disassembled and studied, however, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists from the service center;
  3. If the unit does not start, then this may indicate a problem with spark plugs of a different nature. it fills. You have a Stihl chainsaw: floods a candle and the engine of the unit does not start? To fix the problem, turn out the filled spark plug and dry it thoroughly. However, it does not need to be calcined. It is enough to drain the fuel mixture from the spark plug hole and leave the part to dry for half an hour. Next, reinstall it in place and start the engine. In addition, it is important to examine the contact between the tip of the spark plug and the high voltage wire;
  4. It is important to ensure that the clearance of the spark plug spark plug is correctly adjusted.

Why problems occur

Why pours a candle on a Stihl chainsaw? The answer is simple: this occurs when the unit is started by an inexperienced user who does not follow the correct sequence for starting the equipment on a cold one.

Because of this, the tip of the candle may fail. To make sure there is a similar problem, unscrew the candle and insert it into the tip. Then lay the part on the block and pull the trigger cord several times. If there is a spark, you can not worry about the electrics and the condition of the candle.

Be sure to check that the clearance of the spark plug spark plug is adjusted correctly.

In order for the chainsaw to work properly, it is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the spark plugs, as well as to ensure that the clearance in the spark plug candle is correctly adjusted. An incorrectly adjusted gap will result in damage. Carry out regular maintenance of this kind of equipment, and there will be as few problems with it as possible.

The following is a helpful video on the proper use of a chainsaw.

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