How To Make A Homemade Tiller With A Motorcycle Engine? Instruction.

When deciding to do it yourself with a tiller motorcycle engine, you need to be guided by an important condition. this is the minimum bulkhead and reworking, as well as the maximum use of used nodes. Of course, for full-fledged correct work, you must have experience and knowledge, patience and a desire to work. If you apply these simple rules, the final work will be excellent farm transport adapted to all conditions. In the event of problems and malfunctions, the main repair will be the simple replacement of a defective part.

Making a homemade tiller from a motorcycle engine?

For normalized tiller activity, it is necessary to develop a kinematic multistage transmission scheme. It allows you to increase the dependent ratio, torque and tractive effort. Also, together with the reducer adapter in the whole scheme, the presence of the main reducer is provided. The most highly efficient engine is obtained by combining the main gear with the gear wheel pair
Thanks to a specific mechanism, the drive chains are effectively tensioned. This element is attached to the sliders with the help of studs made of steel corners, which, in turn, can move freely, to stretch, and also weaken the drive chain. A pair of adjusting screws with mounting bolts numbered M10 allow you to perform the above functions.
One of the most complex structures is considered to be the main gearbox, made of steel plates of 10 millimetres. On the installation, bearing space is amplifying discs. Special welding solid seams are made to eliminate the possibility of oil leakage. Rear gear wall assumes in its structure the presence of the bracket. the bracket. It is capable of fastening both full cargo carts and agricultural trailer equipment. In the case of attachment of the cart to the tiller, you get a real miniature tractor.
The gear cap is made of a steel five-millimetre plate. Thanks to the screws under the number M6, it freely attaches to the body. All gears of a straight gear form are taken from agricultural machines.

Wheel lock tiller with motorcycle engine.

An important technical solution for tiller is the correct wheel lock. It is imperative that the cylindrical cervix located on the right half-axle next to the spline end be pierced through. On the other axial side, a threaded hole is made. During the rotation of the screw under the number M12, a certain displacement is performed under the action of the coil spring. After this point, the semi-axis of the gear occurs. It is how wheels are locked.
Tiller wheels are made of electric wheels. In all disks, sixteen grooves are cut. Steel plates are welded there. Then jumpers are added, which form the rim of arable elements.

Plow for tiller.

The regulating knot, which makes it possible to enter the plow into the fertile land freely, consists of several important parts:
– Welded hull type P;
It is in these details that the immediate heel of the plow is inserted. Due to technical features, it rotates in a vertical plane, while applying axial and stub hinges. The PIN M16 sets the rotational angle. The channel of the particle under consideration is welded to the turning heel. (See plow for tiller do-it-yourself).
A knife of a cutting character is attached to the immediate ridge. Its normalized installation is done through a standard clamp with an overlay plate and two bolts under the numbers M12 with universal nuts. On the front of the tiller is mounted V-shaped bracket with an auxiliary wheel. The main purpose of this element is transport ease, unhindered reverse movement.

All direct control of the created transport, that is, the tiller, is carried out with the help of a mower, a handle and two rods.