How To Mow The Grass With A Trimmer?

How to mow the grass with a trimmer?
First, adjust the trimmer belt so that the drum does not touch the ground. Further, it is essential to remember that because of the thick fishing line, there will be an overload of the trimmer, so do not overdo it with the thickness.
A lot of fishing line on the drum should not be reeled.
Do not forget to clean the trimmer periodically.
Cable grease necessarily.
The trimmer is very convenient as it can be used in various places, including steep terrain and areas near trees. If you mow high grass, then first start with the protruding tops, and then continue with the bulk.
The main thing is to correctly adjust the trimmer belt so that the drum with the line on the ground does not crawl.
Correctly make a gasoline-oil mixture.
Do not use too thick fishing line; it takes turns and overloads the trimmer.
Do not be afraid to give it turns.
Do not wind too much fishing line on the drum, and do not turn it too much.
Stop and clean from time to time basketquot.
Lubricate the trimmer cable and the gear (if equipped) with grease oil.
Before mowing the grass, to begin with, adjust the fishing line and fasten it well in your cavity so that the fishing line does not hang out and walk back and forth. Then fill up the fuel accordingly (if you do not have an electrical trimmer) which consists of individual oil and gasoline. Next, start mowing the grass with smooth movements (not fast) to the right and left. Do not try to chop down the thick stalks of plants often, as the fishing line will instantly end, and you will have to tune the reel again. In dense places, the main thing do not feel sorry for gas)

The grass trimming technique is not very complicated and takes into account the need for:

  • determine exactly how you are going to mow. It is possible in a fold, across.
  • choose a place so that as a result there is no bald spot and the site looks harmonious
  • understand what exactly you are going to mow, and depending on the choice to put the right knife. They are different. For example, hay or weed. You also need to set the speed.
  • Of course, you need to prepare and clothing, as well as remedies. Whatever you are an experienced mower, but glasses must be worn. and still, forget the headphones and long clothes.

Use the trimmer as intended. The electric mowing machine (that is, the trimmer) is good because it does an excellent job with its work in hard-to-reach places. Therefore, the trimmer can be used near trees, fences in relief areas. And not only to mow the lawn, but also ordinary grass.
The main thing is to make sure that the weeds do not have time to give the seeds and cut them in time.
If you did not have time to mow the grass before it gave ears, then first mow the tops of the spikelets, and burn them. And then mow the lawn itself, and put it in compost.

Trimmer from the company Varyag Kosh according to the instructions:

  • Step 1. Install the cutting mechanism.

Depending on the type of weed grass, we choose a cutting tool: a line for soft stem grasses, a knife for hard rock and small bushes. Turn off the nut securing the cutting mechanism and install the cutting tool. Tighten the nut mechanism is ready to work.
Note: Some trimmers do not have interchangeable cutting tools so that you can start their work right away.

  • Step 2. Preparing the trimmer for work.

If the trimmer is electric, charge the battery or turn on the motor in the network. If gasoline. refuel the tank. Then, depending on the type of trimmer, we adapt it to ourselves (the upper engine is hinged with the help of a loop on the shoulder, a knapsack by the shoulders, and a lower lobe we take the handle). Hold the trimmer over the grass so that it’s cutting mechanism is parallel to the treated area. Start the engine.

  • Step 3. Mowing.

Grass trimming is done with simple movements. It is important to remember that the cutting mechanism of the device rotates counterclockwise so that the cut grass will fall on the already treated area. The first is from right to left in front of us (this is how we cut the top of the grass). The second from left to right (so we remove the remnants of grass).
It is better to divide a large area of ​​the cultivated area into squares and mow the grass on them, moving from one to another on the outer side of each square.
When mowing the grass on the slopes, it is recommended to mow the bottom, moving parallel to the sloping area. We reached the edge, came back, got a little higher and repeat the same route until the site was ultimately cut.
For mowing the grass in the area where there are trees, it is better to use the forest cutting mechanism, and you need to mow, passing the area around the perimeter, bypassing the tree around the trunk.

  • Step 4. Finish work.

After the end of the mowing of all the grass at the site, you need to turn off the engine, remove the trimmer (for shoulder and knapsack devices), clean the cutting mechanism from the remnants of grass.
If you decide to mow the grass with a trimmer, it is important not only to prepare for the process of cutting carefully. It is also important to be able to handle the trimmer well and have a protective suit. Also, you must be able to adjust the trimmer.
Practically in all trimmers (if there aren’t any special ones) the fishing line or the disc turns clockwise. That is why it is better to mow the grass with a movement from right to left (a movement that resembles movement when mowing with an iron scythe). You can mow, tilting slightly toward the mowing.
Mow need to calm movements, not jerks. Mow the grass twice the length of the fishing line. If you grab more, the trimmer will cope, but grass may clog the space between the coil and the tube.
Mow, squeezing the gas full.
First of all, inspect the area that you have to mow — self-cut bushes or large flowers that cannot be mown.
Always start with a light area where there is little grass. See if there are slopes or ditches in the area — the easiest way to mow across the hill.
Determine the direction of the grass. Mowing is more comfortable if the green is tilted forward.
As for clothes, you should always wear glasses and boots. Also, do not interfere with anti-vibration gloves.
Depending on the density of the grass, use different knives.
Another tip: try to mow at the same speed. So your mower will last longer. If you stop and immediately pick up the pace, then the trimmer will wear out faster.

Trimming correctly:

  • choose the right fishing line. For different tasks, there are two different subjects. the fishing line and knife. Too wide a fishing line is undesirable, as this will give an overload on the trimmer. As a rule, in a simple area is quite enough fishing line.
  • when the cut is set (fishing line or knife), it is necessary to tighten and fasten the nut.
  • check the charge or the presence of fuel. Wear a belt comfortably.
  • Trimmer mowing movements should be thought out. The algorithm is as follows: right-left-left-right. It will give the maximum result. Yes, and carefully consider the work. It is necessary to control that there are no children or animals around you. You should also wear a mask yourself to protect your eyes.