How to reduce the speed of a Chinese power tiller

A single axle tractor with its own hands. from pulleys

If there is a medium or large farming area, the owner needs help with the tillage work. It is provided by a variety of motor equipment. If the user uses a single-axle tractor, its standard functionality may not be enough for some tasks. In this case, the owner is sometimes saved by reducing the running characteristics of the power unit. To properly apply this method of increasing productivity, it is important to understand how to reduce the speed of the motoblock with your own hands.

To reduce the speed of motocultivator by this method will need to replace the factory pulley for another, smaller diameter.

Those who were engaged in such alterations recommend to buy the pulley of the engine, which is put on the motor blocks “Salyut”.

The basic pulley on most motor blocks has a size of 80 mm and the belt has a profile B. But in the engines of “Salyut” motor-blocks the part size is 67 mm, which is much smaller.

Experienced users are well aware that by reducing the diameter of the pulley on the engine, it turns out to reduce the speed of motocultivator. An additional advantage is that the pulley of the Salut has a brook for the strap profile B. This makes it even more suitable for this task.

The replacement does not cause any difficulties, any more or less competent cultivator owner can deal with it.

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Parts comparison

By replacing the motor pulley on the other, with a smaller diameter, it is possible to reduce the speed of motor vehicles. But even such a seemingly insignificant change allows many dacha owners to use the unit to cultivate the land with greater efficiency.

This is one of the unconventional ways to reduce the speed of a Chinese or any other power tiller, in order to improve the overall performance and quality of land processing.

Other options for solving the speed problem are listed below.

The fastest models

To begin with, let’s find out which power tillers are the fastest? Does Russian producers have advantages or the palm of primacy indisputably belongs to zabugornye competitors?

By the way, it is hard enough to find an undisputed favorite in terms of maximum speed, because not only that today’s models of motor blocks from different manufacturers a great many, and probably an independent upgrade of this functional agricultural machinery.

The number and characteristics of speeds of an engine and gearbox installed in the unit.

MTZ-05, MTZ-12 have 4 speeds forward and 2. reverse. The low speed corresponds to the first gear, the speed increases when switching to the next gear. For the above models, the slowest speed when moving forward is 2.15 km / h, when reversing. 2.5 km / h; the highest speed of the frontal movement is 9.6 km / h, in reverse. 4.46 km/h.

For scooter “Mobil-K G85 D CH395” / Grillo maximum forward speed is 11 km / h, reverse. 3 km / h. With all this box provides the ability to switch between 3 front and 2 rear speeds. Do not forget that all of these characteristics are true for unimproved models.

“Mobil-K Ghepard CH395”. single axle tractor of Russian production, has box 41, can accelerate up to 12 km/h.

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Ukrainian single axle tractor “Motor Sich MB-6D” can reach a speed of 16 km / h, six-speed box (42).

The “Centaur MB 1081D” unit is Russian, but is made in Chinese factories. It is considered the sharpest power tiller in the volume class. The highest speed of its movement is 25 km / h! It is considered a diesel engine block, unlike the above mentioned models. they work on gasoline.

Stroke reducer for power tiller. description and how to make

For decades the single axle tractor has been a faithful helper to the farmer in a variety of farming operations. This is a truly useful unit, which allows you to mechanize work and many times to increase productivity. With the help of a power tiller you can cultivate the land, make hay and other forage for livestock and even just to transport goods. In some cases it may be necessary to reduce the working speed of this machine in order to increase the efficiency of certain operations.

To begin with, let’s find out which power tillers are considered the fastest? Do domestic producers have advantages or the palm of primacy unconditionally belongs to foreign competitors?

By the way, it is quite difficult to determine the absolute winner according to the maximum speed, because today there are a lot of different models of motor blocks by different producers, and it is possible to independently modernize this versatile agricultural unit.

The number and rates of power tillers depend on the engine and gearbox installed in the machine.

MTZ-05, MTZ-12 power tillers have 4 speeds forward and 2. reverse. The minimum speed corresponds to the first gear, and when you switch to the next gear, the speed increases. The minimum speed for the above models is 2.15 km/h forward travel and 2.5 km/h reverse travel, whereas the maximum speed for forward travel is 9.6 km/h, and 4.46 km/h reverse travel.

reduce, speed, chinese, power, tiller

The “Mobil-K G85 D CH395” /Grillo power tiller has the maximum forward speed of 11 km/h, reverse. 3 km/h. At the same time the gearbox provides the ability to switch between three forward and two reverse speeds. Do not forget that all these figures are true for unimproved models.

“Mobil-K Ghepard CH395”. single-axle tractor of Russian production, has a gearbox 41, can accelerate up to 12 km/h.

How to install speed pinium on the Power Tiller.

Ukrainian single-axle tractor “Motor Sich MB-6D” can reach a speed of 16 km / h, six-speed gearbox (42).

reduce, speed, chinese, power, tiller

The “Kentavr MB 1081D” is a Russian machine, but it is produced in Chinese factories. Considered to be the fastest power tiller in the heavy class. Its top speed is as fast as 25 km/h! It is considered a diesel engine-powered tractor, unlike the above models. they work on gasoline.

Modifications of the Brait-135 range

The catalog of the official site of the company Brait currently offers 11 modifications of power tillers Brait-135, two of them. diesel. First things first.

  • Brait-135DEA (diesel). this version is equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder diesel engine BR-178FE. vertically air-cooled, direct injection, electric start (battery included). This motor has 7 horsepower and a displacement of 296 cm3. Cylinder diameter x stroke. 78 x 62. Output shaft: 25 (splined). Cutter shaft: Hexagonal D=32. Engine oil capacity: 1.1 l. Gear oil capacity: 2.3 L. Fuel tank capacity: 3.5 l. Scooter weight. 138 kg.
  • Brait-135DEB (diesel). equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder diesel engine BR-186FAE, vertical air-cooled, direct injection, with electric start (battery included). Power of this engine. 10 horsepower, its displacement. 418 cm3. Cylinder diameter x stroke. 86 x 72. Output shaft: 25 (splined). Cutter shaft: hexagonal D=32. Fuel tank capacity. 5,5 l. Engine oil volume. 1,65 l. Gear oil volume: 2 l. Power tiller weight: 148 kg.

Brait-135GA. with 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine BR-170F. Working volume of this engine. 212 cm3, its power. 7 horsepower. Manual starter. Output shaft: 20 (under the key). Cutter shaft: Hexagonal shaft S32. Oil capacity 1.1 l. Gear oil capacity. 2.0 liters. Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 liters. Power tiller weight: 136 kg.

“Driving a Brait-135GA light petrol engine.

  • Brait-135GB. is equipped with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine BR-177F with a working volume of 270 cm3, 9 horsepower, with manual starter. The weight of the power tiller in this modification. 143 kg. Fuel tank capacity. 6 liters. Oil capacity: 1.1 l. Gearbox oil capacity: 2.3 L. Cutter shaft. hexagonal D=32.
  • Brait-135GBD. single axle tractor with the same technical characteristics as the model Brait-135GB, but also equipped with a differential. The weight of this power tiller is 150 kilograms.
  • Brait-135GBE. equipped with 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine BR-177FD. Its displacement is 270 cm3, power. 9 horsepower. Starter with electric start (battery included). Output shaft: 25 (for coupling). Cutter shaft: S32 hexagonal. Fuel tank capacity. 6 liters. Engine oil capacity: 1.1L. Gear oil volume: 2 liters exactly. This power tiller weighs 156 kg.
  • Brait-135GC. with a 4-stroke, one-cylinder engine with 13 horsepower and a working volume of 389 cm3. This model has a manual starter. Fuel tank capacity. 6.5 liters. The weight of the walking tractor. 150 kg. Cutter shaft: Hexagonal socket S32.
  • Brait-135GCE. also with four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with 13 hp and a displacement of 389 cm3. But with electric start (battery included). Fuel tank capacity: 6.5 liters. Weight of equipment in this modification is 163 kg.
  • Brait-135GD. equipped with a 15-horsepower 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a working volume of 420 cm3. The starter is manual. The volume of the fuel tank. 6,5 liters. The weight of the walking tractor is 148 kilograms.
  • Brait-135GDE. also with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder petrol engine with a working volume of 420 cm3 and an output of 15 horsepower. But it is equipped with an electric start (battery included). This model weighs 163 kg.
  • Brait-135GDD. single-axle tractor, similar in its technical characteristics to the modification Brait-135GD, but equipped with a differential. The mass of the walking tractor in this version is 153 kg.

How to make weights by yourself

To make the weights for the wheels of power tillers you only need desire, a minimum of material and time. Not much trouble here. It is necessary to prepare the future parts of this device:

  • 2 five-kilogram weights;
  • 2 ten-kilogram pancakes;
  • 2 clutch basket from the “Zhiguli”;
  • Hexagonal full-body profile (piece);
  • cotter pins (2 pcs.).

All of this can be found at the salvage yard. Do not do without a welder with electrodes, an angle grinder with a cutting wheel, a drill with drills. Well, in order to give an aesthetic appearance to the device, you should stock up on paint.

From the hexagonal profile cut 2 pieces of about 5 cm. You will need to drill holes in them for the cotter pins. This piece is then attached to the barbell pancake. Hexahedron is inserted into the hole from the neck and welded.

Then the clutch basket will need to be attached to the pancake. This is done by welding around the circumference of the flywheel.

Gearbox types

The design of any converting device for a power tiller (reducer) consists of a set of motion transmitting shafts or gears of different diameters, enclosed in a robust housing.

Converting devices are divided into several types according to the type of transmission:

For chain-driven gearboxes, rotation is transmitted using a chain and sprockets that are mounted on rotary shafts. Belt gears work similarly to chain gears, but instead of sprockets and a chain, pulleys and a belt are used.

Inside the gearbox housing, shafts with straight or bevel gears are located. Gears transmit rotation from the engine to the moving parts. Bevel gears are used in angular mechanisms for heavy power tillers.

Homemade stroke-reducer for a power tiller with his own hands

The popularity of small-scale mechanization in agriculture is increasing every year. At the same time, the most versatile tool in the fight for the harvest are motor blocks. With a large range of mounted and trailed tools, they can handle almost any task that arises when working on the homestead. When high tractive power is needed, a travel reducer or reduction gears are used.

Lowering gears are useful for “fat” or heavy soils, deep tillage, carrying heavy loads, or using heavy implements. Especially precise control is needed in these conditions.

It would be logical to reduce engine rpm and operate at a lower speed. But in that case you lose power, which is unacceptable. This is where the power stroke reducers, which act as a reduction gearbox, come to the rescue. They allow acceptable control of the machining process without slowing down the engine rpm and therefore do not lose any power.

With some experience and knowledge you can make the reducer yourself with your own hands, using available materials and equipment, or buy a ready-made product, the range of which in today’s market is high and available to customers with different capabilities.

Bigger tires

A single-axle tractor is a mini-tractor. Designed for a variety of agricultural operations. It is used to cultivate the land before planting vegetable crops, to clean the vegetable garden, to mow grass and even to transport small loads. The more power, the faster you can work and the better the results. One of the most popular ways to increase the power of a power tiller is to fit large wheels.

Standard wheels on power tillers are 57 cm wide. You can increase the speed if you replace the standard wheels with tires that are at least 1.25x bigger in diameter. That is, such wheels should have the size of 70-71 cm. Even with such small tires, the speed of a power tiller increases significantly. If the wheel arches allow you to insert even larger tires, you can try to do this, thus increasing the speed by several times.

When cultivating the soil with a power tiller the grousers are used. Such wheels are sold in special stores, and they can also be made at home, following the instructions presented on the Internet. Their size depends on the speed of movement of the unit, which should be taken into account when using a motoblock.

How to make a walking ram for a power tiller with your own hands

Assembling a travel reducer yourself can be a great alternative to buying it in a store. If you have the right tools and read the processes of the work, it will not be something critically impossible. It is simply enough to understand the structure of the unit and the design features of its operation.

Of course, it is good if you have a professional drawing at your fingertips, so that you do not have to do calculations “by eye”. After that, you need to pick up a piece of solid metal, which will be used to bend the body for the future unit. Some craftsmen use for this purpose suitable size parts taken from non-working cargo motorcycles of Soviet production. Or you can use a ready-made case from under any generator of small dimensions.

For tools and materials you will need the following:

Once the necessary materials and tools are ready, begin the following algorithm:

  • After measuring the diameter of the future reduction gearbox, cut the shells for the bearings from metal. These will be the bearings located on the pinion shaft drive.
  • The steel flanges must be placed on the opposite side of the reducer. This should be borne in mind when selecting bearings. A bearing and a steel washer are placed inside each flange.
  • Using the fastening screws, fix them to our housing.
  • Next, we need a pinion, a driven shaft and a steel key.
  • All these parts are connected to the gearing and the shaft of the rotary generator.
  • We need spring washers and nuts to secure the pulley to the drive shaft.
reduce, speed, chinese, power, tiller

A few more tips for the beginner. The bearings will act as bearings for the shafts. Considering the loads on them, their proper selection will determine the reliability and durability of the unit as a whole. To minimize their maintenance, masters use radial closed bearings. And the chain with sprockets will have to take ready-made, but there are many mechanisms from which they can be borrowed.

If everything is assembled correctly, we will be able to reduce the machine’s stroke with this attachment. You can safely install it and use it on a power plant that runs on any fuel. Cooling unit of this type is an air cooler. Periodically it will need to be cleaned from accumulated dirt, diagnose the functionality of the reduction function and be sure to lubricate at least once every 3 months. With proper care and operation, the device is able to serve the farmer for more than one year. In case, after reading the article, there are still questions and clarifications, feel free to write about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article.