How to Make a Video Circular Table

How to Make a Video Circular Table

When processing wood, one of the most popular tools is a circular saw. This device, characterized by productivity and convenience, can significantly speed up the process of sawing moldings or sheet materials. When carrying out work in significant volumes, it makes sense to think about manufacturing a special stationary structure with a saw, which can improve safety, speed and quality of work.

DIY circular saw table. drawings

What is a circular saw

At home and at work circular saw is necessary for sawing various materials (wood, slate, gypsum board, soft metal, plywood, etc.). This hand-held electric tool (as standard) is designed to perform straight cuts from 40 to 140 mm deep (most models produced by manufacturers allow cutting at right angles up to 85 mm, but there is a range of more powerful equipment for construction sites). During the operation, the device holds the operator firmly in his hands and conducts sawing, moving along the workpiece. In this case, there are no restrictions on the size of the workpieces along the length and width. There is the possibility of sawing at an angle to the surface of the part.

Circular saw device

Models of saws vary in power. Most budget devices have power up to 1.2 kW and are designed for sawing blanks up to 4.5 cm thick. They are excellent for domestic needs, periodic work for short periods of time and are simple and unpretentious. If you want to cut up to 6.5 cm, and you need to do this often and for a long time, you will need a semi-professional tool power up to 1.8 kW. Professional equipment is produced to perform production tasks. power up to 2.2 kW, withstand long loads and capable of cutting parts up to 8.5 cm thick. In addition, a tool is designed for use in woodworking enterprises that can cut workpieces up to 14.1 cm thick. power reaches 5.5 kW, and weight. up to 100 kg.

Prices for the popular range of circular saws

Important! For home workshops, devices with a power of about 1 kW are usually quite enough. Before acquiring a model, this point is important to consider, since the overpayment for the saw itself and for the electricity it consumes is, as a rule, not justified by necessity.

The choice of modification taking into account the purpose

When choosing discs for a tool, you need to pay attention to their technical parameters.

  1. Sharpening angle. Soft materials are sawn with disks having teeth inclined in the direction of rotation of the disk. To work with metal, models with a negative sharpening angle are required.
  2. Number of teeth. For sawing different materials, one should choose discs with different numbers of teeth: for soft. models with a large number of teeth, for hard. with a small. For example, for wood, the minimum number of teeth is 24.

Labeling discs includes data on its diameter and size of the seat

To use the circular saw for a long period of time, it is important that it does not weigh too much, is ergonomic, and the blades are well sharpened. Holding the unit in your hand for a long time is not at all easy. Fatigue of the operator can lead to a decrease in sawing quality. Therefore, many masters working with saws practice installing them on a table.

Circular saws are often mounted on a table.

Video: How to Make a Video Circular Table

The meaning of such a device is to secure the saw body under the tabletop so that there is only a saw blade above the table. The workpiece moves along the countertop and is sawn by a rotating disk. Such a stationary device greatly facilitates labor and allows continuous operation without loss of quality and quickly. Manufacturers offer a large number of saw models located on tables. The cost of structures varies from 8 (equipped with the most primitive saws) to 140 thousand rubles. Self-made construction allows not only to save money, but also to get the unit at its disposal in accordance with its own requirements.

Making a table for a circular saw is easy

What should be a table for a saw

When installing a stationary site for processing materials, it is necessary to provide for several nuances.

  1. The design must be stable and rigid.
  2. The material from which the table is made must be durable and durable.
  3. It is important that the surface of the table is perfectly flat.
  4. Grounding must be provided.

Circular saw table design

Given the above, you can be sure of the reliability of the installed structure and the good quality of the workpieces, regardless of the amount of work.

Table for a circular saw. photo

The main components of the table: frame and smooth surface for placing workpieces.

The material from which the structures are made varies depending on the purpose, installation location and frequency of use. For domestic needs, you can make a structure from boards and plywood and install it, for example, in a garage. Work with large volumes of materials implies increased requirements for the strength and reliability of the structure. The best solution in this case will be a metal profile frame. To reduce vibrations and greater stability, many even concrete legs in the floor.

Some tips for arranging a table:

  • the saw blade should be located strictly perpendicular to the table surface;

The saw blade must be perfectly perpendicular

  • the standard and optimal size of the countertop is 1.2 x 1.2 m, but it can vary depending on individual requirements (if the countertop is long, additional support legs may be required);
  • the height of the table depends on the height of the master, usually it varies between 0.8. 1.2 m;
  • it is more convenient for the operator if the table is installed on legs, and not on solid sheets, for example, plywood;
  • the width of the slit into which the disc fixed from below is discharged must not exceed the thickness of the disc by more than 2 mm, otherwise the tool may quickly fail due to clogging by the chips;

Do-it-yourself circular table from a hand-held circular saw

  • the circular saw should be placed in the center of the table so that there is no strong displacement of the center of gravity;
  • It is recommended that the buttons to control the operation of the saw on the countertop or upper part of the table legs.

Important! In many models, saw holes for fixing the soles on the table are already provided by manufacturers.

Reinforced circular saw example

DIY construction

After preparing a sketch of the structure (with dimensions) and acquiring the required materials, you can begin to work. You should start with the manufacture of a frame under the countertop. It can be made of a profile pipe. Having a welding machine and an angle grinder on the farm, this is not at all difficult to do.

  1. The required pipe sections are cut.
  2. Sidewalls are welded.
  3. Four connecting sidewalls of a segment are welded.
  4. All places of welding and sawing are processed by a grinding wheel.
  5. Adjusting screws are fixed on the ends of the legs, allowing you to set the table on a not very flat surface.

Worktop metal frame

Prices for popular models of welding machines

The structure must be painted in order to give it an aesthetic appearance and protect it from corrosive processes. In the frame it remains to make holes for mounting the countertop.

Also, the table can be made of timber or boards with a cross section of 10 x 5 cm. To assemble the frame, you will need metal corners, dowels and screws.

Important! When using wood blanks, one should not forget about their mandatory processing from exposure to moisture and temperatures. For this, special formulations are produced.

As a basis for a circular saw, you can use old furniture, such as an office table. It is only necessary that its base be solid. In most cases, the standard sizes of such structures are quite suitable for wood sawing. But the countertop itself is recommended to install a new one. Alternatively, glue two sheets of plywood 1.2 cm thick. Such a thickness will be enough to install a saw weighing about 5 kg.

You can glue 2 sheets of plywood

After making the base, you can proceed to the most important stage. preparing the surface and installing the saw.

Table. What may be needed for work.