How to Make a Cosulin Trimmer

You can significantly expand the family’s diet with quality products by building a stationary or portable smokehouse on a personal plot. Before starting work, it is advisable to carefully analyze your capabilities, skill level and study materials on how to make a smokehouse with your own hands quickly and efficiently.

We make a cold smoked smokehouse

There are many options for manufacturing a design for cold smoking. We decided to provide you step by step instructions for the manufacture of smokehouses from a plastic film.

  • Step # 1. Buy 2 meters of the thickest film. Usually such a film is used for greenhouses. The film sleeve should be sewn on one side. The result is a bag.
  • Step number 2. To build a smokehouse 1 square meter small flat ground. Stakes of 2 m high are driven in at the corners of the site. At the top, the stakes are connected by cross members. The design must be stable.
  • Step number 3.Opposite stakes are connected among themselves by diagonal rods in 2-3 rows.
  • Step number 4.Prepared for smoking fish is hung on rods. The carcasses of fish should not be in contact with each other.
  • Step number 5.Pull the prepared bag on the structure to the middle. Half a bucket of burning coals is poured onto the site and green grass is laid on top.
  • Step number 6.Lower the film to the ground and press well, so that the smokehouse is airtight. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse is ready and for this you need a minimum level of costs.

If necessary, add fresh grass so that there is thick smoke inside the smokehouse. After 3 hours, remove the bag and ventilate the fish. Large carcasses of fish must be smoked again the next day.

We make hot smoked smokehouse

In our article, we will consider the option of manufacturing a design for hot smoking from metal sheets. For work you will need:

  • Two metal sheets measuring 61 cm by 156.5 cm and 2 mm thick.
  • Angle Grinder.
  • Welding machine.
  • Joiner’s angle, meter.
  • Thin fittings.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Step number 1.One sheet of metal is divided into four parts. To get a smoky square box, make the details the same. To cut the sheet, use an angle grinder.
  • Step number 2.Make drip welding of two sheets and using a carpentry angle to achieve the connection of two planes at an angle of 90 degrees. Continue welding the rest of the sides.
  • Step number 3. To achieve tightness of the structure weld internal seams.
  • Step number 4.Cut the bottom of the smokehouse from the second sheet and weld it firmly to the finished box.
  • Step number 5.It’s time to make the lid. Cut the angle grinder into four strips of stainless steel sheet slightly larger than the outer size of the box. Weld the lid. After completing all the manipulations, a deep lid should be obtained that can be easily put on the smokehouse body.
  • Step number 6. The home smokehouse is almost ready. To complete the work, you must weld two levels of rods and comfortable handles. At the bottom of the smokehouse, weld rods to install a tray collecting juice and fat. The top row of rods is needed for hooks with bacon, meat or fish.

How to make a hot smoked smokehouse do-it-yourself video:

Do-it-yourself hot smoked smokehouse is ready for use. In this design, it is good to smoke lard, fish, meat. An electric stove is used as a heat generator. To get a higher temperature, it is better to light a fire.

To make a smokehouse at home, make preliminary drawings of the future design. So you can accurately calculate the required amount of materials.

Pictures of smokehouses:

photo of a smoke-cured smokehouse with a water lock

photo of the smokehouse from the fridge

photo of cold smoked smokehouse

barrel smokehouse photo

Interesting information about the different types of smokehouse

Smokehouse bucket.

For the manufacture of this model smokehouses use old steel buckets. Two stainless steel grills are inserted inside the bucket. The first grid is placed 10 cm from the bottom of the bucket, and the top at a distance of 5 cm from the bottom grid.

At the bottom of the smokehouse pour shavings or sawdust with a layer of 2 cm. Smoked products are placed on the nets.

The mini-smokehouse is ready for use. It is covered and set on fire. This is a design for hot smoked products. Already 15 minutes after the first appearance of smoke, smoked products are ready. The bucket is removed from the fire and allowed to cool.

Stainless Steel Smokehouse.

For the manufacture of this design using stainless steel. In appearance, the smokehouse resembles a suitcase inside of which two grilles are installed on the welded corners.

To use the camping smokehouse, you will need small firewood of deciduous trees or sawdust. Pieces of meat, lard or fish are placed on a wire rack. The suitcase is closed with a lid and placed over a fire. After 20 minutes, the fragrant pieces are ready to eat.

Smokehouse from the refrigerator.

Many summer residents use old refrigerators as cabinets for storing various trifles. Few people know that it is very easy to make a smokehouse from the refrigerator. It is enough to simply remove all the insides leaving only the box with the door.

In the upper part, a hole is made for the chimney. Three pairs of corners at different levels are attached to the walls of the refrigerator. On the upper two levels are lattices and trims with hooks. The bottom corners are needed to install a grease collecting pan.

To complete the design, you still need an electric stove and a durable pallet for sawdust. The plate is located at the bottom of the refrigerator box, and a pallet with sawdust is installed on it. The door should close well so that there is minimal airflow into the chamber.

Smokehouse from a barrel.

This is one of the simplest and most affordable types of smokehouse for making your own. An old metal barrel without a bottom must be equipped with a grill or rods on two levels. There is a pallet below, and meat or fish is hung on top of the hooks. If the hearth is located directly under the barrel, this is a smoke-cured smokehouse.

When the barrel is installed on the pit, and a two-meter chimney from the hearth is made to it, you will get cold-smoked meat and fish.

Do-it-yourself smokehouse made of bricks.

This is a stationary smokehouse and you can build it anywhere in the garden. The dimensions of the smoking chamber are chosen at your discretion. As with other designs, it is important that the smoke source is properly maintained. For burning wood, a stove-potbelly stove is often used, placing it outside the chamber. Connect the smoking chamber to the stove pipe.

Smokehouse with a water lock.

So that the apartment does not have any foreign smell and smoke, water is poured into the hydraulic lock. Cook the food according to your favorite recipe and start cooking hot.

Smokehouse from a gas cylinder.

You have an old gas cylinder at home, but you absolutely do not know how to make a smokehouse yourself from this unnecessary thing on the farm. At first glance, the remodeling process is a bit complicated, but quite feasible. Follow the steps below and you will succeed.

  • Take the bottle out to a wasteland to release the remaining gas and saw off the valve. The cylinder is empty if bubbles do not appear when applying soapy water to the valve.
  • Drain gasoline from the cylinder into a metal container and then burn it.
  • Fill an empty bottle with plain water, to rinse.
  • A cleaned dish can return home and start making the smokehouse.
  • A large door is required to load products. Make cuts to the end, so that the door does not fall prematurely.
  • To clear places for solder of loops and to weld loops at once to the main part of a cylinder and to the future door. When the hinges are firmly welded, cut the door to the end. Now you can think about the stand for the future smokehouse.
  • At the bottom of the cylinder, first cut off the metal strip, and then cut off half the bottom. There should be a firebox in the smokehouse.
  • To make a firebox from thick sheets of iron. Weld the furnace to the cylinder so that a single design of the mobile smokehouse is obtained.
  • Before the first smoking, burn the smokehouse from the cylinder with firewood.

Video: How to Make a Cosulin Trimmer

A smokehouse at home from an old waste bottle is perfect for hot smoking of any products.

BBQ with smokehouse.

It is human nature to constantly invent something new and make multifunctional devices out of simple things. One of such unusual designs is the grill with a smokehouse. You have a brazier at home, but I really want to surprise my friends with fragrant smoked fish or chicken wings. Look for an old small barrel. It should have a bottom.

Attach the door, lay the barrel on the grill and secure so that it does not move. Install a fish grill inside the smoking chamber. Pour shavings or sawdust onto the bottom of the chamber. Put the prepared carcass and close the camera.

Smoke generator for the smokehouse.

For a small smoke-cured smokehouse, a smoke generator is not needed. It is already in the smoking chamber device itself. Sawdust smoldering at the bottom of the chamber gives high temperature smoke. Sawdust is heated with the help of a hearth located next to the smoking chamber.

The cold smoking method requires more time and more thorough preparation of products. The temperature of the smoke in the chamber does not exceed 35 degrees. Products are pre-marinated and dried. But for such a smokehouse, you need to think about a quality smoke generator. What is needed is not just the generation of sufficient smoke, but also its cooling to the desired temperature in the smokehouse.

The best option for a smokehouse smokehouse is a design with electric heating element with arranged temperature sensor. In this case, there is no need to specifically cool or heat the smoke.

The simplest device for cooling smoke to the desired temperature is an indoor trench up to 3 meters long between the hearth and the smoking chamber.

How to make a smokehouse and what design. choose for yourself.

Smoked recipes: fish, chicken, lard, meat

For the preparation of low-fat products, it is better to use the hot smoking method with a smoke temperature of at least 43 ° C. Meat and fish of fatty varieties are smoked in a cold way, at which the temperature of the smoke is not higher than 25 ° C.

How to Make a Cosulin Trimmer

During smoking, the products are painted, get an unusual taste and aroma. The upper part is dried and becomes glossy. Finished products must be cooled and left at least 5 days in limbo.

Smoked fish

For hot smoking, fish is pre-cleaned, washed well and rubbed with plenty of salt. After a quarter of an hour, the workpiece is washed and laid out in a smoke-cured smokehouse on a wire rack.

On the grate of the smoking chamber, first lay out small twigs of apple trees, currant leaves and raspberries. Put prepared carcasses of fish on top. It only takes 20 minutes to cook the mackerel.

Recipe number 2. To get a high quality product for this recipe, you will need electric smokehouse. Peel the mackerel and rub it with salt, both inside and on top. Put the dishes with fish in the refrigerator for 2 days.

Put fruit or alder sawdust moistened with water on the pallet in an electric smoker. The highlight of this recipe for cooking fish in the smokehouse is the addition to the sawdust of a small amount of black tea, a piece of sugar and juniper berries.

Pat the salted fish with a napkin and drip lemon juice into the cut abdomen. The juicy taste of the fish will be given by the slice of lemon laid inside. Grease the carcass with vegetable oil. Lay out on a wire rack.

Cooking mackerel in an electro-boiler starts without a pallet with sawdust. 10 minutes after the start of cooking, place sawdust in the chamber. Cook the fish for another 20 minutes with smoke. Turn off the device and leave it closed to cool. After 30 minutes you can taste the amazing taste of fish.

Smoking mackerel in the smokehouse, video:

Now you know how to smoke fish in a smokehouse of different designs.

Smoking chicken in the smokehouse

The most important point when cooking smoked chicken is pickling. Wash the carcass well and remove any excess fat. Dry with napkins. Make small cuts in the skin and push the sliced ​​garlic cloves into them. Mix your favorite spices with salt and carefully rub the chicken inside and out with this mixture. Prepare the foil, wrap the chicken in it and put the camera in the fridge for marinating for 24 hours.

Remove the chicken and let it warm at room temperature for at least 2 hours. Prepare a home smokehouse for work. Release the carcass from the foil, tie the legs and wings together so that they do not stick out to the sides. Put the chicken in the smokehouse and start cooking. With hot smoking, one hour is enough to cook the chicken.

First, the fire in the smokehouse should be stronger to get the desired smoking temperature and make the wood chips smolder. Next, you just need to maintain the process of smoke formation and cooking temperature until the meat is ready. Now you know how to smoke chicken in a home-made smokehouse.

Smoked bacon

You already know how to build a smokehouse for cold and hot smoking. Now the time has come to get acquainted with recipes for making bacon. Marinade will help to add taste and special aroma to lard. It is best to make dry marinade. For 2 kg of lard, you will need 250 g of coarse salt, a spoonful of ground black pepper, chopped dry bay leaves (1/2 packet), 5-6 cloves of garlic and fresh dill. You can take dry dill.

Stages of preparation:

  • Strip fat. The width of the pieces should be no more than 6 cm.
  • Mix salt with dill, bay leaf and pepper.
  • The resulting mixture good to rub pieces of bacon from all sides.
  • Lay the strips in a row with the skin down and sprinkle with seasonings on top. Between the pieces of bacon put sliced ​​cloves of garlic.
  • Cover the fat on top and press firmly with the load.
  • After 3 days, clear the lard of salt and hang on hooks for drying. Sunlight should not fall on fat.

This smoked lard recipe is the easiest. It takes only 20 minutes to cook the product by hot smoking.

Recipe for smoked homemade sausages:

Make homemade sausages according to your favorite recipe. So that sausages do not run out of juice and do not lose their taste, they must be smoked immediately after filling. It takes about 3 hours to smoke. All this time, a small flame in the hearth and sufficient smoke should be maintained. It is best to use fruit tree firewood.

Smoked meat

To make delicious pork, make a pickle. For 11 liters of cold boiled water add 50 pcs. black pepper, 0.5 liters of coarse salt and 15 pcs. bay leaf. The salt should completely dissolve.

Pieces of meat are placed in a cold marinade. In the cold season, the smoking preparation is kept in brine for 5 days, and on hot days the meat is soaked for 3 days.

Ready-to-smoked meat is stuffed with garlic and tied with twine. There comes a time to learn how to smoke meat in the smokehouse yourself. If you have a smokehouse from a barrel, the meat is hung on hooks at the very top of the chamber and cover the barrel with burlap.

Place a bucket of water near the barrel to periodically wet the burlap. For the entire period of smoking, swap the pieces several times.

We choose firewood for the smokehouse

To get a delicious high-quality smoking product, you need to learn how to choose the right tree species that give a special aromatic smoke. To get good smoke, raw wood is used. If there is no raw material, the logs are slightly moistened.

A home-made smokehouse of any design works great when burning almost all hardwood.

It is best to add firewood for cooking in the smokehouse cherry leaves, juniper branches. For smoking, never use firewood of conifers due to the high content of resins in them.

Good oxygen access and incomplete combustion of firewood give light smoke, which significantly improves the quality of the finished product.

Your cold smoked smokehouse works great if you can clearly see the smoked product through a concentration of smoke. During hot smoking products in the chamber should not be visible through smoke.

Would you like smoked meat to have a golden color. use mahogany. To obtain products painted in dark yellow, you need alder and oak firewood. Golden yellow give wood firewood hardwood.

Some effective tips

  • Use the old garden trees or branches after pruning to operate the smokehouse. The most pleasant aroma of smoke from shavings of pears, cherries and apple trees.
  • Large firewood is used only for coal. Put firewood in the stove and set fire to it. Install a chip tray on top.
  • To get good smoke after the appearance of coal, close the chimney flap. From this moment, sawdust begin to smolder and form smoke.
  • Quality smoking depends on many factors. Larger pieces will have to be smoked longer. Smoking small pieces of meat and fish will take less time. The basic requirement is constant smoke supply until the product is ready. Sawdust or shavings will have to be added to the pallet to maintain the smoking temperature.
  • There should be a measure in everything. Too long a smoking process can also ruin the taste of the finished product. It is necessary to periodically check smoked meats for taste and preparedness.
  • To reduce the smoking process, many experts recommend boil meat or lard in water with spices and salt.

From the article you learned about different types of smokehouses, about the rules for cooling smoke, about choosing firewood. We wish you good luck in building your own smokehouse and preparing new dishes for your family.