How to make a steering gear on a single axle tractor

Making a front adapter on a single axle tractor with our own hands

How to make a steering adapter for a power tiller? The type of design that includes a steering wheel must have a rigid fixation. The steering gear is performed as a separate independent unit. A pair of wheels and an axle, which serves as the steering drive, are mounted at the front and rear. The attachment points are selected on the basis of individual features. The location of the steering mechanism depends on the type of parts. When assembling, it is recommended to perform just such an improved model.

Motor cultivator with steering has many positive qualities:

  • The operator will not waste energy when moving behind the machine;
  • The technique has maneuverability and increased functionality;
  • The tractive force is 100% realizable;
  • You can drive the power tiller to the workplace without using additional equipment;
  • ease of operation compared to other options.


The main purpose of machinery with a front adapter is to speed up and facilitate the processing of the vegetable garden.

If you attach additional attachments to the device, you can expand the range of applications:

  • to remove hay;
  • cultivate the land. to make planting and gathering;
  • to clear the territory of the snow;
  • To level the surface of the soil;
  • to transport small loads.

Types of adapters for power tillers

Adapter to the power tiller comes in several types. The design is differentiated by the coupling method:

  • Sturdy connection to the power tiller. The machine has a separate steering wheel. The steering wheels are on the front or the rear (both are possible).
  • Sliding drawbar hitch. The angle between the cultivator and the cart changes all the time. Turning is more difficult because the coupling point is movable.

The devices are also subdivided according to the presence of driving wheels into:

In addition to gardening, the all-purpose machine is also useful for transporting crops.

Construction with a short drawbar is attached to small power tillers. Trailer couplings with a long drawbar are attached to larger power tillers.

There are 2 types of trailers: 1 axle or 2 axles. These towbar hitches are designed by the manufacturer. In the factory, such a design is calculated and a towbar is mounted on it. A leaf spring has been installed under the seat for a smooth ride on stony ground.

The APM has special footrests, a brake, which is pressed with a foot to stop the cultivator. The adapter is equipped with pneumatic tires that provide a smooth ride at high speed.

You can buy the device in a special store in a disassembled state in a package. Assembling it is not difficult. There is a manual for it. No additional knowledge or skills are needed to assemble the device. After you need to check how the design works.

If all units work well, you can start using the device. When buying the construction you should also choose a soft padding for the seat. Then the work of the driver will be more convenient. The adapter KhorsAM IS 1 to the motor-block Magnum, adapters to the cultivators PNO-1, AM-3 K, BUM-3, KTZ-03 are very popular among farmers.

With steering wheel

A high-quality adapter with a steering wheel for the tiller makes controlling the cultivator easier. Such a single-axle tractor in its functions is comparable to a mini-tractor, only it is more economical in fuel consumption. There is no steering wheel on the standard PAM unit from the manufacturer “Krasny Oktyabr”.

Cultivator is steered with the steering wheel. But other manufacturers produce units with steering. Cart is designed for more comfortable operation of the cultivator, so having a steering wheel makes it easier to control.

With movable coupling

When the trailer is movably coupled to the power tiller, the angle of the vertical axis between the carriage and the tiller changes. It is easier to make such a machine, but you will have to apply more force when turning. This type of trailer is inferior in geometric characteristics: the turning radius becomes larger.

Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive adapters

There are several types of trailers depending on which wheels drive:

  • Front wheel drive. The machine is locked in place at the back of the power tiller. This is the simple and most popular modification. It makes it possible to easily control the cultivator and perform a large amount of work.
  • Rear drive. The machine is on the front of the cultivator. This design makes it possible to perform work when the attachment is used, located behind the cultivator.
  • All wheel drive. Trailer may be on the front or the rear of the rotary cultivator. This design differs from the previous ones in that not 2 wheels rotate, but all 4 at once. Such a device performs the functions of a mini-tractor. It increases maneuverability and flotation ability of the implement, and provides additional traction. The 4×4 drive is regarded as the most efficient.

Single axle tractor with steering

With this method, the power unit will be positioned behind the driver and rigidly attached to the front adapter. Consequently, the traction coefficient of the driving wheels on the ground will increase. This in turn increases traction power which makes it possible to work with any attachment. For such experiments, the lightweight single-axle tractor “Salyut” with a mass of about 75 kg and a power of 6.5 hp is the best. с.

In this case, you will need a steering column with a gearbox. But this is for this case, if you dare to make a single-axle tractor with front steering. This procedure is much more complicated and laborious than a simple articulation, but the result will be enjoyable: you’ll get a single-axle tractor with a steering wheel and a seat, and all the necessary levers will be at your fingertips.

You will need not only a steering wheel and gearbox, but also steering rods with coulters. You will need the gas pedal, clutch and brake pedals, located under the feet. They are connected to the standard controls with self-made rods or steel cables.

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On the right side of the seat is installed a lever for raising or lowering the attached equipment, as well as the handle of the parking brake. On the front wheels one puts fenders with headlights. And minimachine finally gets the finished look of a power tiller with a front adapter.

It should be noted that this adapter has a good technical characteristics, allowing you to fully appreciate the merits of working on their mini-equipment.

Work on a power tiller with steering control

Let’s say a few words about the peculiarities of driving a power tiller with a steering wheel, and why this option is recommended during assembly. It is not for nothing that this type of conventional and homemade machines is so popular, because it has a lot of advantages:

  • the operator does not have to waste his energy on walking behind the mini-tractor;
  • the traction potential of the technique is realized by all one hundred percent;
  • Such a minitractor is more maneuverable and functional;
  • now to process the area at a distance from home, you will not need to additionally transport a single-axle tractor. it will be possible to simply drive to it, as an ordinary car or tractor;
  • control is lighter and more convenient than other types;
  • now it is not necessary to hold in hands the entire weight of this heavy and cumbersome apparatus,
  • it is possible to quickly assemble and disassemble the machine;
  • control parts are not significantly modified in the course of remodeling;
  • Good weight balance of the axles.

We will not mention here the noise level and other typical features of all tractors in principle. Let’s tell only about one characteristic disadvantage. not very reliable stability, which is associated with a movable coupling. However, the advantages, of course, are more impressive.

Design and purpose

The design of the adapter for a power tiller is nothing more than a simple device-trailer or cart with a frame and a seat for the operator, which is connected to the power tiller. This device is convenient because when added to the tractor, it significantly increases its functionality, but does not require registration, as in the case of the tractor. The system is equipped with wheels and can be used to attach implements. With this unit it is possible to transform a single-axle tractor into a device for transportation of goods.

The adapter can be factory-made or homemade. However, regardless of this, his device will consist of the main working elements. Differences will be determined by the type of unit. The model is equipped with a steering wheel, which greatly simplifies the control of the technician during work. The design itself can be long and short. Given the lightness of the class, the product can be attached not only to two, but one wheel of the power tiller.

Design of the adapter provides a steering drive, which is performed as a separate unit, as well as a rigid coupling, responsible for connection with motor vehicles.

You can use the adapter with steering control for cleaning hay, leveling the surface of the soil, transporting goods, plowing, loosening and tilling the soil, as well as clearing the site of snow. However, in each case, it is worth understanding: for a particular purpose will have to apply additional attachments.

Often a plow, harrow, hoe, mower, snowplow, potato tiller and potato planter are purchased. As for the rest, it can be called a comfortable device. the operator is seated in it.

The device consists of a frame, a seat for the user, two wheels, an axle and a coupling mechanism. The seat is attached to the frame that is fixed to the chassis. Wheels of the adapter for a power tiller with steering can be different, which depends on the purpose of the equipment. For example, variants made of metal are used to work with the soil, rubber analogues are used for driving on the road.

When put together with a power tiller you get a full-fledged construction with four wheels. Despite the fact that it does not obey the regulations (not registered) and that such unit can not be driven on public roads, the technique is indispensable for households of any private house owner with a garden plot.

A distinctive feature of the adapter for a power tiller with steering is the fact that it provides control of both front and rear wheels. The machine itself is easy enough to operate.

Coupling mechanism of the adapter is made of steel or cast iron by welding. It allows you to fix the cart to the power tiller. Thus the best system is considered the U-shaped variant of fastening which in practice has proved the stability. The adapter weighs an average of 20-22 kg, and can have a load capacity of up to 100 kg. The speed of its movement together with the motoblock can exceed 10 km/h.

Preparing for work and looking at the elements

The adapter is undoubtedly a very important part of the power tiller, so it must be reliable and comfortable. There are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Coupling mechanism. It must be strong and have the necessary rigidity. That is why it is always made of cast iron or steel. The gaps in the nodes of the connection should be minimal, because it affects the strength of the bonding element.
  • Material for manufacturing. Experience shows that the most reliable adapters are those made of sheet steel. Their assembly is performed using a welding machine. At the same time, the quality of welds must be perfect. Otherwise, in the process of operation it is because of them will break down.
  • Driver’s seat. The seat is made comfortable and height-adjustable, because you will have to spend several hours in it during work.

If these conditions are met, proceed to manufacture. First do with their own hands drawings coupling for power tiller or choose suitable on the Internet. After all, the more schemes and drawings are studied, the better is the result.

Advantages and disadvantages

After the single-axle tractor has been upgraded, the designers note the positive qualities of the front adaptor:

  • ease of operation;
  • opening of the traction resource. the available abilities increase;
  • expand the possibilities of work. the processing of the soil will accelerate;
  • if necessary, the unit can be disassembled and assembled;
  • Good balance in terms of weight and axes;
  • it is possible to move on the device.

The disadvantages are that stability is impaired with a sliding coupling.

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Adapter to a single-axle tractor consists of such structural elements:

  • The frame is constructed central or staircase. Metal pipes and angles are suitable as the material. The construction model must include a fork and bushing that will allow the trailer to turn freely. There are transformed vehicles, in which the aggregate device and trailer are combined. In this variant it is necessary to make a new base for the transmission and the motor.
  • Suspension systems come in axle, bridge, swivel, gantry. It is constructed without the use of elastic fragments.
  • Steel plate is used for the body.
  • The hitch is an important part of the converter, it makes the single axle tractor stable and securely connected. The coupling node is made from a 15 cm pin.
  • The seat is the driver’s workplace.
  • The steering is used with a rigid connection. They build it with their own hands or buy it in a special store. Folk artisans install the steering rod and rack from the car “VAZ” or “Volga”.

How to make an adapter for a power tiller with your own hands

Work on the property with a power tiller, often takes a lot of effort, because of the inconvenience. Therefore, many gardeners, in order to facilitate their work, resort to the help of various additional equipment. One kind of such device is an adapter to the power tiller. Of course, you can always buy it in the store, but if you wonder how to make an adapter for a power tiller with your own hands, this article is for you.

Making an adapter for a power tiller with our own hands

At the moment, there are several varieties of adapter, as a rule, their designs are similar, and represent, attached to the back of the power tiller, a device with a comfortable seat.

Adapter is made from a square metal profile, length from 160 to 180 cm. Across this profile, another one is welded, measuring 50-60 cm, depending on what track you need (the posts for the wheels are attached to it). The height of the struts to the wheel axis from the top to the wheel axis of the adapter can be from 25 to 40 cm, depending on the design.

make, steering, gear, single

Then struts are welded to the base metal profile and the wheel bushings, they also serve as stiffeners. Their length depends on the angle of the entire structure and other parameters. After that the frame design, to which attachments will be attached, is calculated and welded in the same way. The side guides of this design are bolted to the wheel stands.

Then a control arm is welded to the main frame, which has three bends, measuring 35, 55, 20 cm. To increase the applied force, another lever is attached to the lever, but already the size of 80 cm.

The seat of the adapter is fixed on a support welded to the central metal profile. As you can see, it is not so difficult to make an adapter to the power tiller with your own hands.

Purpose of the adapter

Here I think everything is clear, there is a fairly large amount of work on the ground, which is easier, faster and more convenient to do with an adapter. And when working with such an attachment as a tiller, it is safer in general.

Scheme of the construction of an adapter to a power tiller

The adapter for the tiller, is a kind of trailed device that is made on the frame and has two wheels. Structurally, adapters are of several kinds, they can be simple or more complicated. The main types are universal, these are those that can carry loads and perform tillage, and simple, capable of performing only tillage.

For power tillers of different power different adapters are used, the adapter with a short drawbar is used for a low-power tiller, the adapter with a long drawbar is used for a powerful one. Also, universal adapters are equipped with additional functions, track extension, attachment lifting, etc.д.

Adapter for power tiller with his own hands drawings and dimensions

Below, the drawings and dimensions, as well as the materials necessary to make an adapter to the power tiller of complex design.

What you will need when making an adapter

Below, there is a kinetic diagram which will help to ensure the equilibrium of the structure, and avoid additional load. The drawing below shows the schematic diagram of a mini tractor made from a Neva power tiller.

The power unit engine (2), which drives the front wheels (1), transfers the torque through the chain (3) to the reverse gear (4), and from it through a cardan gear (5) to the rear axle (6), which drives the rear drive wheels (7).

drawings of a simple adapter

Here is a drawing of one of the simplest adapters in terms of design.

To the frame, made of 5050 mm square profiled tube and 2 mm thick, welded:

Drawings of the key components of the adapter

Coupling mechanism. Looks like a welded structure, inserted into the main frame and bolted down. It consists of two pieces of square tube welded together and a standard piece of water tube of caliber 1.1.5 in.

A rod with a welded home-made tee is inserted into the tube, not all the way through and tightened with a bolt. The rod is lubricated with solidol and ensures the rotation of the tee on the axis, to provide a rolling effect when moving on uneven ground.

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Assembly of wheel fastening. The construction consists of two pieces of pipe, welded perpendicularly. The horizontal section is inserted into the mount tube and fastened with a bolt. On the vertical part fasten (on bearings) axle with a wheel.

Other nodes of the adapter are not so important, and we will not consider them.

Adapter for Neva power tiller

Drawings and dimensions for different power tillers, can vary depending on the design. So for popular models of power tillers Neva, MTZ, OKA, homemade adapters can vary significantly.

By making a homemade adapter for your power tiller and using different types of attachments with it, you can not only make the work easier, but also greatly increase productivity.

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