How to Make a Petrol Trimmer Properly

How to Make a Petrol Trimmer Properly

How to start the trimmer is a question that owners are puzzled in case of a device breakdown. And after successful repair of the trimmer, the owner tries to avoid repeating the same situation.


The reason the trimmer fails may be:

  • tank overflow;
  • excessive fueling in engines equipped with a manual supercharger;
  • wear in the motor of valves, cylinders, nozzles, cam followers and other moving parts;
  • the tanks run out of gasoline and / or oil;
  • out of order spark plugs;
  • clogged fuel or air filters;
  • misregistered or burned valves in the motor.

The test begins with the presence of oil and fuel both in the tanks and a small portion of it in the engine system. An “empty” motor will not start despite a full tank, as well as a crowded one.

How to start a trimmer motor or lawn mowers?

The new trimmer is simple in commissioning.

  1. Check the motor type of the device. Trimmers are equipped with a 2- or 4-stroke motor.
  2. Buy oil for this type of motor. Gasoline for trimmer. AI-92/93/98, sold at all gas stations.
  3. Mix oil with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed in a ratio of 1: 34 with gasoline, synthetics. in 1: 50. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the trimmer for the viscosity of the oil (see the label on the flask). Most often used multigrade oil 5W-30. Do not use unchecked motor oils.
  4. Pour a small amount (e.g. 0.5 liters) of the resulting fuel into the tank.
  5. Close the air damper by sliding the desired lever (see instructions).
  6. Turn the ignition key (or handle) to the “on” position. without this, the trimmer will not start. Beginners often make this mistake.
  7. Pump some fuel into the carburetor. if there is a manual “rocking chair” with a separate button or lever (see instructions). It takes 4-7 clicks.
  8. Set the trimmer on a flat surface.
  9. Gently pull the starter cord until you feel it is braking. Then pull it out sharply, but not completely. Repeat this movement up to 4 times.
  10. If the engine does not start, open the air damper again, otherwise the spark plugs will fill with gasoline with further cord movements. Perform 2-3 attempts to start the engine with the handbrake open.
  11. If the engine still does not start, close the shutter and make a few more attempts to start it.
  12. After starting the engine, press the throttle lever to engage idle.

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Let the motor warm up. 5-10 minutes is enough. Do not start mowing grass immediately after a cold start. the trimmer motor must run in.

Start lawn mowing for the first time or after a long downtime

lawn mowing differs from the trimmer in that the cutter for the grass is not a fishing line, but a mechanical gearbox or a winch based on gears, equipped with a knife. The knife drive is much more powerful than the forestry mechanism. a powerful lawn mowing is also used when cutting bushes. Both Chinese and European lawn mowers are no different when the declared power is real.

To lubricate the gears of the gearbox, lithol or solid oil is used. After checking the gearbox, prepare for operation the motor itself. according to the above instructions. If the start failed, the problem is already in the engine.

Add fuel through the openings for the candles

If there is no manual pumping on the trimmer motor and the device does not start up, pour some fuel into the motor itself through the spark plugs. Do the following.

  1. Check if the fuel level in the tank is sufficient to drain a small amount. Only 20 ml will be required.
  2. Remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it with a candle key.
  3. If the candle is dirty on a used trimmer, rinse and bake it. There should be no deposits on the electrode electrodes. Do not damage the ceramic insulator of the center conductor. In the new trimmer, check the candles for a factory defect.
  4. Return the spark plug back and check the spark ignition (discharge between the electrodes) when the starter fires.
  5. Remove the candle again. Using a 20- or 50-cc syringe, pour 20 ml of gasoline into the hole from under the candle.
  6. Insert and fix the candle, setting the value of its technological gap not less than and no more than a millimeter.
  7. Pump up fuel with the button (or lever) of pumping. if it is on your trimmer model. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Now try to start the engine. Close the air damper immediately after starting.

Ignition System Check

If the trimmer has already been used, then check the condition of the removed (at the moment) candle, changing it with any other one. If, when examining a candle, for example, a ceramic dielectric crumbled, the electrodes bent, buy the exact same one, guided by the product code knocked out on the part itself and checking it with a marker in the trimmer instruction manual. A candle without an insulator and / or with bent electrodes will not give normal sparks when triggered.

If the spark plugs are in order, but spark ignition of fuel is not observed, check the ignition coil with an ohmmeter (multimeter). Lack of readings (infinite resistance) is a sign of winding breakage. If it is sintered for overheating due to inter-turn short circuit, there will not be enough voltage for spark breakdown.

Since a very thin wire is used for it, due to which it converts 12.6 volts from the battery to 30000, it is very difficult to fix it (rewind) even in garage conditions. Replacement of the coil will be required.