How to put an attachment on a grass trimmer

Grass trimmer nozzle-cultivator

It is recommended that you use a factory-made trimmer attachment for your work. It is easier and cheaper than to build the device yourself. When selecting a trimmer, it is recommended that you first take your grass trimmer and measure it:

This information helps you choose the right tool. It is usual to give an outer diameter of 26 or 28mm and the number of splines on the shaft (7, 9) or the shape of the tip (square). To accurately choose the right size is worth more and measure the diameter of the shaft. they also vary in size, there are shafts of diameter 7, 8 and 9 mm.

If you use a brand-name tool of famous brands, rather than Chinese consumer goods it is better to order a brand-name attachment. This will extend the life of both the attachment and the trimmer., For example, it is worth visiting the brand stores, where the nozzle will pick up professionals, there you can consult and on the order of service units.

For work on small areas, an ordinary disc cutter will be sufficient, but on larger areas, it is better to use saber and drum cutters.

attachment, grass, trimmer

Sharpening the cutters is recommended before each use.

When selecting a working tool, you should be guided by the dimensions recommended by the manufacturers. Too large blades cannot be handled by the hand and too small ones will not do the job. If several sets of cutters can be selected for the cultivator, it is worth considering the possibility of buying cutters of different diameters. this will allow you to select the tool for each specific type of task.

Why do you need to adjust the ignition?

In some cases, when the engine does not start, it will be necessary to adjust the ignition. Of course, first you need to check the serviceability of the spark plug and the high-voltage cable with the cap.

Adjust the ignition on the two-stroke engine is necessary to ensure timely ignition of fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine. Below is a diagram, from which you can understand the principle of the internal combustion engine.

The spark in the spark plug should appear at the moment of fuel compression by the piston, when it just a little bit does not reach the top dead center (TDC). When the piston passes TDC, the fuel mixture ignites, causing the piston to move downward under the action of the explosion energy.

So if for any reason (usually due to flywheel displacement on the shaft relative to its original position) fuel ignition occurs before the piston reaches TDC, it is set back and the crankshaft is cranked in the opposite direction. Such movement can damage the starter assembly, break the starter cord, etc.д. In this case there is an early ignition of the fuel.

How to put wheels on a Weed Eater

there can also be late ignition on the trimmer: the piston goes down after compression of fuel that has not ignited, and at that moment a spark appears. In this case, the engine will either not start or will lose power significantly and will not pick up speed well.

But these problems with early or late ignition on two-stroke engines are quite rare, because the flywheel with magnets is already mounted in the correct position, which is perfectly synchronized with the movement of the piston. In addition, the flywheel is fixed on the shaft with a key and a nut. That’s why there is no way to set the part incorrectly.

Basically, the ignition adjustment consists of setting the correct gap between the magneto and the flywheel.

Grass chopper with my own hands from a lawnmower

Did you know that an electric lawnmower can shred grass, stems, leaves and other soft plant debris? And, the best part is that nothing needs to be reworked for this!


I set the machine sideways at a slight angle (I put a brick under the wheels on one side). It’s better to put the mower on something in front for stability. Underneath lay a flexible sheet of roofing iron or plywood 1-1,5 m long and a little less than the distance between the wheels. This will be a kind of feed trough for the herbage.

How a home-made shredder works

I turn on the lawnmower (fixing the handle with a wire) and throw plant debris on the protruding part of the tray. First I push the green mass under the rotating blade of the mower, and then I move the tray itself (iron sheet), lifting it by the edge to the bottom of the machine at the end of the operation.

This way all the greens get under the knife. I return the empty tray to its place for the next batch.

  • Raised chute does not touch the knife thanks to the construction of the machine.
  • Less than a minute. and the bucket with the weeds empties, and the shredded grass accumulates in the mower basket.
  • Garden shredder with their own hands. photo drawings
  • Use it as mulch or put it in the compost later.

Do not shred branches with a lawnmower.

The grass chopper with his own hands. a budget self-made variant Grass chopper with his own hands (VICTOR Self-made garden chopper with his own hands. drawing Garden waste chopper with his own Garden chopper with his own hands. photo drawings How to make an electric garden chopper Solar dryer with their own hands How to build with their own hands solar Plough cutter with their own hands. unusual design Manual plough cutter with their own hands. Stable folding trestle for the workshop with their own hands. photo and drawing Folding trestle for the workshop with their own Incubator with automatics with their own hands: photo and schematic of an automatic incubator with their own hands

How to use a chain instead of a fishing line on a grass trimmer

You can additionally “pump” the unit to mow not only grass, but also weeds and young growth. This does not require expensive tools or special skills. As the saying goes, everything is simple!

  • a chain from an old chainsaw;
  • bent inside the cup, which is used to attach the blades of the grass trimmer;
  • washer and nut;
  • a vice, a marker, and a ruler;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • metal drills.

The length from the chain ends to the washer must be the same.

Advantages and disadvantages

The attachment-cultivator for benzotrimmer, regardless of its variety, increases the weight of the assembled unit to 5-6 kg. This is quite a popular product among customers, which is characterized by the ease of maintenance. This device is characterized by a more reasonable cost in comparison with equipment for a motor cultivator. Cultivator nozzle on the gasoline trimmer for grass is convenient in greenhouses, it not only loosens the soil, but also oxygenates it.

Taking into account that this device is made with high-quality construction, it is durable, which cannot but please the user. The devices themselves really simplify the work of the dacha owner and allow him to speed up his work.

As for the disadvantages of the attachments-cultivators on the gasoline trimmer, many buyers note their weight. Weight insufficiency of the device is the reason that, faced with a difficult soil, it may not deepen into the soil at all, but only scratch its top layer. In addition, as practice shows, in such nozzles it is impossible to press the cutters to the ground. It is fraught with the fact that the rod begins to spring, and, as a consequence, the equipment quickly wears out.

If you try to press the device harder to the ground, the boom can not withstand and bend, which can break the scythe for grass or the working nozzle itself. The drive shaft is long, and during cultivation you can not avoid vibrations, the amount of which is directly related to the length of the shaft itself. In addition, it depends on the complexity of the treated area, because the load on the discs and cutters in the case of dense soil will be greater.

Holding a vibrating tool for a long time is difficult, as is operating it. In this case, it is also worth knowing that constant work with a vibrating tool can be fraught with negative health consequences. Constant vibration, for example, can damage blood vessels and nerves in the fingers if there are problems with the blood supply. Even healthy persons might have problems with a long work with a brushcutter and a cultivating head.

If you have to buy a cultivation tool, it is better to choose a disc version. It is equipped with a safety guard, although this somewhat complicates the work of the user. As for the self-made nozzle, this process is not always effective. Besides the fact that the work of making a hitch for cultivating the soil is labor-intensive, it is not always obtained qualitative and reliable. In addition, self-made products are not always able to handle turf.

To wash the tillers, the equipment must be removed. Also oil the machine from time to time. Wear gloves, because the blade is sharp. Do not run the machine at high speed while cultivating the soil. In order to put the blade guard with line limiter on correctly, it is necessary to remove the limiting nut, insert the bracket into the slot, and rotate the guard until it passes through the slot of the bracket. Then tighten the wing nut on the bolt.

To attach the brushcutter head to the brushcutter, you have to remove the stopper from the linkage hitch. After that the screen should be attached so that the locking (releasing) button engages in the recess in the hitch. Push the mowing head forward until the button engages. Before starting the work process, you need to tighten the handle firmly, turning it clockwise. If the holes don’t fit, you can’t use this attachment on an existing petrol trimmer.

Grass trimmer attachment Support wheel

The new depth wheel for the grass trimmer makes working with different attachments much easier. This attachment can be attached to the grass trimmer boom in a variety of positions, making it versatile and adaptable. The jog wheel allows you to maintain a consistent cutting height as well as the same cutting depth and width when working with the edger on flowerbeds and garden paths. The tool comes with two support wheels for edging work or one swivel wheel for trimmer work. The support wheel can also be used with a blower or brush.

Cultivator attachments are good for working small plots of land. There are often several cutting parts at once. The working width of the blades can be adjusted within the range of 130-250 mm. To keep debris out, they have a protective shield. Usage options:

  • Weeding small areas;
  • Digging up the garden and flowerbeds;
  • loosening the ground near the trees;
  • Hoeing carrots, potatoes, etc.д.

Turning torque from the engine of the machine is transmitted to the tool-cultivator through a shaft in a special boom. it must be bought separately. This tool differs in the number of splines on the end face of the shaft. There can be 7 or 9 of them. For example, the attachment-cultivator Oleo-Mac to the Husqvarna trimmer will not fit.

Slotted attachment of cutters or discs to the shaft is convenient. It allows free movement of the cutting tools, which is ideal for cultivation. You can loosen the soil with a wide grip. up to 200-250 mm per pass. When selecting a tool, we must consider the mechanical limits of the tool drive. If the device is designed for power up to 1.5 thousand. W, the cultivator is only good for loosening soil or dibbling beds, potato bushes.

Construction varieties

Grass trimmer nozzles differ in the type of cutting mechanism. On it depends on the efficiency and quality of work to be performed with a gasoline-powered unit. There are two types of grass trimmer attachments:

  • Toothed. This type includes a straight row consisting of several curved and sharpened blades. They turn out the earth and break it up. Toothed nozzle is heavy. its weight is up to 5 kg.
  • Disk. These cultivator devices are equipped with several discs, which have fixed blades. The ends of the blades are curved in a certain direction. On top of them is installed protection flap, thanks to which the earth does not fly out during the work process.

Weeding attachments can be attached to a trimmer in several ways. There are three types in total:

Advantages and disadvantages

Cultivator attachments for trimmers have several important advantages. Read more about them:

  • Great for cleaning and weeding. The tool is often used by supporters of organic agriculture, who tend to think that often loosening and tilling the soil is harmful.
  • Cultivator nozzle easily and quickly copes with weeds that have not yet grown too much. over, cultivation allows to loosen soil and saturate it with oxygen, which positively affects the development of plants.
  • Easy to maintain and less expensive than outboard equipment on a single-axle tractor.
  • Quickly rotating tillers can provide high efficiency.
  • Suitable for loosening the soil not only on a large plot, but also in greenhouses, flower gardens, flowerbeds.
  • The disc cultivator is equipped with a safety guard.

Using a grass trimmer with a cultivator attachment

Any attachment on the gasoline grass trimmer has its own disadvantages. Be sure to take them into account. It’s moments like these:

  • Any nozzle-cultivator for grass trimmer will significantly increase the weight of the assembled unit. by about 5-6 kg. Not everyone is able to work for long periods of time.
  • The cutter head will not be able to press the blades close to the ground. Excessive force can cause the tool boom to break or at least bend.
  • The brushcutter cultivator is recommended for use on clay soil, t.к. It cannot penetrate deep into the ground. it will only scratch the surface.
  • The drive of gasoline trimmers is behind the working one, and the boom is often long. Vibrations constantly appear during cultivation. Their value is due to both the varying load on the cutters or discs, and the length of the boom.
  • Vibrations are transferred to the user’s hands via the shoulder strap. It’s not always easy to hold a large tool on its side and operate the machine’s trigger. Long cultivation with a nozzle is not safe.

Hand tools

On small plots, you can weed with hand tools and handmade devices for weeding potatoes. Traditionally hoes and mattocks are used for this work, but a manual power hoe can also be used. Simple tools are specially shaped to make weeding easier. And buying special equipment for processing 2 acres of plants is pointless and expensive.

Several beds of potatoes can be weeded with a hoe. It is a lightweight tool, easy to work with. It is more convenient to weed a few acres with a hoe. Such tools are on sale in several kinds. According to gardeners, it is more convenient to use a two-edged hoe.

How to attach a blade to you Brush cutter attachment

To minimise physical effort, a manual weeder is used. Although the design of this device is simple, it allows you to effectively remove weeds. It’s easy to work the vegetable garden with this tool, changing the angle as you wish.

Sometimes the purchase of the simplest tool does not meet expectations. Then gardeners make suitable homemade devices. To make such a device you will need a welding machine and metal. In addition, you will need fasteners and wooden cuttings.

If there is an old manual ploughshare at home, you can take some parts from it or take its design as a sample.

  • Cut a long strip of thin, strong metal and bend it into a square without one side. This will be the frame of the planter.
  • Then make the sprockets for the ploughshare. If you don’t have such skills, you can buy the necessary parts in a store.
  • Connect all the parts with metal rods, leaving the ripper blades free, and the working frame slightly moving back and forth.
  • A small cylinder is welded in order to place the cutter in it afterwards.

This hoe can be used to loosen soil and trim weeds. Move it forward and backward during weeding. To reduce friction with the soil, adjust the angle of the knives. This allows you to take some of the load off your hands. The tool must be sharpened before work.


Everything you need for making a mowing head

The most difficult thing in the manufacture of the nozzle is to symmetrically mark and perform the holes for the blades and shaft of the grass trimmer. That’s why a ready-made peorized plate is chosen.

Belt for grass trimmer

For more comfortable work with the trimmer, if you want to trim a large area overgrown with grass, it is desirable to use a special belt. This device takes the fatigue off the arms and back of the mower operator and makes the process much easier, if compared to the same work, but without the belt.

Straps can be shoulder straps or backpack straps. A shoulder strap is the simplest device and consists of a loop with two or one latch (carabiner) with which it is attached to the mowing unit. To the second carabiner is usually attached a plastic plate that protects the operator’s side from the pressure of the grass trimmer boom.

Shoulder strap is usually used with light trimmers, weighing 3-4 kg. For heavier machines, it’s more convenient to use a backpack strap.

Strap for grass trimmer can easily be ordered online or bought at a specialized store where these devices and accessories are sold.

and higher.

If there will be a desire to make it with their own hands, then any hostess, after taking a look at this device, can easily sew it from improvised means (old belts and belts). You may need to buy buckles and carabiners. But still we recommend to buy a ready-made backpack suspension and not to waste time and money on making a worse quality than ready-made device.

The grass trimmer has long become a common and nearly indispensable tool for many gardeners. But it is not always possible to buy a model that can meet all needs. It happens that with fresh young vegetation trimmer for grass copes with easily, but there is a desire to clear a place behind the fence or along the driveway, and the high mature grass turns out to be a technique “not to the teeth”.

Here is a variant of independent production of a trimmer blade for grass from simple, almost improvised means. Need metal peorirovanaya plate (100mm x 240mm), two hacksaw blades on metal, 4 screws and 4 nuts M5, 4 washers and 4 larger washers. From a safety point of view, the hacksaw blades should not be completely glazed.

All you need for making a grass trimmer head

The most difficult part of the nozzle fabrication is to symmetrically mark and drill holes for blades and grass trimmer shaft. That’s why you choose a prefabricated peorized plate.

First you need to make the base of the nozzle. For this purpose, from a metal plate with an angle grinder cut a square with a side of 100 mm. It is necessary to mark it so that in the center (on crossing of diagonals) there is a hole. For this purpose from the center of the chosen hole perpendicularly to the short side of the plate we measure a distance of 50 mm and mark lines of trimming.

attachment, grass, trimmer

We cut off unnecessary things and receive a square of 100 mm x 100 mm. Now it is necessary to round corners a little and drill a central hole for the grass trimmer shaft.

Round the corners and drill the center hole for the grass trimmer shaft

Cut the sheet metal, measuring 8 cm from each end. We get four blanks with finished holes.

It is necessary to give these blanks the shape of knives. To do this, we mark the trimmer line by eye (no particular precision is required), fasten all four blanks together and grind the excess.

As a result, we get blades of the same weight and size, and it is possible to sharpen them a little on one side. Now all parts of the homemade nozzle for grass trimmer are prepared, you can start assembling.

Put a small washer on the screw and put it into the hole in the corner. We put the blade on top, placing the sharpened side in the direction of rotation of the grass trimmer shaft. Next comes a large washer and a nut, which is not tightened, so that the knife can freely rotate. Fix the other three knives in the same way.

attachment, grass, trimmer

The end of the bolt has to be riveted so that the nut doesn’t fly off.

The nozzle is ready. It is installed with nuts to the ground and fixed in the same way as the three-blade blade, coming with a trimmer. When you hit a rock, the blades fold and move inward a little bit.

This idea was suggested by our constant video author Tatyana (Tula region). To see in more detail the whole process of making such a nozzle for grass trimmer and to learn some nuances you can watch the video, which she prepared.

When working with the trimmer is important not to forget about the safety precautions, using any attachments, especially homemade.

We suggest discussing this idea in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев of the post. Share your thoughts with us, and tell us about your oodles of solutions.