How to put a chain on a mower.

Correct installation of a chain on a chainsaw

In most models of the chain, the chain simply put on the tire by unscrewing the head screw, then the links must be placed on the leading star. Before work, the general condition of all cutting surfaces and the guide groove and the installation wheel should be seen. Often, mud and small shavings accumulate in it, which will then lead to planned repair, worsening sliding. method of work:

  • Release the screws fixing the protective cover of the asterisk, usually it is twisted with a lamb nut.
  • Turn a stretch asterisk on the right to stop.
  • Put the links on the headset starting from the top. Get to get into proper grooves.
  • Fix the fastener of the chain star, tighten the nut. Guides must get into a special gutter.
  • Release the chain brake, pull the chain on the mowing fishing line to check the tension. Twist the tensioner lever as needed. Sketch 4. installing the chain on a chainsaw

The installation wheel should freely scroll after installing the chain of the chainsaw. At the end of the work, be sure to lubricate all the moving elements of the tool in order to avoid re.wear.

Fundamentally! Installation of a headset should be carried out exclusively in dense protective gloves. This will protect you from injuries and cuts with the sharpened edges of the cutting edge of the teeth.

Tire installation on Stihl and Husqvarna

Models of chainsaws from the manufacturer STIHL I can differ in the assembly process. control:

  • Open the lamb nut, remove the protective cover of the chain star. Turn it on the tire until it stops on the right.
  • Put the chain on the tire, starting from the top, the cutting tooth on the upper side should look clearly forward.
  • Attach the assembled tire to the chainsaw, pull the design onto the asterisk. Pour the guide on the bolt with a loop. Close the lid, falling with pin into the holes provided by the manufacturer.
  • Turn the lamb nut until the time, until the star lid touches the motor body.
  • Turn the clamping bolt forward, leading links should get into the grooves of the tire. Twist the lamb nut.

At the end of the work, check the tension if the headset moves poorly, adjust the tension with a nut. Before starting, you should turn on the chain brake.

The tire installation method with a husqvarna saw chain is actually similar. The main difference is that in most models the tension and adjustment of the location of the headset to the body is controlled not by one, but by 2 lamb nuts. A separate adjusting lever is occasionally found on the protective body of the outer sprocket, so the tension setup should only be done with bolts.

Fundamentally! Before working with a chainsaw, you should closely study the user management. It thoroughly outlines all the stages of the option and assembly of the tool.

The chain stretched out

Any multifunctional chain configuration leads to a decrease in the productivity of the tool, injuries during operation.

You should often watch that there is no metal deformation and stretching more than 1 cm.

If such a has appeared, you need to purchase the latest chain or adjust the old.

Disconnect the links of the chain on the machine or fix it in a vice, stream rivets with a ratfoll and knock them out with a beard (it is not recommended to use corner grinding).

Delete 1-2 links depending on the degree of stretching of the chain. Then put all the elements in place, stick a rivet and beat it with a hammer, use a special riveting tool. For reliability, it is recommended to use a welding machine. At the end of the work, stream excesses and burrs with a narrow file.

Dixon 3304 Zero-Turn Mower Chain Idler Upgrade

The tension of the chain

The chain along with the guide tire during operation experience the highest loads, unlike other parts of the chainsaw. Over time, it lengthens in size due to the bonding of the gaps in the connecting links. This process occurs with absolutely any kind of chains, therefore, when operating the chainsaws, it is necessary to periodically monitor the correct tension of the chain and its wear.

If the chain is pulled, then the efficiency of sawing work is reduced, motor and transmission are subjected to increased loads. The guide tire is heated greatly due to increased friction, the operating mode of the chainsaw is spent in the overspending of the fuel mixture. About what gasoline to pour in a chainsaw, read here.

How effective is the replacement

The work on welding and fastening itself takes 20 minutes and does not differ in increased complexity. Even a person without experience, but with the availability of the necessary materials and tools using the instructions below, will be able to independently cope with this work.

The use of a trimmer for grass with a chain from a chainsaw can increase the effectiveness of the tool in cases with young shoots, as described above, and can also reduce the money costs for servicing a trimmer for grass.

The key point in the replacement of the fishing line is security. This issue should be approached with particular caution.

The gasoline trimmer has a clutch clutch that allows the engine to accelerate smoothly. But in electrical types, a high load quickly occurs due to the torque of the electric motor. This is fraught with the fact that the flexible shaft of the braid for grass can twist or break the engine. In the worst case, for example, if you put a chain on a weak trimmer for grass, then in the process of working with the tool, it can break and cut a person.

Selecting the shape of the cross.line cross.line: round, square or stellar

Manufacturers of fishing line for a trimmer for grass produce a product with different parameters:

In the shape of the section, the most popular and cheap. round. She is solidly performing her work, qualitatively cutting out fresh grass. But, at the same time, it is the most noisy because it fluctuates almost to the beat of the engine. There are fishing lines and other forms of section: square, rectangular or starry. Their level of performance is higher, but there are shortcomings:

Round fiber with zazubs and notch. to a certain extent compromise option. The fishing line for a trimmer will cope well not only with fresh grass, but also with hard vegetation. Noise level when working with it is small. The disadvantages of this fiber: high consumption and complexity with extracting from semi.automatic spool. Usually this is fixed using discs. The fishing line for the trimmer is inserted into them in small segments.

A quiet alternative to a round fishing line. twisted. She is the quietest. Its specialization is to mow dry and even a small shrub, so the manufacturers tried to make fiber durable and resistant to gaps. It is only suitable for gasoline trimmers.

Advice. Of course, with a twisted fishing line you can mow and ordinary grass. However, it is the most expensive, and for everyday work on the site is not profitable.

chain, mower

Possible causes of a spontaneous cliff of the saw chain

If the chain on the chainsaw is torn, it is necessary to find out the cause of the malfunction, establish the feasibility of repairing the damaged part or installing a new.

The characteristic reasons for the cut of the saw chain are adverse external factors:

  • excessive tension;
  • wear of the guide tire or the mismatch of the shanks width of the working groove;
  • operation of a saw set with large constant loads;
  • overheating of the headset due to lack of lubrication;
  • The discrepancy between the chain is the typical of the tire and the configuration of the crown of the leading star.

How to understand that the chain of the chainsaw is dull and it is time to hide: signs

The long service life of any chainsaw depends on competent care and use, including the chain headset. Good operational qualities of the latter affect the performance of the device and performance parameters. Untimely sharpening can cause some problems in the work directly the saw itself. Most often it is:

  • Curved saws;
  • Large loads on the saw, resulting in the wear of the parts of the device, and hence the reduction in the service life of the entire device;
  • Increased fuel consumption.

If, as a result of the saw, a small dusty shavage forms, and the saw itself is buried in the cut with the application of great efforts, it means that the goal has become dull.

There are other signs of a chain of chain:

  • The speed of the tool decreased;
  • uneven and sharp sawdusts are formed;
  • It is necessary to make great efforts for the cut of wood;
  • The chain stretched or began to sag.

Why the chain flies, find out the reasons

If you wondered why the chain flies away from your chainsaw, then some problems arise in the mechanism. There are three main reasons for this malfunction: incorrect work of the tire, lengthening of the chain and a slightly fixed led star. We will discuss each of the possible reasons for the refusal in detail.

Tension mechanisms

The chain should be correctly stretched so that it is manually moving freely along the tire. To adjust the tension, a classic type of tensioner is used, which is used in the budget class tools. Such a tensioner is a bolt with a thread, as well as an adjusting component with a classic or lateral location.

High.quality models of chainsaws are equipped with adjusting mechanisms, with which the tension can be carried out using one movement of the lever or turning the adjusting disk. If a tensioner is used to tension the circuit, then the tightening moment is fixed using counterparties. Otherwise, fixing the chain tension is carried out by blocking the tire in a given position by installing the cover. Both methods allow you to fix the product reliably in a given position.

Another option for the adjustment screw

It’s important to know! It is strictly forbidden to adjust the tension of the chain on a chainsaw in a preheated state. The product must be cooled, otherwise, the procedure will be performed incorrectly.

It is necessary to learn about how to properly pull the chain of the chainships in more detail, since this moment is very important, the productivity of the tool and human security depends on it.

The tension of the chain

To check the stretch, first you need to turn off the brake. Then pull the chain in the middle part of the headset, normally, the shanks should not go out more than 2/3 of the height. It is recommended to scroll it manually. no sequel and too fast sliding is allowed. If necessary, strengthen the tightening with a nut on the protective cover.

Figure 5. Check tension check

Installing and checking the tire tension on the tire is an important process of operating any chainsaw. Work is easy to do on your own. Regular care of the tool avoids injuries and reducing productivity even when working with dense wood rocks.

  • Oregon. Produces saws, chains and components. Products are of good quality and low price. Circuits are equipped with carbide tooths and anti.vibration protection.
  • Stihl. Professional saws for woodwork. Their products are highly resistant to wear of the cutting part and stretching. The design also has special grooves for highly effective lubrication.
  • Carlton. High service life due to a special production technology. shotgun.
  • Vindsor. Innovative developments in the field of special refractory alloys of high strength and resistance are used in the manufacture.
  • Husqvarna. In production, only the best time.tested development.

Important! Problems in working with a chain mechanism often arise not only because of the tire malfunction and other main components of the saw, but also due to illiterate sharpening of its cutting teeth.

  • Tire malfunction. Wear of the threaded part of the fixing bolts leads to vibration and weakening of the stretch. It is required to regularly check the condition of the latches and, if necessary, replace them.
  • Sleep chain. Sooner or later, due to the natural laws, the metal metal is structurally deformed and stretched to the limit. As a result, the chain cannot be stretched. It is necessary to replace it with a new.
  • Weak fixation or uneven installation of an asterisk. Eliminate the wrong beam in a specialized workshop. Since the accurate adjustment will require disassembly of the device and the removal of many details.

Reference! Stretching of the chain structure occurs due to 3 main causes-initially a low-quality metal alloy of links, excessive tension of the chain and poor-quality or incorrectly selected lubricant.

Mowing shield and handle

In a homemade lawn mowing, a mowing shield not only covers a knife, but also serves as a carrier frame.

In this capacity, you can use a large pan, a bowl, cut off from a large pan or droot of the bottom.

A comfortable handle is a wheel steering wheel attached to a tube of suitable length.

The diameter of the latter is 3 cm. Steel or plastic tap pipe, handle from the same stroller and even stalk from some agricultural tool is suitable. For a person with an average growth, the handle is located at an altitude of 90 cm.

Mandatory on this element there should be a button of the emergency stop of the engine.

If the repair is made incorrectly

In the event that the repair of the chain of the chainships with your own hands was made poorly, the following consequences are possible:

In the process of welding, the current was small, which led to excessive heating of the elements of the circuit. In this case, the physical properties of the metal are changing.

Important! In the future, the product will stretch in the place where it was welded. Due to the displacement of guide protrusions, the rest of the chain elements will occur

  • With deeper welding, welding the inner part of the rivet to several parts of the link. In the end. they become motionless. All this also leads to a violation of the work of other elements.
  • With low welding quality, the product can break during operation. This is due to a large transverse load that affects it during operation. In this case, the user is highly likely to be injured.

How to pull: installing the cutting element of the chainsaw

The main reasons for the sagging chain we dismantled. How to install a chain on a chainsaw is described above. Now you need to correctly pull the grades, and check if it is pulled.

The chain stretch

You can pull the chains in two ways: fast and frontal. It is best to stretch the front way.

If you carry out a front stretch, you need to unscrew the nuts that hold the tire and raise it over the edge. A special bolt that is on the right must be pulled by the grades until an acceptable stretch is obtained, and then raise the tire even higher and squeeze it.

If you use the fast stretch method, then you first need to raise the handle of the lamb nut and loosen it. Then tighten the chain tension screw to the stop clockwise. Then tighten the lamb nut and lower the handle again.

chain, mower

Checking the stretch

To check the stretch of the circuit, you need to turn off the brake system of the saw. Then manually draw grades along the tire, if he walks smoothly and does not sag, then everything is fine. If the chains walk very tight, then it needs to be a little weaken, because there is a risk of gap during operation.

Lawn mowing based on chainsaws 2.2 kW

Step one. Making the bar of the lawn mower

First of all, we make a bar in which the shaft of the lawn mower will rotate. In cheap benzocoses in the rod there are special bushings that hold the shaft. Of course, these bushings wear out quite quickly, and the shaft begins to throw inside the bar. The author decided to make the bar himself, for this we will need a pipe of suitable diameter, you need to press the bearings in it.

As a result, at the end of the pipe we install a gearbox for the lawn mower and at this step the work is over.

Next, we need to dock the working shaft of braids for grass with a chainsaw shaft. First of all, we need to cut a cup of clutch of the lawn mower, as a result, there should be one plate. To give the plate a perfectly round shape, the author uses a drilling machine.

At the next stage, it is necessary to make an adapter that will allow you to cling to the asterisk of the chainsaw. The author makes this adapter himself from the thick iron plate. We transfer the sprout contour to the workpiece by painting and proceed to work. Sprinkle the core and other areas on the drilling machine. Well, then we arm ourselves with a file and finalize the part. At the end, we will have to cut the part to a round shape and weld to the plate that remains of the clutch cup.

We make a strong pen for the lawn mower, the author made it himself from the pipe. We fasten the handle to the bar with fasteners from the lawn mower. We put the “trigger” on the handle to control the engine from the lawn mower. And to connect the cable to the thrower of the chainsaw, the author uses special home.made fasteners.

At the end, we will only have to install fasteners on the bar, with which we will hang a braid. That’s all, after that the home.made is ready, you can experience. We go to the field, start the engine and start work. The machine easily copes with rather thick grass.

This is the end of the project, I hope you liked the homework. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat this. Do not forget to share your ideas and homemade ones with us!

How to unravel?

When removing the old or when dressing a new chain on the guide tire of the chainsaw, it may get confused. It can also happen when inaccurate transportation. When the chain is confused, it turns into rings.

Due to insufficient flexibility in the transverse direction, the chain is very difficult to unravel with your bare hands, because when trying to unravel one ring, a new ring forms in another place in another place.

It is necessary to put the chain of the chainsaw on the horizontal surface and spin the rings in different directions, while pulling the canvas in such a direction that the diameter of the rings increases. Sooner or later, the chain will turn into its natural position.

There is another way. you can flare up one link in the chain and straighten it, then connect in the ring and stuck the blurted links back.

Why jumps off the chain?

Many, even the most experienced chainsaw users, came across a situation in their life when the chain jumped off the guide tire during operation. The most common cause is the insufficient stretch of the circuit or its wear.

In 80% of cases, the stretched links of the chain slip from the teeth of the leading star, and it flies out under the influence of centrifugal force with the guide. Although sometimes the problem appears due to the incorrect position of the asterisk relative to the axis of rotation or a certainly fixed saw tire on the chainsaw.

Basically, the chain is stretched through 3 main prschi: low metal quality, unnecessary tension installation, the use of low.quality oil. We also recommend reading which oil should be used for the chain of the chainsaw, about STIHL and Husqvarna oils.

Why jumps off the chain?

Many, even the most experienced chainsaw users, came across a situation in their life when the chain jumped off the guide tire during operation. The most common cause is the insufficient stretch of the circuit or its wear.

In 80% of cases, the stretched links of the chain slip from the teeth of the leading star, and it flies out under the influence of centrifugal force with the guide. Although sometimes the problem appears due to the incorrect position of the asterisk relative to the axis of rotation or a certainly fixed saw tire on the chainsaw.

How NOT to mow a hillside 1st day with the new mower

Basically, the chain is stretched through 3 main prschi: low metal quality, unnecessary tension installation, the use of low.quality oil. We also recommend reading which oil should be used for the chain of the chainsaw, about STIHL and Husqvarna oils.

Summing up

Now on sale there are many models of chains for chainsaws. First you need to know which size is suitable for your chainsaw and not to be mistaken in the purchase. To do this, we offer to read a number of interesting and useful articles, for example, how to choose a chain for a saw, or a review of the chain of the company Stihl, Husqvarna or Oregon. By the way, when buying, pay attention to the step of the chain, it is his own at each chainsaw. There are still very expensive and productive chains with winning attacks.

The second step must be correctly installed on a chainsaw. This is a somewhat time.consuming process, but if you know how to put on and set up a chain on the saw tire, then the radial owner should not have problems.

We hope that after reading this article you will succeed the first time. But to minimize the appearance of problems with the chainsaw and chain in the future, remember 3 basic rules: