How To Repair Carburetor Stihl 180 On You Own?

Who can repair carburetors?

All said below is applied to any models of chainsaws, including trimmers, braids and other equipment. With the amendment, of course, on design features.
There is an opinion that it is better not to disassemble a chainsaw by yourself. For those who are accustomed to work with a hammer and a sledgehammer, perhaps this is so. For the rest, any problem with its work can be corrected by a tidy person who does not shake hands. In general, this is work that is available to anyone.

Malfunctions that can be fixed by repairing a carburetor.

Immediately make a reservation. the diagnosis is a tricky thing. Sometimes the same symptom occurs due to very different reasons. But we all check and find together. So:

Chainsaw does not keep idle. Either she stalls at idle, or they walk, or high.

Perhaps clogged jet idling. You must clean it. How to do it. see below. But while about the alternative reasons.
It is possible that the problem is in the fuel system. Check fuel hoses, fuel supply.
Sometimes problems with revolutions (or rather, their absence) are solved by cleaning the fuel tank check valve (gasoline tries to leave the tank, but the air is not returned instead).
Do not forget to adjust the carburetor in the only possible way. to change the amount of air supplied, which is reflected in idle strokes very much. All described in the instructions for the saw.

Saw does not start.

A special case of the previous problem. The solution required is the same.

Saw lost in power, increased fuel consumption.

Two very subjective indicators. To reliably declare one or the other, instrumental measurements are necessary. From the practice of repair organizations, quite often subjective things are given out under one or the other.
In some cases, the loss of power may be taken effects from the blunt circuit. Naturally, the performance, in this case, will be low. Sometimes it seems that the saw is quieter (blockages of the cooling system, exhaust system). Increased fuel consumption may be due to leaks.
Often the problem is in the muffler, not in the carburetor!

Chainsaw stalls on hot. after work and warm up.

  • Problems with the carburetor (about how to eliminate and diagnose. below);
  • Overheating. problems with cooling. Clean your saw;
  • Lack of air supply;

The chainsaw begins to stall or change momentum when tilted to the side. In the vertical. everything is fine when turning. the momentum drops (or grow) and it stalls.

Associated with the design features of its fuel system, filling chambers. Besides, be sure to check the fuel pump. sometimes the problem may be in it.

The order and sequence of disassembly and adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw Stihl 180.

Preparatory work.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the carburetor of an engine is a node in which air and gas flow converge. Therefore, for its normal operation, these streams should come in working, not clogged form. Also, the combustion products in the engine must freely leave the chamber through the muffler.

Therefore, every time, before repairing and adjusting the carburetor, it is mandatory to check:

  • Intake air filter;
  • Remove and clean the muffler;
  • We check the absence of problems with the fuel system. supply hoses, gas tank serviceability (work of the low-pressure compensation breather, see above);

In principle, it is even not so vital to turn the idle. Serviceable elements will already give normal performance characteristics.

Replacement and verification of membranes.

A significant part of the problems with the site is associated with the rear or malfunctioning membranes of the carburetor. The easiest way is to replace them if this hasn’t been done for a long time. In the shops sells whole repair kits, there are all the necessary membranes.
In short, for the price of a new node, you can repair an old one almost unlimited number of times. If we assume that five is a lifelong set.

Option repair and carburetor cleaning without the use of repair kits.

In some cases, the following method gives excellent results. remove the carburetor, remove all the membranes (top and bottom), and then leave what is left, soak in acetone for several hours. Often, foreign objects and substances get into the jets and channels (sometimes there are, for example, traces of sealants!). Therefore, a simple cleaning gives an excellent effect. Without costs and membrane replacement. Although the decision to replace them must be taken in place, guided by their condition.

Are Chinese carburetors reliable from Aliexpress?

As it may seem surprising, but quite. This site has almost the only requirement. the accuracy of its manufacture. In terms of geometry, as a rule, everything is fine with him. It does not carry any excessive mechanical or chemical loads. Therefore, a simple replacement may well be an appropriate option for a long time to extend the life of a chainsaw, worth quite a decent money.