How to properly assemble the angle grinder

How to disassemble the angle grinder

angle grinder is considered one of the most popular electrical appliances in the house. It is used for cutting metal, wood, grinding various surfaces, so there is always work for it. After intensive use, it happens that the angle grinder ceases to function normally, there are jerking, twitching, burning smell. In this case, it is worth knowing how to disassemble the angle grinder for its subsequent repair. Having an idea about the device of the tool, you can figure it out on your own, identify the fault and fix it. Disassemble the angle grinder is not that difficult, because this process does not require special skills. However, it is worth to be attentive and cautious in order to avoid unfortunate mistakes. The specialists of the online store “Toolparts” are always ready to provide assistance in this matter. It should be noted that being able to properly disassemble the tool is important not only if there is a malfunction, but also as a preventive measure of the angle grinder. Periodic cleaning of equipment from dirt and dust will prolong its service life.

How to prevent the breakage?

angle grinder. it is almost irreplaceable tool, which will come in handy in any case. Naturally, it, like any thing, requires careful handling. In order to avoid repair of the angle grinder, it is necessary to follow simple, but at the same time very important, rules:

  • Unless it is particularly necessary, do not remove the guard above the grinding wheel. In the event that you cannot avoid being removed, you must wear safety glasses or goggles. In addition, make sure that the tool does not touch anything on the side.
  • saws and hacksaws are available for wood, fiberboard, and particleboard. angle grinder to process these materials is not recommended.
  • The angle grinder during work should be firmly held in the hands. Otherwise, if the disc jams, the tool will slip out of your hands in a flash. In addition to the fact that the angle grinder can be damaged, the risk of injury cannot be ruled out.
  • Of course, there are sparks when working with a tool such as an angle grinder. Make sure that they do not come into contact with wiring and other flammable materials.
  • Before you start cutting a particular surface, it should be secured as best as possible.
  • It is not necessary to press the workpiece in order to work faster.

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angle grinder. a popular tool, processing a variety of materials. There are two types: professional (powerful, productive), household (less powerful, basic functions are simpler). Any kind of angle grinder can buy in the internet-store (https://instrumentdp). com/bolgarki).

When choosing a tool, pay attention to:

  • The scope of use of the tool, what material is intended to be cut.
  • Smooth start of the angle grinder. The function compensates for power surge at startup, the device turns on smoothly without jerks.
  • The speed controller of the angle grinder helps to cut different materials in the right mode.
  • The safety system against restarting. This function is necessary if you often cut off electricity.
  • The gear case of the angle grinder is made with quality materials, properly installed.
  • Power of the device. The power rating is between 0.5 and 2.5 kW, depending on the application.

Basic rules for working with the tool:

  • Initially, it is necessary to properly assemble the angle grinder. Fasten the guard on the correct side (right handed/left handed workers must be taken into account).
  • Clamp the workpiece to be machined securely.
  • Always hold the tool firmly with both hands when operating it.
  • Material must be cut away from you.
  • Work with a solid disc, without chips and cracks. The circle must be chosen according to the type of work to be done, the material, properly installed, secured.
  • Set the speed of the angle grinder to the appropriate wheel.
  • If you are working with diamond discs that require forced cooling, you need to arrange this procedure.
  • Take short cooling intervals. It is important to make sure that the brushes do not overheat, it can cause damage to the device.
  • After finishing cutting, turn off the device immediately, wait for the disc to stop completely, then put it on the floor.
  • It is important not to forget to wear personal protective equipment: goggles, overalls, closed shoes, thick gloves.
  • Observe fire safety.

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Grinder firms

The modern market offers a variety of different brands of angle grinders. Buying should pay attention to the original, quality devices, will last long, uninterruptedly compared to cheap analogues.

Sometimes there is a nuisance like tool breakage. Angle grinder repair is available to specialists in repair shops, service centers, or made by yourself, having previously studied the instructions.

Cut with sparks on themselves or from themselves?

Each master chooses his own way of working with the angle grinder, and each has both pros and cons. If you cut with sparks from yourself, then:

Minus. if you cut with sparks from yourself, the tool can fly in the direction of the operator if it is ripped out of his hands.

The plus side of the method. if the tool is knocked out and the hands, and the power of grinders with a disc diameter of 230 mm can exceed 2 kW, angle grinder will fly away from the operator.

Important! If you are cutting metal with sparks toward you, do not stand in the plane of the disc rotation. Adjust the guard so that the sparks fly down, under your feet, not on your clothes. Two more important rules:

  • If you are cutting with the angle grinder sparks toward you, start cutting the metal from the edge closest to you, driving the angle grinder forward.
  • If you are cutting away from yourself, start cutting from the farthest edge of the metal and pull the angle grinder toward you.

What are the components of an angle grinder?

Owning the information about the device, the rules of operation of the angle grinder, maintenance regulations, you will be able to accurately and correctly disassemble and assemble the angle grinder, disassemble the gear reducer angle grinder, avoid premature breakdowns. This is important when you need to quickly disassemble and reassemble the angle grinder to fix minor failures and replace large assemblies or components.

So how to disassemble the angle grinder correctly? We proceed from the fact that the angle grinder consists of the main elements and structural units:

  • electric collector motor;
  • gearbox angle grinder;
  • handle;
  • starting system;
  • node of the disk attachment;
  • ball bearings;
  • starting switch angle grinder.

Some owners prefer to disassemble the angle grinder themselves and make repairs to the. However, please note that if the repair was made by crude method, without the proper skills and abilities, using non-original spare parts, no one can guarantee safe and quality work angle grinder.

How to disassemble the angle grinder

Before the tool finally breaks down, you can observe :

  • severe vibration;
  • turning on the motor with a low humming noise;
  • sparking of the collector brushes;
  • Smoke and odor from the housing;
  • crackling inside the gearbox;
  • Significant vibration of the housing when carrying out work;
  • bearings seizure.

Before disassembling an angle grinder, you must learn the rules that must be followed. The first thing to do is to unplug the tool from the mains. Perform work on a well-lit table. Do not disturb the order of disassembly, so it is clear how to reassemble.

You can disassemble the angle grinder yourself, the main thing to remember the order of assembly

properly, assemble, angle, grinder

How to disassemble the angle grinder

Before the tool finally breaks down, you can observe :

How to Use an Angle Grinder

  • a strong vibration;
  • turn on the engine with a low hum;
  • Arcing the collector brushes;
  • smoke and odor from the housing;
  • crackling inside the gearbox;
  • Significant vibration of the housing when performing work;
  • bearings seizing up.

Before you disassemble the angle grinder, you need to learn the rules that should be followed. Unplug the power tool first. Perform work on a well-lit table. Do not break the order of disassembly, so it was clear how to assemble later.

properly, assemble, angle, grinder

You can disassemble the angle grinder yourself, the main thing to remember the order of assembly

How to work properly with an angle grinder to avoid injury: 3 ways to use it and 10 safety tips

Angle grinder (angle grinder) or, as it is also called, angle grinder should be in the arsenal of every master. It is a faithful assistant in repair: no ceramic tile laying or concrete cutting can do without this tool. What to say about the large-scale construction and demolition work: here angle grinder. the real queen, giving the primacy of only a jackhammer.

About how to work with the angle grinder, every builder knows, but mistakes are made even by professionals. Injuries caused by the angle grinder are the responsibility of the surgeon and are not always treatable. This article will skip the horror of severed fingers and get to the essentials. safety precautions that are not always found in standard instructions. But first things first.

For what is used an angle grinder?

This sharp cutting tool is essential when working with stone, metal, concrete. The device also copes well with marble, granite, other rocks. Can be used in any area of activity, but most often the angle grinder is found:

  • in the hands of a plumber. he uses it to cut pipes, to remove rust from their surface;
  • On construction and repair works. again, cutting pipes, as well as channels, ceramic materials;
  • In the operations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. angle grinder cut cars after an accident, open access to the room in case of fire, etc.

From the angle grinder a lot of dust, in addition, in all directions fly sparks and small fragments of the material to be cut. Therefore, the first rules when working with the angle grinder. a special shield (protection on the disk mechanism itself) and gloves made of fireproof material.

Design and capabilities

All angle grinders, regardless of manufacturer, are made the same. The difference may be additional design elements, due to which the brand wants to stand out. The standard grinder, (for example, Makita GA5030) consists of:

  • a rugged, impact-resistant housing that is not afraid of falls;
  • an electric motor with rotor, stator and electric brushes
  • gearbox and clutch;
  • two handles for holding the machine;
  • a lever for quick disc replacement
  • the button that starts the motor.

Often this button works very smoothly, allowing the angle grinder to gradually pick up the pace, thus reducing the load on the motor and reducing the risk of possible injury.

The functionality of the angle grinder depends on the size of the machine itself and the diameter of the disc. So, if you need to perform a large amount of work, for example, to grind a large area of concrete, you need to select the disc with the maximum diameter (specified in the technical specifications of a particular model). There are also universal cutters: almost all angle grinder can work with an attachment for the inner diameter of 22-23 mm.

Important: the larger the disk, the slower its rotation, that is, the work itself takes longer. True, modern tools are equipped with the ability to regulate the number of revolutions. This functionality is especially useful when cleaning or sanding surfaces.

What are the dangers of an angle grinder?

The history of the use of the angle grinder is filled with many tragic facts, but “the wolf is not as terrible as it is painted”. Of course, if improperly used, rushed, inattentive, angle grinder can cause injury not only to the worker, but also to the people around. It is easy to avoid it. learn and always use in practice the safety rules established for this tool.

This is what ignoring the safety instructions leads to:

  • Working without glasses. under the wheel of the angle grinder flew out a lot of sparks and small particles, metal splinters. They’re sharp and red-hot. Getting one of these particles in the eye could permanently blind you. The goggles should be of the closed type and fit snugly over the face. If you replace them with a mask, it would be perfect.
  • Failure to use the blade guard. During contact with the surface, the working wheel is sometimes destroyed. In this case the element breaks into small parts. The safety cover gives direction to this flight and directs the splinters away from the employee.
  • Respirator when working with stone materials. When the angle grinder cuts stone, concrete, marble, a lot of dust is created, which the operator has to inhale. Dust does not only choke the respiratory tract but also enters the throat. All this is dangerous for health, so it is better to be reinsured, using protection devices.

Often work clothes are loose fitting. That’s for comfort, so you don’t have to restrict your movements. But when working with an angle grinder such a robe should be refused, because the wide pants can hit the rotating disc. It will quickly “jam” the fabric and injure the body. Lightweight outfits with exposed arms and legs are also taboo.

prohibitions when working with an angle grinder

The list of these prohibitions is fully consistent with the official instructions for use of angle grinder (for example, such as MSHK-2300P). So, in addition to all of the above, it is also forbidden:

  • Use a disc that is not suitable for the material;
  • cutting objects that are in the closest proximity to the body;
  • Excessive pressure on the body when operating the tool;
  • use an angle grinder without interruption (your hands get tired, it is harder to hold the machine);
  • grind metal parts with the side of the disc;
  • change nozzles immediately after turning off (they are red-hot and burn your hands);
  • use discs for purposes other than those for which they are intended, for example, grinding with a disc that is too thin.

Cut material with angle grinder must be at a right angle, there must be no tilting. the cutting line for the trimmer must be at the side of the operator. In this case, even during the jamming of the angle grinder machine will “twitch” to the side, and the worker will remain unharmed.

Working principle

the angle grinder is an electric tool for grinding, sanding and cutting of metal, granite, stone and other materials. Is represented by such elements: the body in the form of a cylinder with a protective cover, motor, gear housing, safety clutch, disk clamping nut, on and off button for disc replacement.

Angle grinder different manufacturers may differ. With a variety of accessories, it is regarded as a universal tool.

Note: With the angle grinder can cut solid workpieces, as well as grind and polish. For which actually are used and additional attachments.

The device is not complicated. The electric motor drives the shaft, on the bevel gear of which the indexable inserts are mounted. The machine can be adjusted to the required cutting depth. It is also possible to set the desired speed.

It cuts surfaces of iron, steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron, etc.п. There are special nozzles for each material.

Important: You must know how to use the angle grinder correctly. How to hold it correctly and in which direction the wheel will rotate, in which direction sparks will fly when cutting metal.

Can an angle grinder be used to cut wood??

There is an opinion that wood should not be treated with an angle grinder. Professionals say that wood should only be worked with power tools specifically designed for this purpose.

properly, assemble, angle, grinder