How to Remove a Disk From a Makita Trim

What is a face saw

How to Remove a Disk From a Makita Trim

Tortsovki represent the mechanism with the cutting disk intended for sawing of wooden and composite materials at a right or other necessary angle. Designed to work on a flat surface. It is allowed to carry and install on a temporarily equipped workplace. By their appearance they resemble machines for cutting pipes, fittings, stone.

There are several types of face saws:

Pendulum. horizontal bed with turntable. A lever (pendulum) is attached to the back of the circle, which is why it got its name. The saw blade is attached to this lever. Workpieces are fed along the guide bar. To make a cut, a lever with a spinning disk is recessed into the board.

Combined. all the same. Thanks to the hinges, the ability to rotate the lever relative to the horizontal plane is added.

With horizontal travel. It resembles a pendulum, but allows you to saw wider parts due to the movement of the mechanism with a rotating disk along the runners forward and backward.

As an addition to all trimming, the following is attached:

  • dust bag;
  • laser light;
  • branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Distinctive feature trimming

  1. In the budget version, the work surface rotates in only one direction. Professional trimming can turn in both directions.
  2. The professional tool is equipped with a function of turning the disc in relation to the surface. Turn is also carried out in both directions.
  3. Another distinguishing feature is the type of torque transmission. It differs by belt and gear drives. The most reliable trimming with gear.

How to choose a trim

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An electric sawing tool is selected based on your needs. But best of all, of course, will be one in which power not less than 1.5 kW.

Based on the power, you can choose a cutting disc. The more powerful the machines, the larger the disk can be installed on it. The most common is a disk measuring 250 mm in diameter.

An important factor is disk rotation speed. Even in production, machines from 4000 rpm are used. Also, choosing for yourself, pay attention to the fact that 4500 rpm is indicated in the passport.

The next point can be called the type of engine. Motors can be asynchronous and commutator. The first of them works silently and lasts longer. But the trouble is that it is not found on all models. The second type of engine will often make the brushes change, but with it the price will be cheaper.

Next, look at the design in general and the cornering system in particular. Each angle change must be firmly fixed.

And the last but not least important factor is safety. The cover must securely close the disc. See how the discharge of sawdust is arranged. The machine should be equipped with a system of protection against overheating and jamming of the disk.

End saws Interskol

Along with foreign analogues, the construction tool Interskol is not the last. This is a domestic manufacturer, which is already among the world leaders in the production of electrical construction equipment. The equipment is very reliable, high quality and affordable price.

What is the difference between this product and similar? Among the main features stand out such as:

  • the circular saw makes accurate cuts, despite the angle at which it was made;
  • accuracy of installation of corners and reliable fastening in the set parameter;
  • powerful engine with reliable cooling system;
  • allowed to use for cutting plastic, aluminum and copper billets;
  • trimming tool made of high quality materials;
  • cutting depth adjustment;
  • laser designator.

Bought an Interskol circular saw in Leroy. Initially, it was cheaper. It was necessary in the country to saw at a corner of the board for the fence. I was very pleased with the accuracy of the angle and the fact that the disc does not tear, but makes very beautiful cuts. For more than a year I have this stanochka. I work for them constantly and for myself, something needs to be cheated.

We worked at the facility, and our Makita broke down. There was no one from the authorities, so they bought it themselves at the nearest market. The seller praised very much. Since there was nothing else and there was nothing to choose from, we decided to take this one. Finished the entire scope of work with this trimming. Never failed. Maybe just lucky. I would like to think that ours still learned to do.