How To Remove The Crankshaft Pulley?

Every motorist who is used to repairing his favorite transport with his own hands faced the problem of removing the crankshaft pulley. After reading the instructions in the repair and maintenance manual, the procedure at first seems simple, but already at the first attempt to unscrew the bolt, it turns out that this is not so easy to do. It is also not clear what to do to fix the crankshaft to prevent its rotation. Few people know which side to get to the coveted bolt. A lot of trouble arises due to the strong tightening of the bolt. You risk damaging not only the paintwork of the body, but also the engine compartment parts.

How to remove the crankshaft pulley. why the bolt / nut is clamped?

The fact is that the nut or bolt of the crankshaft (depending on the model) is twisted with incredible force during installation. For what? So that he does not accidentally get out. If unscrewing occurs, then you will have to wait for serious damage and costly repairs. When the motor is running, the tightening force gradually increases. The matter is aggravated by corrosion, coking and sticking.
In fact, the dismantling process should take 10 minutes, but for this you need to know some tricks and be able to use them. Depending on the motor model, either a bolt or a nut can be used to secure the pulley. We will consider both options.

What prevents the removal of the crankshaft pulley?

The manual describes everything beautifully and not verbose, but in fact you will encounter the 2nd major problems, not to mention the strength of the clamping.

  • Inconvenient location of the pulley in the engine compartment. It may be hidden behind a generator or body structure elements. To gain access to the pulley attachment elements, it is necessary to loosen the tensioning bolts, and also remove the power steering and alternator belts. Even after completing the dismantling work, be very careful not to damage the paintwork.
  • Turning off the clutch causes the crankshaft to rotate freely using any wrench. Before cranking the crankshaft, it is necessary to fix it securely to prevent cranking during unscrewing. For this purpose, auto repair shops use special tools. To solve the problem at home, you must install the stops under the wheels and put the 4th speed on the gearbox

How to remove the crankshaft pulley. unscrew the bolt.

The process of unscrewing is as follows:

  • Remove the wheel (tentatively raise the right front of the machine with a jack).
  • Install the vehicle on a “stump”.
  • Remove the engine shield, air filter and alternator belt.
  • Open the plug on the clutch unit. Stick the flywheel teeth using the mount.
  • Put the head on the bolt and start to unscrew it.

How to remove the crankshaft pulley. unscrew the nut.

This procedure can be performed using a lever, an extension (use a long pipe) and an allen key or a spanner (at 36-38). Nut usually attached pulleys on rear-wheel drive cars. It should be located special ledges. To remove it, you need to climb under the car and unscrew the element with a key and extension cord.
What to do if the nut defies? Put the gearbox in neutral, remove the candlesticks, press the key with the lever on the floor or in the spar, turn on the momentum by turning the key in the ignition lock. The nut should easily break from the first attempt.

How to remove the crankshaft pulley. remove the pulley.

Unscrewing the mount, you can proceed to removing the pulley. It is fixed by a key and sits tightly on the hub, because of which its simple removal from the shaft is excluded. For this purpose it is better to use a special puller consisting of 2 legs and a central screw stop. If you do not have it, then you can get by mount. They need to pry the pulley, applying force in the direction opposite to the shaft.
The point of application of force should be located as close as possible to the shaft. Before removing the pulley, you can lightly tap it with a hammer (wooden) to eliminate the skew. Be very careful not to deform the groove and the locking key. Reverse installation of the pulley is made only the field processing of seats with grease. In this way, you will eliminate the application of great effort, which leads to a bias.
We hope our article has helped you. Now even an inexperienced driver will be able to unscrew the crankshaft pulley without other problems without the involvement of third-party specialists.