How To Set Up The Ignition On The Chainsaw?

In this review, we will try to unveil the question presented to you by many chainsaw owners. In the process of using such a tool, the consumer may encounter a situation in which it is necessary to correct the ignition timing. Over time, the interrupter can fail, the coil is also not eternal, although it serves a lot more and disables it rather difficult. So let’s see how to put the ignition on a chainsaw.

Constructive components.

All engines, whether automotive or other tools using an internal combustion engine, have similar operating principles.
There is no exception and such famous chainsaws and with pleasure used by consumers like Goodluck, Stihl or Husqvarna.
The drive in them is the familiar internal combustion engine, respectively, the fuel tank, the engine and the working body producing the work itself, as well as other mounted organs that help in the management.
Sometimes during the operation, there may be some problems in this fairly reliable tool like a chainsaw.

The question arises, what then to do?

Here are some common cases:

  1. The chainsaw does not start;
  2. If it starts, it works intermittently;
  3. Insufficient power for proper operation.


The core of this problem group is the engine.
Ignition is one of the main elements affecting the trouble-free operation of the tool. Therefore, we consider this block first.
The time had passed when the interrupter was engaged in controlling the ignition with cams and moving contacts that gave a spark to the candle.
It was not a very reliable system due to the many elements that affected the operation of the engine. Chainsaw with no visible faults could stop the start. And we could see a picture of a constant twitch for the lace of the winding. To date, manufacturers have switched to contactless ignition systems.
They have fewer moving parts and no contacts that need to be periodically set, often failing. The coil used on a modern chainsaw will work until the end of the service of your tool. The chainsaw has become much more reliable and easier to maintain.

Possible faults.

If the saw does not start, the first thing to check is a spark candle that ignites the fuel in the cylinder. Start by removing the high-voltage wire to which the plug is connected. Then unscrew the candle itself from the cylinder cover and inspect its condition.

The candle, when properly operated, should be dry and small deposits on light-coloured ceramics:

  • If the candle is wet it means there are problems with the carburetor. It is necessary to adjust and set the level of fuel in it;
  • Nagar on the walls of a dark or black candlestick means malfunctions in the piston group.

If here you have not found the visible causes of the malfunction, the candle is dry, and the soot is light, continue to go from the opposite. Since this is the final point of ignition of the working mixture. Now check if the spark comes to the candle. It is a block ignition system.
Check whether there is a spark will not make any special problems, for this, it is enough to take a high-voltage cable to which the plug connects, bring a small gap between them to the cylinder block so that you can notice the spark slipping between them. Then we pull the starter starting cord, and we see, there is a spark and what colour is it. A serviceable working candle should give a flash like lightning. How it looks, look at the photo offered to your attention, everything is visible on it.
If there is no spark, check with a test light, if there is no probe, high voltage cable — possible break in the place where he bent more often. If the wire is OK, it is possible that the problem is in the wrong setting of the ignition angle. It may be too early or too late in both cases, the chainsaw starts up well and will not work.
Now we will try to set the correct gap between the moving and fixed contact. Ideally, it should be 0.2 mm. You can check the probe benefit it is not a deficit.
It was the fault description of the older generation of chainsaws. The new generation includes modern chainsaws Goodluck, Stihl and Husqvarna.

Modern systems.

Modern systems are equipped with chips that regulate all the problems listed above. The method of self-setting the ignition timing depending on engine speed and power transmitted to the cutting element. At the same time, fuel is significantly saved not to the detriment of power. It is also much easier to start the saw regardless of weather conditions.
The chainsaw itself has become simpler and more efficient and does not require expensive repairs. Ignition coils made by modern technologies and using new materials have become eternal.