How to Properly Fill a Fishing Line With a Trimmer Video

How to correctly tackle a fishing line in a trimmer

How to Properly Fill a Fishing Line With a Trimmer Video

How to correctly tackle a fishing line in a trimmer

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Video: How to Properly Fill a Fishing Line With a Trimmer Video


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How to thread fishing line into the trimmer coil

Coils exist different. For a coil working with one antennae, it is easier to refill a fishing line than with others. In the inner part of the reel there is a hole designed to fix the fishing line. You need to insert the tip of the fishing line into it and start winding it.

Important. you need to wind in the opposite direction from the rotation of the coil on the trimmer. Look carefully, most likely in the same place, on the reel, the direction will be indicated with a stick where to wind. It can take about two to four meters of fishing line to wind. it depends on the size of the reel itself. At the end of winding, a small piece should be left free. He will come out. In order to clamp it, there is a groove, which is also located on the inner surface of the coil. This groove firmly fixes the end of the fishing line and prevents it from unwinding when assembling the reel. If the design of the reel does not provide for this groove, then hold the end of the fishing line with your hands yourself. Now you can attach the outer part of the coil. It also has a hole in which you need to thread the outer piece of your fishing line. Now you can return the assembled coil to its place on the trimmer.

Now about the coils, designed to work with two antennae. First you need to see how many reels there are for fishing line on the reel. The presence of either one or two in different designs of coils. And then it already becomes clear how it will be necessary to reel. two antennae at once in one groove, or # 8212; each antennae is separate. Please note that if there is one groove in your reel, the fishing line hole must be through. Now you need to rewind the fishing line about 2-4 meters and pass it through this hole so that the fishing line is the same on one side and the other. Now look again, there will be an arrow indicating where to wind. The direction is against the direction of rotation of the coil on the trimmer. Winding two tendrils of fishing line at once, together. Leave the small ends. If there are special grooves. we clamp in them, if not. then just hold tightly with your hand, with your finger. There will be two holes in the outer case of the reel. a separate line for each end of the line. They did it, assembled the coil and put it on the trimmer.

If you have a reel with two grooves, then the rewound piece of fishing line (all the same 2-4 meters) needs to be folded in two, and in the special groove (it should be located just between the grooves), insert the bend of the fishing line, that is, the middle, folding her in the shape of a loop. Winding, as in the previous case, you need both fishing lines at once, only this time. each in a separate groove. And then. as described above. fixed, attached the upper case, secured the coil to the trimmer.

Another variety of coils is with a through hole on its inside. There are holes on the outer casing. That is, it turns out that the fishing line needs to be passed through these holes in both the inside and the outside, and immediately assemble the coil. And for winding use a button (this is the same button that is used to release the fishing line during operation). Just to rewind the fishing line now you need to rotate this button. over, the mechanism of this button is designed in such a way that you can twist it in only one direction, just the direction you need.

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Fishing line selection

In order for the trimmer to work “like a clock”, you need to choose the fishing line correctly, that is, pick it up taking into account the model of the trimmer and the type of work. Two important parameters in this matter. this is the diameter and cross section.

The diameter of the fishing line should correspond to that recommended for this model (it is obligatory indicated in the passport for the product).
The cross-section of the fishing line is round, square, with sharp edges (pentahedron). A line with a round cross-section is intended for mowing young grass and lawn, a square and five-sided line is useful if the grass is coarser, and weeds have grown on the lawns.

Trimmer Head Modification

The mowing heads of the trimmer can be of various modifications: single-string for trimming the lawn (mowing with a single thread of fishing line); two-stringed for mowing grass and clearing territories with automatic feeding of fishing line or manual adjustment of the string length.

Modern manufacturers are increasingly offering gardeners universal trimmers with two-string automatic mowing heads.

Step-by-step instructions for refueling the fishing line into the trimmer

  1. Push the clamps inward until they click and remove the cover from the mowing head.
  2. Gently turn the coil, it will be released from the holder, and now remove it.
  3. Cut two identical pieces of fishing line (the cut of the edge of the fishing line should be at an angle. This will facilitate the work). Take one of them and insert the end of the fishing line into a special pocket on the reel (there may be hooks, ears, clips). Next, wind the string in the direction of the arrows. Distribute the line evenly, tightly. Fasten the end of the string into a specially provided hole in the coil.
  4. Perform the same operation with the second part of the fishing line, only refuel the end on the reel from the opposite side.
  5. Return the reel with fishing line to the mowing head. Through the holes in the reel, pull out the ends of the fishing line and thread them into the special head connector.
  6. Gently straighten the fishing line and close the lid. Cut off the excess fishing line, leaving 12-15 cm of each edge.

Everything is ready. The trimmer is tacked with fishing line and ready to go. Now you can happily take up the obliquity of your favorite meadow, summer cottage, house territory.

It is only important to remember that not only the quality of the work performed, but also your safety will depend on how you fill the cutting line into the trimmer.

Video tutorial on refueling a benzotrimmer fishing line (lawn mowers)