How to Remove Stihl 180 Chainsaw Oil Pump

how to remove the stihl 180 chainsaw oil pump

I start a section called "Likbez" in which I will talk about the details and components of chainsaws, their design, the causes of failure and repair methods.

The oil pump opens this section. The oil pump in the chainsaw is needed to lubricate the saw chain during operation. In most cases, a plunger type oil pump is installed. There is an oil pump under the clutch.

Chainsaw oil pump device:

To get to it you need to remove the clutch (the whole process can be seen in detail in the video. Thanks to the video author Yevgeny Kravchenko for the detailed story!).

This is how the oil pump looks after clutch shooting:

The plunger, in which there is a groove on the tail, is very clearly visible in the figure. This groove is needed to capture the necessary portion of oil and feed it through the hose to the saw bar and further to the chain. The rotation of the plunger gives the sprocket drum clutch. accordingly, we get the necessary amount of oil at any engine speed, since the engine speed and plunger speed are interconnected.

Video: How to Remove Stihl 180 Chainsaw Oil Pump

Plunger Stihl MS 210,230,250

Many chainsaws have the ability to adjust the amount of oil supplied. The adjustment is carried out by rotating the screw, which reduces or increases the amount of oil captured by the plunger. The screw is located below the pump. (see photo).

Adjustable oil pump

Chainsaw oil pump and lubrication system malfunctions:

  • The most common reason chain oil is no longer supplied is clogged output channel. In this case, you just need to purge the channels. Also, the channels can be clogged on the bus. Also easy to clean.
  • Oil leak during idle time. There are several reasons: 1. Cracks in the body of the oil pump. 2. Check the integrity of the hoses and their fastening.
  • Inadequate chain lubrication. As already mentioned above, on some chainsaws, you can adjust the amount of oil supplied. If there is no such adjustment, then again several reasons. 1. Air leaks through cracks in the hoses, pump housing or in the hoses. 2. On the oil pump drive, the coils are erased. In this case, a replacement. This also applies to the plunger.
  • High oil consumption. This malfunction can occur due to: 1. Incorrectly installed tires 2. Failure of the oil pump. In fairness, it is worth noting that for many chainsaws, oil consumption for chain lubrication is too large in nature. It can be reduced by using specialized chain lubricants.

Diagnosis and repair of oil pump and chainsaw lubrication system