How To Make A Homemade Tiller With A Motorcycle Engine?

If you decide to make a homemade tiller from a motorcycle engine, the first condition is to make the most of used motorcycle components, minimizing them. It will require some experience and accumulated knowledge, with a large margin of patience and work. The result of this work will be a reliable farm machine, adapted to almost any conditions. If there is a malfunction, the repair will be the replacement of a broken part or a failed node.

For example, if you take a sub-frame or power unit: they are made in production. If we consider the reducer adapter, it is taken from the main gear of the motor-car wheel.

Making a homemade tiller from a motorcycle engine.

For the successful operation of the tiller, a multi-stage kinematic scheme of the transmission was developed, thereby increasing the relative ratio, as well as tractive effort and torque. Together with the reducer adapter in the kinematic scheme provides the main gearbox. When combining the gearbox with a pair of wheels and the main gear, it turns out highly efficient propulsion.

A special mechanism pulls the drive chains. It fastens with pins to the sliders, which are made of steel angle. The latter is also able to move, pulling or weakening the drive chain. For this purpose, grooves are provided for grooves, and there are two adjustment screws and mounting bolts M10.

The most time-consuming design is the main gearbox. It is made of pre-prepared steel plates (10 mm). At the place of installation of the bearings is disk gain. Weld seams are solid to prevent oil leakage. A bracket-bracket is welded to the rear wall of the gearbox, which makes it possible to fasten a cargo trolley or a hook-on agricultural implement. If to use the cargo cart, then tiller becomes a minitractor.

A steel plate (5 mm) is used to make the gearbox cover. It is attached to the housing with M6 screws. Cylindrical spur gears and shafts took from agricultural machinery. It must be remembered that the purpose of the intermediate shaft is the selection of power, so it is better to make new shafts than to use the old ones. The differential of the main gearbox on the tiller was part of a decommissioned electric vehicle.

Wheel lock tiller with motorcycle engine.

Wheel locking is a necessary technical solution for the tiller, from a design point of view. On the right axis, where the slotted end, a cylindrical neck is pierced, which should be slightly deeper than the slotted slot. From the opposite end of the axis is a threaded hole.

When the adjusting screw M12 rotates, the axle shifts due to the action of the coil spring. Further, inside the differential, the semi-axle moves away from the engagement with the “native” gear and engage with the adjacent one, thereby blocking the wheels.

The tiller impellers are made from wheels of a decommissioned electric vehicle. Each disc, in the rim, cut 16 slots and welded steel plates, which will serve as the basis for the lugs. After that, jumpers are welded to them, and the rims of arable wheels are obtained.

Plow for tiller.

The knot regulating the entry of the plow into the soil is very efficiently manufactured. It consists of a welded U-shaped body, with the installation-restrictive protrusions. The heel of the plow is inserted into them, which is capable of rotating in a vertical plane using a stub axial hinge. The stud M16 determines the required angle of rotation. A steel channel is welded to the turning heel. Thanks to a small turn in the direction where the soil falls off the plow, it becomes possible to install the latter correctly.

The cutting knife is also attached to the ridge. To install it at the right angle to the soil and the required value, uses a typical clamp with a plate-plate, and two M12 bolts with nuts are used. In front of the tiller is placed on the V-shaped bracket an auxiliary wheel. Its purpose is to provide ease during transportation, or when moving tiller backwards.

The tiller is controlled by two rods from the mower with handles. Also used for this switch handles reverse and speed.

Performance tiller. three. five weave land per hour. Open land can be plowed in second gear. For heavy soil work on the first.

How to make a tiller with your own hands from the engine of the planet?

The scheme for creating this tiller is perfect for engines Voskhod, Minsk, Ant. Best of all proved the engine from IL Planet-3. To make a tiller with your own hands from the engine of the planet, you need to make small design changes.

Engine cooling is forced, connected via ignition. to the coil. Engine power 18 hp Thanks to the installed gear there is a reverse gear.

Transport speed. up to 70 km / h. The minimum speed is 5-6 km / h. The cart is made of two old torsion type wheelchairs and can withstand weight up to 500 kg.

The frame is welded to the channel. When modelling tiller, it is necessary to take into account the engine mount, so we make the displacement of the longitudinal axis of the gearbox by 10 mm relative to the engine axis. The engine can be mounted differently. The additional shaft runs into the channel to increase engine power.

After this, place the fuel tank. After the assembly, we give the tiller a beautiful appearance by painting.

This tiller can drive 50-70 km per day. On asphalt, you can keep the speed of 50-60 km / h. You can use it as a vehicle, and as a tiller.