Chainsaw “Partner” 350. Reliable Assistant With Proper Care.

Inexpensive and trouble-free chainsaw Partner 350 replaced the two-handed tool and the hacksaw. Initially, the Swedish brand transferred the rights to the brand of the Electrolux company with a production site in Russia. Therefore, with proper quality, the tool is inexpensive. For amateur use, the model is most convenient. Price chainsaw Partner 350 from 5 to 9 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration, is acceptable.

Principles of choice chainsaws.

So, the question arose which saw to choose for working at the dacha. Of course, it should be a chainsaw, as it is mobile, does not depend on the source of energy. Such a device can be used on a tourist trip, to collect wood residues in the forest.

Quality products, not only saws, determined by well-known brands. But then there is a danger to get on the replica, created in artisanal conditions. Therefore, the product should take a closer look. Often forge expensive tools of world leaders Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Solo, as expensive brands. Therefore, the chainsaw Partner 350 from the manufacturer can be purchased with less risk.

The ratio of weight. power is directly related. Therefore, a professional tool for country use is not always suitable. Choose a home assistant should be with a small margin of power. The size of a 45 cm tire on an amateur saw is a marketing ploy. It reduces the engine’s life, and the sawing device will be sticking.
A chainsaw is a tool of increased danger. During the work, it is necessary to provide inaccessibility to the place of work of children and animals. Cutting of small boards is better to lead on specially equipped racks. For your safety, work in buttoned clothes, glasses and protective gloves. There should be comfortable, stable shoes on your feet.
Options for vibration damping, easy start, easy stretch of the chain, the availability of the air filter provide additional convenience when operating the tool. Of household budget saws in the rating of the most sought-after in the fifth place, the chainsaw is called the Partner 350 S., And in terms of price. quality, this is the best mechanism.

Technical characteristics of the chainsaw Partner 350.

The most common saw from the “Partner” series is the Partner 350 S. This model uses for longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood. The tool is designed for a tire length of 40 cm.

From the options the device is equipped with:

  • inertial brake circuit and integrated switch;
  • electronic ignition;
  • spring for easy engine start;
  • vibration damper;
  • automatic chain lubrication.

Main settings:

  • power. 1, 5 kW;
  • angular speed of the shaft. 13000 rpm;
  • working volume of the combustion chamber. 40 cu. cm;
  • tire length. 40 cm;
  • chain pitch. 3/8 inch;
  • total weight. 4.7 kg.

After proper running, regulation, the working mode of the saw allows you to perform a large range of work, including the longitudinal cutting of wood.

Studying the instruction manual for the chainsaw Partner 350

Work on complex household appliances, not having studied the device and the rules of operation, is unacceptable.

Instructions from the manufacturer in the Russian translation include topics:

  • list of components and parts;
  • information on how to read the characters on the equipment;
  • safety measures when working with saws and compliance with sawing technology;
  • instructions for the assembly sequence of the tool;
  • correct fuel mixes and chain lubrication requirements;
  • maintenance instructions for individual components;
  • troubleshooting table;
  • specifications chainsaws Partner.

Official documents, developed to help machine owners, carry comprehensive information on the correct operation of the saw.
On the tool, it is necessary to use only a saw chain with a low rebound. Due to the cut depth limiters, it is safer in amateur use.

Terms of self-repair chainsaws Partner.

For the owner of the tool, who has the skills of repairing household appliances, it is available to rectify the malfunction independently after the end of the warranty service First you need to learn the technique. Experienced artisans believe that repairing a chainsaw with a partner 350 does it yourself with a correct diagnosis.

To determine the nature of the repair, you must:

  • check the ignition system;
  • diagnose carburetor operation;
  • fuel system performance;
  • clean the muffler;
  • determine the performance of the piston system;
  • check the chain lubrication;
  • determine knot wear and required parts for chainsaws Partner.

Difficult issues need to be addressed with the involvement of specialists for consultation.

If the engine fails to start, first of all, check whether the candles are in good condition. They must be dry and have a contact gap of 0.5-0.65 mm. According to the condition of the twisted spark plug, it is possible to determine the signs of malfunctions in the fuel system and equipment operation.

Check the condition of the spark plug by connecting the cap with the starter and putting it on the cylinder body. The candle is OK if it gives a spark to the case when the starter pulls. If there is no spark, it is a broken wire, or there is a flooded plug, or the wire has worked its life.
Carburetor repair may temporarily prolong the engine running time. The running holes in the carburetor can become clogged with poor-quality fuel or through a loose air filter. When disassembling the unit, rinse and blow through all parts.

It is better to entrust the repair and adjustment of the carburetor, as the most responsible node, to the master.

If no fuel enters the cylinder:

  1. You can clean the fuel filter after making sure that the fuel consumption is low with a hose. Depending on the degree of clogging, it must be cleaned or replaced with a new one.
  2. If the injection is blocked, remove the hose; clean the hole with a needle.
  3. In the carburetor gets little air through a clogged air filter. Disrupted the flow of the mixture into the engine.
  4. Incorrect carburetor adjustment will produce the same result.

Not lubricated chain. The lubricant should be applied to the working unit automatically to avoid overheating of the chain and its drawdown. But as the oil flows through the channels, they can become clogged with fine wood dust. After each work cycle, you must clean the blade and the gaps of dust and dirt. If the oil leaks, you need to check the integrity of the hose and the tightness of the connection to the tank. Replace a faulty hose or temporarily cover the hole with a sealant. Repair the oil pump.

Partner 350 chainsaw malfunctions include the failure of durable parts. If the sprocket, tire, rubber anti-vibration seal or the chain were dull, you must take the measures on time. In harsh operating conditions, they should be under control, replaced, sharpened, pull up on time.